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Chapter 10: Relying on others

I can’t not go, and abandoning them is out of the question… But if I rushed over there, sadly, what could I really do? While running with this in mind, I glanced at my friend list to confirm.

… Unconsciously, I was looking for Heath’s name.

“If you’re really in trouble, contact me.”

Certainly that’s what he told me. It might’ve been something he said simply for politeness sake, but even if it is, I couldn’t think of anyone else I could turn to right now, and maybe I should put my trust in him. After all, my guild members were in danger. I don’t like PK-ish features, and as a PK lvl 0 player, I can’t exactly help everyone on my own…

I might get turned down, but if I don’t even ask, nothing could be gained. But maybe If I do ask—maybe there’s a chance he’ll help me. As I was running with my eyes tightly closed, I opened my eyes and made up my mind.


For the first time, I tried to send a voice chat. Although it’s unpleasant to have to depend on others, it seems there’s no choice. I caressed my stomach as I ran, with a heavy hearted feeling of wondering if there would be a reply.


There was an immediate reply. I was surprised by it and opened my eyes.

Instinctively, I pleaded with him in desperation,”Ah, well! My guild members are apparently in trouble in town, and I’m on my way to help them… Can you please come?”

There was a moment of silence in the voice chat.

“On the way to help? Who is?” 


“How? I’ve never heard of you being powerful.” 

“That… that’s… but! It’s better than not going…” 

“That only sounds like more trouble if you get caught or killed too.” 


“Speak clearly. If you’re not helping them, you’re asking me to help them, right?”

He was right. I started searching for the right words. 

But I couldn’t find them. As I ran while thinking about it, I heard the deep sound of a sigh over the chat.


“Eh? Ar-Are you coming?” 

“I’m asking for the location. Don’t waste time with unnecessary chatter.” 

“It seems to be the Alice River!” 

“Where are you now?” 

“I’m just about to turn the corner into the north section. I’ll be at the Alice River in about five minutes.” 

“Stay quiet until I get there. Stand by at the entrance to the north section.”

There was a buzzing sound. The voice chat was cut off. For a while, my eyes became wide in surprise. It seemed that Heath would be coming. While I am disappointed in myself,  Heath’s words were pretty spot-on. It’s true that if I were to intervene on my own, things most likely wouldn’t turn out well.

With that in mind, I stopped at the entrance gate of the northern section. I wondered if Hiiragi and others were okay. Maybe I should just go and check up on them.

Still feeling unsettled, my gaze wandered restlessly. I heard footsteps stepping on the gravel. I looked up and saw Heath standing there by himself. He didn’t seem to be accompanied by Mao.

The tall Heath took one look at me, squinting condescendingly, and exhaled a long breath. 

“It was the right call, you knew what you were capable of and called me for help.” 

“I’m sorry, for troubling you so suddenly… I took your word for it, since you told me that you would help if friends were in trouble… Hahaha. More…more importantly! I’ve heard that some of my guildmates are being attacked. I want you to come with me!”

Heath nodded with his chin when I stated it again. Heath walked ahead and I ran after him. Heath’s legs are so long that it’s hard to keep up with him.

“But Heath, I know you’re strong but—are you sure you and I can handle this? 

“You aren’t even factored in the equation.” 


“If I can’t handle it, is there anyone else who can?”

Heath said as if it was a matter of fact. It is true that PK level, now seems to be the priority as opposed to real strength. If that’s the case, then that statement may be correct. Even after logging out became impossible, the levels remained the same for everything. However, it seems that leveling up is still possible in the game as well. Nachi was determined to raise his crafting level and has been holed up in his house all day today. That’s why he was absent. It seems that Nachi also wanted to be able to make rice balls.

Thus we arrived at the actual location. When I looked, I saw that Hiiragi and the others were surrounded by about ten giants. They took their fishing rods and other materials they seemed to have acquired, and seemed to be beating them away.

“Are you okay!?”

When I shouted out unintentionally, all of their eyes focused on me. 

It all happened in a flash. 

Heath disappeared from beside me. The moment I thought I heard footsteps kicking the ground, the ten or so opponents around us all fell unconscious to the ground. Strong…


“Thank you for coming!” 

“I am sorry. I was careless!”

The three guild members came running towards me with tears in their eyes. They jumped into a hug and I stroked Saki’s head (who was still in high school), while I looked at Minami who was holding his cheeks, and Hiiragi who had contacted me, respectively.

Glad they were safe, I gushed, “If you want to thank someone, just thank Heath.”

The three of them nodded and looked at Heath. Heath looked at me with a bothersome look and exhaled in exasperation.


He probably found it annoying. In the case of Nachi, the motive is that Mao likes Nachi, but in Heath’s case—it’s just good will. I put my trust in that.

“Ah, um, Heath… Thank you..?” 

“Ahh, then. I’m leaving.”

Then, Heath quickly walked out ahead. The four of us who were left behind, looked after him for a while. 

As I pulled myself together, I scolded them, “You guys, I appreciate the feeling, but the town’s still pretty rough right now, so let’s not go out there, even if you’re not alone, okay? Listen?”

Then, everyone nodded their heads vigorously. While returning home, I made a vow to myself. I promised myself that I would do my best so that I would not have to rely on Heath…

However, reality is cruel.

Amazingly, almost every day after that, the Mashed Potato guild members got tangled up with hungry people and thugs across town, causing an uproar everywhere they went, and asking Nachi and I for help. If Nachi was there, Mao would come running. Nachi just thanked him with a smile, but Mao seemed to find peace. But if I was the only one there… and I called Heath… he always seemed distant. 


Today, for the third time in total, I took the action of asking Heath to help everyone. Considering that he comes every time I ask him to, and whenever Mao comes he usually comes with him too, maybe Heath is just cold on the surface. Despite everything he’s still helping me, so he is probably a good person.

“Ah, thank you! Heath!” I beamed.

Today’s guild members victims were already walking towards the guild hall. I smiled at Heath, who was still there.

“Always a real help!” 

“I see.” 

“You know what, if there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll return the favor.”

I sincerely said that, as I changed my mind and thought that Heath seemed like a good guy. Heath folded his arms.

“So, what can I do?” 

“Ahh…for the time being, I’m thirsty. Would you like to treat me to a cup of cocoa?” 


This reminded me of the cocoa I had attached to the letter. I still have a lot in my inventory.

“Ahh, that much is totally fine. In that case, would you like to come over to my place?”

If you have added someone as a friend, you can invite them to your private home. After I suggested it, Heath nodded with a bored look on his face. Thus, we decided to teleport to the central square of Clock Town, where we could then teleport to my private home. In fact, I was a little relieved to hear Heath’s words, since I hadn’t been able to thank him for anything so far.

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