Fake Saint of the Year

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Editor: Mon Cherry

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Chapter 76: Miserable

After Vernell’s group infiltrated the underground, I deployed barriers around the academy site as planned and absorbed all mana from inside.

With this, nobody could regenerate their MP inside the Barrier.

All that was left was for Vernell’s group to waste the Witch’s MP to some extent, then I would go down there, but… right that moment, the ground shook as if an earthquake had just struck.

The Turtle faced me and said,

“Now Elrise! The operation was successful! Alexia somehow managed to block the combined attack of Eterna and Alfrea, but since she used up her mana for that, she no longer has any mana left! We can do this!”


It seemed Vernell’s group successfully made the Witch waste her mana as planned.

All that was left was to deal the finishing blow.

I would go there to totally neutralize the Witch for Alfrea to seal.

That would mark total victory.

Then let’s quickly go underground!

I brought several knights with me, including Leila and the Headmaster, to rush towards the underground, and we hurriedly went to a hidden corridor towards where the Witch was.

As we arrived at the location, I smashed the Barrier that was meant to prevent her escape which seemed to be deployed by Alexia and everyone else there who was looking toward us.

Sorry for the wait! Let me take the tasty part!

As for Vernell’s group… good, nobody died.

No, if I look closely, Underdog-kun alone seems done in by a demon and collapsed on the floor, but since he didn’t die, so I guess that’s okay.

And, err… the one inside… who was it?

There was a person with a bad expression, one that made it feel like THE Witch-like woman should be there, but was that really supposed to be Alexia?

This was not the level of difference between 2D and 3D, she was totally a different person altogether.

Alexia was supposed to be the game’s hidden heroine, so she was supposed to be young and beautiful.

She might look older compared to others, and she was also behind the times, so some players treated her as a granny, but even so, her appearance was still supposed to be in the late 20s at most.

And what did I see here? The woman who was frightened while looking at me… ah-… if one looked closely, you could still see her as 20, but she looked so thin, and she had dark circles around her eyes, so she didn’t look young.

Was she the fake Witch? Was this a battle between a fake Saint and a fake Witch?

No, no, there was no way.

“Are you the Witch Alexia?”

So I needed to confirm it first at least.

Then the Witch took a step back to gain distance from me.

But this place was underground without a path for escape.

Where were you trying to escape, I wonder? I could wait 3 minutes for you to try.

Sorry, I lied. I couldn’t wait.

“Yo, You are the current Generation of the Saints… Elrise… huh.”

As soon as the Witch realized who I was, her eyes changed as she attempted to do something.

But it seemed she failed to do so.

Her eyes distorted out of surprise.

“No, no way… there’s no mana…”

“I have taken away all mana in this area so you would no longer be able to use mana to restore yourself.” 

She seriously tried to Teleport away as soon as she spotted me…

But too bad, I already sealed that move!

“Yo, you!”

The Witch opened her palm and fired a dark bullet at me.

I caught it using a bare hand covered with a barrier, and crushed it.

Even if the Dark Element was invincible, if there was a clear difference in mana, it wasn’t hard to defend against it.

While the Witch was surprised, I shot Light magic toward her in return.

The Witch always had Dark Power to protect her, so normal attacks wouldn’t reach her.

But if one had similar powers, one could pierce through such protection.

The Darkness I had was the meager amount I took away from Vernell, so merely 10% of its power was capable of reaching the Witch.

Using magic that consumed 100 MP, it would only result in the damage of 10 MP magic.

But, solving it was just a simple thing… just use magic with 1000 MP instead!

My MP is over 500,000. I could use things that, when casted, could use up all her power hundreds of times over easily.

And so here, Light magic BOOM!

I exert myself a bit, pouring out around 5000 MP in magic.

Aurea Libertas.”

It was normally supposed to be released to the sky then diffused for carpet bombing a large number of enemies, but this time I shot it directly at the Witch.

From my hand appeared a thick, golden colored beam that blew away the Witch along with an underground wall, as the roaring sound of the collapse ended; due to my attack, a deep tunnel was formed.

“A, Awa, awawawawa…”

Alfrea shivered from behind.

This girl who lacked dignity was the First Saint-sama.

As I walked into the tunnel, I found Alexia who collapsed inside.

I needed to be careful not to blow her away too far.

There was the matter of it being troublesome to chase after her, but it was also because if I sent her too far away, she might get out of the barrier’s range, and it would be all for nothing.

“Yo… you mon, ster…”

The Witch leaned on the wall as she somehow managed to stand and said so.

Then behind me, Leila and the Headmaster stood by and drew their swords, but I raised my hand to stop them.

Stop it, you guys wouldn’t be able to deal any damage.

Well, I could make a sword of light, so it would be possible to deal damage if they used that.

“It’s over, Witch Alexia.”

As I said that, the Witch’s expression distorted into despair.

Well, now that it came into this, there was no way for her to reverse the situation.

Even I could easily handle it alone, and there was Leila, the Headmaster, and also Vernell’s group here.

There was also Eterna and Alfrea, the double Saints that were supposed to be impossible.

I could handle it alone, but even without me, they would still manage to do it somehow. With both factors, it was firmly determined.

How to say, this felt like bullying by this point.

“Gu,u… Higu… No… no, no! I don’t want it to end! I don’t want to die!”

The Witch’s expression was distorted with fear, and she deployed a barrier before her.

Perhaps she used all her remaining mana as a form of her final resistance.

Even so, she already lacked the MP for teleporting, so the amount of MP in it was low.

I made a Sword of Light built with 30,000 MP, then cut through the Barrier.

Since I formed it into a sword, it remained in my hand unlike a mana beam, and I could use it to attack several times.

This sword of light could deal 3000 MP’s worth of damage against the Witch, and considering that the Witch’s full MP was 2000, she had no way to resist.

“Uwah, it sure cut it clean… that was supposed to be a sturdy barrier though… let’s be nice to that girl.”

The First Saint just said something without a trace of dignity behind me.

I think you’d better not do that.

Even the knights had an amazed expression on their face as they heard that.

The Propheter didn’t even try to hide its dumbstruck expression.

“What, what is this… what the hell, is this…”

The Witch said so in a totally shaky voice.

It was a grudge, I guess? Well, it would be her last words before being sealed, so let’s listen to it.

She was definitely a villain that did evil things without a doubt, but she was originally a beautiful and charismatic last boss, yet she became this thin. It was probably my fault.

I didn’t intend to be merciful, but even so, she had the right to express her grudge toward me.

“Why… why! Why are there 3 Saints!? Isn’t it weird! The Saint is supposed to have only one per generation! Don’t mess with me! Don’t mess with me about this! Why did this all happen only during my generation …!”

Well, it was totally something she couldn’t understand as the other party.

Due to the logic of: only person who could damage her = Saint, she came to the conclusion that it was a situation with three Saints present.

Actually, there was just the First Generation Saint and the Present Generation Saint, the last one was just a fake.

Well, it was already bad enough with two Saints though.

“It’s unfair! Isn’t this unfair! Why… Why is it so different for my time! You are being praised as the Greatest of All Time. Everyone treats you like a treasure! Even though I got nothing like that! Because the Saint before me was useless and didn’t complete her duty, all the heavy pressure burdened me! All the time, I’ve been told to quickly defeat the Witch… I worked hard and finally managed to do so yet I was betrayed!”

By the way, all the knights who rushed here were already told the truth about the Witch and the Saint, so they knew.

That’s why everyone knew the Witch was actually the Previous Saint Alexia.

Then Leila’s group looked toward her as if looking at something pitiful.

“So at least, I will be a Witch and destroy the world! Everyone ought to suffer and die! Isn’t it so!? It’s all thanks to me you guys got 5 years of peace after I defeated Griselda! That’s why, be more thankful toward me! I desperately fought so you guys could enjoy peace! Yet you guys betrayed me! You treated me as a Witch! Even if it was just for a short period, just who do you think worked hard so you could enjoy such peace! Wasn’t it me!? Wasn’t it all due to my effort! So it’s supposed to be alright for me to receive gratitude for it! Isn’t it okay to do all I like as thanks for it?! You’ve already tasted the results of my hard work after all!?”

Uhmu… it wasn’t like I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

She was taken away from her parents from the moment of her birth, she was then educated to “Defeat the Witch,” she bore a heavy burden, and when she finally managed to defeat the Witch, this time she was the one who got chased.

On top of that, her previous Generation’s Saint didn’t manage to do her duty, so expectations and gratitude toward the Saint were thin, and the pressure grew heavier instead. You could say it was the hardest time for a Saint.

On the contrary, maybe due to the previous generation, they become caring toward the next Saint this generation.

Thinking about it again, the reason the game version of “Elrise” could do all she liked was due to the merit of Alexia, and the people’s guilt toward Alexia at the same time.

Well, she ended up becoming the worst fake Saint though.

“You’ve already tasted the results of my hard work” was also the correct emotion to have. Rather, nobody would work so hard without rewards.

It has been said that free goodwill was a virtue, but it also meant that the profit only ended up with the one who exploited them.

That was akin to an excuse from a Black company who didn’t pay overtime fees for their employee.

That was why Alexia’s words were half correct.

Well, I couldn’t sympathize with the things she said about “since she suffered so she would trample on everything” too.

If she didn’t say that that, I could empathize with her, but since she said unnecessary things, Alexia’s image only turned worse.

See, Vernell’s group’s gaze turned colder to the point I could tell despite my back facing them.

“Everyone just enjoyed the temporary peace while I suffered! I alone suffered! Without being rewarded! You sure have it good! You are being praised as the Greatest of All Time, and placed on a pedestal! Since you had all those benefits, you were surely motivated to work hard! What do you mean about being the Greatest of All Time! You merely got conceited due to that!? You’re merely filled with a feeling of superiority because everyone praised you!”

Yes, exactly. She sure has good eyes.

Indeed. I just got soaked with a feeling of superiority and had fun due to ME STRONK.

I did many things on the side, but it was basically rooted in such rotten thoughts.

I wanted to look good to others. I wanted to be raised on a pedestal. I wanted to be praised as amazing. Those were my real feelings.

That was why she wouldn’t make me feel a thing, regardless of how many truths she says.

Just say all you like.

That’s why Stocco, don’t draw your sword.

“You are blessed with power, surrounded by allies… on top of that even the Saint’s numbers increased! Isn’t it unfair! You coward! Yes, you’re just a coward! Even I… even I, if only I had power like you… if only I had many knights with me… yes, Diaz. Where is Diaz!? Diaz! Hey, Diaz! Help Me! Help!”

“Headmaster Diaz is already caught. All this time, you were talking to a different person… Yes, it was me.” 

Supple answered the Witch’s words.

That was enough to make the Witch understand.

About the fact that she was isolated and stuck in this place.

She drew back but no longer had a place to escape to.

She just miserably pressed her back to the wall.

“Wha, what? Damn, that useless person! Even though he is a knight, he is incapable of protecting his own master!”

She ranted about Diaz, which made Leila strengthen her grip on her sword.

But the Witch didn’t notice that and continued her spiel.

“O, Octo! Where did Octo go! How long will you leave me alone! Also, Pochi! This is the time for you, this incompetent minion, to be useful for once! Hurry up and come here!”

Octo was already obliterated.

Pochi got done in by Vernell in the Fighting Tournament, so this one was also gone.

Vernell also understood that Pochi should be referring to that Pup.

He became even angrier toward the Witch. 

“… This is unbearable to look at. Alfrea-sama. Please quickly seal her… At the very least, she shouldn’t be miserable even further.”

Supple let out a sigh, and said this to Alfrea in a tired voice.

For him, Alexia was the root of his faith in Saints.

Because of that, he must have been quite shocked at how far she fell.

Alfrea also said “Okay” lightly and prepared the magic.

Well then, if nothing unusual happened, this would be the end of it, but… this kind of sealing in stories would usually end up failing.

Would it go properly …? I really hoped it would.

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