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Chapter 5: Necessities of life 

“…No logout button means that the five senses have become real, which means that our senses have entered the game, right?”

Nachi, who was next to me, looked at me and tugged at the clothes of my arm. Only the clothes are the same as my avatar. Today, I’m wearing a costume from the Lawbreakers Series. Although the name sounds chuunibyou, the appearance is relatively simple: a black high-necked top and bottom, with only a silver cross embroidered as a one point.1 On my back, I carry a spear that can activate bard skills by wielding it.

“There’s no change except that the hair and eyes are the same color as in reality, but that can be considered a change, too…”

Nachi fixedly looked at my hair and eyes. When I was told, I picked my hair and found out that my hair was dyed dark brown with a slight hint of green, and it was just as real. In the game, I’ve always had silver hair, so it’s definitely a big change. 

Nachi’s hair on the other hand, which was light brown in the game, is now jet black with a bit of blue just like in real life. Nachi had just re-dyed his hair for job hunting. In addition, the avatar of Nachi is wearing the costume from the Holy Angel series, which also sounds like chunnibyou name, but it is a blue priest-like outfit. On his back, you can see a huge, cross-shaped staff.

“Master! Nachi-san! All the official general store items are already sold out!”

Ango shouted right then. Nachi and I looked at each other in surprise, and then, both of us without a second thought, opened the general store button by eye control. There was a line of sold out labels there. Soon after that, I also checked the status of the stalls that players could set up themselves, but they too were either sold out or just closed.

“Looks like everyone’s securing food!” 

“Eh… quick action…”

Nachi’s face stiffed from the voice of Ango. I folded my arms. I’m a casual player, but I’ve spent all of my part-time paycheck on this game, so I’ve already expanded my warehouse etc. and have a lot of useless items stashed away. That’s why I have a lot of rice balls that have been used as recovery medicine. I have a lot of them because it used to give me 99 of them when I helped novices. I took it out of my bag to try it out, and a rice ball appeared in my hand just as I had seen it. I took a bite and found that it tasted salty.

“What should we do…”

At that time, the surroundings began to buzz. The people around me were, of course, the guild members of mine and Nachi’s guild, the Mashed Potato. Ango was also looking at me like he was at a loss.

“For, for the time being! Gather at the guild hall!”

I’m still the guild master, so I decided to take charge. Then the people who got their appearance changed– in other words, the guild members who had lost track of who was who, nodded. However, if you choose the target and check the profile one at a time, you can see their name and profession, so if you take your time, you can confirm them.

Although the game originally had only men, the avatars also had animal appearances, so it was a sight to see a group of only men as far as the eye could see.

As I took the lead and started walking, Nachi came up next to me. And then, he looked at me with sharp eyes.

“It’s not a death game, but they said we can die from hunger.” 

“That’s right.” 

“Besides Neji, are there any other producers in our guild capable of producing something edible?” 

“That is…even if you say that, I’m also a casual player, so crafting is not up to that point …” 

“Now enough with modesty and all, it’s a state of emergency! Do not throw cold water on me who is happy that a guy with all max crafting skills, which few hardcore players have, is a guild master, or rather a friend! 

“Because that’s kind of invalid…” 

“I’ve always wondered why Neji didn’t go to a guild of hardcore players.” 

“We had the same thoughts, didn’t we? I thought the same thing about you.” 

“Lately, some people have been calling us casual hardcore players… oh, anyway, aside from all the guild members, how much food do you have for surviving if it’s just the two of us? 

“If I only need to eat one rice ball a day, I think I can last for 5,000 days.” 

“Since there are about fifty guild members… it means that even with all members, we can last for some time. As long as we have the materials, we won’t have to starve to death.”

We stood in front of the guild hall with such an exchange going on. Even the door to the tavern was real. I could feel the wood from the doorknob.

“It’s the guild hall and for R18, but it’s an inn… There are bedrooms with showers, and we can sleep in there. Food Ok, Bed Ok, then… we just need to stay quiet until someone finishes the game and defeats all the bosses, right? I’m still not sure what the costume will be, but I have a feeling it’s going to be clothing, even if it’s beginner equipment or something.”

Nachi whispered as we walked inside. I nodded gently, because I agreed. 

I’m sure the hardcore players will take the initiative in defeating them.

“For now, I’ll talk to the guilds members in that direction, and tell them that each of them can use the room of their choice in groups of four or so.” 

“I am counting on you, Neji. I’ll contact my friends in the other guilds and see what’s going on.”

In this way, we’ve divided up the roles, so once I made sure everyone is in the tavern area, I told them that they don’t have to worry about starving to death. The guild members, who were in their teens to forties, in their real appearances, listened to my words with various expressions.

“For now, let’s rest for today. We will each be responsible for our own friend chat and such. Also, everyone should check what they have, ok? Help each other!”

As I concluded, everyone nodded and started to head upstairs. 

The first night began in this way, without much chaos.

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2 years ago

If i was stuck there, i would totally have no problem when it comes to supplies hahahhahahha!
I have such a terrible hoarder tendency in games. Especially in games where theres cooking, alchemy and crafting.

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
3 years ago

I’m curious how everyone will handle the shock psychologically. MC is a good guild master keeping everyone calm and trying his best to organise and communicate with other guilds.
Thanks for the chapter!^^

Cherry Boy
Cherry Boy
3 years ago

In all honesty, we all always have few things stockpiled up either intentionally or not in games. This is why doing inventory check and keeping your bag clean is important
Also, thanks for the chapter!

3 years ago

thx for the chapter

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Thanks for the chapter!!