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I Am A Slime

Author: Momose Wasabi

Translator: Hasr11

I seem to be a creature called a Slime.
The reason I say “seem to be” is because I was told this by my master.
A slime was quite a convenient creature, being able to absorb anything.
That’s why Master was overjoyed when he found me, and carried me home in his arms.

Because Master was a so-called “S-Rank adventurer”, he lived his life as a traveller.
He belonged to the race that called themselves ‘Humans’, and surprisingly, they weren’t wobbly.
Their bodies were not round, and his hands that stroked me even had 5 long protrusions on them. They were apparently called ‘Fingers’.
When I squished and squashed to try to mimic their shape, Master laughed.

I don’t know what it meant, but I was seemingly an ‘intelligent’ slime.
I could understand speech right from the beginning, and I could even wriggle and warp my body.
Master called it “Mimicry”, but I don’t quite understand what that means.
It’s just that I could make appear similar enough to humans, that my I couldn’t be discerned just by looking.
That’s why I mostly took on the shape of a human now.
Because there were traps in the dungeon, it was more convenient to take human form.
Just look.

“Master, I was stabbed.”
“Ah, a spear. Won’t you pull it out?”

Pushing out the spear from my slimy body, I returned to Master’s side.
There were many types of traps, but it was one that released spears when one stepped on it this time.
It didn’t hurt because I was a slime, but being skewered was nevertheless uncomfortable.
If I was round, maybe I would have turned into a dango(1).

“Master, Magic.”
“Do you know what kind?”
“Hmm, it goes brr brr.”
“Lightning, huh.”

If it goes brr brr, it’s lightning. I’ll learn it.
Sure, slimes can absorb anything, but it isn’t as if they are invincible.
Because you keep absorbing and absorbing and go overboard, your body will disintegrate.
That’s why I need to rest a lot after eating my meals and make sure I digest every.
Hmm, what was that called? Recovery?
The things Master says are quite difficult and not so understandable at times.

But, my life with Master is a lot more fun than what it was before.
It wasn’t bad bouncing about all by myself, but being with Master is much more fun.
He teaches me things I don’t know, and we even go Dungeon diving together.
When we defeat strong monsters in the dungeon, sparkling gemstones appear, and you get money when you sell them.
I wonder what money is.

“It might be late to ask, but you’re a male, right?”
“What’s Male?”
“It’s about what’s down there.”
“Hmm, I don’t quite get it. I simply mimicked Master.”
“Wait, I’m not that small!”

Is that so? Maybe.
The top of my head reaches up to his chest, and even my arms and legs are shorter than his.
If I try growing larger than this, I’ll end up lanky, so I’ll probably not do that.
Perhaps it’s better for Master to be the larger one?

“It’s good for you to remain small. It feels better to hug too.”
“Hm, Hmm? Master, we’re gonna do that today too?”
“You don’t wanna?”
“Not particularly, but, it’ll come out of my mouth.”
“It won’t.”

My clothes were rolled up and my behind was spread open.
Whenever Master thrust in deeply, it hurt and I felt a little breathless.
Even though I am a slime, why does this hurt?
Even though I’m getting skewered worse than the time with the spear, it feels warm and gentle, and the part around my chest feels tight too.

“Ah, Ah, Mas-ter……!”
“Feels good?”
“Nn, Hnn, good!”

When my insides are wetly filled like that, my voice escapes so.
My whole body feels hot, trembly and prickly. This apparently means I’m ‘feeling good’.
The place that’s squeezed and teased is my dick, and a milky substance comes out of it every time.
Master taught me that this was proof that I was feeling good.

“Ngah, ahh, I’m-Im coming!”
“Hold on for a bit more!”
“No, Nnn, dont, rub!”

My hand was pulled suddenly, and Master thrust deep within me.
As he teased and rubbed me there, he also played with my dick.
If felt my insides being forced up, and my body suddenly began quivering.
The sensation seemed to reach the back of my throat, making me let out a silent cry.

“Hah, you’re squeezing me wonderfully.”

While laughing in satisfaction, Master too let out the milky substance.
I immediately absorbed the released hot fluids that filled my insides.
Entwining our legs further, I lapped up the delicious fluids.
I wonder what You’re so erotic means.
As I tilted head to one side, Master patted me and smiled.
……It seems as if I’m being praised, maybe it’s a good thing?

We do lewd stuff at night, but during the day I do human studies.
How to count money or how to greet in a natural fashion and such.
When we aren’t dungeon-diving, Master is my teacher.

“Mas…Teacher, what is ‘love’?”
“Where did you hear that?”
“Uhm, Martha from the bakery loves Master. She said it’s a secret though. What’s a ‘secret’?”

“Ah, I see…it was Martha……”, Master muttered as he held his head.
Perhaps he is troubled.
Is the thing called ‘love’ mean being troubled?
For Master to be troubled?

“Umm, Ahh, love is rea-ly painful. When you think of the other person your chest hurts and you don’t want to let them go, that kind of feeling.”
“Does ‘love’ mean Master being troubled?”
“Umm, no, usually that isn’t the case, but you could say that’s true here.”

Love means your chest hurting.
Not wanting to leave the other person.
That’s what I feel when I think of Master.

But the thing called love troubles Master.
That is why, I can’t say I love him.
Hm, I got it!

“We’ll be going to a difficult place starting tomorrow. We might have to put studies on hold for quite some time.”

When Master says a difficult place, he meant a really difficult place.
The new dungeon was a much much more difficult place than I thought.
The path twisted and turned and there were many strong monsters.
I was strong among the slimes, but fighting wasn’t my speciality.
I couldn’t swallow them whole and absorb, so it couldn’t be helped.

“Are you Ok?”
“Ahh, I’m tired. Both the traps and enemies are unusual here.”
“I see.”

While thinking ‘I wish I could fight’, I toddled and checked the traps.
Carefully progressing little by little, we dived deeper into the dungeon.
We took turns to rest, and I was in front when advancing.
When fighting monsters, I would draw the enemy’s attention and receive an attack while Master fought it.
Still, Master was hurt and I am a little sad.

While I was electrocuted, flattened down and even became a poison slime, we went further and further in.
This dungeon was so difficult other people would give up. Even Master found it difficult.
He didn’t have the energy to do lewd stuff, and went to sleep dead tired.
Seeing Master like that, the place around my chest hurt.

If only I could fight.

Master is an S-Ranked adventurer, so he gets a lot of invites to join a Party.
It was normal for around five people to go dungeon diving, but Master was weird.
Even though diving alone is dangerous, and it is much safer to do it with others, master was always alone.
He even ignored Party invites.
“You’re there with me”, Master said, “If someone else is there, we can’t do lewd stuff”, he laughed as he thrust into me.

If I was stronger, Master wouldn’t be in danger.

As I concentrated and stretched out both my arms, I imagined lightning everywhere.
My image of sparks was perfect, but no lighting came out.
I was a little disappointed with it, but I moved on to the next magic.

“If you defeat the Boss, the dungeon will be completed. It’s only a bit more. Don’t lose focus.

At long last in front of the Boss’ room, Master took out his sword. While repeatedly nodding, I too rolled up my sleeves in excitement.
I had rested well the day before, so my recovery was perfect.
Master too said that he had recovered, so even if it was a strong Boss, we’d be fine. Or so it would be.
Let’s give it our all! Yeahhh!

While Master fought, I’d distract the enemy and focus their attacks on me.
Attracting the enemy’s attention, I’d take as many of the attacks targeted at master on me as possible.
Because I’m a not a human but a slime, I don’t feel pain.
Only swords and spears felt a little wiggly; I could absorb it if it was magic.
It’d be a disaster if either hit Master, so all I could do for now was diligently run.

The dungeon’s Boss seemed to specialise in Magic.
He only used physical attacks in the beginning; once he realised it was ineffective against me, he switched to magic throughout.
The sparking stuff was lightning, the stuff that was super hot was fire. If it was to this extent, I’d be fine.
What I was bad with was water and explosions.

I didn’t know how it worked, but water would cleanly cut my hands off, and explosion scattered my body.
If you touch the place where you got away, it will return to the original, but there is no such chance.
Hmm, it’s good.
If I touched the part that separated, I could go back to my original state easily, but there was no such time to spare.

“Oi, are you ok?”
“I’m okay. Master, are you hurt?”
“No! Didn’t you take all the attacks, idiot!”
“Hehe, I’m glad.”

I can’t attack, so I want to become Master’s wall.
I want to take all the attacks so that Master does not get hurt.

The Boss too slowly realised that he was in trouble.
As he struggled to death, he launched an attack on us and my body began to scatter.
If this goes on, I’ll become small.
Ah, but Master said that it’s better when I’m small.
In that cases I doesn’t matter—.

Master, whispered something and rushed towards the Boss.
Immediately following that, I had a bad feeling.
The Boss, why didn’t he run away?
Why wasn’t he attacking?
No way.


The exact moment Master’s sword slashed the Boss, his body exploded.
I slid into safety just in time, but the strength of the explosion was huge.
Blasted off from the corner and broken into pieces, my body smaller and smaller.
I tried absorbing everything, but I wasn’t able to and everything spilled out.
Despite that I pushed myself and absorbed, and my body began to fall apart from the edges.
Being blasted off and broken into peices, my bouncy self slowly disintegrated into the sand.

Ah, is this what it means to exceed your limit?

“Idiot! Why, you…!”

Asking me why, Master was strange.
I’d hadn’t done it, Master would have died.
I’m here to protect Master.

He picked me, who had been thrown away, up and thought me lots of things.
He was warm and gentle.
I didn’t feel lonely when we were together, but still my chest hurt.
Hmm, that, what did you call it?
Ah, yes, surely,

“I, love Master.”

Oh no. I shouldn’t have said that.
Master will be troubled, I have to always keep it a secret.

Master’s face crumpled up, and drops of water fell from his eyes.
That water, I wonder,
If he’ll teach me what it is someday…?

Huh? What happened to me?
Even though I exceeded my limit and my body was falling apart, why am I still bouncing about?
And I also seem a little bigger?
Did I eat a lot and become fat?

As I bounced around to confirm, Master returned.
He stood still for a second when he saw me, but immediately hugged me tightly.
It didn’t hurt because I’m squishy, but I was hanging in the air and it felt weird. When I don’t have hands I can’t hug.
I concentrated on that feeling and turned into a human just like before.
But, I’d turned bigger just as expected and my head reached upto Master’,s shoulders.
Ah, I’m done for.
Master liked me to be small.

“Hey, hey, Master, I became big.”
“…That’s right. That’s because I fed you the Boss’ core.”
“Eh, was it that shiny thing? Wouldn’t you get lots of gold with it?”
“……You Idiot.”

Master‘s face crumpled up and he hugged me tight again.
My shoulders got wet though, maybe the water was coming out again.
I wonder how it works.

“You’re all right, I’m glad.”
“Ehehe, Master—“

I was hugged by master and my hair was rubbed roughly.
I don’t get the complex stuff, but Master seems fine.
If so, then everything else is fine.

When I raised my head and smiled, Master gobbled up my lips.

…Now, what did this mean?

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hell is boring
hell is boring
2 years ago

look I’m really tryimg SO HARD to turn off my logic & shit
but how can you feel stuffed by a dick when you feel next to nothing nothing when being stabbed by a literal SWORD

1 year ago
Reply to  hell is boring

Lol who knows? Meat and metal differences?

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Ryuunosuke Hiro
3 years ago

Found a masterpiece

Red Dragon
Red Dragon
3 years ago

Such a masterpiece

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Bruh, this was so cute.

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