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[Extra] afterwards⑪ …… Studying with Him

When I woke up the next morning, I found that my body had been wiped clean. I still took a shower anyway. After that, I didn’t eat breakfast, as I wanted to leave early. Once I was ready, I went to the station together with Heath.

Heath looked at me while we were on the boarding gate of the monorail to New Tokyo.

“Come again next time.” I said.

“Sure. I’ll come over during Sunday night until Monday next week.” Heath made a promise.

 “Okay, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Heath nodded. Though, he was looking at me rather strangely. I tilted my head.

I asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m happy to see you wearing that scarf.” Heath replied.

I smiled. “I will always wear it.”

Heath returned my smile. Later, I saw Heath go to his assigned seat through the window of the monorail. I was sad to see him go, but I knew that we would meet again on another day. Besides, after this weekend, I was not as nervous as I was compared to when we first met in real life. I was happy that we were getting closer.

As the monorail started to depart, I stayed on the platform for a while, watching it slowly take its leave.


It had been a week since I’ve met Heath in real life, and three days had passed since the last time I saw him. I was looking at a psychology reference book on my tablet, because I had promised him that I would, until I heard the intercom ring. I looked up and headed for the front door. Then, I saw a delivery drone on the screen.

As I opened the door, the drone placed a large, brown cardboard box on the doorway. I looked down and reached for it, and it was reasonably heavy when I lifted it up. When I checked the slip of paper on the surface… I saw Heath’s real name written in the sender’s column.

“What is this?”

I had sent my address to Heath in advance via the messenger app, so that he could come over. But I didn’t get to know his address. I checked the printed slip on the box, indicating that it was from New Tokyo. It even included a room number of an apartment. 

I took the box to the kotatsu and opened it.


I was surprised. Inside the box, I saw a set of the latest VR connection devices, a card that would allow me to download the VR space and software to install learning materials – VR studies, English, and even Psychology.

“This is…”

In a panic, I took out my phone and texted Heath.

-Heath, I got a parcel from you.-

The message was immediately read, and it was not long until I received a reply.

-Starting today, I’ll teach you to study at night. Be prepared.-

I replied, -Will that be fine with you?-

-Of course. We don’t get to see each other that often after all.-

Heath said he was serious about teaching me how to study. I would love to, but I couldn’t afford the devices for it. Though, I did plan to borrow those from him before this.

I was thankful. I texted again, -I’ll use them with care. I’ll return them to you in their best condition after I’m done.-

Heath replied, -No need to trouble yourself over it.-

This was how I ended up meeting Heath every night in the VR space ever since. I did ask him when it would be convenient for him before we set up a meeting. As for me, I took a leave from the university, and the government was providing aid to the victims of the attack, so I was free for the next six months. I even thought of getting a part-time job. In a nutshell, I had enough time to spend with Heath.

Today, Heath and I promised to meet in the VR space at 8 PM. I nervously logged in one hour prior…

I immediately met Heath.

I understood that it was for my studying session, but I was still happy to see him.

The VR space was a room with a dark brown desk, two chairs, one large screen monitor, and a bed. The room had white wallpaper made from inorganic material. Overall, it looked like a room in a mansion. This room was a space that could be owned in VR for personal uses, it would be equipped with a desk and a bed by default.

After checking the general information about the space, I found out that there was no R18 code, which meant that virtual drinking, smoking, and sex were allowed here. After all, there were certain limitations in the VR world, and that also applied to the games.

Pulling up a chair, I sat there and checked the software I had installed with the card. I still had problems in reading English, but I had learned the basics of VR in university, so I could vaguely understand the first part.

As I was looking at the software, a voice made its way to my ears. “You’re early.”

It was Heath’s voice. I turned around and saw him standing there. We both were using our real life appearances, but merely in plain clothes.

“This VR equipment is amazing. It’s the latest model, and it’s so realistic.” I commented.

“It’s because I removed the sensory restrictions, just like from the time where we were unable to log out.” Heath explained.

“Oh?” I was surprised.

Heath added, “In the latest models of the VR devices used in medical procedures, they are often deactivated for greater accuracy during surgery.”

“That’s… not only are they the latest models, they’re innovative as well…” I said in amazement.

“Yeah. I bought it from a supplier who provides for the university’s research too.”

Heath said as if it wasn’t a big deal. He touched the table, which caused two cups to appear.

“Have a sip,” He offered.

“Wow. It’s like a real drink…” I said after tasting the virtual drink.

I was surprised by what my taste buds had sensed. It was as if I was back to the time where I was unable to log out again… I had no idea that VR studies had evolved to such an extent.

Heath went to the main purpose, “Well then, I’ll teach you languages every day. First, we’ll start with English, and as soon as you finish that, you can use the rest of your time to do VR studies. You can learn psychology on your own in your spare time, since I can’t teach you that.”

“Roger that.”

And so, the study session began. I was translating the English text on the screen shown by the tabletop. Heath, who was standing behind me, bent down and traced the part I had mistranslated using his finger. As he did, it turned red. 

As Heath drew closer to me, a sweet scent from him wafted and made its way into my nostrils. I recognized it as the smell of shampoo. Inhaling Heath’s scent was made possible due to the disabled sensory restrictions, which made me nervous while I was studying. Since he was bent over me, his hair tickled me at times.

Soon, we spent about two hours mainly studying vocabulary and reading long passages. At 10 PM, Heath taught me about VR studies for about thirty minutes.

Heath checked the time. “Now, it’s 11:30 PM. Maybe we can stop for today.”

“Okay. Thanks, Heath.”

“We should immediately head to bed,” he suggested.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Heath, what time will your classes start tomorrow?”

“After lunch,” he replied.

As I listened to Heath’s answer, I got up from my chair. Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms wrapping around me from behind, pulling me into an embrace. I gasped for air, until Heath grabbed my chin. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips onto mine. It was so sudden that I forgot to catch my breath, I froze in his arms as he kissed me passionately. It was as if we were back in Night of Grand Guignol again, where I’ve been held intimately by him like this before.

Heath pulled away, “We should go to bed.”

“Huh?” The freshly kissed me was dumbfounded.

“You don’t want to?”

Heath smiled kindly, but I could see the lust swirling in his eyes. My cheeks turned warm, and submissively, I closed my eyes.

“It’s not like I don’t want to…” I shyly muttered under my breath.

“Anything wrong?” He asked.

“No,” I denied. “I thought that we were only here to study…”

“It’s only for two and a half hours. It’s going to be like that everyday except for the days I’m going to see you in person, unless there are circumstances. It’s more efficient to learn like this rather than to push yourself too hard. That being said- the rest of the time should be spent with me.” Heath assured.

I completely gave in. “Okay…”

I opened my eyes, and fixated my gaze towards Heath. He pulled my arm and led me to the bed. For the rest of the night, a new experience had begun for me.1

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