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After Story: Anecdote – The Tome of the Saint


It’s a short one this time, sorry.

Rather than an after story, just think that you’re reading a light hearted 4-koma.

It didn’t feel bad to face my desk and let my pen dance sometimes.

While I was thinking about that, I let my brush run across the parchment.

Well, since I actually had a lazy personality, I cheated by using magic to do menial tasks like writing words on parchment, but please don’t scold me about that.

I didn’t bother to give a specific name for this magic skill since it wasn’t combat magic, but if I did have to give it one, it would be automatic writing magic. And its effect was to write down whatever sentences that came to my mind.

Actually, it was a magic that not only wrote words, but also drew pictures… See, everyone has thought “I wish I had the ability to draw pictures as they are in my head” at least once, right?

I managed to make it come true, but the convenient magic I made with great effort didn’t have much utility, so I used it to write things like this.

It was too bad… If this was Japan, I would be able to satisfy my desire for validation by immediately throwing the illustration to a posting site and becoming known as a god-tier illustrator. 

I think I might draw some landscape paintings and sell them someday.

Well then, you’re probably curious about what I was writing with this magic, right? 

The thing I was writing down was on how to use the magic skill I’d created that was useful for daily life… or to be exact, a downgraded version of my magic so that people other than myself could use them.

Magic could be roughly divided into two categories: the existing magic and the original magic. On a larger scope however, all magic was once original magic.

Even the so-called existing magic didn’t get installed into the human mind at the moment of the world’s creation, but was original magic that had been created by someone who’d lived long ago.

Basically, it was like martial arts. Be it the giant swing, tetsuzakou, Dempsey roll, or oosotogari, they didn’t immediately exist the moment mankind came to being; rather, it was something that was popularized by someone. Magic was also like that.

For example, Eterna’s offensive light element magic “Luce” was also a magic skill created by a saint long ago.

However, all existing magic had a common flaw.

That it was, to be frank, “weak.”

Well, I guess weak wasn’t the correct term… it would be more accurate to say that it has a set limit. The magic was often modified so people with low mana could also use it.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. For example, if Mary would try to use the skill Aurea Libertas (Golden Freedom) that I had used before the magic was modified, her MP would immediately be emptied in seconds, and since it would still fail to fulfill the minimal required MP, the magic produced would drop in power and scale.

It was because I crafted this magic without any thought of it being used by people other than myself. It was created solely with my absurd amount of MP in mind, so it couldn’t be helped.

And all magic I used fell into this category… if anyone other than me tried to use it, it became dangerous magic that would drain their whole MP and yet still couldn’t produce the same effect I’d made.

To put it simply, all of my magic was something like “an idiotic technique like sprinting 100 km in 1 second and then punching the enemy with that momentum.”

If anyone wanted to use this, they would need the superhuman stamina to not be exhausted after sprinting 100 km the whole way, but ordinary people had no such stamina.

There was no doubt about what would happen if an ordinary person tried to use it.

They would definitely run out of stamina before they could even cover the distance and would die before they could hit the opponent.

This was an extreme analogy, but that was how impossible it was for others to use the magic I’d created.

Even the purification magic that automatically removed dirt from my body needed an absurd amount of MP to be activated at regular intervals, rendering it unusable for most. 

Therefore, a large detuning of my magic was required.

For example, there was “water purification magic.” That skill would make water drinkable. Because this world lacked the concept of microorganisms, most of the water available naturally would be considered “undrinkable.” The only water that could be drunk without any worries would be water that was produced with magic. 

The water purification magic I used was a fairy-type magic bullet that was fired from far away; it would then land in various spots around the reservoir lakes found in the basement of the several branches of the Saint’s church, killing and erasing the harmful fungi and bacteria in the water, removing impurities, and creating a persistent barrier that would keep germs away.

So, regarding this magic, if anyone other than me were to use it, they’d need to “Conjure magic bullet”, “transform the magic bullet into fairy”, “shoot it and make it travel a long distance”, “attach a homing function to the destination”, “kill the bacteria”, “exclude the impurities (including the carcasses of bacteria and parasites)”, and “deploy barrier,” which would require people to execute 8 different magic skills at the same time or the magic was rendered unusable.

Therefore, I changed the premise of the magic so it would be used at close range. Thus, the shooting and homing function would be omitted. Changing the magic bullet into the shape of a fairy was also meaningless, so it would be scrapped. On top of that, “kill the bacteria,” “kill the fungus,” and “remove the impurities” would instead be used one after another to activate the effect.

My other magic was also detuned for the general public’s use by removing unnecessary functions and separating magic into several parts. 

Even the healing magic I usually used would still need at least 5 casters working together to cast, and even then, the power was considerably lowered.

When used, I imagined it would be a strange ritual-like scene where five casters surrounded one target to cast the magic.

But how do I say this, trying to make my magic accessible to the public was actually quite fun.

As expected, I didn’t feel like writing several copies, so it would be the only copy in the world. But as long as the original existed, the church could transcribe and mass produce it.

If that were to happen, then even without me… well, it might be impossible for them to do everything that I could… but it was still possible for them to achieve something similar to what I did.

I double checked that the pen didn’t write anything strange during the automatic writing, and seeing that there was no problem with the content, I took it to the church.

“Oooh… T-this is, part of Elrise-sama miraculous power…! It would allow us to use the power of miracles…!” 

“Yes. Unfortunately, in order to make it usable to other people, the output of power has dropped to some extent, but it should still be useful nonetheless.”

“I am grateful… I really am! This archbishop will take responsibility and put my life on the line to keep this magic tome safe!”

He sure is exaggerating. As I was thinking that, I passed the book to the old archbishop and returned to the forest. 

With this, even if I just laze around in the forest, I would still be able to secure clean drinking water. Also, the injured and the sick could be cured by the church to some extent.

Basically, I did all this so I could be lazy without any hesitation.

A true lazy person like me spared no effort so I could be lazy!

With this, I would be less needed by the people and the number of people that could be saved would increase.

I did a good thing. YEP!

――That was what I thought, but later on, it became clear that the book I presented ended up being kept strictly as a treasure at the church’s headquarters.

Why… why…?


Good evening, everyone. It’s the author.
The final volume of Fake Saint, volume 4, will be released on October 11th!

Once the sales start, I would be happy if you buy it.

Also, thank you for waiting.
By today, September 27th, chapter 1 of the comic version is finally released!

It will be published by comic walker and Nico nico seiga!”

There’s no need to explain… First of all, let’s look at Elrise’s illustration by Ekakibito-sama…
Without a doubt, it’s a saint (the appearance at least)…

Note that the person inside wasn’t taken into consideration.

The next chapter of the novel would be on November 10th.
Details might be added on Kakuyomu’s recent note, so I will be glad if you check on it from time to time.


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1 year ago

So….the church decided to monopolise it instead of spreading it as elrise wanted to? Well reality at its finest. Hope that elrise will make sure that her magical knowledge reaches the public properly.

11 months ago
Reply to  Catman48

Don’t be so harsh, man. When did an organised religious institution ever monopolise knowledge and/or stop the progress of science?


Last edited 11 months ago by Akachi
1 year ago

Finally caught up. Thanks, translators, for picking this up! Also, though it’s unlikely for you to read this, thank you for making this, author!

1 year ago

Came back for my usual re-read and there’s actually a manga for it?! I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this for so long and I’m finally able to see Elrise in all her glory~

Also is it just me or does she remind me of Cale from TCF? They both say they want to slack but they do literally anything but that lol

1 year ago

That Archbishop, he should know that the Great Saint Elrise would of course want to spread that magic to the people, in order to lessen their suffering.

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

Well he probably did it to maintain the church’s power. Peasants living a good life is almost never a good thing for those in power.

1 year ago

To think I would pick this up right as it’s getting a manga adaptation. Imagine it somehow appearing in isekai quartet.

1 year ago

hmm… try a new enemy, definitely exciting

1 year ago

Obvious result. It gonna become a bible the moment she decided to write it herself

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

I saw the manga as well. Hope it will be the gateway to popularity and then some publisher will localized the novel in my language and I can finally own a (several?) copy(s).

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

I’m sensing a leakage 🙂

11 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

I came back here because JNC licensed the LN.
It wasn’t a local publisher but I’ll probably still order physical copies when it’s done. (scream internally thinking about shipping cost)