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Chapter 3: Add Friends

“I’ll change our meeting place.” 

“Yeah. If those two are there, the people we’re meeting won’t be able to come.”

Nachi nodded at my words, and that’s when the two men on the bench stood up. And then, what do you know, they walked up to us. Glances from the people around us came flying.

“Neji. Have you requested for a party yet?”

I couldn’t help but give a stiff smile when Mao, with his demon-like stern face (usual), spoke to me. Next to him, Heath had an expressionless face that was also terrifying. The reason they knew me is because… of the name, I’m a recruiter, and I’m somewhat famous as a casual player, and since we were at the meeting place and our professions also matched…


While I was thinking that it might be a lie, I made a party request to them. Soon after, two of them joined, and we became a party of four. Next to me, Nachi was flabbergasted.

“At least make a quick party request.”

Heath said in a whisper. I closed my eyes, still smiling. It seems to be true that he has a demon-like personality. You were so obedient that day that I supported you though. I’m sure he doesn’t remember about me anymore…

“And buff.” 

“Ah, uhh …” 


“Uh, do you have any skills in mind?….” 

“Don’t tell me you can’t even use your skills without instructions?” 


I was smiling, but I felt like crying. The buffing skills of a bard vary in content depending on the professions of the party members and the boss being fought. A priest’s recovery skills are always the same, but that’s not the case for a bard. Therefore, the moment there were four of us, Nachi had finished casting his skills. Mao didn’t say anything. I swallowed my words, tried my best to smile, and casted the best buff I knew of. This is exactly why I am sick of hardcore players.


Thus, as soon as I finished casting my skills, the dungeon began. 

…I’m an easy-going, casual player, so if I’m doing a dungeon with friends or guild members, we’ll take breaks in moderation. But there was no mention of that subject at all. Instead, no one uttered a single word, and the outcome was that we worked tirelessly, defeating the boss at high speed. It lasted for four hours. After two hours, I was half-heartedly casting my skills. I stated once that I wanted to go to the bathroom, but even that was awkward. I wonder what’s going on with the rest of the party’s bladders other than mine.

“Amazing! I’ve already made enough Marilyn for my target amount plus extra.”

When Nachi said this, for the first time, everyone stopped moving. In other words, it means that’s how many rare items have dropped. As for me, I was planning to play half this pace and give what I got to Nachi, so I can’t say anything. I’m tired. I’m really tired.

“Thank you!” 

“I will go with you anytime, if it’s just this much. If you like, let’s add each other as friends?”

Mao looked at Nachi and said speedily. Then with a smile, Nachi shook his head.

“No thank you!” 


“Because I’m a casual player, there is a threshold for these kinds of dungeons…” 

“I, I see… no, wait. Heath and I are not particularly… that’s why… that…” 

“Hardcore players are extreme, right?! I appreciate you, but what the hell happened that you had to accept a stray recruitment today?”

“Not-nothing in particular, sometimes Heath and I go to the bulletin board for stray recruitment too.” 

“Hmm. Anyway, thank you very much! I guess it’s time to disband!” 

“W-wait! It’s not like I want a friend for a dungeon…,that’s why…! I also want to chat…” 

“Mao is looking for a chat friend…? Eh? Well, then I’d be happy to, but… Eh?”

Nachi smiled and tilted his head in confusion. Mao looked somewhat desperate. I was watching them absentmindedly. Then, I saw that in front of me, Mao had sent a friend request to Nachi. When you add a friend, a crown glows above your head. And while I was thinking about it, I got a request for me too. It’s not from Mao however. Surprisingly, it’s from Heath. It was from Heath, the man I had admired until four hours ago. I agonized over whether to reject it, but I accepted it for the time being.

“Let’s play again, the four of us.”

Mao finalized. But Nachi shook his head with a smile.

“You are welcome to chat, but Neji and I don’t like to play in a hardcore dungeon much.” 

“Ah, I see…”

Nachi has a decisive personality. He’s not even afraid taking on the hardcore players . 

Thus, the dungeon for today was over, so I dissolved the party.

――From that day on, Heath’s name would shine in my friend list. 

When you are logged in, the name on the list glows. But I’ve never chatted with him individually, not once. I have no business with him after all.

I stood in front of the bulletin board in Clock Town, arms crossed, and thought blankly about the other day’s dungeon run. They’re hardcore players, but…. really, when I dig back into my memories of partying with them, those two were good, and their attack power was also strong. 

However, while those who admire the hardcore players may think it’s cool to be strong, for me, It’s tiring. I don’t want to have that kind of dungeon for a while. Really, I only need to do it every once in a while, when I am very free and in good shape. But chatting is better for me.


As I stood there in a daze, I heard Ango call out to me. When I turned around, I saw that Ango and Nachi had just walked up to me.


“It seems that today’s update will introduce a new event.” 

“Ah yes, I heard about that!”

The three of us looked at the bulletin board. It seems that a new event will be released at 18:00 today. The maintenance time is from 14:00 to 18:00. Currently, it is 13:30.

“Then, let’s meet later at night.”

After chatting, we logged out.

TN: I wonder how courageous Neji is to be able to chat in the game channel. There is always one troll in the game so it’s scary chatting in game. Maybe I am just being a scaredy cat. 

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1 year ago

How dare Heath call himself hardcore and not even know what his own optimal bard buff is. XD
And Neji seems like the kind that could even slowly wear down a troll to the point that they either become friends or the troll finds a new channel to bug when Neji comes on

2 years ago

hehe I bet everyone knows what happens next *crossing field starts to play*

Cherry Boy
Cherry Boy
2 years ago

To be fair, it indeed require some sort of courage to shout in channel chat compared to just partyhunt with general chat in crowded area (I think what you mean as channel chat is the one chat that got broadcasted to the whole ass server ryt?). Depending on the community too ofc, which is diff for each game. So don’t think of yourself as paranoid. Most people can easily decide to be an ass when they’re anonymous
Seriousness aside, channel/server chat is usually where the hottest tea is so it’s kinda hard to ignore

2 years ago

man, I am sooo excited for more! Thank you kagura-kyun for translating

2 years ago

mao kinda cute tho

2 years ago

So hardcore guild master x casual guild master plus hardcore x casual vice guild master… This is gonna be exciting when they work together once the bug on the next event take effect (assuming that “that” was the case)

Crossing Field starts playing in the background

Thank you for the chapter!!