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Chapter 29 : The Case of the Attack on the Doll Princess.

It was just when I turned back and decided to return to the inn『The Bustle of the Pier』.

From the corner right beside me, a man with a fugitive-like loose and disheveled hair[1] appeared suddenly.

As if we were long-time acquaintances, he gave a casual 「Yo」 and took out his sword, brandishing it in a good-natured way that even made me think we were friends. He swung the blade downward.

It was too sudden.

Even though my mind perceived danger, my body did not heed.

If this continues, I’ll lose my life without even getting a chance to speak.

But that didn’t happen.

(Princess, run!)

It was thanks to Walf, who had been hiding close to me as a guard. He faced the phantom killer, holding his flame sword.


--My memories ahead of this are vivid enough to even puzzle me. Seeing a crisis on my life drawing near, my concentration power must have heightened to its limits.


The phantom killer was not surprised at Walf’s appearance.

He was calm, even grinning to show his filthy, yellowed teeth.

Swords clashed ーーAnd a strange thing happened.

Walf’s blazing blade made a creaking sound and froze. The phantom killer’s sword was transparent as if it were an icicle. It wasn’t ordinary. Perhaps, it was a kind of magical sword. But still, to win against a flame sword, just how much magic does it have?

Walf immediately let go of his sword. His judgement was quick but not fast enough.
Frost spread on his fingers, having touched the hilt a little. Walf, who was preserved in ice from neck down, tumbled.

The phantom killer was holding his sword with only his right hand. His free left hand was held up on the heights of his face, but he, for the second time, repeated the action of opening and closing his hand.

There were many instances when such an action that had no connection was the key to invoke magic, and it seems to be exactly that.
Three lances fringed with light appeared in the empty sky.

Their tips were all pointing atーーMe.


Walf couldn’t move a muscle. Kajero and Cactus-kun aren’t here. I didn’t bring along any dolls other than them to Malgaroid. Only I can protect myself, but it’s not as if I’ve done nothing up until now. While creating as much distance as possible, I wore the black lace gloves. It was my creation that I’d constantly been improving for the past two years. Woven with the blessing of multiple spirits, you can make a joke out of ordinary magic with just this one thing.

Simultaneously creating a barrier out of each magical power of each attribute, I was able to intercept the lances. Due to the limits of its power, I cannot create it anywhere other than before my eyes, but with thirty layers overlapping, there’s no way of it being destroyed in the first place. Even if such a situation arose, I’ll be fine. The one piece I’m wearing is special material, it won’t lose out to those suits of armor.

It’s my time to invoke magic.

ーーBut when I did so, I guess I seemed afraid and petrified of my possible death from his point of view.

「Watch out!」


From the evacuating people, a redhead called out.

Why is he here? Did he follow us?

No way. He must have passed here by chance.
More importantly, he was rushing as if to protect me. Moreover, he was running towards us from the other side of the magical barrier.

There was nothing I could do.


The Light Spears pierced through the thin leather armor. The pike turned up halfway through his back and then disappeared.
The red haired youth fell flat on his back. There was a huge hole on his chest. A deep red stain was spreading on the ground.

I didn’t even get the time to be scared or scream. The phantom killer’s second sword was drawing near.

I intended to dodge, even if it’s a hair’s breadth away. However, I was too late. I felt a sharp and hot sensation on my left arm.

I was cut.

The crimson blood trickled and collected quite a bit on the ground. I didn’t feel any pain. I wonder if it was because of the nerves.

The phantom killer showed a vulgar smile, his dry skin like a dead tree.

「You’re wearing such nice clothes. I was aiming to kill you, but I didn’t think you would have averted the sword. It seems a straightforward method won’t work.」

Actually, the strike before was to gouge deep into my back. The reason why that didn’t happen was solely because of the wind spirits I carried in my one piece.

「This, too, is a request. I don’t have any grudges against you……No, it’s not as if I don’t have any. I’m looking forward to what kind of face Feria will make. Kuku.」

While the phantom killer piled on more words, I felt him gathering magical power in his left hand. It seems he wants to produce those Light Spears again.

There were various kinds of magic, while there were ones that required you to chant a spell, there were also ones that required you to just think of it.

There’s a type that requires you to internally vocalize in order to knead the magical power. It doesn’t matter if the contents spoken are idle talk or anything else. The phantom killer is probably using that.

「In regards to killing you, I’ve got a tacit approval from the Magaloid Royal family. Even the knight corps won’t come.
ーーBrace yourself, Doll Princess.」

If the opponent was only holding a sword, I would have turned the tides over. Since the other party knew this, they decide to use magic. Letting slashes slip through while expanding the barrier was a bit too difficult. I’ve already called Kajero but there’s no guarantee I’ll survive long enough for him to reach me. It was a crisis-like situation.


Even so.

Despite the people being killed in front of me and my injuries.

Why am I so calm?
It’s as if my heart is made of walls of steel.

The phantom killer maneuvered both the sword and the spear. It seems he holds a grudge against Feria. I wonder if he’s the fourth fiancé who came up in the conversation a while back. Does he resent the fact that he was disowned after he did everything that he wanted to do? I had the time to make such a deduction.

I wonder if the armor is bestowing strengthened spiritual force. I don’t remember. Well, small talk is for later. I have to buy time.

And I had already thought of the means to do so.

During the time the phantom killer was incessantly talking while weaving his magic, I, too, hastened my own preparations. It’s something like a trick, but it’ll no doubt stop the opponents movements. If all goes well, it should be able to turn the sword’s magic, perhaps even snatch it away.

Just the thought of doing that is enough. As expected, that last thing I want to rely on is my prided technique.

「Just as the rumors said, you’re quite different from the other children. How about you show a slightly terrified expression instead?」

「I apologize, but I don’t happen to have any courtesies for scumbags.」

I unintentionally said it in a harsh manner.
When I use special magic, no matter what I do, the controls of my self restraint tend to waver. My expression must be a cruel and sadistic one.



The pendant on my neck has a water spirit dwelling in it. However, it does not have much practical use for it for doll magic. It’s a technique that mixes together with alchemy.

Strictly speaking, be it magic thread, magic formations or alchemy furnaces, they all need preparations. Although, I have the ultimate offering that will bypass the requirements.

The unintentionally spilt blood of a practitioner.

Moreover, I come from a family line that continued to practice magic since a long time before. That magic concentration cannot be compared with ordinary humans.

Right now, the phantom killer’s sword is soaked in my blood. I have finished the chant in my heart already.

The prerequisites had been completed.
Afterwards, I only have to put my mind into it, and utter some words.



「You praised my clothes just now, but that sword is exquisite too. It’s transparent and beautiful.

ーーThat’s why, give it to me.」


At the moment.

Despite the nonexistent shade amidst the summer, an awfully cold breeze blew. The frenzy of the people had just perfectly settled and a silence that reeked of falsehood came over.

It was the Spirits.

I turned my body as far as possible and pointed at “that”.

The phantom killer’s sword.

It looks to be extremely endowed with magic. Luckily, when it clashed with Walf’s sword, it became rather worn out. The Spirits immediately made that sword their own.


It was natural that the phantom killer was at a loss. His body was moving against his will, following what the Spirits wish it to. The left hand that had been raised for the sake of invoking magic was now grasping onto the sword along with his right hand. That blade turned towards his own neck.

It appears that these Spirits were of a high ranked existence. They brought the phantom killer’s body under their control very easily. It was a glad occurrence outside of my calculations.

「No, don’t kill him. Hand him over to Kajero. I have a lot of information to get out of him. For the time being, leave him in the corner.」

The phantom killer nodded to what I said. The person himself did not care about my intention. At the entrance of 『The Bustle of the Pier』inn, tautly stretching his muscles, he took a position of attention[2].

Well then.

The first problem may have been solved but it’s far from over. The person who collapsed protecting me.

I would hate for him to die like this.

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  1. Raw says ochimusha. Reminds me of this.
  2. Position of attention – a standing at attention posture mostly used in the military.
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