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Chapter 7: Hostage Situation 

Having been called, I dashed out and arrived at the meeting place, announcing myself with a “Hello!” as I knocked upon the door. 

It is I, Elrise-chan, the detestable center of a shitty idol group. 

After receiving a party invitation from Fara-sensei, I made my way to the school basement. 

Though it did take me quite a bit of time to slip away from my guards. 

Especially Stocco-chan. With a desperate expression, she tried to stop me and even pleaded with me by saying, “Please grant me this concession and I’ll never ask you for anything else for the rest of my life”. 

I know she’s serious, but knowing how she acts within the game, I couldn’t help but feel the difference between the two versions. 

In the game, she was depicted as a character who, while subservient to Elrise on the surface, would think such things as ‘just die already’ while sweetly sending her off with care. 

The fact that such a salty woman is worried for me means that she has successfully been fooled by my Saint roleplay.1 

I’m afraid of her reaction later on though. 

I believe that humans, when their trust in another has been betrayed, will burn with hatred far brighter than if they had despised them from the start. 

It’s said that “heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned”. 2

That’s why it’s a little hard to predict how much Leila, who has been unwavering in her loyalty to me, will change after my identity comes out. 

However, the only thing I can predict is that she will be as furious as a raging fire so… yeah. I wonder if my mental burden will be lightened if I started treating her like she was “garbage to be thrown out” in preparation for my fall from grace?

As these things tend to go, in the end, I was intercepted by the guards. But since I’m the fake Saint who reigns over the Boss, the strongest class in the game, without even trying… Now thanks to all my efforts in training myself, evading them is practically child’s play. 

In the first place, I can fly! 

With just a tiny bit of decently controlled wind and light magic, not that I really know how it works, I’m able to fly in the sky.  

And since there is no such thing as flight magic in this world, no one can follow me. 

I wonder if there is a theory that “Flying Through the Sky” is the best. Ah, and seriously, don’t go overboard with speed buffs while flying. Don’t use lightning either. 

Anyway, I flew through the sky and went straight to the Academy. And just like that, I marched into the basement. 

Ora, I’m here, boobs! Let me massage those breasts, hey! 

Ah, and while you’re at it, release the hostages Clemens.3 

“You mustn’t, Elrise-sama! It’s a trap!” 

Somehow Vernell-kun was making noises. 

Haaa… my chest feels tight, aren’t you the protagonist… 

What are you doing getting caught..? 

If Fara-san had intended to kill him, the bad end would have already been achieved. 

This is what happens when you do nothing but muscle training. You should reflect deeply. 

However, it was a little amusing to see rope wrapped around his whole body like that. Oops, I couldn’t help it, I laughed… 

“I didn’t think you’d actually… Saint-sama is more benevolent than I’ve heard… No, you’re just stupid.” 

Yes, I’m stupid. 

I won’t deny that, but you’re wrong about me being benevolent. 

It sounds weird to say this myself, but there aren’t that many people who are as self-centered as me. 

The reason I came to save them is simply to see a happy ending so I can feel better. I just don’t want to be left feeling depressed. 

You there, don’t misunderstand. 

To be honest, I’m only messing with this world to bring about a scenario that satisfies me. …In the extreme, I don’t even care about the will of Vernell and the others. 

“Haaa… you sure are relaxed. But can you still afford to be like that when you see this!?” 

When Fara-san raised her arms, her boobs bounced and jiggled in time with them. 

Ooh… such massive force. They’re really dynamite boobs. 

That F-cup is not just for show huh. Oh my god, I’m starting to drool. 

“What do you think? This sheer number of demons! This basement is a special arena set aside for small groups of students, to prepare them for battles with a large number of demons! And now there are thirty of those demons here, you have nowhere left to run! Even if you are the Saint, there’s nothing you can do to change the situation.” 

Hmm? ……Ahh, did you release something? 

I was entranced by her boobs. 

Having no choice but to look around, and sure enough, there were a lot of minions swarming all over my field of vision.

Let’s see, there’s about… Ahh, what difference does it make? They’re just a bunch of small fry. 


Ah, wait a minute. 

I haven’t come up with a cool skill name to kick things off yet. 

Let’s see, let’s see…. Well, okay. Just say it. 

Yes, Light Magic Bang! 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Ulti! The key is to say some random foreign proverb and it’ll sound like some chuuni’s special move! 

The light spread out around me and the demons that had started their attack burst into dust. 

Ungimodiiii!! 4 

This is it, this. After all, when it comes to reincarnation into another world, I am TUEEEE! Unparalleled!5

I can’t get enough of this pleasant feeling of killing minions with a single blow. 

I love to bully the weak! I’m so awesome~

“Th- that… that’s absurd! All of the demons here were demons that even… the Guard Knights would have a hard time with! You can’t just… kill them with a single blow, that’s impossible! Even if you are the Saint, this kind of thing…!” 

“Aw- awesome…” 

“This is… the Saint…” 

From top to bottom, those are the lines of Fara-san, Vernell, and Eterna-chan. 

Yeah, yeah, praise me more. It feels really good. 

I fully understood the feelings of the main protagonists of the world. This is like a drug. 

A villain from a certain manga also said this. 

Only the thrill of victory matters! And only the jealousy of my comrades can satisfy my heart! 

I don’t like to fight! I like to win! 

 ……But Eterna-chan, you’re the Saint. I’m just a fake. 

Well, it’s my victory Fara-san? So, I’d like to start with the punishment time everyone has been waiting for, I’d like to indulge myself if you don’t mind? 

What, I’m not going to kill you. Just let me massage those boobs for a moment. Guhehehe. 

“… Hiii!” 

Perhaps she noticed my wicked gaze, Fara-san stepped back as if frightened. 

Don’t be so scared… it’s okay, it’s okay. Fuhehehe. 

A little massage until I’m satisfied. That’s all. 

“I- I see… it was a good idea to prepare insurance…..” 

However, not ready to give up, Fara-san snapped her fingers. 

A small demon that had been hiding in the corner of the room landed behind Eterna and Vernell, turned both of its arms into blades, and put the blades to their necks. 

Ah, you were still here? I didn’t notice because you are so small. 

“As you can see, gentle Saint-sama. If you resist, they’ll lose their lives. Let’s make an exchange……. I promise to release all the hostages unharmed if you are willing to let me stab you.” 

With that said, Fara-san pulled out a knife and her boobs shook. 

Ah, I see? I guess this is why she kept the hostages without killing them.

But the reality is that this is a bit of a problem. If those two are killed, it’s a dead end for the story. 

No, well, now that I’ve taken in Vernell’s dark power (laughs), it may be possible for me to defeat the Witch. The demons could still be annihilated and the world would be saved but… the protagonist and heroine dying… and the fake Saint saving the world… It’d be impossible to call that a happy ending, in fact it’s more of a contradiction!

If I do that, why am I here in the first place? That’s why. 

No, but this… maybe she seriously thinks I’m a real Saint? 

Hey hey, in the game, she was able to see that Eterna was the real Saint, but where did that very capturable Fara-san go? 

Well, Fara-san’s charm was her boobs, so even if she became a little incompetent, she’s still cute. 

“Now, what are you going to do?!” 

“You mustn’t, Elrise-sama! Don’t worry about the likes of us!” 

“Yeah! You’re the one person who cannot die!” 

“Please stop… please! Please!” 

“Run away!” 

The hostages’ shouts somehow mixed with Fara-san’s voice. 

From top to bottom, these are the lines of Fara-san, Vernell, Eterna, Mob A, and Mob B. But really the most problematic death would be you, Eterna-chan, alright? 

Rather, I’m the one who can die, right? 

Well, it’s not even an exchange condition. There is only one answer to all this. 

Very well! Just try it… against this capable Elrise! 

“Fufufufu… This surprised me. You are really an idiot.” 

Fara-san grabbed the knife and moved closer, as if she was sure she was going to win. 

The knife seems to be imbued with the Witch’s dark power, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. 

Her boobs are coming to me. 


You’re loud, Vernell. 

I’m busy looking at boobs right now. 

Well, I’ll give you a spoiler. That tiny little knife that’s smaller than my penis can’t kill me, can it? 

I’ve already cast an auto-recovery spell on myself using my immense magic power. 

This will allow me to recover from the moment I am wounded. 

And the power of darkness (laughs) that I had previously taken from Vernell would force it’s host to live, so there really is no way for me to die. 

I’m the fake Saint! Everything about me is different from you people! 

The knife of the true fist6doesn’t work on my body! Fuhahahahahaha! 

But thank god Fara-san was straightforward. 

Thanks to that, she was completely deceived and unconcernedly came closer.

Once I’ve been stabbed, I can play dead and then shoot the demon who’ll probably be caught off-guard. And then it’ll be time to punish Fara-san.  

I won’t even feel any pain because of the lightning magic I applied to numb my senses by interfering with my body’s electrical signals.

It’s perfect, this strategy is waah! 

“First… can you promise to release everyone once it’s done?” 

“Ahh, don’t worry I’ll keep my promise. Killing an unrelated student would just leave behind a bad trail.” 

“Then, no problem. Go ahead.” 

Alright, it’s a verbal agreement, but at least I’ve secured the safety of the hostages. 

Well, Fara-san is in actuality a good person who is just being manipulated, and she has a strong sense of duty, so I guess this promise is real. 

But your naivete will be your downfall, fool. 

Fara-san… You’re a good person after all. Despite having a short life, you can only think of doing good things. 

You even consider things that don’t matter, such as “leaving behind something terrible after.” 

But this Elrise is different. This Elrise has only one thing in mind, “win and massage the boobs”! That’s it! That’s the only satisfaction! 

The process and… the method… aren’t important!! 


Huh? Vernell suddenly tore the rope on his own just as I was about to be stabbed. 

The dark power… ah, no. It’s different. That was just his muscles… 

Just like that, he grabbed the demon’s head and swooshed it to Fara! Super! Exciting!7 

Oops, Fara-san was blown away! Goooal! 


Wait, Fara-san? Hey, hello? 

… No use, her eyes are blank…

For the time being, what happened to my breast massage reward?!

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That’s why Vernell is my favourite gal game novel male mc. Muscle never betray. Let’s gooo!

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Elrise: Well, I’ll give you a spoiler. That tiny little knife that’s smaller than my penis can’t kill me, can it?
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3rd Citizen
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