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After Story: Fake Saint Goes to Japan (6)

Although that Emperor Saito log guy had acted in a similar way to a Secret Boss, it seemed he wasn’t actually that formidable so I quickly got rid of him. I brought back the throne, as well as the jewels and the stone tablets that happened to be floating nearby, and handed them over to old man Aiz.

I left actually looking into all the troublesome historical research and stuff for the old man.

I had originally just been curious as to why a steam locomotive that was clearly not suited to the overall civilization of this world existed here, so I went to investigate it. Since I already got my answer, I didn’t really care about the rest of it.

I felt refreshed after getting the answer to my question.

No, well, even if you told me why the role of the Witch had been created by the world and why negative emotions had filled the world, at this point, I didn’t really care anymore.

I had already defeated the “Witch” anyway, and I had also erased all those negative emotions along with the “Witch” too.

Why would I need to trouble myself about the Secret BOSS showing up when it’s all been resolved already… right?

And so I ended any further contemplation about the emperor of some ancient nation, and was currently back in Japan. 

My purpose this time was to buy a set of tools for the vegetable garden, a book that described how to grow vegetables at home, and then some seedlings and seeds.

I called it a vegetable garden, but I would actually be growing fruits for the most part, perhaps something like blueberries and olives. It might be more accurate to call it home gardening.

I was thinking of forcefully growing them by applying healing magic.

In fact, I had used this method to restore the forest and to grow fruit-bearing trees so I could improve my diet to some extent.

As for the reason why I was trying to get this started, it was because the fruits on the other side weren’t that delicious.

In the first place, they hadn’t gone through any genetic modification, so things like bananas were hard and lacked the sweetness they had on the other side.

There were several plants that had gone extinct due to the destruction caused by the generations of Witches.

That was why I wanted to bring over some plants to cultivate before we closed that space-time rift.

Well, if I brought too many foreign species, there might be adverse effects on this world’s ecosystem, so I only brought these for my own enjoyment.

If I had to pick, then I guess sweet potatoes could be popularized… Since it could grow well even in barren soil, fewer people would die of starvation; also, sweet tasting things were treated as a luxury here that commoners would normally never have the chance to taste.

However, sweet potatoes could be propagated as a sweetness that even commoners can enjoy.

Also, we came to the conclusion that we ought to close the space-time rift in the near future.

Since it has been there for a long time, I doubted that it would bring some sort of negative effect even if we left it alone. However, we decided it would be better to close the rift just in case because there was still a possibility that the negative emotions from Earth might flow in.

It was probably because of that rift that I had managed to reincarnate to Fiori… If I left it alone, then the possibility of another reincarnator appearing was not zero.

Therefore, after making some more trips and bringing all the things I needed, I would ask Alfrea to close the rift.

But before that, there was a person I really wanted to contact.

So for now, I was walking toward an internet café.

I should be able to find one or two internet cafés just by wandering around the station.

While I was looking for an internet café, a siren rang throughout the town.

By the way, the reason the sirens were blaring was because there was a house burning in the distance.

Somehow, when I arrived on this side, there was a burning house just opposite the old apartment that I was using to travel to this side.

Since the flames were likely to spread to the apartment if I just left it alone, I rushed to the house first and rescued a loli girl who had been a little too slow to escape. After that, I created a vacuum around the area of the house with my wind magic, extinguishing the flames.

Although I no longer lived in that apartment, it would be troublesome if it burned down.

It wasn’t like I had no attachment to it, and if that apartment burned down the space-time rift would be left floating in clear view.

If that happened, the mass media would rush here, then the higher ups of the nation might quarantine this entire area; it would likely become an exclusion zone.

After all, there would be a rift in the sky, just floating there. There was no way the government would leave it alone.

And so, I extinguished the fire. After that, I requested the stunned family, the loli girl, and any other witnesses to keep it a secret, and then I quickly ran away from there.

There wasn’t anything I could do about the house that had burned down. Well, they had probably insured the house anyway. They should just be grateful that they managed to keep their lives.

Then I safely found an internet café. I immediately entered, paid the fee, and headed to a private room. 

First, I searched for “’Kuon no Sanka’ ‘Emperor Sitnalta’” on the internet.

At the very least, the Sitnalta Empire and its emperor had never been mentioned in my memories of the game, but that only applied for the Kuon no Sanka on the previous World line.

And even regarding the Kuon no Sanka of this World line, my knowledge ended right at the point where they were about to fight against the “Witch” in the version of the game.

“Kuon no Sanka ~Fiore caduto eterna~” was a game based on Yamoto Tamaki’s memories of her past life on the other side.

This was something she had mentioned herself and, as Fudou Niito and Elrise’s souls fused as one, I could clearly tell now that I possessed memories from both of these soul fragments.

The scenario writer of this game… Yamoto Tamaki, was the reincarnation of the Propheter.

Yamoto had mentioned that she was good at predicting events that might have happened in her past life.

Propheter had also mentioned before that,“If I felt like it, I could predict what might happen in a what-if scenario where Vernell ended up in relationships with other people, like Mary or Eterna.”

After hearing both of those sentences, even I could figure it out.

Yamoto Tamaki was Propheter. There was no doubt about it.

Rather, there was nobody else from the other side who could write that many “what-ifs” in the form of multiple scenarios.

However, if this version of the game contained the name of Emperor Sitnalta then that would mean that Propheter was aware of his existence.

When the search results loaded, I immediately clicked the topmost entry on the page.

Rather, why did the search results show “Emperor Sitnalta’ ‘pitiful’” as well…?


“Emperor Sitnalta” 

A character that appeared in “Kuon no Sanka ~Fiore caduto eterna~”

He would only appear after the Grand Route was cleared.

He was the ruler of the ancient civilization of Sitnalta, which had sunk beneath the sea after it had been destroyed by the First Witch a thousand years ago.

He was depicted as a huge person who had a muscular body and a white beard; also, he always carried a trident with him.

He believed that negative emotions were essential for the evolution and development of humankind and, with the combined efforts of their brilliant researchers, had developed “Dark Magic.”

By using that power, he had opened a space-time rift inside a certain cave in Fuguten. When the negative emotions flowed in from the world on the other side of the rift, it ignited a drive and ambition in the normally placid denizens of Fiori who had been exposed to it. Thus, he had succeeded in fast-tracking the Empire’s development.

The Sitnalta Empire’s technological development was so tremendous that it reached a level that had been comparable to the Renaissance era despite it being a civilization from a thousand years ago.

However, their act of disturbing the World’s balance had caused the World to notice them. The World then proceeded to create their representative, in the form of a Witch, to obliterate him and his Empire.

Their battle against First Witch Eve had been fierce. However, they had eventually fallen before the ever-increasing numbers of the demons and Eve’s formidable mana capacity, and had sunk into the sea…

However, he had somehow remained in the world even after a thousand years had passed, and became an existence similar to the “Witch” that solely existed as a curse. 

Then, after the conclusion of the battle with the “Witch,” he revealed himself to the protagonist’s party when they visited the seabed.

“The Mastermind of the Mastermind” 

The cycle of tragedy in “Kuon no Sanka” had been caused by the “Witch,” but the reason why the “Witch” had been born to begin with was because of Emperor Sitnalta. As such, it could be said that he was the mastermind behind everything. 

This man was the reason why the World suddenly created a representative a thousand years ago, and why Dark magic existed.

On top of that, Eve’s rampage, which had been caused by the accumulation of negative emotions, might have never happened considering how the world of Fiori previously had few negative emotions to begin with, so it wasn’t purely the World’s fault.

Though the players then thought that this begs the question of why the World did not just give Eve resistance against negative emotions to begin with…

Perhaps Eve’s hyper circulatory disease hadn’t been that big of a problem in the original Fiori.

Perhaps the reason why Eve, unlike the other generations of Witches, had been born with the hyper circulatory disease, which had caused her to eventually go mad, was because the World had judged that a normal Witch couldn’t win against the Sitnalta Empire. And so, the World decided to give her that trait.

Additionally, considering how Fiori originally only had a small amount of negative emotions in it, this man, who could be considered as the first truly evil person of this world, likely also had hyper circulatory disease.


Based on everything mentioned so far, this opponent would normally be considered as formidable, and stats-wise he was indeed very strong.  Unfortunately, there were barely any players who regarded him as a strong opponent.

There was no helping it since the player could bring Elrise along for this battle. 

Elrise’s stats would still be the same as what she had during the Final Battle, so if Elrise was included, you couldn’t lose no matter what errors you made.

Emperor Sitnalta’s HP was the second highest in the game at 99999, inferior only to “Witch’s” HP, but since Elrise’s “Aurea Libertas” (concentrated to a single enemy) could easily deal 6 digit amounts of damage, this Secret BOSS could be defeated with a single hit.

On top of that, after her fight against “Witch,” Elrise’s attacks would automatically be imbued with the “Light of the Human Heart,” so all of her attacks would be super effective against Emperor Sitnalta. This meant he took double damage, so even without “Aurea Libertas,he would still die with one or two hits. As if this wasn’t enough, Elrise could just use three normal attacks to defeat him.

As a result, even though he revealed himself in an atmospheric way, and had a full backstory, he was easily defeated by Elrise, turning him into some sort of joke character.

Because he looked tough when the battle started, players would use Elrise’s strongest attack to deal with him, only for him to drop dead in a single hit. As such, many players ended up dumbfounded due to this turn of events.

He would have been a strong opponent if the player challenged him without Elrise, but since players would need to add Elrise to the party to even go to seabed ruins to begin with, any player who wanted to do that would need to go through the trouble of bringing three extra members along with her to switch with as standby members, so most first time players would end up challenging him while Elrise was an active member of the party.

On top of that, the battle BGM of Emperor Sitnalta was the same as the “Witch’s” battle, the “Never ending tragedy,” so all the build up to the combat made the punchline much more effective.

Despite carrying a magnificent background story, BGM, and atmosphere that seemingly lead to the story’s true showdown, his pitiful figure, which was defeated even before the BGM’s intro ended, caused many players to burst into laughter.

His splendid punchline appearance established him as a joke character across the internet and earned him the fan-nickname of “Emperor Sitnalta-sama” or “Emperor Punchline-sama.”


It seemed that Sit-something-san ended up becoming a joke character on this side because of me.

Hey, it just couldn’t be helped… he was just that weak after all…

His power was greater than Alexia, but if I compared him to the “Witch” … he was a mook, to say the least…

The difference between the “Witch,” which had been the accumulation of curses of the previous generations of Witches, and a weird old man’s curse, which wasn’t even a Witch or anything, was not even worth comparing in the first place.

Well, there was no need for a Secret BOSS in a world where peace has already been established, so give me a break.

Anyway, as expected, Propheter was aware of Punchline’s existence.

The reason why she never mentioned it was… well, that Punchline-san had nothing to do the chain of tragedy between the Witch and Saint, so there was no need to go out and defeat him.

Even if he was the mastermind, I guess he hadn’t been a big enough threat to the current world or something…

It seemed that he was harmless unless anyone with high mana visited the seabed anyway, and even if he was defeated, it wasn’t like it would change anything for the better.

Rather, it would only bring unnecessary trouble if someone went to him.

Perhaps she had just judged that it was okay to just ignore his existence…

Well then, let’s put the matter of Punchline-san aside. 

The next thing I ought to do was to somehow contact an acquaintance in this world — Yamoto Tamaki.

Yes, the person I wanted to contact was the one who seemed to be the reincarnation of Propheter, Yamoto Tamaki.

It wasn’t like I had a particular reason to meet her… but I still wanted to see her again despite that.

After all, the only reason I had managed to survive after that battle was because of Propheter.

Because I received her remaining lifespan, I still lived on even now.

I should at least give her my thanks.

Anyway, I signed up for a free email account and sent an email to Yamoto Tamaki. 

However, it was likely to be ignored if I just sent it normally, so I used “Fudou Niito” as the sender name.

I could use “Elrise” as well, but there was a possibility she’d misunderstand that I was just a fan if I did.

In fact, there were many people who used Elrise’s or Eterna’s names as their ID. There was even an ID that was practically a bot.

It wasn’t rare for people to use game characters as their handles on the internet.

Therefore, there should be tons of people who named themselves as Elrise-san.

So to prevent such a misunderstanding, I used Fudou Niito as the sender’s name instead.

By the way, the subject was “I want to continue our topic regarding the diverging World line.”

Well then, since I have nothing to do until she replies, I guess I’ll just read some manga and eat soft serve ice cream while I wait.

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Heck, the World even knew about the Hyper Circulatory Disease and possibly gave it to Eve to help her…..It just didn’t expect the side effects and the repercussions of giving human destroying bioweapons to one person.

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