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Chapter 9: Misunderstanding

If I were to illustrate it, it was a pair of meat mountains. Nay, it was more like marshmallows.

It had a soft flesh color, and while shaped like a towering mountain, it was soft enough to make the shapes crumble upon touch.

The stretching skins… the sensation that sticks to your touch. And volume that absorbed as your hand touched it. 

Right now, I’m currently copping a feel of this splendid oppai1

Ah, it feels great.

The hostage incident staged by Fara-san, to think it met its end due Vernell’s muscle power.

What’s with this development? I don’t recognize this?

The original fight against Fara-san, if Eterna wasn’t included, supposedly Vernell activated his Dark Force (LOL), and if Eterna participated, she would use her Saint power to defeat her.

In any case, it’s supposed to be an event to make the Protagonist and Heroine aware of their hidden power.

Yet unexpectedly! It’s “Muscle”!

For muscle power to force the binding to break, then throw the demon to Funsai! Gyokusai! Daikassai! Like development. Who would predict it? 2

Kuon no Sanka had trouble due to this kind of joke development. 3

For example, there is one noble ojou-sama heroine route where the event triggered when you raise your muscle stats to a high enough level. You will be invited to her mansion but, if your appearance stat is lacking, you will be rejected entry.

You invited them to reject their entry. What is this?

But at this time, if your muscle stat is built high enough, the guardsmen will be ‘charmed’ by such muscle thus allowing an entry exception.

And if you get invited to the mansion over 3 times, and you manage to get a special entry through muscle 3 times… you will somehow get confessed to by the guardsman, which is  an event no one will be happy about.

By the way, if you accept his confession, you will be rewarded by a terrible illustration of a buff Vernell standing side by side with the guardsman while laughing, then game over.

It’s not even game clear, but treated as game over. It was that cruel.

It proves that Vernell has the potential to go to that side….

Anyway… whatever the case, I got to feel the oppai so it’s all okay.

 Ok, back to business.

While I wish to continue to feel the oppai, there are other motives for doing so at least.

Obviously feeling the oppai is the main purpose, the other thing is just side business, but I have to do it.

The Witch has planted something inside Fara-san, it’s something that looks like black haze, and she’s been manipulated by that.

Because such a thing exists, I gained proper justification to feel her splendid bust.

This black haze is very capable.

But I would prefer it if the haze went toward her groin area instead. If this game was an eroge instead, that would definitely be the case.

Then it would need Vernell’s BIG MAGNUM to FIRE! To cure the condition, such settings would be added.

Damn, if only this black haze worked harder such scenes would be possible.

This incompetent thing.

For now, while saying “it’s here (Game Face)”, I used the Dark Energy (LOL) inside me to forcefully grab the black haze inside Fara-san.

The Saint’s power is necessary to repel the Witch’s power. It means Eterna is necessary to expel the black haze, which is why Fara-san’s death in the first run is unavoidable.

But that’s actually not the case. You could save her using power beside that of the Saint.

That is by using the Witch’s power. Beside the Saint’s power, the Witch’s power is also effective against the Witch.

By the way, other than these two sources, the Witch is practically invincible. Even if she got bombarded by magic intense enough to level a city, she wouldn’t even get a scratch.

Well, perhaps there actually is a limit or something. Maybe if you use magic on the level of nuke, she might get slain regardless, but this world doesn’t have such a level of firepower.

In conclusion, within this world’s level of power, the only valid choices are “Saint’s power” and “Witch’s power”.

As for why only the two are valid, it is because the root of Witch’s power and Saint’s power is the same… ooops, this is a spoiler. This fact is not supposed to be known at this point of the story.

Anyway, it’s possible to save Fara-san using the Witch’s power.

Ok, nice! I got it!

As I draw my arm back, the black haze that was parasitizing Fara-san is now in my hand.

When I clenched that, it disintegrated into particles of light.

“Err… Saint-sama. What was that?”

One of the hostages nervously asked about it.

‘Hm? Who are you? I’ve never seen you in the game, but you’re cute.’

Is what I thought, but once I think back, it’s the girl whose face I treated 3 years ago.

Yes, I remembered. You’re the cute girl at that time.

“You have grown into a pretty lady. I’m happy about that.”

As I tell her ‘You have grown into a beauty’, she somehow looks moved.

“To think you still remember me… even though we only met a single time.”

Well I wouldn’t forget about a cute person like you.

Ah, yes. I should focus on the black haze.

This is what manipulated Fara-san into doing all of this. Fara-san is also a victim, so don’t blame her for this too much.

She may have committed a crime. But for the sake of her oppai, please forgive her.

“Saint-sama… it’s been a long time. I was a soldier you saved back then, the name is John. Then… Fara-Sensei is doing all this outside her own will?”

‘Ahn? Who the heck are you?’

There’s no way I would remember a random dude.

…Or so I would like to say, but since there are others here, I would just stay silent and nod to deceive them.

Yes, I’m such a chicken.

As we continued the conversation, there were noisy sounds of someone running down to our level from the floor above.

Then, there were people who slammed open the underground doors. They are Stocco-chan and the band of Guard Knights.

“Saint-sama, are you okay?!”

“Yea, I’m fine. Everything is already over.”

As I said that, Stocco-chan ran toward me and shed tears.

“I’m so glad… truly… you’re safe. Saint-sama, please…. Please don’t do this kind of thing anymore.”

Ah, so you were worried about me. You have a cute point I guess.

But this will make the things in future harder to accept.

Betrayal itself is fine. Rather, it ought to happen in my opinion.

She was an elite trained from childhood to serve the Saint. It can be said that she had lived for the sole purpose to serve the Saint until now.

In that case, the person she was supposed to serve is the true Saint Eterna, and she had served a fake one all this time.

Back when I played the game, I couldn’t help but yell aloud “Enough, you don’t need to be that patient! Just abandon such a scummy woman already!”

That’s why I wish she would ultimately separate from me and serve Eterna instead, but as I imagine what she might say when the truth is out, it would be quite damaging to my mental health.

Well I will get along with her until the true Saint is revealed.

‘Yup, it’s bad to call her Stocco-chan so let’s just call her Leila.’

As I thought that, Leila looked towards the unconscious Fara on the floor with an expression full of hatred, and she drew her sword.

“You wench! You dare to do this to Saint-sama… you disgrace of the Academy! There’s no need to wait for judgment! Turn into rust on my blade now!”


I covered my arm with magic in panic, and blocked her sword with it.

That was close. If I hadn’t protected my arm, my hand would have been amputated.

“Saint-sama, what are you- no, your arm! Is your arm alright!?”

“No problem, see.”

Or rather, if I got wounded here, I would be discovered as a fake Saint.

Just as the Witch can only take damage from the Witch’s and the Saint’s power, the Saint also only takes damage from those 2 sources.

There’s the Witch’s power behind Fara-san so it’s nothing weird if I was wounded by that, but it would be weird if I was damaged by a mere sword.

On a side note, when game version Elrise got found out, it was mainly proven by the indisputable fact that Elrise got injured.

To calm the confused Stocco, I told her “I would only be wounded by the power of the Witch or the Saint.”

It’s a blatant lie though!

Then I added “that person is merely a victim that got manipulated, so please forgive her.” Even as they feel suspicious, Fara-san only got restrained as a result.

Afterwards, I was practically dragged back by Stocco, making me unable to talk properly with the Vernell group and returned to my castle.

Eterna has a secret she didn’t tell anyone.

From her childhood… for some reason, she was never hurt.

Or rather, she never got hurt except if she inflicted the damage herself.

She thought it was just her imagination in the beginning, thus she didn’t think too deeply about it.

Yet she noticed how abnormal it was, when she was attacked by a wild bear in the forest.

She was definitely struck by its claw. She also definitely got bitten by its massive jaw.

Yet… there was no pain. While her clothes were torn apart, not a scratch was on her body.

The reason Eterna accompanied Vernell to the Academy was not merely because she worried about him.

She wished to know more about herself.

She believed the Academy ought to have such knowledge stored.

And she found out why during the lesson… “The Witch and the Saint, could only be harmed by each other’s power.”

That statement reminded her of her circumstance where she could only be hurt if it was inflicted by herself.

Then is she the Saint?

But the Saint already exists. And the one who held the title was known as the greatest Saint of all time, Elrise.

The information she heard during the lesson were things that she had a hard time believing, sweeping thousands of Demon alone. All the wounded and sick in the village she passed through were healed completely, she turned arid land into flower gardens just by walking there… it’s hard to connect those to reality.

There’s no age where 2 Saints exist at same time. If so, then one of them is not the Saint.

But is it possible to claim that Elrise, the greatest Saint of all time, is a fake? No, it’s impossible.

In addition, there’s something that added to Eterna’s worry, which was that the current generation Witch indeed exists, but her whereabouts are unknown, both her face and name are also not known.

It had been said she kept escaping from Elrise but… is it really the case?

What if… what if, the Witch herself is not aware that she is actually the Witch?

If there are 2 people having the Saint’s and Witch’s characteristics, then they are either the Saint or Witch.

Elrise is not the Witch. Such a thing is impossible.

How many Demons had she slain every day? How many people had she saved every day? What benefit would she get by doing so if she were Witch?

…None. There is no need to do so. She would only push herself to a disadvantage.

Eterna was almost crushed by anxiety.

It’s just a doubt, something she wanted to deny.

But she couldn’t help but think… maybe she is the Witch

Such anxiety became stronger as she met Elrise in person.

She possessed the power to erase a group of Greater Demons in an instant. A beauty that stole everyone’s eyes.

The word “Saint” represented itself in the form of a human.

The difference between us is shown one after another.

Even so she had a tiny hope… that Elrise might be the fake one.

She may be just a commoner that possessed an overwhelming amount of magic; that could be a possibility.

Even with such a possibility close to none, because Eterna wholeheartedly wanted to deny the possibility of herself being the Witch, she hoped it to be so.

But reality proved otherwise.

Elrise has noticed what Eterna didn’t, the Witch’s magic nested inside Fara, and she pulled it out.

Not only that, she also found out the fact Fara was only manipulated by that.

When she first saw Elrise feeling Fara’s chest, she thought her taste was going in that direction, but it’s actually wrong.

Elrise didn’t have such thoughts at all.

She only tried to save Fara with all her might, which made Eterna feel how foolish she was.

“You… I met you before, at Fowl Village. You’ve grown beautiful compared to that time, it made me forget what you looked like for a moment.”

 “To think you still remember me… even though we only met a single time.”

 “There’s no way I would forget.”

 “Su- such an honor…”

 “Ah, we’re talking about this haze. This is what manipulated Fara-san… the power of the Witch. She was only a victim that was manipulated to do all this.”

 “Vi- victim… but what Sensei has done… is akin to rebel against this nation, no, to this world. Attempting to kill Saint-sama, it’s not something allowed to be forgiven.”

 “She indeed did commit a sin. But please forgive her. I personally think it is very important to be able to forgive someone.”

While she said so, she clenched her hand and destroyed the black smoke, by mixing it with Saint’s power.

The thing that is capable of doing something about the Witch’s power is only the Saint’s power.

It’s not something an ordinary person could do.

By that point, the possibility of Elrise being a commoner became near impossible inside Eterna.

As if to deal the final blow, was the moment that the rushing Guard Knight tried to cut Fara down with her sword.

Elrise without being timid blocked it with her bare arm… and there was no wound there.

“Saint-sama, what are you- no, your arm! Is your arm alright!?”

 “There’s nothing to worry about. I would only be wounded by a Witch or Saint’s power… didn’t you know that?”

With that, Eterna felt dejected.

She felt dejected when she knew Elrise was not a fake.

Ah… She is real. Elrise is, without a doubt, the real Saint.

She detected the Witch’s power and erased it, she saved the people who were being manipulated… also, she suffered not a scratch for blocking a sword barehanded.

She’s strong, beautiful and… kind.

Even as myself thinking about something no good, she was just being natural, saving people as if it was an obvious thing to do.

She placed herself in danger just to save 7 people.

‘This is… the real one. I’m totally different compared to her.’

Regardless if it’s her looks, or her power… or even her human capacity.

Afterward, Elrise was half dragged back to her castle by her Guard Knights, but Eterna had no composure for that.

She had understood. What she was, who she actually was.

If there are 2 people having the Saint’s and Witch’s characteristics, then they are either the Saint or the Witch.

Elrise’s chance of being a fake Saint is zero, and the chance of her being Witch is below zero, a negative number.

The real Saint is right there. Then who is she that has the same characteristic as her? What is the girl called Eterna, then?

No one had seen the current generation Witch. Her face and name is unknown.

And right here, is a girl who possesses the characteristic of the Witch.

‘… Ah… I see…’

Eterna powerlessly swayed to her own room.

Everything in the world looked dark, she thought everything was totally miserable.

No, she really felt so.

It can’t be helped, because she is…

 ’So I… am… the Witch…’ 

Author note:

Eterna-chan is having a major misunderstanding because of Elrise
Obviously Eterna is not the Witch (Word of God)

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6 months ago

Btw, why the heck is MC still clinging onto her identity as the Saint?! Wasn’t this the event that was supposed to reveal the truth? He keeps stating how he’ll happily let Eterna have her rightful position in the end, but why isn’t he considering that she’ll be useless as a saint unless properly trained as one?

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3rd Citizen
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