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Chapter 67: Millennium Reunion

After Alfrea was released from her seal… or rather, after I destroyed the seal, my biggest concern was figuring out what to do about Alfrea’s current appearance.

I could make her armor using earth magic…

However, it would be bad for one’s skin to wear such a thing directly with no protection, but it was also unlikely that I could make cloth out of nothing.

So I used the Light Magic everyone’s familiar with and made her appear like she was wearing clothes.

Its name was “Clothes that even a Fool could see.1

However, her attire was actually an illusion; she was still naked.

Alfrea admired the outfit that suddenly appeared on her, but wondered why she couldn’t touch it.

I also added fire and wind magic to it for warmth, so she wouldn’t catch a cold.

As I brought Alfrea back with me, the first thing that happened was the gate’s guard, that creepy set of armor, collapsed. It appeared shocked to see Alfrea, who (seemingly) wore clothes, come out.

As expected, that guy had just stayed in this world to admire Alfrea’s nudity, didn’t he…?

Leila looked at the set of armor that suddenly buckled in front of her, then she closed her eyes to offer it a moment of silence.

“Since it had seen that its duty was fulfilled, it finally earned its rest. Still, protecting one’s master even beyond death… it was indeed worthy for it to be called a knight amongst knights.”

No, Leila. I think it was actually the worst of knights.

I wanted to say so, but it would be bad to destroy her dream, so I just stayed silent.

Then when everyone’s gazes gathered on Alfrea, she had a smug expression.

“Elrise-sama, is that person over there supposed to be—”

“Yes, she is the First Saint, Alfrea-sama. She had been sealed here by the Witch for 1000 years.”

Obviously, there was nobody here who didn’t recognize her name.

After all, she was the beginning of the Saint lineage.

If she didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be a Magic Knight Academy, and the people here wouldn’t be gathered as well.

In front of such a respectable ancestor, there was no way they wouldn’t be surprised.

Alfrea silently smiled, and put her hand in front of her chest.

Oh, that looked Saint-like somehow.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, the new generation of warriors after 1000 years. I am Alfrea… the First Saint, and the person who bears a duty to the world. I have been sealed here for 1000 years by the Witch, but I was released from it with the aid of Elrise.”

She unceremoniously said this in such a way that it sounded like it was not me who crushed the seal, but rather that I helped her so she could get out using her own power…

Well, it was okay. It was their first meeting, after all. She might’ve just wanted to look cool.

But as I remembered her idiocy, I wondered how long this facade would last.

“Alfrea-sama was sealed by the Witch…? Wha, what does that mean? Why didn’t you become a Witch?”

“I will tell you everything about it… the chain of tragedy that stemmed from my mother and I … and also, the method to end it all. As for why I didn’t turn into a Witch… I could only say it was fate’s mischief. Coincidence… inevitable things… and a love that managed to overcome hardship… every single factor was intricately intertwined…”

What did she make it needlessly dramatic for?

It was nothing complicated, actually. You just got deceived by the Witch who pretended to be dead and got ambushed and defeated for it…

“What did you make it needlessly dramatic for? You just got deceived by Eve who pretended to be dead, then she ambushed you while you were hammered from drinking and unable to even try to resist her before ending up sealed, didn’t you?”


Or so I thought, but the Turtle bluntly said what I just thought.

Alfrea also didn’t expect such a sharp remark, and couldn’t hide her surprise.

It might’ve just been my imagination, but the Turtle’s attitude toward Alfrea seemed harsh.

Also, Alfrea’s mother was named Eve, huh.

There was no recorded name for the First Witch, so it felt quite novel.

“Why did you know about my drinking…! ……Ah.”

Her pretense broke apart quickly, which made Vernell’s group rendered speechless.

Alfrea hurriedly replaced her smile, and tried to continue on as if nothing happened, but she failed to hide the twitch on her face.

She was such a beginner at putting on a facade…

Well, even if her guise was destroyed, she was still a Saint.

There was no need for her to pretend to begin with.

Since I was scum on the inside, I needed several layers of gold plating to keep appearances up, but since she was already originally gold, there was no need for her to put up such a thing.

Maybe because of that, she didn’t previously put up a façade.

“Oh, O’ Warriors, don’t be deceived. For this First Saint, the Saint amongst all Saints, Alfrea, to drink alcohol, end up dead drunk, and then on the way to buy additional alcohol, as well as also intending to secretly sell off my comrade’s sword, I was suddenly ambushed without any decent way to resist and then was sealed… there’s no way such a thing would happen!”

…She …she was totally spilling the beans there.

Nobody had even said that much.

Leila had an expression as if her dream was crushed, and looked toward me for help, but I only silently nodded my head.

I knew it was hard to believe, but that was the First Saint.

Look at reality, Stocco.

“Rather, what was that, you! Why did you say those things as if you knew me despite being a turtle!”

“It seems you have forgotten about your own pet that you had thrown away into the trash because of your drunkenness.”

The Turtle said these things with a cold tone toward the angry Alfrea.

It seemed the Turtle was being harsh due to it being acquainted with her.

On top of that, to be thrown in the trash, you…

“Do- Don’t tell me you’re Propheter…!? Bu, but, but! You had grown way too big and I had no place to keep you! The neighbors also scolded me and said, ‘that turtle is scary so do something about it!’”

“Shut up! Even if that really was the case, there were other ways to fix the problem, you know! Yet, you threw me away, into the dumpster of all things! Do you know how hard it was for me after that?!”

Throwing away a turtle that had grown way too big for being a mere nuisance wasn’t something one was supposed to do.

But this was the other world.

Those kinds of moral values might be looser here.

However, Vernell’s group’s gaze toward Alfrea turned into stunned expressions.

“What was that, what was that! You’ve grown stupidly big! Also, you never visited me ever since I got sealed! Despite the fact we got along in the past, you ungrateful turtle!”

“When you used me as a shield to block enemy attacks? Was that the thing you’re saying I must be grateful for!?”

As they looked at Alfrea, who was noisily argued with Turtle, Vernell’s group had expressions as if the world was ending.

As I said earlier, the academy had been named after First Saint Alfrea, so they had thought she was supposed to be a great ancestor.

Within Vernell’s group’s imagination, they had pictured her to be a Saint-like Saint.

But when the real one appeared before them, it was this kind of brainless person.

It was not like I didn’t understand their feelings of wanting to doubt their own eyes.

“Err… Elrise-sama… that person is not Alfrea-sama… err, a different person who happened to have the same name, isn’t she? No, there’s no way Elrise-sama was mistaken about it, but, it’s just, that’s too…”

“Miss. I understand your feeling of not wanting to acknowledge it, but give it up. This is the real First Saint Alfrea. I guarantee it.”

Aina said she refused to believe it, but the Turtle broke such shallow hopes with its statement.

Then Aina and others looked even more desperate.

Because there was the guarantee that it came from a living witness (witness turtle?) who had lived for over 1000 years.

There was no way to not believe it.

“Well, this might crush your dream, but most Saints are just like this. They are not a special creature, just normal humans. They are neither the embodiment of miracles nor a manifestation of ideals. They merely had the power to defeat the Witch forced upon them by the World, but they’re pretty much a normal human besides that.”

The Turtle said this with a sigh, then looked toward me and Eterna.

“I have seen a lot of Saints in the past, but the Saint-like Saints are actually the minority. There are those who escaped from their duty out of fear, and there are also those who spent their lifetime escaping from battles due to the fear of death. There was a Saint who swung their ax around and only knew how to fight, and there was also a Saint who was raised by animals which made them unable to even speak properly as a human.”

And here, there is a Saint who was simply a village girl, and a fake who coated herself in gold plating.

I knew about that, the fact that my Saint role was made out of an extreme image of the ideal Saint.

But if I didn’t go that far, my acting wouldn’t be believable as a Saint.

Because I was a fake… unless I looked several times more authentic than the real one, then I would quickly get caught.

“But, Elrise-sama is…”

“Elrise is an exception amongst exceptions. Don’t use her as the standard and compare her to other Saints… it will make the other Saints look pitiful.”

Turtle answered Mob A’s words with a bitter smile.

The exception amongst exceptions, I see. Well, I am a fake one after all.

It was valid to tell them to not compare me to other Saints.

Obviously, a fake one was not supposed to be worth comparing with.

“Elriseeee… Propheter is bullying me…”

Alfrea came over and hugged me, so I patted her head to console her.

Then she looked comfortable and narrowed her eyes.

Normally, if a younger person did this, it was just plain rude. But she had been sealed over 1000 years after all, so she might have missed interacting with other people.

By the way, it seemed Alfrea herself already forgot about it, but she currently only looked like she wore clothes while actually still being nude.

So her bountiful chest got pushed toward me, and directly at that.

Lucky, lucky.

Regardless of how she was inside, her appearance was that of a beautiful woman. So I was happy about this.

“Elrise, don’t spoil her too much. She is the type that grows impudent the more you spoil her.”

The Turtle sure was harsh toward Alfrea.

But I was thinking it was fine this way.

There was quite the demand out there for airheaded beautiful girls, after all.

“Elrise-sama. I’m proud of myself for being Elrise-sama’s Guard Knight.”

Leila is saying such a thing again, but… well, I’m really sorry about that.

No seriously, I deeply apologize.

I’m sorry for being a fake one.

I will keep this act until the end, so it wouldn’t be shameful for you to serve me, so please forgive me for that.

After that, I explained to everyone that the method to end the cycle was to prevent the transfer of power from the Witch to the Saint, which was to seal the Witch.

Also, the fact that Alfrea could use such a skill.


※Throwing away the turtle was a major nuisance, so definitely don’t do such a thing.

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5 months ago

I expected her to figure out a way to seal the witch’s curse, but sealing her body works. Just it doesn’t solve the fact she’ll die and Alexia is pitiful and deserves an after-story.

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Would anything actually happen? The Witch was an anomaly in the first place; she was never meant to go berserk and try to end all life. The Saint was created by the world afterwards for the sole purpose of stopping the Witch, so if the Witch suddenly disappeared the only thing that would change is the World would stop creating new Saints.

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Eternal perspective
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Welp, this pretty much solves all our problems with the Witch. …however, this is a game where the captured heroine almost always dies. Thus, if I were to guess, Elrise will take the witch’s power anyway, for some reason, and then ask for herself to be sealed instead. Such is a bittersweet end for all this.

Anyway, again, did I say how much I liked Alfrea’s character? Second only to Elrise and Leila.

Thank you for the chapter!

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Who Knows?
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Ehhh… So now that Alfrea is free and can use the sealing magic… Does that mean the self sacrifice ending is no more? Not gonna lie, was kinda looking forward to it… Seeing everyone be heartbroken as Elrise stages a grand death… Hm… Well, her time’s limited anyway, so it still might be an option? Hm…

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