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Chapter 8: Isn’t that a natural thing? 

When I reflexively turned my gaze, I saw Heath and Mao standing there, looking as if they had just wandered in. I thought about how they were also playing the game with similar appearances to real life, even though it’s supposed to be an escape from reality. Note: the one who spoke in a cold voice was Mao.

The main difference in their appearance was their hair color. Heath used to have blond hair, but now he has straight, night-colored hair. Mao has humus-colored hair, with mashed long bangs. Ango told me that they supercharged for their appearance, but it appeared to be their real faces.

Just because they’re haijin hardcore players, doesn’t mean they don’t care about their appearance.1



“The strongest guild, Genesis, the guild master and vice guild master…” 

“Maxed PK level…” 

“Why are they here……”

The men surrounding me and Nachi said such things to each other. Meanwhile, Mao casually walked up to Nachi and put one arm over him to protect him.

“Do you guys also want to get a taste of what this barrel feels like?

The moment Mao’s chilling voice ended, the men ran away in a scattered manner. 

Seeing that, I relaxed my shoulders. 

But why are they here? Is it just a coincidence?

“Thank you Mao,” Nachi beamed.

Mao’s face slightly softened from his usual glaring appearance.

“I’m glad Nachi is safe.” 

“Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me and Neji. I didn’t think you’d be able to get to us so quickly after our friend chat… Ah, you saved us. I’m glad. Really, thank you very much!”

With that, my question was answered. Indeed, earlier, Nachi had lowered his eyes and seemed to be sending a message to someone. The other person must have been Mao. With a big smile still plastered on his face, Nachi held his hands together and looked happily at Mao. Heath wordlessly stepped up beside Mao and put his sword behind his back.

“Nachi. If you’re ever in danger in the future, call me immediately,” Mao pleaded.

“I’ll be more careful in the future.” 

“Well, that’s… I think it’s better that way though, because of this situation… You can count on me. I am happy that you counted on me even now.” 

Nachi tilted his head, “Are you happy, I dragged you into all this trouble?”

Mao quickly covered his mouth with one hand and looked down. His cheeks were a bit red—of course, not from the effects of buff items like golden beer. Now that the senses have become real, eye movements and skin tones have also become more realistic. In other words, Mao was obviously embarrassed.

“If… if a friend is in trouble, you usually help them. It’s only natural… Isn’t that right? Right? The same goes for Heath.”

Mao uttered his words desperately. He then opened his eyes and glanced at Nachi; Mao was fully blushed.


I’m not particularly dim-witted. In the first place, when I sent a stray recruitment and these two came in, he must have known that the priest was Nachi since he was with me, and he only sent a friend request to Nachi. Most importantly, this reaction… makes Mao look like he clearly has a crush on Nachi.

Heath nodded with his chin, “That’s right.”

Looking over at him, I remembered that Heath was more or less a friend of mine.

“Yes, you’re right. We’re friends, right? I’ll be counting on you, and you can count on me, too—whenever you want.”

Nachi didn’t seem to notice anything. I’m not friends with Mao, but I’m pretty sure that Mao helped him because he was Nachi—not because he was a friend. I’m sure Heath was just following along. With the current situation in the town, even the hardcore players would refrain from acting alone.

“Ah, ahh… but it’s still dangerous around here. According to the reports of the guild members investigating in the town, there are a lot of people who are trying to fight against other people—engaging in PK—in other words, trying to see if they really die. That, and a lot of people are committing criminal acts… such as rape because of this uncertain situation. Nachi, I will send you back. You should go home for the day.”

Mao’s face was bright red. Despite all this blatantness, Nachi simply nodded with a smile. Nachi was dull in an unexpected way. I know him well because he is my real friend. Most likely, Nachi has judged that Mao is simply a good person.

But… indeed, in such a situation, it’s thankful to have hardcore players to help you out in times of trouble. At that moment, I glanced at Heath, and Heath was looking at me too. His expression was a mixture of being cool-headed and exasperated. It was clear on his face that he thought of Nachi and I as stupid people. 

Mao urged Nachi to start walking, “Let’s go.”

Heath started to walk behind them, and I hurried to move my feet as well. As a result, I had to walk side by side with Heath. As the tall Mao kept pace with Nachi, Heath, who was behind him, also naturally walked slowly. I’m the type of person who feels awkward in silence, so I quietly muttered something to him.

“Heath, that… inconvenience…” 

“No problem.” 

“… I… I see? I… I knew it, Heath would be especially protective of friends! That’s so kind of you! I’ll repay you as much as I can next time.”

I had forced myself to get excited. Heath closed his eyes and tilted his head. Then, having kept his eyes down long enough to blink, he looked at me with a sidelong glance.

“I don’t believe you’ve ever contacted me?” 

“Ah yeah. I didn’t think of that.” 

“I see. If you say you’re my friend, at least say ‘Hi’ from time to time, like Nachi and Mao do.”

When I heard that, my smile almost wavered. I’m sorry to say this, but communication works both ways, I haven’t exactly heard from Heath either. But I’m a coward, so I can’t say that.

“Yeah. I will reach out and say ‘hello’ from now on! I’ll make sure to do that. I’m counting on you!” 

“Ah, that’s right, and also contact me if you are really in trouble.”

Eh, are you sure about this? 

This was my honest feeling, but I nodded with a smile.

So, with such exchanges, Nachi and I were escorted to the guild hall by Mao and Heath. The private home function was only usable in certain places, so there was no way I could escape there. It was an afternoon that I was really glad we ran into these two.

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2 years ago

I think Heath is also waiting for Neji to reply and same goes for Neji but never both of them started to initiate to talk and here we are… HEATH x NEJI. MAO x NACHI

Cherry Boy
Cherry Boy
3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!
Heath x Neji is what happens when you put kuudere and oblivious man together. This ship will sail, but most likely will take time?

3 years ago

Thanks for the update!

3 years ago

Heath must see both of them as stupid as they are so oblivious. Granted, Heath truly didn’t initiate anything, conversation or not. He can’t expect Neji to reach out first when he did nothing.

Carina, wanderingfujoshi
Carina, wanderingfujoshi
3 years ago

‍♂️ both of them are dense.
Thanks for the chapter!^^