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Chapter 75: The Battle against the Witch

Alfrea was responsible for defeating Wyvern.

While the Wyvern was inferior to a dragon, it was still a demon which had scales as hard as iron, could fly in the sky, and could breathe fire.

But even with such a monster before her, Alfrea showed a composed smile.

It was indeed a strong type of demon. There was no doubt about it.

However, she had already experienced fights of this level over and over before she had gotten sealed.

Even though how she normally acted was not so proper, she was still the First Saint.

On top of that, she was active during the period when the Saint was not recognized, yet she had still managed to reach the Witch and defeat her, despite the difficulty of the task.

Although she foolishly got ambushed and sealed afterward, it still showed how capable she was in a fight.

The greatest difference between other Saints and Alfrea was the fact that the former were protected by numerous knights.

Since Elrise was just too strong to be protected by knights, she wasn’t included in that, but most Saints basically wouldn’t stand in as vanguards after they were recognized as a Saint.

They mostly go with a large number of knights acting as their meat shields while they casted magic.

But Alfrea was different. During her period, she needed to go to the frontlines herself and fight directly against demons.

It made her fighting style a completely different image of “Saint-like” compared to others, despite being the First Saint.

“Okay, you should be ready, Lizard-chan. You shall become rust on this Alfrea-sama’s sword. Wyvern meat is quite delicious, right…? I will bring it back for Elrise to cook later.”

As she looked toward the prey before her while licking her lips, Alfrea activated her magic.

The element she was good at was the one that only the Saint and Witch could use — in other words, “Darkness.” 

What it meant to manipulate darkness was to make and manipulate space where even light was unable to reach.

So the Darkness element could be more correctly called the Space element, a transcendental magic that was only permitted to be used by the World Representatives.

Using Space Manipulation, Alfrea threw her unsheathed short sword into the air.

Then, as if invisible hands caught it, the sword stayed in the air, and Alfrea threw another two short swords from her waist.

After repeating it another three times, she finally took out a shield that looked like a turtle shell from her back and held it in front of her.

All these weapons and shields were prepared by Elrise, but before being sealed, the one who took the role of Shield was Propheter.

“Well then, let’s go!”

Ten short swords danced in the air at the same time toward the Wyvern at Alfrea’s declaration, as if there were invisible people fighting against the Wyvern instead.

Alfrea hid herself behind the shield, but this could be considered a ten-sword-style of fighting, since they attacked from all directions at the same time.

These short swords surrounded targets from above, below, left, right, front, back, and diagonals and would attack as soon as they showed weakness in that direction.

This was Alfrea’s fighting style that she had developed to fight against many demons at the same time.

Since she was a simple person, she merely thought that all she needed to do was use as many weapons as there were enemies, but regardless of the weapon she used, she noticed once she went to the front, her survival chances dropped considerably.

Thus, all she needed to do was run and hide while fighting. It was the fighting style that created such a contradiction.

Alfrea’s ideal fighting style was to make the enemy move according to her own will without suffering any injuries and one-sidedly beating down the enemy… that kind of fighting.

The idea itself was the worst, but this was actually quite powerful.

Since nobody actually held the sword, it made movement that was impossible to be made by normal human movement possible, and since Alfrea herself ran about and hid using her shield that was hard to pierce, it was hard to defeat her.

It was the same as what happened right now. She let out swords all the way to the farthest distance she could control them and defended herself from Wyvern Breath using the shield and barrier.

There was no chance for her to lose.

It was only a matter of time before Wyvern was defeated by her.

Eterna was confused.

When she first heard the strategy was that she had to solo a demon, she thought it was a joke.

While it was okay for Alfrea, she was just a person who happened to wield a power of similar nature, so it was not reliable enough to do such a task.

This strategy was about Alfrea and Eterna quickly defeating demons, and then proceeding to defeat the remaining two in John’s group once they were done; the plan was to clear out the Witch’s subordinates.

But she thought there was clearly a mistake in personnel selection.

She thought it was impossible for her, and she even suspected that Elrise planned to kill her.

But once she did fight, her thoughts changed.

— She didn’t see how she could possibly lose.


Minotaur roared and swung its ax around, but none of those attacks reached Eterna.

Since that day, Eterna managed to properly use the mysterious power, and just by concentrating that power slightly, none of the demon’s attacks could reach her.

Eterna didn’t know it was Space Dislocation or Dark Element Magic, but Minotaur had no method to pierce this.

This was the secret of the Saint’s and Witch’s invincibility. Since space itself was disrupted, no power could injure the Saint or Witch.

To pierce through it, one needed a similar power to manipulate space.

Obviously demons too, had that kind power, even if it was minuscule. That was why they could harm the Saint and be more durable than common creatures.

But just like how a commoner could properly hurt demons, the Power of Darkness within demons was not that strong.

If the Saint used her all to defend, a common demon’s power wouldn’t be able to pierce through it.

This is unbelievable… I could win… and very easily at that.

None of Minotaur’s attacks could reach Eterna, while every single one of Eterna’s attacks was super effective against demons.

As has been explained before, demons possessed a miniscule power of Space Manipulation to protect itself.

Because of that, they actually received less than half of the actual damage from the knights’ attacks.

But if the attacker had the same Space Manipulation power, it was possible to pierce through, thus all the Saint’s attacks damaged the demon with 100% of its power.

Once this Space protection was breached, the demon’s toughness was not much different from its original animal form. 


Eterna declared the Magic Name, and light shone from her fingertip.

That one attack easily pierced Minotaur’s chest, and it collapsed in a pool of blood.

“Fuhahahaha! Go ahead, dance for me!” 

Vernell, Mary, and Supple who were responsible for stalling the Witch, were forced into a hard fight.

As the Witch swung her staff, black bullets rapidly shot from it.

They scattered away to evade, but seeing how it twisted and broke the floor it hit, it made them break out in a cold sweat.


Supple chanted his magic; at the same time, a chain appeared from the ground and constricted the Witch’s whole body.

Using the floor’s rock composition as material, he changed the rock into chains using Earth Magic against the Witch.

They were unable to deal damage toward the Witch.

But he could stop her movement for a short time.

“Just a small trick!”

But as the Witch shouted, something invisible spread out from her and stretched the chain and finally broke the chain into pieces.

She spread the space that surrounded her and forcefully broke it.


Mary used a lot of her mana to shoot Ice Magic.

That one attack froze the floor along with the Witch’s lower body, constricting her movement.

It was not for damage purposes. It was to stop her movement for a short time.

This was the reason why she was chosen in this group; her ice magic was deemed capable enough to be effective for such a purpose.

“Not good enough!”

However, the Witch only needed to spread her mana to release herself.

Then she moved her staff, and prepared to shoot her magic.


The space shimmered, and the place where Vernell stood shook.

The chain that was hanging around his neck broke, and the pendant that was given by Elrise fell down.

But fortunately, this attack was controlled to not kill Vernell’s group.

The reason the Witch made Vernell’s group come here was to be used as a shield called Hostage.

So if they died due to it, it would be meaningless. It was necessary to catch them alive.

The feeling of superiority that she was stronger, and the limitation that she must not accidentally kill them.

If not for these two reasons, the Witch could immediately defeat Vernell’s group.

But because of these two reasons, they managed to stall her somehow.

Also, it wasn’t like there was no way to resist at all.


Vernell shouted, with his whole body covered in Black Aura.

It was the same “Darkness” power of the Witch. 

It offset the magic that the Witch casted, and Vernell swung his Great Sword to cut down the Witch. 

While this hit the Witch’s body and blew her away, it didn’t manage to cut her.

Even with the same Dark Power, their output difference was too great.

Vernell’s attack that reached the Witch wasn’t even 10% of its supposed power.

But the Witch clearly felt the pain on her body, and she felt her body while wondering what it was.

Then she looked at her hand… and was surprised to find that indeed her own blood was shed there.

For her, who was supposed to be invincible, to be hurt, it was something she was unable to ignore… and the reason for it, the Witch quickly found out about it.

“You are… I see! Someone who possessed part of my power… so it was you!”

The Witch was once… when Alexia still had her remaining conscience, before she fully fell into darkness, she cut off part of her soul and let it escape outside as a means of resistance.

Once she fully became the Witch, she could only see it as folly and regretted it, but she did know that part of her power stayed somewhere in this world.

She found it once three years ago.

Even though they were separated, it was still her power. Thus, both resonated, making the Witch capable of somehow grasping its location.

But at that time, when she sent Octo there, it got obstructed by Elrise… for some reason afterward, she could no longer feel that power, and she lost it.

For the fish that ran away that day, to think it’s here now!

The Witch’s lips turned into a twisted smile, and she looked very happy to have found her treasure she once lost in the past.

“Ooh, what fortune… to think amongst the people I invited, there was one who brought me part of my power…”

“This was- your power…?”

“Indeed. When I was foolish back then, I cut it off, a part of my power. I knew it somehow attached to a life that was not yet born, but to think it came here on its own.”

In contrast to the Witch’s happiness, Vernell’s face was filled with anger.

I see, so it was all her fault.

Me getting thrown away by my family,getting cursed as a monster…

…no, that isn’t important.

But there was one thing he couldn’t forgive because of it.

Not much of my life remains. At most half a year… I won’t even be able to reach my next birthday.

Because he had this accursed power, she came to save him that day.

She took this power without regard to herself, and her life was shortened as a result.

Half a year later, the World would lose Elrise.

The person who was capable of doing those deeds, they wouldn’t appear anymore in the future.

Even though there was nobody else who has saved as many people as her.

Yet half in half a year, she would be dead.

She wouldn’t smile anymore… she wouldn’t move anymore.

All of it… everything…

“I see… so everything — it was your fauuuuuult!!”

Vernell roared, his body overflowing with the power of darkness.

The power overflowed, as if answering to his anger, its form becoming similar to an Oni that made even the Witch frightened.

He forgot his role to stall her and swung his Great Sword toward her with all his power.

He didn’t even care if she defended it.

No, his sight had already turned red in anger, as he didn’t even recognize that his attack was blocked.

Over and over, he swung his blade to point it made sparks on the Witch’s protection; it was as if he was insane.

“Guh… Wha, what!? Suddenly…!”

While the Witch was frightened by the pressure he emitted, she still shot her magic.

But Vernell didn’t stop.

Even though his stomach was roasted by magic, he still swung his sword, as if didn’t feel any pain.

Ding, ding, it kept echoing. The Witch covered her head with her hand, as if to protect herself.

“If only! If only you didn’t exiiiiiiist!”

While Vernell’s tears flowed, he threw away his sword and sat on the Witch’s body.

Then he clenched his fist, and hit the Witch’s face using all her power he had.

Two hits, three hits, four hits… even as the hammering sound echoed, the damage on the Witch was not that big.

The Witch, who was pressured by Vernell, started to calm down and released her mana to blow Vernell away.

“Don’t get arrogant! You brat!”

The Witch swung her staff, and 5 fireballs rapidly shot forth.

Mary offset this with Ice Magic, and water vapor covered both sides’ sights.

But even without visibility, an attack would still hit.

Supple cast Rock Bullet to the other side of the water vapor, and Mary also cast Ice Bullet several times in a row.

Vernell too went inside the fog and swung his blade.

“Don’t look down on me you brats… I am the Witch!”

Witch said that with irritation, and space distorted.

This time, the mana amount put into it was different.

While the Witch’s power was indeed her invincibility, her Mana, which was beyond the amount of normal people could have, was also a major threat.

Since Magic power = amount of mana poured into it, the difference in the amount of mana someone can carry (Max MP) translated directly into a difference in power.

So if the Witch used a large amount of mana for her magic, there was no way to protect against it.

With one attack, Vernell, Mary, and Supple were blown away, and they were stuck against the wall.

“Fuhn… you might be somewhat capable, but in the end…”

“Oops, found a fool with her guard down!”

Just as the Witch showed composure, Alfrea jumped in and kicked her from the side.

The Witch’s Invincibility meant nothing for the First Saint Alfrea.

Alfrea’s kick blew the Witch away, then Alfrea held up a V sign toward her comrade.


Then Alfrea, who looked away from her enemy, got hit on the side of her head by the Witch’s magic, and this time she got blown away.

Oops, found a fool with her guard down.

Alexia got teary-eyed due to the stinging pain of hitting the ground and stood up.

“What are you… how did you manage to pierce my defense…?”

The Witch became wary of Alfrea; she glared at her and took a stance with her staff.

Toward the existence that casually broke through her defense, she felt slight fear toward it.

This time, magic that was cast by Eterna flew in.

She attempted to block it with one hand, but she had a bad feeling about this, so she immediately chose to evade.

Afterward, the Witch’s hand was slightly cut by the magic; the Witch’s face filled with horror.

“No, no way… she also pierced my defense…!? What is happening…”

For people to be able to pierce through the Witch’s defense to appear one after another, it had never happened before.

Before the agitated Witch, Eterna’s group gathered after destroying all the demons and statues; it made the Witch realize how she was currently isolated.

But they wouldn’t give her time to think.

Alfrea swung the Staff given to her by Elrise. She poured in all her mana, and shot all-out magic.

The Space distorted, and it produced a black hole that absorbed everything.

“Wha… there’s no way, that is…! Why! Elrise is not here! Yet why is the Saint here!?”

In front of the Witch, who let out a scared voice, this time Eterna did the same and activated her magic.

This also made the Space distorted, and within a closed space, Eterna’s specialty of light magic got condensed.

“Thi, this one too?! Th, this is a lie… impossible… why… why! Why are there two Saints!?”

There should be one Saint per generation. That should be the principle.

But here, an exception happened.

On top of that, counting Elrise who wasn’t yet here, didn’t that make a total of three Saints?

“Ok then, let’s go, Eterna-chan! Match my timing!”

“All right, Alfrea-sama!”

Alfrea and Eterna further increased the mana, and they threw the finished magic toward the Witch. 

“Super Certain Kill! Ultimate Invincible Strongest Ball!”

“E, eerrr… Anyway, It’s An Amazing Ball!

Alfrea declared the skill name that showed how bad her naming sense was, and Eterna also got caught up in it and shouted a strange skill name.

But even though the name sounded like a joke, the power was the real deal.

The Witch was still unable to grasp what happened, so all she could do was pour all her mana to deploy a barrier…

— It produced a great explosion down in the underground that was powerful enough to pierce eardrums.

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