Fake Saint of the Year

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After Story: Fake Saint Goes to Japan (5)


(I didn’t say she went to Japan this time)

This is Elrise, who canceled her plan to go to Japan today, reporting from an uninhabited island in Fiori.

It all started when I saw the Guardians maintaining the locomotive.

It might be too late to realize such a thing now, but… wasn’t that thing at a different level of development than the current world?

I used to think that was the peak of civilization in this world, but thinking about it more carefully, the overall level of this civilization didn’t even reach that standard.

Because it was basically at the medieval age… rather, it didn’t even reach that, due to the how the Witch and the demons had rampaged throughout the years.

The regular means of transportation was a carriage, and there was no suspension on that carriage so it rattled hard. It was doubtful that they could even produce a steam locomotive. So, where did such technology come from? Such were my thoughts.

So I thought about some possibilities for it.

Possibility 1: “They reached this level of civilization in the past, but it was eventually lost.” 

Well, this was a simple hypothesis. It was a theory that there was a point in the past where they reached a level of civilization where they could produce steam locomotives, but the civilization degraded because of the Witch, so they could no longer produce it.

But if that was the case, there ought to be more traces of this civilization…

Also, if the locomotive was built so far in the past, it was made no sense that it was currently working.

Possibility 2: “There was a certain nation with advanced technology.”  

The progress of civilization was not universal.

While the Japanese with their samurais had been busy with their katanas and going, “Cut the infidel!” or “There’s a fool who deceivingly makes use of superior-sama’s name to act, hunt them down!” The people overseas were beginning to fly using hot air balloons. 

While Japanese people began to make use of smartphones in their daily life and fly using airplanes, some tribal people might still be hunting for food with a practically naked getup.

In a similar sense, it was a theory where there was a certain great, technological nation somewhere in the world. 

However… I had flown all over the world as I hunted for demons, so I ought to have visited every nation in the world.

At the very least, none of the nations I had visited possessed that level of technological power.

Possibility 3: “There was a reincarnator in the past.” 

There should be no confusion anymore that I was a reincarnator who reincarnated from modern Japan.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be weird if there was another reincarnator in the past.

Then that person could have been the light novel template of the “become undefeatable through production” type of protagonist, who possessed the knowledge and skill to cause an industrial revolution. In that case, it wouldn’t be weird for them to produce steam locomotives.

However, since past documents related to them were practically non-existent, and nobody knew of such a person, there were practically no means to search for them. 

However, there was a living witness who had lived a thousand years ago in this world… It was Alfrea.

When I asked her about it, she casually answered back.

“Aah, I see. I guess Elrise doesn’t know. 

In the past, there used to be an island nation that produced various, amazing inventions. The locomotive was also made by that nation, and they had gifted it to the Billberry nation of that era … though the name back then wasn’t Billberry. Anyway, they gifted it to the king in that era as a sign of friendship.

However, the nation was destroyed by Okaa-sama’s relentless attacks… so I guess it is underneath the sea right now. 

The few survivors migrated to another island, and that island became what is known as Japon now.” 

Japon was the name of a Japan imitation and it was an island nation which existed in Fiori. 

I guess the rumor that in the fantasy world there seemed to be a Japan imitation in the eastern region was true.

However, even if it was an island nation, they were located closer to the continent compared to Fuguten, so they hadn’t been left stranded.

Also, I met and talked with the king of that place.

However… to be honest, I didn’t see their nation possessing that level of science.

I did go there when I had hunted for demons, and not only was it not developed, it instead reminded me of Japan during Edo era… nah, it was more of a warring states era level of civilization, from what I could recall.

So next, I went to ask old man Aiz about it.

“Yes, they certainly possessed a high level of technology. 

The steam locomotives we used were repaired and refurbished by them, so there’s no doubt about it.

It’s just that… they seemed to be very scared of using such technology. They only allowed maintaining that single locomotive as a special case, but they definitely refuse to make another one.

The use of SCIENCE would bring the wrath of the Witch and the World… it seems such a saying was passed down.” 1

I see, so that was the origin of the locomotive. 

Well, thinking logically, there was no way a locomotive from a thousand years ago could still be operational.

It would have broken down ages ago if nobody had continued repairing and refurbishing it.

In other words, Japon did possess such a level of technology.

However, they were traumatized from having their nation obliterated by the First Witch, and as such, they were scared of making use of it.

Well, even Alfrea said that Eve had attacked them relentlessly until they were destroyed.

I guess she recognized their technology as that much of a threat…

However, the act of sinking a whole nation the size of an island was impossible for a normal Witch, unless she possessed a mana level that was comparable to mine. So perhaps the reason it had sunk beneath the sea hadn’t been because of the Witch, but due to a series of tsunamis.

Well anyway. After I obtained such information, I came to the island…’s ruins, where the nation with high technological power once existed. 

It had been described as sunken, but the mountain’s peak of that nation was still above the ocean’s surface, so it still remained as an island, regardless of the actual size.

In fact, despite knowing the origin of the locomotive and the ruins where such a nation once existed, it wasn’t like anything would change.

If I was a smarter reincarnator instead, I might have gained something from the wreckage and ruins, but my past life occupation was a web writer, you know? There was no way I was capable of such a thing.

However, the investigation I was currently doing wasn’t for me to gain something; it was just out of curiosity.

The tale of the Saint and the Witch was over, and no more BOSS remained.

To put it bluntly, it was now the state after the game cleared, where the world was now peaceful, and then I noticed, “Oh, so there was such a thing.”

Well then, time to put on the barrier and go into the sea! 

I dived deep into the sea and looked around.

…Uhn… it’s so dark. I can’t see anything!

Since it couldn’t be helped, I used magic to illuminate the surroundings, and I indeed could see the ruins, which were traces of what was a nation, here and there.

The buildings didn’t quite reach the modern era yet, but they did seem to reach the level of the Renaissance era.

The earliest form of cars that I had seen in black and white photographs of Japan seemed to be rolling around everywhere, boasting of the high civilization it once had.

What a waste…if only the First Witch didn’t rampage, the civilization of Fiori right now might have even exceeded Earth by this time.

Because of the Witch, civilization was stuck in the medieval era even now.

…Well, but maybe it was a good thing? If science developed too far, then it might eventually lead to nuclear development.

Or maybe, the world prevented that from occurring by using the Witch to prevent the development of technology…? No, I was probably thinking too much about it.

While swimming around in the sea, I looked around at the traces of the civilization that had been destroyed by the First Witch. 

There were vehicles on high rise buildings… even things that looked like tanks and guns were rolling on the floor.

To think she managed to destroy them all, despite this level of civilization. As expected, the Witch was dangerous.

Perhaps she made use of demons and gradually destroyed them little by little.

As I travelled around the once glorious city, I saw the ruins of one of the largest buildings.

As I intruded though a space that seemed like it used to be a window, I arrived at a vast hall.

There was a thing there that seemed to be made of a mysterious material, something like marble. Although it was broken now, it was probably an amazing thing back then.

The throne was also broken but it was still amazing, with the backrest carved with letters.

Err, what was written here…?

“We were defeated. 

Through our magical research, our Sitnalta Empire gained a method to interfere with space and time.

By using that method, we found a time axis and world that was different from our own, so we successfully created a rift in Fuguten, which was closest to the other world.

We gained wonderful powers from the rift.

These were anger, hatred, envy, killing intent… competitiveness, struggle, vanity, and the desire for approval, all of which we had lacked.

That was when I realized. Until now, our world had been deliberately suppressing such feelings.

By taking in such negative emotions, we had changed.

To be faster, higher, and more convenient. From one to the next, the power to reach the “Next” rose from the depths of our hearts.

The desire to become stronger gave birth to weapons.

The desire to eat more delicious food developed cooking.

The desire to live more comfortably improved out living standards.

Our Empire developed at ridiculous speed that made the stagnation before seem like a lie. If we kept developing ourselves, it wouldn’t be long before we conquered the world.

However… Aah! O’ foolish world, so you declare you wouldn’t approve of us!

You even created a woman as your representative, who carried the power to interfere with the space that we found, to destroy us. Was that how much we disturbed you?!

……We will perish soon. By that Witch who carries that ridiculous power… Eve will destroy us all.

However, the seed of malice was already been sown in the world.

Apparently, that woman was also like me, who possessed a constitution that kept taking in malicious intent. Although she is loyal to the world now, she will be painted by evil someday.

O’ foolish Witch. You prevented the destruction we would bring. However, you shall become the next destroyer.

And the foolish world. Witness how the humans you loved shall be destroyed by the very representative you created!”2


— Uhn, it’s long. 

It was amazing that they managed to carve this on the throne. I didn’t know who did it, but they sure had quite the dexterous arm.

The throne wasn’t a diary, you know.

But well, I somehow understood what happened. About that rift in Fuguten, also the reason why the world created things like the Witch to begin with.

Anyway, this chair seemed to have historical value. I decided to bring it back and give it to old man Aiz.

“Who is the fool who touched my throne…” 

As I tried to bring the chair home, I heard a voice from somewhere. 

Although I did think about just ignoring it and going home, I turned my gaze toward it for the time being.

Then, as if it was waiting for me, a mass of black mana materialized, concentrated in a single spot, and formed a silhouette of person.

Eh, what? Did this mean I have to fight?

Since it was troublesome, could I just go home?

“I am the Emperor Sitnalta… the person who affirmed humankind’s evolution through negative emotions…” 


“I’ve been waiting… for the arrival of a person who possessed mana comparable to that Witch.

And finally, the opportunity came…

Here and now, I will turn this poor girl into my host and begin my counterattack on the world…”

Ah~ I see? So he was like Eve, the type who remained in the world solely through negative emotions. 

And he planned to do things like Eve did by using a host to rampage around.

Although he somehow managed to take a humanoid form, I could only see a huge shadow staring at me.

Uwah, this was totally a Secret BOSS battle.

This kind of thing did exist in games sometimes.

There was suddenly a dungeon you could visit after the game cleared for some reason. Then when the player had not yet fully grasped the situation because they couldn’t immerse themselves, suddenly a thing appeared with his monologue which basically said, “I’m the mastermind,” to which the player could only reply, “Ah, I see.”

But most of the players would instead think of this situation as, “What were you doing until now?” after all…

Saru… Emperor Saruta (?) was somehow emitting an intense aura, like the true last boss battle might begin any moment.

Kuh… What pressure…! 

Aurea Libertas(Golden Freedom) + Light of the Human Heart” 


Alright, magic boom. The enemy was dead. 

Well, there were times when mere pressure didn’t really help at all with the combat.


Q: By the way, is this Secret BOSS (LOL)-san truly gone?
A: He’s gone.

Q: He won’t appear anymore?
A: He won’t.

Q: So he is the one who caused it all…
A: This uncle was likely going to turn into a true Secret BOSS battle, if not for Elrise.

Because Elrise was there, he ended up as a mere, weird uncle.

Q: Is he strong?
A: He is. If the strength of the majority of the Saint/Witch is 9, Alfrea would be 10, and this dude would possess strength of 12. 

It’s just, Elrise’s strength is beyond 1000, after all.


On a side note, the author mentioned that “Witch” power level is about 200. it didn’t seem to add up since by normal calculation, 9×50 would be 450, right? Well, the “Witch” possessed none of the Witch’s normal invincibility, no intelligence, none of the experience and skill that normal Witches possessed with them, thus the majority of supposed points are docked and became 200 instead.

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1 year ago

That was quite the anticlimactic fight lol

1 year ago

…No wait, that secret boss is truly behind the times if he is so confident of fighting Elrise with that level of power. Rather he’s so weak compared to the last boss. Like the last boss is 200 and he is 12 and yet he is so confident.
With the level of 12 as long as he doesn’t have the Witch’s regeneration ability they won’t even need Elrise. Vernell and his group as well as Alfrea would be able to manage it with medium level difficulty or maybe even easily.
Alfrea is only 2 level weaker than him, Eterna is around 3 level below him, Supple is the person whose able to fight that 200 level witch to a standstill for a few minutes(even though it wasn’t seriously attacking him at first but it was still quite the feat), Vernell has his muscles that could divert that level 200 punch and with the others helping he stand no chances. Ah, they can also invite Alexia for the curbstomp, surely she won’t deny the opportunity to curbstomp an opponent after so long being the underdog.

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1 year ago

There’s not much to say in this chapter besides…thank you! Honestly, when I heard the term “After Story” I thought it was just going to be a bunch of disconnected chapters taking place after the story’s ending…however, it’s not like that.

We were given small plotlines and even this, which is tieing up all the loose ends. I truly appreciate this.

Thank you author-sama, translator-sama, and editor-sama!

Who Knows?
Who Knows?
2 years ago

Nice reading about these little bits of background ^^

Actually, yeah regarding the secret boss battles, can relate, lol. It’s like, eh?? If you were so strong and important, what the heck were you doing hiding here all this time? Everything’s all over now, you know xD

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Man the lore keeps getting deeper. I love how the author is trying to tie up loose ends.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kzalca

Yeah, few author tried to do so after all…

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When you’ve done all side quest, grinded to max and somehow a wild hidden boss appeared. I guess he’s quite unfortunate to have a big build up to just flop seconds later lol…

Oh and for the record she’s literally the strongest being on that world, stronger than even Eve who destroyed their nation (too bad he didn’t know lol)

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yes, she is the world strongest existence there, solving that Eve’s curse you formed in the first place.

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Well, this adventure certainly explained why the rift was “the beginning of everything.” It even explained or confirmed a lot things.

Eve really was the first representative (as a saont/witch) ever and was probably given eternal youth. At the same, the world created darkness magic as the countermeasure against the spatial rifts and wired Eve into having a good heart that wants to stop the Emperor and his empire.

However, the World didn’t know about the dangers or existence of the Mana Circulatory Disease in Eve, so things went south pretty fast. She was like the other saints and had also accomplished before her corruption.

Even so, I am even more amazed by the strength of her willpower and heart than anything. She defeated an evil empire, raised two children, displayex self-control for her loved ones, and created a spatial sealing spell (as a countermeasure againstthe rift and Alfrea’s corruption) despite her constant corruption from Earth’s negative emotions and her mana circulatory disease……She was practically a super mom in the past.

2 years ago
Reply to  Oyashiro

perhaps she is the only one who have child as “Witch”; there some to be said to be Saint’s descendants(Vernell is one, which explained his compatibility with dark magic) but there as no “Witch” descendants outside Alfrea, yup, she managed lasted well beyond 5 years(technically) since she need to roughly a year to conceive child and managed to last until not long after world designated alfrea as saint. sure she already Witch by then, but she still sane to some extent

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Thank for the chapter ^^

Yep, yep, as the legend said “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good” XD

and Elrise retort about a trone isn’t a diary lol

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is there such saying?

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he did his job; exposition plot. fighting not part of job scope, see…