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Chapter 2: Party Recruitment


I finished turning in my assignment and saw Nachi sighing in front of me. Nachi and I decided to chat in the student lounge after we both came to the university to turn in our lecture reports, which were required to be submitted on paper, a rarity in recent years.

“What’s the matter with you? You’re sighing so openly.” 

“I wanted you to ask me, ‘Is something wrong?’…” 

“Is something wrong?” 

“I knew it. I knew that Neji was kind enough to listen to me.”

My character’s name, Neji, is my nickname in real life. Moreover, Nachi’s name in-game is also his real name.

“You know.” 


“I’m contemplating if I should buy a new staff.” 

“Why don’t you buy it?” 

“2700 million Marilyn is tough…”

Marilyn is the in-game currency used in Night of the Grand Guignol. For example, a rice ball of recovery medicine costs 500 Marilyn each. The price may not seem like a big deal to the hardcore players, but it’s certainly expensive for us, the casual players.

“How much do you have now?” 

“500 million marilyn.” 

“I guess you’ll have to make some money. ” 

“I know that too. Let’s chat after logging in.” 

“Cheer up. I understand your situation very well.”

When I vigorously nodded, Nachi sighed again with a sad look in his beautiful eyes. 

As a priest, Nachi frankly has one foot in the hardcore player level to the point where other players wonder why he’s in my guild. He is often invited to play in dungeons with hardcore players. 

A dungeon is where players fight a boss in succession with the aim of getting a rare equipment drop. To sum it up though, he is in my guild because we’re friends in real life. The only other reason I can think of is because we formed the guild together.

“Neji, I haven’t seen you doing any dungeons lately, aren’t you going to do it?” 

“I’m too, you know, busy chatting.” 

“If I heal and Neji provides the buffs, then a party of four with a vanguard and attack power, no, even with just attack power alone, can defeat the boss!” 

“I don’t have any skills as a player, so I don’t really like to party with people outside guild members.” 

“It’s not good to lie, okay? Neji is deadly good at controlling, right? Rather, I can’t play with any other bards except Neji. And you party with unfamiliar novices almost every day to assist them, right?” 

Nachi was looking at me with a smile. Well… it’s been three years since the game was launched. It would be a miracle to the contrary if I was not good at controlling after playing it every day for three years.

“I’m going to start making money today, so come with me!” 


“Let’s go home immediately and log in!” 


“Let’s meet at 7 PM.”

Nachi stood up vigorously. I could only laugh awkwardly. It’s true that I haven’t been doing any dungeons lately either, and I think it’s good to do it once in a while. And so we headed off home respectively.

After a quick shower and dinner, I reconfirmed that I would be on summer vacation tomorrow, and picked up my VR connection device. And then, I logged in at 18:50, ten minutes before the promised meeting time. Then, in the square of the [Clock Town], Nachi was already there. Both Nachi and I have avatars that look the same as our real selves. Only the clothes are different. In other words, the face shape and height and weight are the same as ourselves, but we paid for the clothes.

Many of the other guild members were online, and they were all busy chatting. 

There are many different chat features. However, there is only one option for voice chat, unless you are face-to-face. This time, Nachi and I muted the guild chat and town chat, and only opened the party chat.

“All right! We need to recruit party members. Neji, you should issue a recruitment. ” 

“I am ok with it.”

So, I decided to issue a recruitment for party members. Recruitment is available through the bulletin board function, which can be viewed in real time.

“[Recruiter: Neji] There are two people standing by, a bard and a priest. I’m thinking of doing the ‘Dungeon of the Mountain Whale’ (Boss). I’m recruiting two people who can play as tank and attack power.”

And then soon after, I received a mail.

“[? ? ?] We are two people, a swordsman and a gun slinger.”

It was written on the letter. On the bulletin board, the recruiter must give their name, but the letter can be sent anonymously. Even so, they had the right professions, so I replied immediately.

“Nachi, I found them, so let’s go to the meeting place.” 

“Isn’t it too fast? Ok, I got it.”

On the bulletin board, I wrote down the name of the boss called “Mountain Whale” which is the dungeon we planned to do today, so that’s where the dungeon location will be. It is a new boss that was introduced last month, and it is very strong. It’s a favorite hunting ground for hardcore players these days. The reason being that the items it drops can be sold for a lot of money. If we play here for about four hours, Nachi will be able to buy a staff.

After that, we transported to the front of the boss using the paid transportation items. It’s crowded with hardcore players. The meeting place was supposed to be a bench by the pond nearby, so Nachi and I made our way there. And then, we both froze and stopped moving. 


The reason being that the top two hardcore players, [Heath] and [Mao], were sitting on the bench where the meeting place was supposed to be. No way. There’s no way that those two would respond to a recruitment on the bulletin board to do a dungeon. This kind of recruitment is called stray recruitment, so it’s unlikely that they would respond to a stray recruitment as they are always in demand from all sides. In other words, they’re probably there by chance.

TN: Everytime I see Neji, my mind reminds me of Neji Hyuga from Naruto. I have never seen a character named Neji except Neji from Naruto before. I thought it was a bit of a unique name but now there is another one.

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I love you... BITCH!
I love you... BITCH!
2 years ago

Broke ass players like me can relate lmao only present if there is a free give away, then grind for hours.

2 years ago

Ihhhhhh don’t tell me his crush still remembers him from the time he helped him in his novice era hohoho

2 years ago

Grinding for items and* in-game currency is really a pain in the butt. As a casual player, I can relate to this.

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2 years ago

will this have a regular update schedule?

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omg i was thing about hyuuga neji too!! they’re gonna meet uwuwuwuwuwu i’m ready for this! thanks for the chapter!!

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