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[Extra] afterwards 5: Hot pot

Tomorrow is Friday. Heath’s coming over to stay for the night. He said that he would spend the night at my house on Friday and Saturday, and then return on Sunday. I thought “I can’t wait to see him,” and looked at the roomba. It was moving, spinning around on the floor. I’m wiping the window. 

Today, I am spending the whole day cleaning. Even though my house isn’t that messy to begin with. But since Heath is coming, I wanted it to be sparkling clean.

“Let’s see, next is the sink.”

Afterwards, I made the kitchen sparkling clean. It’s a 1DK room, so it’s not hard to clean. I also checked the cutlery and made sure that there was some barley tea ready in the fridge.

“Ahh… I’m nervous…”

There was only one bed, of course. However, there is a sleeping bag left behind by Nachi who comes to stay once in a while. When spread out, it becomes a futon. Fortunately, there are two blankets.

“I’ll let Heath sleep in the bed… or we can sleep together…”

I blushed as I imagined it. It feels like the pleasure that was taught to me in-game has been smouldering inside my body. But I can’t say for sure that Heath desires my body. This is because there’s a certain number of people who think that sex between men is only good in VR.

I glanced at the nightstand. Inside, there’s a box of condoms that I bought today at a convenience store. I bought one for the first time in my life. I was nervous. I selected a box that reminded me of his size in VR, and I was astonished to find that my body clearly remembered Heath. Of course, I am still without any sexual experience in real life…

I had a hard time sleeping that night because the nervousness and the desire to see Heath as soon as possible was lingering in my mind. And the next morning, I woke up strangely early.

ーAnd so, Friday came. I picked Heath up at the station. 

Apparently, Heath and Mao will be coming separately today. Mao seemed to have arrived earlier because his work could be done remotely, so he had now met up with Nachi. I waited for Heath, alone on the platform, enduring the winter breeze.

I heard an announcement and the monorail that Heath was supposed to be on arrived. 

I had been told the number of his seat, so I waited in front of the door with that number, and a little while later, I saw Heath.


“…Ah, yes. Well, after this, we have to transfer platforms to the local monorail line, and in three stops we’ll be at the closest station to my house.” 

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Heath nodded and casually touched my hand. I flinched involuntarily, and he grabbed my hand. 

Since romance between men is nothing new, no one cares about it. 

We got on the escalator side by side and headed for another platform. Then we boarded the monorail just as it arrived. We stood by the door, holding hands. It was now six o’clock in the evening, and I could see a few working people heading home.

It was already dark because it was winter. Because of that, we could see the illuminations better than the other day.

“I believe we’re having hot pot, right?

Heath’s voice brought my gaze back to him.

“Yes. I chopped the vegetables!”

I assumed that if we had a hot pot for dinner, it would be impossible to mess up. The time had come to use the clay pot and small stove that Nachi and I had bought together last winter. Last year, the two of us had dark hot pot1 for Christmas. I remember we almost finished/completed the oden…

I also bought hot pot soup base and meat. But what worries me is that I believe that Heath is used to expensive, delicious food. I wondered if he would be satisfied with the 30% discount seafood hot pot set I bought. Well, I’m sure it will fill him up, though.

“Sorry to have you take me into consideration. Neji, you can be more comfortable with me, okay?”

Heath then squeezed my hand and I was startled. Just then, the monorail arrived at the station closest to my house. We got off the train and walked down the street to my house. My house is somewhat of a stylish apartment. The rent was cheap, but that was because the university had arranged it for me. It was a long and narrow building with one room per floor. We got on the elevator and I pressed the button for the sixth floor.

As soon as the elevator arrived, I held up the key to open the door to my house in front of the elevator. Then I looked inside and turned back to Heath.

“Come in.” 

“Yes. Pardon the intrusion.”

I locked the door as I watched Heath go inside and take off his shoes. I put the keys in my bag and untied the scarf that Heath gave me from around my neck. The hot pot was already prepared on the kotatsu. The cushions were also prepared- or rather, there were only two cushions, and they were always left out in case Nachi came. There is also a sofa for one person and other furniture just in case.

“You must be keeping the house clean.” 

“…I cleaned it up.”

Heath laughed throatily when I told him honestly.

“I don’t mind.” 

“Really? I feel like you like cleanliness, Heath.” 

“I don’t hate cleaning, but I have people for it.” 

“Y-you’re a celebrity, after all.” 

“Not really.”

It’s not that my family is poor, but we have never hired anyone to clean our house. Even the air conditioner was cleaned by ourselves.

“Take a seat.” 


“All right! Let’s eat. Heath, you said you like mushrooms, right? 

“Yeah, that’s right. You said you liked tofu.” 


We discussed what ingredients we wanted in the hot pot last night on the talk app. I turned on the stove and looked at the clay pot. And so the hot pot began. With my long chopsticks, I decided to be in charge of the hot pot. Heath was taking off his coat and I noticed it and looked at the hangers on the wall.

“Just hang it over there.” 

“Sorry about that.”

Watching as Heath stood up, I dropped the hard-to-cook vegetables into the pot first. Heath came back and sat down, and pulled out a box from the paper bag he had brought with him.

“That is?” 

“I bought these as side dishes.”

As he said this, Heath placed a few plates on an empty spot on the table. When the wrapping was removed, I saw a variety of side dishes such as pickled vegetables, konnyaku sashimi, and fried chikuwa.

“Did you make these, Heath? 


“You’re a hardcore player, even in cooking? 

“I’d like to say that I just prepared what I wanted to eat, but honestly, I just wanted to do something. I didn’t want Neji to do all the work. I’d be happy to master cooking for you, though.” 


Heath said jokingly, but I stiffened with happiness. So affectionate.. 

The hot pot we ate was delicious. 

As we sat around the hot pot together, I felt my nerves begin to relax, Heath is Heath after all. He may seem a little mean in some aspects, but I think he is really kind at heart. More than anything, I could feel that he loved me, and it made me so happy that I almost cried.

――After dinner, we took a bath. Heath went in first, and I went in next. I washed my body more carefully than usual, maybe I’m too conscious…


And when I left the bathroom… The t-shirt I had prepared was nowhere to be seen, as were my boxers and bottoms Huh? There’s only a bath towel. While I was wracking my brain, Heath appeared suddenly. He had a plastic bottle of mineral water in his hand, I hurriedly covered my lower abdomen with a bath towel.

“Well, my clothes…” 

“You’re going to wear them?” 


“You’re going to strip anyway?” 


“I thought you didn’t need them, so I left them on the sofa.” 


I’m pretty sure I turned bright red as I twisted the cap of the plastic bottle Heath handed me, and so, our night began anew.

TN: A box of condoms??? I don’t know how many there are in one box but it seems like a lot. I really don’t like Heath. But he can cook. And I am a sucker for delicious foods. I will try to like Heath.

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