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Editor: Lix

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Side Story 1[A]

It has been half a year since the battle against the “Witch” and peace came to the world.

I left the front stage and was currently living with Leila in a log house within the forest where Propheter had once lived.

I no longer had any obligations or pressing matters, so I spent my days lazily… it was the life I wished for, so I was satisfied with that.

But I wondered why… on the inside, I felt that there was still something left to be done.

There should be nothing left for me to do.

I had defeated the “Witch,” and Eterna had also survived safely.

Other characters, who would have been dead according to the game knowledge I possessed, had also survived, and I had also defeated the mastermind “Witch” and broken the cycle, so it was supposedly a great happy ending, if I do say so myself.

Well, it wasn’t like I could say it was perfect though.

Regardless of how much talent this cheat-like body possessed, the content of it was me.

If it was a smarter reincarnated person instead, they might be able to further improve the lives of the people in Fiori, or improve the environment in general, or take part in governance; all sorts of methods that might lead the world into a better place, but doing that was impossible for me.

I had done some things like mass producing potatoes, which improved the situation quite a bit, but the number of people who died in the winter was still greater than it would be in modern days, and the life expectancy of people was also still low.

My imagination was limited to what common people were capable of, and I had never had any genius inspirations.

Even regarding Vernell and the group, my initial motivation had been to stick Vernell and Eterna together to witness their happy end, yet things had turned weird instead due to my involvement.

In the end, Eterna’s romantic interest in Vernell had ended and they had become best friends of the opposite sex… on top of that, the person Vernell was interested in was me of all people. How did it end up like this?

However, this was more of an ongoing problem rather than a regret to be resolved.

I wondered what the regret I needed to resolve was…? The fact that I wasn’t aware of the answer myself was the most troublesome thing. 

It felt unpleasant, as if a small bone was caught in the gap between my teeth. 

Hmn~ … Well, just thinking about it wouldn’t help much.

No matter how much time I spent thinking about things I didn’t understand, I still wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway.

Also, these kinds of things tend to spring back to my mind later.

Anyway, let’s use the power of the Prophet to peek at random stuff as a change of pace in the meantime. 

Previously, my fun was in going ME STRONK against demons, but those demons no longer existed because I had bullied them too much.

Therefore, my current source of entertainment was in abusing the power of the Prophet to peek around.

My current fad was to sit lazily on my rocking chair as I peeked at someone’s private life. What about privacy, you ask? Oh, that thing was already dead.

Well, who should I peek at this time?

Anyway, let’s peek at random spots in the academy.

“…Hm? Hmn?”

Then, I couldn’t help but leak such a voice.

The vision I saw there was weird.

The place where the Academy was supposedly at had been reduced to ruins with a wasteland around it.

Had the Academy been destroyed? No, that wasn’t it. The academy still existed. Rather, this was a vision of an Academy somewhere else.

What was this? There were two visions of the same location…? How to say it, it felt like there were two screens that depicted the place differently?

On one side was the Magic Academy I knew. I could see Eterna and Mob A studying there.

As for the other one… although the location itself was the same, it showed a completely different scenery.

It was as if something had gone berserk and had destroyed the Academy, and there was a man and a woman fighting against demons there. 

If I looked closely, the man looked similar to Vernell. However, it wasn’t the Vernell I was familiar with.

For some reason, he had no left arm, and his right eye was covered with an eye patch.

Also, his atmosphere felt different. Unlike the Vernell I knew of, he had a deadly atmosphere around him.



What the hell was this?

This was the first time I’ve ever seen such a double image.

In the first place, the demons should be practically extinct by now, so I didn’t understand how such a thing was possible…

Then, what was I looking at right now?

Ah, by the way, I had already confirmed that the Vernell I was familiar with properly existed at a different location. Maybe he thought it was training, as he was now being struck by a waterfall in a place far away from the academy. What the hell was he doing…?

Well then, this troubled me, I didn’t understand. What was this? There were two different sceneries at the same location and two Vernells.

If Propheter was still here, they might be able to tell me about it, but unfortunately, they were no longer here.

…No, wait a minute.

Thinking about it, it did tell me. Propheter said that it had managed to observe the side of Japan on the world line which the original game was based on, where I hadn’t reincarnated as Elrise.

According to Yamoto-san’s speculation, due to the difference in Elrises… in other words, whether I had reincarnated or not, the world line had split into World line A and World line B.

World line A was the original world. It was the world of “Kuon no Sanka” I knew of, where Elrise was complete scum, which resulted in everything ending with negative results.

Meanwhile, World line B was the world that had changed after I had reincarnated as Elrise… in other words, the World line I currently lived in.

I didn’t know the conditions that allowed me to observe the world line split. Maybe it was something that naturally generated without conditions to begin with, but I somehow managed to observe a different world line with the power of the Prophet.

In that case, the vision I saw right now belonged to the other World line… was that it?

“There’s no end to this… Mary, you should run away.”

“No… We’ll die together…!”

Ah, so the woman was Mary?

It seemed I was truly looking at a parallel world right now.

I watched their battle for some time, but they were exhausted and cornered by the demons which were attacking them all the time.

I was not clear about the situation on the other side, but it was clear that they were in a pinch.

Do your best, Vernell of the other world! You can do it, you can still go on!

Why did you give up right there! Keep going, you!

Wait, behind you! They’re also coming from behind you!

Such was my commentary which had no way of reaching them, as I saw Vernell get attacked from behind and they were forced into an even more difficult situation.

Ah~ damn it!

I can’t stand seeing this! It’s so annoying!

If I was there, I could just blow all of them away!

The moment I thought that, the scenery around me changed, and I was transferred to that place for some reason.


Why did it end up like this?

Thoughts like this ran through his mind over and over. There was no day he never thought of such things.

As he looked at the place where the Academy had once been, he — Vernell, couldn’t help but regret the past.

He was the sole man who possessed the power of the Witch.

Because of that, he had been estranged by his family, kicked away… and by the end of it, he had met a girl.

Eterna… even now, when he closed his eyes, he could still vividly remember the name of this precious family member of his, and his most beloved woman.

Despite Vernell and Eterna both coming from poor villages, they had managed to enroll in the magic academy that fostered knights and awakened their talents.

There were many reasons why Vernell enrolled there. First, he wished to gain the power to fight demons to protect everyone in their village. Second, he wished to find a method to control his power. Finally, he wished to become the man who could protect Eterna. Such were his reasons to enroll in the academy.

It was a miscalculation of Vernell for Eterna to come along with him because she was worried about him, but he had been happy about it at the same time.

However, their life at the Academy was a series of painful trials for them.

First of all, there were many people who looked down upon them because they were commoners.

Next was the person whom the knights should protect, Saint Elrise… nay, it was fake Saint Elrise.

Saying that her personality was the worst was putting it lightly, as her character was similar to the filth of sewage water.

This fake Saint, Elrise, was a person who only thought about herself, and would readily use her authority as Saint to force anyone who slighted her to commit suicide.

On top of that, if there was something that made her feel bad, she would let out a pitiful wail, acting as if she was the victim of the situation.

The worst of all, that fake Saint had been interested in Vernell, and had repeatedly harassed Eterna and other friends near him… There was a time where she had sent thugs to Eterna who had nearly done vile things to her. Fortunately, Vernell had managed to prevent that from happening since he had acted quickly, but he couldn’t help but feel chilled at the thought of what might have happened if he had been slower.

In the end, they managed to make Guard Knight Leila defect to their side and, with the help of many people, they also finally managed to banish Elrise — afterward, they managed to confirm her death in a corner of some slum, but that was only the beginning of their ordeals.

It was revealed that Eterna was the real Saint at the time of Elrise’s banishment, which imposed the duty of defeating the Witch upon her.

There were also a teacher who was brainwashed by the Witch, an army of demons that invaded the Academy… a perverted stalker teacher who sought for an ideal Saint who only existed in his thoughts and kidnapped Eterna… There was also the fact that the reputation of Saint had hit rock bottom due to fake Saint Elrise, and so there was a rain of insults from the people… many ordeals struck them.

Eterna couldn’t even get any support from the nobles that other generations of Saints ordinarily received.

The aversion toward the title of the “Saint” had grown so strong that it was a situation where the Saint would be cursed regardless of who they might be.

There were even fools driven by a misguided desire for revenge who attacked the village where Eterna was born.

Even so, Vernell and Eterna worked together to overcome the difficulties and strengthen their bond, and as they realized who was most important to each other, they united.

Vernell was chosen as the Prime Knight, which was the closest existence that protected the Saint, and he vowed in his heart to continue to support Eterna…

And during the battle against the Witch, Eterna’s life scattered away.

Even though he had vowed to protect her no matter what.

Even though he had promised to definitely not let her die.

Yet, he failed to protect her. She… who was the woman who was more important than even his own life, dealt a killing blow toward the Witch just as the latter did the same to herself, and finally stopped moving in Vernell’s arms.

Now that he thought about it, she must have resolved to choose such an end from the beginning.

Ever since they knew that the Saint would become the next Witch once they slayed the Witch… she had resolved to die at that moment.

However, even that was nothing but a prologue of the true tragedy.

The power of the Witch would move toward the Saint who defeated the Witch and turn them into the next Witch.

Then, what would happen if the Saint who should supposedly succeed the power of Witch died before the succession of power was completed?

What would happen to the power of the Witch if the vessel that was supposed to contain it was lost?

Eterna thought that it would end the cycle of misery. Even the kings thought the same.

…However, nobody was aware that it was nothing but irrelevant, wishful thinking on their part. Because such a case had never happened even once, over the course of history…

As the vessel known as Eterna was lost, the power of the Witch without a place to contain it materialized as a mass of mana.

It was a distorted monster made out of the curse of the generations of Witches… that was the true identity of the calamity that had continued over a thousand years.

The curse of the First Witch transferred itself to the Saint who defeated her, turning said Saint into a Witch, and would transfer itself to the next Saint who defeated its previous possessor. Such a series of events that repeated itself over a thousand years, forming a distorted monster out of the curses and power of the generations of Witches, was the true identity of the endless tragedy that enveloped Fiori.

At that time, Vernell… nay, all the people around the world learned for the first time.

About the true identity of the tragic spiral that had persisted until that moment. About the real enemy who had brought such tragedy.

However, it was already too late by the time they noticed it, and they had no way to defeat it to begin with.

There was only one valid method to deal with this monster — “Do not let it come into being” …that was all that they could do.

The reason was that there was no miraculous existence capable of fighting this monstrosity, regardless how much they searched for such a person. 

Therefore, there was no way that an even more miraculous existence that could defeat this monster would exist either.

Everything was over the moment it came into being… that monster was that kind of despair.

Of course, Vernell and his comrades fought against it.

They cooperated, refusing to let Eterna’s death be wasted, they united as one and entrusted their lives to each other.

They fought together with comrades, joined forces with people who were once their enemies, and they kept on fighting desperately to let others inherit their will as their comrades and their tears fell.

They would definitely win. They couldn’t afford to lose. It should be okay, it would work out somehow. Nay, they would make it happen. They could do this. They wouldn’t lose as long as their hearts didn’t break.

They inspired and encouraged each other to resist despair. However —


That despair… the “Witch” trampled over all of those efforts while laughing maniacally.

Regardless of how they slashed at, burned, or shot it, it all served no meaning against the “Witch” whose nature was mana itself. It would quickly restore itself.

And the “Witch,” whose power equaled that of all the successive generations of Witches added together, unleashed its overwhelming power to destroy the Academy, the villages, the cities, even nations.

…Nay, it still spreads destruction even now.

Unless someone put a stop on it, it would continue to spread destruction until the world ended.

Vernell’s group was defeated.

All the Guard Knights, with the exception of Vernell, failed to return. Even the former Prime Knight Leila, who was once a powerful enemy to Vernell, had her life scattered before the power of the “Witch.”

Along with the death of a friend he bonded with in the academy, Vernell also lost one eye and one arm himself.

And the “Witch” still rampaged even to this day, driving humanity into despair and fear, and tormenting people during sleepless nights.

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