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Editor: Prius

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Side Story 4[A]

Well then, I was in a load of trouble.

In this decisive battle against the “Witch” in this parallel world, despair filled the world; the amount of hope, which was the only effective measure against it, wasn’t enough to finish it. Even so, I still shot it over and over and that was still good enough, to the point where I managed to corner it somehow. However… in an unexpected turn of events, that thing chose to escape inside of Eterna as a last resort.

Even if it escaped inside of Eterna, I could attack it with the Light of Human Heart to hunt it down, but… my current self had no method to break through Eterna’s invincible defense.

The Saints and Witches possessed power to manipulate space, which allowed them to unconsciously shut out all attacks from reaching them through space manipulation.

This was the reason why only the Saint could defeat the Witch.

Since the “Witch” was a mass of mana, it lost that sort of invincibility, therefore my attack was effective against it.

In exchange for losing its invincibility, it gained the immortality bug. That was the “Witch.”

Meanwhile, although Saints weren’t immortal, they possessed an invincible defense ability, which prevented them from taking damage, unless it was from the power of the Witch or demons, which carried a miniscule amount of the Witch’s power.

Last time, I took in Vernell’s power of the Witch in exchange for my lifespan so I could pierce her defense, but… I possessed no such power right now.

When I released Alexia from her seal, I used the Light of Human Heart attack to erase it, after all.

…It couldn’t be helped, right?! I never thought I would need it again!

Since I didn’t need to pretend to be the Saint anymore, I just threw it away since it outlived its use, damn it!


Eterna silently raised her palm to me and fired mana bullets in rapid succession.

The swords of light shot from my back, automatically cut them off, and rushed to Eterna, but they weren’t effective and were repelled away. They immediately returned behind me and formed a circle once again.

Put more effort into it, would you?

Well then, what should I do? Neither of us can finish the other party.

Eterna’s attack wasn’t effective against me, due to the huge difference in power, while my attack was unable to pierce her invincibility.

As both of us stared at each other without being able to do anything, someone suddenly tapped my shoulder.


“Sorry, El. But from here on, it is my duty. I’ll stop her. I can’t give this role to anyone else.”

Vernell-san, who’d been entrusted with the village’s defense, seemed to detect this stalemate and chose to step forward.

Actually, this was the correct course of action.

Since Vernell-san carried the power of the Witch, his attacks could properly land on Eterna, unlike mine.

Rather, despite me saying, “I’ll leave the village’s defense to you (Game face),” earlier, it would have been totally uncool to ask for his help once I couldn’t handle the situation, so I was relieved that he came forward on his own.

“Vernell-san, please try to hold onto Eterna without harming her.”

“…Do you have some sort of plan?”

“Yes. If it goes well, we should be able to save Eterna-san… Can I ask you to do so?”

Vernell-san turned forward and a corner of his mouth lifted.

Then he took a step forward and showed me his wide back.

“Leave it to me.”

After that single sentence, he turned his cloak and rushed toward Eterna.

No good, this Vernell-san was way too reliable.

I had no interest in falling for a man, but I might admire this type of GAR1.

Eterna immediately unleashed a series of beams toward Vernell-san, but there was no sign of Vernell-san stopping.


Vernell-san roared like a beast, using his greatsword to repel incoming beams as he ran forward.

Eeh… to casually repel an attack of a Saint, what was this human…?

If I looked closely, I could see a few attacks which Vernell had failed to repel had landed on his arms and stomach, but he didn’t show any signs that he was affected by them.

As Eterna jumped back to gain some distance, she kept shooting mana bullets at him.

Vernell-san was engulfed in flames, but Vernell-san soon jumped out of the smoke.

As expected, he didn’t come out unscathed, as his head was bleeding and his cloak became even more worn out, but his speed didn’t decrease.

He just rushed straight toward Eterna, closing the distance even as he was bombarded with magic upfront.

Was he a fighting game character with super armor2 activated?

“Enough of this… just return her alreadyyyy!”

Vernell-san shouted this as blood vessels bulged out on the surface of his skin and he finally reached Eterna.

Then he embraced her fiercely, but obviously Eterna still shot her magic at him even in that state.

Vernell was assaulted by magic at point blank range, further soaking his blood, but he still didn’t let go of Eterna.

“Hey, Eterna… I finally caught you. …Sorry for being so late to pick you up. But it’s okay now. I won’t let you go anymore.”


Eterna muttered with a tiny voice in Vernell-san’s arms.

Are you kidding me?! Why could she talk, despite being in a state of apparent death + sealed state?!

Was her seal dispelled through Vernell-san’s dark power…?

Then this was my chance. I flew directly behind Vernell-san and touched his back with my hand.

What I was about to do was something I did in the past with the Vernell of my world: plunder the power of darkness.

However, since I was not a Saint, if I received that power in my body, which had no resistance to it, my lifespan would be sapped away.

Therefore, I made use of Vernell-san’s body as a medium and expelled the “Witch” out of Eterna.


The “Witch” attempted to return to Eterna’s body, but in the next moment, an unbelievable thing happened.

Somehow Vernell-san — with his bare hand — grabbed the “Witch.”

Then his gaze met that of the “Witch’s,” before he threatened it with a spectacular smile.

“Yoo… That’s enough, you bastard. Don’t you dare cling to her anymore. Die already…!”


Vernell-san revealed his fangs through his smile as he turned his upper body, then unexpectedly headbutted the “Witch.”

He didn’t do it just once. Twice, thrice … even as he repeated it for the fourth time and his forehead spilled blood, he didn’t stop his attack.

After the fifth attack, the “Witch” finally detached from Eterna, as if trying to escape.

Eeh… you can actually do that…?

Level MAX protagonists sure are scary.



I was dumbstruck due to the unexpected scene, but I immediately held my hand over Eterna once Vernell-san called me out.

What I used was obviously healing magic.

I healed Eterna’s wounds and reactivated her stagnant body functions.

Then Eterna opened her eyes slightly, to which Vernell-san reacted by embracing her even more fiercely than before.

“Ver… that hurts…”

“Fool…You made me so worried…!”

Uhn, it sure was a sight for sore eyes. I mean, it sure was a good story.

Eterna was still naked as usual, but Vernell-san noticed that and quickly used his cloak to cover her up.

Ah… too bad…

Anyway, we managed to successfully reclaim Eterna, and the “Witch” returned to its defenseless state.

In that case, there was only one thing to do.

Let me show off flashily!

I raised my palms up, gathering the Light of Human Hearts once again.

Then, a lot of it gathered in a shorter amount of time compared to before.

Among them, Vernell-san’s and Eterna’s hearts especially occupied a large portion of them.

Bluntly said, it was their love power.

And finally, a feeling of my own… the self-satisfaction due to my regret being fulfilled was also added in there.

I finally understood it. What was my heart’s regret?

Originally, before I reincarnated, I was dissatisfied with the epilogue of the Eterna route in the game. That was where it all began.

In other words, my starting point was, “I wanted to see Eterna’s and Vernell’s Happy END.”

That was the reason why I did various things once I reincarnated, but the result of me doing things my way caused the Eterna route itself to completely disappear, and the Happy END I reached was different from what I’d once wished for.

It wasn’t like I was dissatisfied about that.

It was just that I ended up not helping the very two people whom I wanted to help in the first place.

What I did merely changed the destiny on a different World line… it wasn’t like I managed to rescue the involved pair and let them reach their Happy END.

Yamoto-san also mentioned it. If the original World line was World line A, the world I was reincarnated in was World line B, so it was a completely different world.

— I still didn’t manage to help the pair in the original World line!

Therefore, receive this, oh “Witch.”

This was my… MY!

Shallowness, greed, desire, and delusion! My stubbornness, pettiness, my refusal to give up, and refusal to accept the situation by sending a protest email to the game’s official account out of my desire to see the Happy END of the desired heroine, only to be responded to with lip service and an account ban! The unsightliness, escapism, and annoyance that I caused by complaining all I wanted about it on the forum and utilizing the fact I was anonymous on the internet! My stupidity, regret, and misery when I complained after I asked anyone to write a fanfiction about the Eterna route, where she could reach the Happy END, only to get replies like, “Write it yourself, fool,” slapped in my face! My despair and wrathful wail of, “You guys are the ones who told me to write it myself,” as I felt the unreasonableness and shame when I wrote the fanfic myself only to get comments like, “Don’t use a script format”, ”Trashy story”, “Garbage”, “An elementary school kid could write better”, “It’s hard to tell who’s currently speaking in this story”, “The mix-up of third and first person perspective was just horrible”, “I can’t even tell whose perspective the story was in”, and “Side family…ar??? I thought they went extinct?!”
Rather, what were you doing after I reincarnated, Fudou NiitoooooO! Since we were fused, it technically could be considered me at this point, but this kind of black history was too much to take!

As I managed to overcome all that, the thing I felt right at this moment as I reached this point, MY!

— something similar to hope, yet it was clearly different. It was a thing that claimed to be part of Light of Human Hearts!


As I threw the miniature sun, the “Witch” screamed and collapsed.

Perhaps it was my imagination, but the scream she made felt more disgusted compared to the time I’d thrown a proper Light of Human Hearts attack back in my world.

Eventually, the “Witch” crumbled and disappeared… Finally, after I erased the curse of the First Witch, nothing was left behind.

“…Is it over?”

“Yes. I can’t feel the ‘Witch’s’ presence anymore.”

At Vernell’s words, I gave him a strong nod to reassure him.

We won! Special episode, complete!

To be honest, our victory method wasn’t completely clean, and to finish it, I threw something more disgusting toward something that was already disgusting and somehow won with that, but a victory was still a victory.

All was fair if we could win~!

…We, well, let me give myself some credit. At least that feeling was, without a doubt, some type of hope… yea.

…It was very dirty for a hope though.

“Oo…OOoo!! Finally, the ‘Witch’ is! This is the miracle of the Saint…!”

“I told you I am not a Saint…”

The Perverted Glasses Bastard was so excited that he genuflected to me, but the real Saint was over there.

Farah-sensei had a stunned expression, before pulling the ear of the Perverted Glasses Bastard and forcefully making him stand up.

Then she muttered, “Why did I fall for this thing?”

Huh? Eh? Perhaps both of them were in that kind of relationship in this World line?

It was a very unexpected match.

As for the mainstream heroine and the protagonist now…


It seemed they were getting heated up amongst themselves, despite everyone watching.

Vernell-san and Eterna embraced as if they would never let go of each other.

“Ah…El? That’s…”


As I was basking in my satisfaction while watching Vernell-san and Eterna, Mary called out to me, which made me realize the abnormality that was happening to me.

Somehow, a golden light fell upon me, and my body also began to shine.

And somehow I suddenly understood that I would return to my original world this way.

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11 months ago

Lmao literally a goddess being sent by the world dissapearing in a ray of golden light

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Finally, the conclusion Erise always wanted! Thank you world for granting our poor saint’s small request.

Thank you for the chapter author-sama, translator-sama, and editor-sama!

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Who Knows?
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Luzrov Rulay
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