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Chapter 6: First Night 

I was given a double room with Nachi. Probably because we were guild master and vice guild master, that’s why everyone was considerate of us. It seemed that everyone else had chosen a room appropriately, with three to five other people. Because the bedrooms only have one huge bed, which were big enough for six adult males to lie on, but there were no individual items, so the result is that the bedrooms were divided appropriately.

When the door opened, it revealed a large room. This defied the laws of physics. The guild hall’s exterior looks like a two-story tavern, but each door on the second floor leads to a large room.

I took a shower to test it as well. The electricity was on and the water was running, but that is no different from the original game. It was just that I couldn’t log out and the sensation became real, but since I was inside the game, I guess it was useless to think about things like sewers and such.

Wiping my wet hair with a towel, I went back to my room, which only had a bed, and Nachi was sitting down on the bed with his eyes closed, it seemed like he was having some kind of friend chat. It did not seem to be a voice chat because his mouth wasn’t moving. In the case of text chat, it is possible to communicate with multiple people all at once.

I sat down and maintained some distance so as not to disturb him. But soon enough, Nachi seemed to notice, he opened his eyes and looked at me. Then he seemed to have ended the chat and sighed, ‘Haa …’ .

“As expected… Everyone is feeling confused?”

When I asked while putting the towel in the bag feature, Nachi nodded vigorously.

“You sure know. It’s a big chaos. Isn’t there a lot of chat coming to you, Neji?” 

“Me? I’ve got a character message now that says, ‘I’m on leave until things settle down.'”

A character message is a personalized message that can be viewed by selecting the character’s name in the friend list.

“I think there is no such thing as a leave in this situation. I see. Are you blocking everything?” 

“I guess I will. Because I’ve got my hands full with the guild. Even though I haven’t done anything yet.”

Even so, I’m a guild master, and I have a strange sense of duty that I can’t just throw it away. In response to my words, Nachi folded his arms.

“We moved quickly to the guild hall and were able to declare that we had no problems for the time being with sleeping quarters and food- I feel it was more than enough. I’ve heard stories of guilds without guild halls, of guilds gathering in private homes, of warehouses that only had weapons in them to begin with, and on and on.” 

“It’s better to think things through simply. I mean, I don’t have the capacity to think too hard.”

I believe that if humans can sleep and eat, they can take care of themselves to a certain extent.

“By the way, Neji and I kind of got a room in the guild home, but… we have our own private homes too, right?”

A private home is a home feature that could be purchased by an individual with real money. Stalls and the like could be set up on that lot. If there is no payment, it is not possible to set up a stall. In such cases, we would use the bulletin board to trade.

“Do you want to sleep at home?” 

“I’m staying here for today. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep. I’m not so brazen that I can just nod my head and say, ‘Yes, that is so,’ and sleep soundly when someone suddenly says, ‘You can’t log out’.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Nachi agreed. In addition, unlike the guild hall, the private home could be reached with a button instead of each town. There is a home button above the logout button. Come to think of it, many of the guild members probably have homes as well, so we might as well encourage them to move there once they calm down.

“But not many people have planters at home.” 

“There won’t be much unless they decide to craft.” 

“Neji, you have a lot, right?” 

“I have. I’ve been growing rice, and the day after tomorrow I’m supposed to harvest about a thousand grains of rice, so I plan to keep steadily producing ingredients for the rice ball.” 

“I’m glad Neji is the guild master. Sorry, but I am thinking that you should make the box lunch that’s in the production recipe if possible.” 

“I shouldn’t have said that. I get it. If you help me gather the ingredients for the pickled plums, I will make it.”

After such an exchange, he would usually reply, “That’s fine with me though.The priest also has a range annihilation skill.” but we both fell silent. As far as I can tell from the status, there is no sign of any change in level or anything like that, but since the senses are so real, there is a good chance that the monsters are too. Even if it’s killing weak monsters, it seems that from now on, we will also experience the sensation of pain if we get injured. 

“Do you really want to go through the pain for the pickled plums? Nachi, I don’t mind the salty taste of the rice ball…” 

“…That’s right, but I kind of want to try killing them.” 


“Because I’m not going to die, am I? I, for once, want to have a realistic hunt. I want to defeat the boss at least once, too.” 

“It’s like you’re celebrating the situation where we can’t log out?” 

“If you call it an escape from reality, then that’s all it is.”

Nachi laughed jokingly when he said that. But I was convinced that he was serious. After three years of playing with him almost every day, both in real life and in games, I could tell that much.

“I’ll send the recovery medicine to your mail. Let me know when you go.”

Mail is the letter feature. Items can be attached. At the sound of my voice, Nachi nodded nonchalantly. Nachi was kind, but he was definitely more of a hardcore player than I was.

“Even so, defeating the boss? I wonder if Genesis is going to take the lead in defeating it after all.”

Vaguely remembering Heath and Mao, I opened the lid of the sports drink item that I took out of the bag feature. And when I took a sip, I found that this one also had a taste that I hadn’t felt before I became unable to log out. The drinks after the bath are delicious.

“I’ve been chatting with Mao too, and it looks like Genesis is going to defeat it. 


“I’ve been asked if I’d like to join a guild that has a lot of attack power but not enough priests and need a healer. I refused, but… from now on, the people who are going to attack may have to move guilds quite a bit.” 

“I see…” 

“It’s just that there’s a lot more ruckus from the casual chatting players than that kind of talk from the hardcore players.”

Nachi looked down. He closed his eyes with a complicated look on his face.

“What do you mean?” 

“Look, me and Neji shared the avatars with our real appearances, so our appearances haven’t changed, right?”


“In short, the ‘casual players’ were the ones who were trying to date, so many of them were making changes with their appearance to make themselves more popular.” 


“I heard that the lover who was supposed to be a peerless pretty boy has turned into an unrecognizable old man.” 

“As long as you have love, it won’t matter.” 

“I guess he only had love for the outward appearance. It seems there aren’t many people with values like Neji, and there’s been a string of breakups.” 

“It’s terrible.”

I’m a casual player, but not a dating person, so I wasn’t too sure about that part.

“For now, I’m going to go check out the town tomorrow and try to talk to friends.” 

“Is that so? Be careful.” 

“Yeah, thank you. What about you, Neji?” 

“I’ll check the inventory and see if there’s any other things… like clothing besides food? I’ll check those out. I’ve got shampoo and stuff, but no underwear or anything like that.” 

“Ah, I appreciate it.”

After such an exchange, we went to bed for the day. In the end, I slept.

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Carina, wanderingfujoshi
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