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Chapter AF25 – The Archbishop Hungers for Sweets ~Elrise Fifteen Years Old~

Preconceptions were troublesome.

Without any basis, one would just assume “this is how it is” for something and limit their options.

It got even more troublesome when such preconceptions were spread by the nations and nobility, and they labeled something as a “bad thing”.

For example, in the history back on earth, people were told they were not to consume things that weren’t mentioned in the bible, so things like potatoes had their values not readily recognized.

Even here in Fiori, there were things that, while not actually necessarily bad, were not considered edible due to preconceptions.

It was about the meat of the fields…… the soybeans. In this world, they were called soya beans.

Soybeans could grow in poor soil and were rich in nutrients. Moreover, they were extremely versatile.

They could be processed into fermented soybeans, tofu, soy milk, soy meat, bean sprouts, cookies, bread, and even cakes.

Depending on how one used it, it was a versatile ingredient that could be used for everything from appetizers, main dishes, soups, salads, and desserts.

They were so versatile to the point when one was at a loss of what to eat, one couldn’t go wrong just by including this as an ingredient.

But in Fiori…… especially in the Giardino continent where I lived, soybeans were dishonorably treated as livestock feed.

No, being treated as that was fine. It was actually an effective use of it after all.

But why did people stop thinking at that point and decide it wasn’t something humans could consume?

Of course, in small villages, people wouldn’t give a damn and would still eat them anyway, and before I introduced potatoes, they even resorted to eating tree barks and weeds.

But in the end, once the people in power decided that “soybeans aren’t food for humans!” the production volume itself fell and it would no longer be widely used.

This was because even if they tried to grow soybeans, the feudal lords would get angry and say “if you have time to grow that, you should grow something that people can eat instead!”

In this world, harvested grains and vegetables were given as tax to lords and nobles, so if they offer soybeans as tax, they would scold them “Ahhn?! Are you expecting us to eat something you use to feed your livestock?!”

For this reason, soybeans hadn’t become widespread and I felt melancholic about that.

No no no no. Why the heck while everyone was crying about how people were starving to death every day, nobody paid attention to the convenient and useful food that they could find right next to them?

Although the food situation had improved considerably thanks to the widespread use of potatoes, there were still food shortages and malnutrition worldwide.

But this preconception seemed to be deeply rooted, and when I asked the old man called Fox who served as my Prime Knight, this was the answer I got. 1

“Soya beans? Aah, you mean that livestock feed. You said to use them to eat? Hahaha, please don’t say such nonsense, Elrise-sama. Those aren’t meant for human consumption.” 

“Why are they not meant to be consumed by humans?”

“Even if you ask me why…… If I have to answer, I guess it’s because the Saint Church has decided so.”

So that’s the culprit who created the preconception. 

So it was the same pattern as potatoes back on earth.

So if I could change the perception of the church leaders, soybeans’ reputation could be restored.

But why did the church declare soybeans as livestock feed?

To find out the reason, I visited the church the next day and spoke to the Archbishop.

By the way, the Archbishop was the true head of the Saint Church.

Although the Saint was nominally the head of Saint Church as its name suggests, there was no way someone who would eventually become a Witch could truly become the head. Basically, the Saint was just an idol.

So while the Saint Church appeared to respect the Saint on the surface, in reality, the higher-ups probably saw them as a disposable pawn.

That said, he seemed to be good at hiding this attitude towards me and he treated me with such courtesy that it was easy to be fooled into thinking the respect was real.

“Ooh, Elrise-sama. I thank God for the happiness of having the opportunity to meet you like this.” 

Thanks for the compliment you didn’t mean. 

In fact, the existence of this Archbishop was mentioned in the game but never appeared.

The reason was that even if Eterna, who was the Saint in the game, came to visit, she would be turned away with words “The Archbishop is busy.”

But when I came to visit, he often came out on his own.

The only time when he didn’t was when he was asleep or physically unable to come because he was at another branch.

Anyway, let’s ask why soybeans were being treated so unfairly.

“Hou, soya beans, is it?” 

“Yes. I heard that it’s edible in Japon. Why is it considered not fit for human consumption here?”

“Fumu. Well, that’s because a Witch from a few generations ago loved soya beans and often fed them to demons as well. So at the time, they were considered beans that only defiled creatures would eat, but then the perception relaxed to the point it was considered alright to be used to feed livestock.”

Aah, I see. So the Witch was the cause. 

There once was a Witch who loved soybeans, and because she liked them, it was considered hated and taboo.

And as time passed, the feeling of disgust faded, but the preconception that it wasn’t something a human should consume remained.

What should I do to break this preconception?

The answer was already in my mind.

It was simple…… I just need to stimulate the desires of the bigwigs.

All I had to do was to make them want to eat more. People were simple creatures and would change their mind that way.

They made rules that were convenient for them, changed the existing laws as they saw fit, and made interpretations and excuses as they saw fit, all for gaining as much benefit as possible.

If I can make people want to eat more, they would spread the word about growing soybeans so that they could eat more.

So what I should do is to figure out how to stimulate the desire of those in power.

And fortunately, I had the means to do so.



And so, when I returned to the castle, this was the dish I prepared.

It was a soy cake made from soy flour and fresh soy cream made from soy milk.

I smeared cream all over the cake then used some magic to decorate the cream into flower shapes to make it look flashy and visually gorgeous.

Immediately after, I invited the Archbishop to the castle to have him try this right away so he would recognize the value of soybeans.

I had also invited several other nobles besides the Archbishop, so I hope they would also help spread the word about the value of soybeans.

……Or so I thought…… but when I entered the hall, there were many more nobles there than I expected.

“Ooh, Elrise-sama! I heard that a new Cloud is coming out today, so I couldn’t sit back and come to visit!” 

“We won’t let Archbishop-sama enjoy it alone.”

The noble old men spoke with rising excitement. 

By the way, what they call Cloud was the name of the cake of this world.

In this world, there weren’t any cakes so I made a fluffy cake similar to those on modern earth, but the first person who tried it said things like “It feels like eating clouds” so the name stuck.

“Stop it! My share will decrease! Go home! Go home!” 2 

The Archbishop’s face was red as he tried to chase the nobles away, but none of them showed signs of going home. 

It was true I was the one who invited the nobles.

But it was more of “please come over if you have time,” and I didn’t say they have to come no matter what.

It seemed there was a greater shortage of sweets in this world than I thought.

Well, it couldn’t be helped since they were already here. Although each person’s portion would decrease, I made a lot so each person could at least eat a slice.

Once the portions had been distributed to everyone, the bigwigs began to eat hungrily.

“I had it before…… but it’s still delicious……!”

“I wonder how she achieved this fluffy texture……”

“What bliss……”

“Damn it, damn it……! I could have eaten more…… My Cloud……!”


While all the nobles were eating, the Archbishop was the only one who was furious lol.

They looked at me as if to ask if there was more of it, but I shook my head.

No, I didn’t expect so many people to come, so I didn’t prepare that much.

The Archbishop’s face then twisted as if he was shocked.

“Elrise-sama! Can’t you make more of this?!”

“Regarding that, the ingredients used aren’t widely available.”

“Ingredients! I think it should be wheat and milk. Then we could quickly……”

“No, what I served this time was made with soya beans. Both the dough and the cream were made with soya beans.”

When I said that, all the bigwigs looked surprised. 

Well, it was hard to imagine at first that beans could be turned into dough or cream.

I think whoever first thought of this was a genius.

“Soya beans are used as livestock feed, but in Japon, they are commonly consumed by humans. Also, as in this case, they can be used for a variety of purposes. I think it’s a shame to dismiss something with such great potential as just livestock feed. What is everyone’s opinion about it?” 

As I spoke, everyone’s gaze turned to the Archbishop. 

The Archbishop stared at his now empty plate, and then spoke as if to confirm something.

“If the ingredients were more widely available…… you could make more of these clouds, right?”

“Yes. I will teach everyone how to make dough from soya beans.”

I intended to keep the recipe for the cream cake exclusive, but I think it would be okay to spread how to make dough. 

This would increase the value of soybeans among ordinary people as well.

The Archbishop thought for a moment then looked up with a determined look on his face.

“In the first place…… In the first place, it wasn’t me who spread the idea, about soya beans being livestock feed, that is.”


By the way, that “hah?” didn’t come from me. 

It was the voice of a noble standing near the Archbishop.

But that reaction wasn’t unreasonable. After all, it was none other than the Saint Church that had declared soybeans to be livestock feed, and the head of said church was the Archbishop.

But he continued without caring what others think.

“The one who declared that is someone from the past…… not me. If you think carefully, it doesn’t make sense in the first place…… It makes no sense to assume that something that humans could consume to be livestock feed and not to eat it! In fact, it was too luxurious to be treated as livestock feed! This is human food! It’s something that humans should eat! It’s something I should eat more!”

The Archbishop rolled his eyes and began to make his defense. 

Oouh, he liked that cake that much?

Apparently, this person had quite a sweet tooth, but he himself wasn’t even aware of it.

Up until now, the only thing that could be considered sweets was bread sprinkled with sugar so he hadn’t realized it, but I kicked open that door.

Moreover this time, due to the nobles’ unexpected arrival, he only got to eat a single slice.

So right now, the Archbishop’s frustration was likely exploding.

“Elrise-sama! I will revoke this foolish custom as soon as I return! I will spread the word across the entire continent! Soya beans are food for humans!” 

“Ah, okay.”

“So! When it becomes widespread! Please use them well! Please!”

“I-I understand, so please calm down.”

Even I was surprised that he was so obsessed with it.

But well, at this rate, I was sure it would do well to shatter people’s preconceptions about soybeans.

There was no creature that was more energetic than a human who had experienced luxury and had their desire aroused.

“Well then, I will now excuse myself!” 

The Archbishop bowed to me and then dashed off to the exit. 

He sure was energetic…… even though he wasn’t young anymore.

Everyone was staring at his back while dumbfounded, but I could understand that feeling.

Afterwards, thanks to the efforts of the Archbishop, the nobles, the Archbishop, the kings, the Archbishop, the Saint Church, and especially the Archbishop in promoting the soybeans, the soybean’s honor was successfully restored and it was officially made acceptable to be consumed by humans. 

Incidentally, the Archbishop gained fame for destroying ancient custom and reducing the number of people who starved to death as a result.

Human’s desire were incredible.

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