Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kiro

After Story: Supple’s Death (Last Part)

A strange object was placed in the corner of the room.

Seeing that, Supple wondered about what it was as he put his hand on his chin.

“What is this…? A vertically long cloth…?”

“Is it something owned by Leila-kun? I can’t detect any signs that Elrise-sama has used it…? I wonder why that kind of thing was left right there?”

As he was saying something strange, Supple picked up the body pillow that was on the bed.

Apparently, he could tell whether an object was Elrise’s with just a glance.

(Un)fortunately for him, this was newly made.

If Elrise ever used it even once, this man would somehow be able to sense it, ignoring all existing logic.

Were he to know about it, he would never unscrupulously touch such a thing.

“Uhn? Hou, so this thing could be opened like this. Quite a revolutionary design, but I don’t understand why it was made…” 

Supple seemed to be curious about the zipper attached to the body pillow, so he opened and closed it many times.

There were no such things as body pillows or zippers within Supple’s knowledge.

However Supple, who was a researcher at his core, was fascinated with this unknown object and its never before seen structure.

However, he was unaware of how to use this body pillow. The pillows he knew about were not vertically long objects which were filled with cotton, after all.

The pillow that the commoners used was just a bundle of straw… or if the quality were a little better, it would be wrapped with a thin cloth.

The pillow that nobles used was a 100% cloth pillow with luxurious embroidery.

However, he wasn’t aware of the existence of a vertically long pillow which could be opened with a zipper and filled with cotton.

He was aware that a small number of wealthy nobles used feather-made bedding, which was considered a luxury and became a status symbol for aristocrats.

However, Supple was unable to judge that this thing in his hand was bedding.

“Am I supposed to go inside…? No, but this…” 

Once he got curious about something, he became unaware of his surroundings, and simply wanted to find out about it.

Supple didn’t even care if it was something that belonged to someone else. He ignored that concern completely and immediately placed himself inside it in an effort to discern the proper utilization of the body pillow. 

The zipper could also be closed from inside, with a different handle from the one on the outside.

It was made this way by Elrise so she could use either side of the body pillow.

His impression after he entered inside was… Cramped, just that one word.

He couldn’t move freely, and he also felt suffocated. He wondered what he should do next.

At the very least, it was now clear that it wasn’t something to be worn.

As he decided to get out for now… his greatest (un)fortunate thing happened to him.

Somebody came back to the log house and picked up the body pillow with Supple inside of it.

The only person who is capable of doing so is… Elrise-sama?! What happened? Where are you transporting this to?!

Elrise carried the body pillow, unaware that Supple was inside of it, and went to her bedroom upstairs… then she laid it on her bed. 

Of course, considering how perverted Supple was, he was aware of where he had been carried to without needing to see it.

He was carried to the top of the bed (Divine Artifact) that she usually slept in!

Supple’s excitement already caused him to have difficulty breathing, and his whole body was paralyzed.

He knew he had to call out to her immediately to get out. However, his unprecedented excitement and bliss made Supple completely turn into a stone statue, and he was unable to do anything.

However, shortly afterward, an overkill attack struck Supple. 

“Fuh…hm? It somehow feels hard…?” 


There was something soft that pressed on Supple through the thin cloth.

He knew without seeing it. He understood it without seeing it! He felt it without seeing it! He was convinced without seeing it2!

Of all the things that could have happened, he was in close contact with Elrise… no, she was embracing Supple.

She entangled her legs and pressed her body against Supple.

At this moment, Supple understood how to use this strange, vertically long cloth.

So, so it was used like thiiiisss! 


Her faintly sweet scent tickled his nostrils, as she was closer to him than ever before.

And this soft sensation that touched… no, pressed against his arms was… No way, this couldn’t be…

No good, don’t notice it! Supple desperately tried his best to abandon that thought.

Once he realized it, it would be all over. He would be killed by his bliss!

However, the fact that he tried his best to not notice it meant that he was already aware of it in his heart.

This sensation that touched his arms… the conclusion he drew as he considered the position of Elrise’s head and leg, it could only be her chest area.

In other words, it was the supreme Saint’s… bo… bo……boobs! 

— When Supple could think again, he was standing on a hill that was illuminated by the sunset.

It was scenery from his childhood… during the time when he was still young and didn’t notice how dirty the world could be, something he saw together with his family.

A gentle breeze stroked his cheek as Supple squinted his eyes, and he was grateful to the universe… for the miracle of having been born into this world.

There were certainly many ugly things in the world. He had once despaired because of such dirtiness.

However, that was no longer the case now.

Supple came to know something that was more precious and beautiful in this world.

— Are you satisfied? 

He looked back towards the voice that called out to him from behind.

Standing there was his family, who departed this world earlier during his childhood.

His father… his mother, and his sister. Every member of his family was waiting for Supple with smiles on their faces.

“Yes, it is already enough… I have no more regrets.” 

Supple smiled at his family with a refreshed expression, as if things that burdened him already left. 

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to live more.

He did want to witness more of the miracles created by the Saint, and he wanted to accompany her even longer.

However… even so…

“I managed to learn the most beautiful thing in the world… I am… the happiest I could ever be.” 

Supple revealed a carefree smile that was somehow childlike.

Then he started walking forward.

Pure white wings grew on his back, and a shining ring emerged above his head.

A curtain of light split through the clouds in the sky, and small angels carrying trumpets descended.

Supple leapt from the ground, alongside his family… they went up to the sky while surrounded by angels.

Let’s go now. It is our time to return… 

—To the place everyone was, to heaven…

Supple was dead. 



Elrise and Leila were stunned.

When Elrise, who had felt uncomfortable about the sensation of her body pillow, opened the zipper, she found out the contents had somehow turned red.

At the same time, Leila, who returned detected the faint smell of blood, and a sign that somebody had intruded the house, hurriedly rushed to the second floor. Leila met with Elrise and saw… the body pillow painted in red, and Elrise who stood in front of it while looking troubled.

As she wondered what had happened and opened it up; Supple was inside.

Not only was Supple inside, for some reason, this man had spilled tons of blood from his nose and passed away.

It wasn’t a metaphor. He was truly dead. It wasn’t meant for comedic relief or something similar.



Elrise and Leila looked at each other.

Eh? Why? For what reason did Supple die inside there?

Neither of them could reach the answer to such a question, and could only become more confused.

Surely, neither of them knew the reason for Supple’s death. 

Supple passed away at a young age. 

He surely had many things that he still wanted to do. Surely, there would be some regret that remained. 

But look at him. How blissful his dying face was… 

— Could you die with a similarly happy expression? 

By the way, Elrise hurriedly activated revival magic on Supple afterward which barely managed to resurrect him. 


Sorry to keep you waiting! [Greeting]
It was Wakaranaiman, who was renamed Grand Duke of the Wall. Leave it to me to do some kabedon!

As I announced yesterday, I have an announcement for today.
Or so I’d like to say, it was pretty much guessed already…
As of now, “Fake Saint of the Year” was renamed into “Ideal Saint? Too bad, I’m a fake Saint!”, and it was decided to be turned into a Light Novel!4

Label: Kadokawa BOOKS
Illustrator: Yunohito-sama

Release Date: 10th of August

Official Page: https://kadokawabooks.jp/product/zannenniseseijo/322103000439.html
Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/kadokawabooks/status/1404374092971577347
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※Cover picture included
The reservation is open at Amazon online store, please do not miss it if you’re interested!

Also, since this would get buried and to redirect fans to Kakuyomu.

For everyone who follows the Kakuyomu side, I would send about 4 side stories through mail to related Kakuyomu users.

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If anyone is interested, please visit there.

The date of sending would be on 21st of June, 12th of July, 26th of July, and 10th of August.

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A: You could, but please refrain if possible.

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8 months ago

Supple… *sigh* well at least he aint dead.
Thanks for the translation!

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1 day ago
Reply to  Kzalca

He made it back… but he lost the chance to move on at his happiest…

8 months ago

Supple’s Family: You have been touched and hugged by the Great Saint?

Supple: Yes…

Supple’s Family: But at what cost?

Supple: Everything (but hell yes it was damn worth it!)

Supple and his family flies away

Supple’s brother: Did the author just forget me and somehow only include my sister and my parents and not me? ==

Last edited 8 months ago by Canelé
1 day ago
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I also forgot he had bro, sorry…

8 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!!! LMAO. I completely forgot about the books. LOL. Not only did she mount him, Supple especially felt Elrise’s chest. Lol

1 day ago
Reply to  Oyashiro

it’s bosom, definitely not boo– whatever obscenity that was better to left unsaid.

8 months ago

It wasn’t a metaphor. He was truly dead. It wasn’t meant for comedic relief or something similar.”

why did that crack me up even more??

8 months ago
Reply to  HentMas

thing is, the exact translation wasn’t exactly that so if you find it funny, I’m honored since that what i made up to make sense of the sentence

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Good good, with this becoming a light novel, the chance for it to have a manga and/or anime adaptation is higher, I say we should wait…. 5-7 years maybe? Huh… Still happy for the author tho!

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well, need several volume of ln before adaptation happen

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Wait LN? i’d thought this novel already LN not WN….and by any chance LN already release you will pick up LN or not?

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i got no access to ln so i dunno, but AFAIK, the difference only less suggestive words used with similar overall plot. well maybe there’s ln exclusive chapter or something, but i don’t have it so i can’t say

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I heard it’s minor addition, like a few more lines explaining the village or country, or nobilities. No new characters or chapter deviation. At least not in vol1.

8 months ago
Reply to  Gitami

i see. i guess there’s no major difference

8 months ago

WTH Supple…

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Reply to  Numina

he just being himself

8 months ago

Congrats author-san! Also lol, Supple at his happiest.

8 months ago
Reply to  Tasai

mean only downfall awaits

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Supple……She must be so happy LOL

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8 months ago
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so much that he ascended…

8 months ago

Supple ga shin da!
He got revived though

8 months ago
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he died for real… at least temporarily

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Pog Light Novel.
R.I.P. Supplement. (after)Life is downhill from there.

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well, the peak of life passed after all