This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 138 – It Seems That the Tail is a Weak Point for Beastmen

As he struggled to pull himself together, Crash poured liquor into a cup from the tap of the new barrel.

“Crash, be careful not to drink too much.”

“It’s only my second cup. I’m fine. But more importantly, Jhal Gar-san, about Sage-san…”

Crash seemed ready to pursue the topic of Sage-san further.

That’s right. They were so close, like family. It was natural to be concerned.

“Why doesn’t he age? Isn’t that harmful to his body?”

[ Why don’t you ask him? ]

“Do you think I can ask that to someone who is hiding the fact that he’s the sage? Besides, he’s the kind of person who would never talk about his pain.”

[ Well, that’s just how he is. But are you okay with asking me such important things instead of asking him directly, young half-elf? ]

“I’m not okay with it… but, I’m worried. He’s very important to my mother, to me, and to my foster parents. I just want to help, even if only a little.”

Jhal Gar-san glanced at Crash, who had lowered his eyes, for a moment, then sighed and looked up to the heavens and said, [ Ah… ]

Jhal Gar-san seemed to be contemplating something, and he groaned while gazing upwards for a while.

[ I can’t say for sure without seeing his current form, but if the sage did what I advised him to do in the past, he probably looks the same in return for the power he got. ]


[ He came here in a battered state, nearly on the brink of death, because he wanted to save a woman. He received advice from a fellow elf. ]

“Fellow elf… perhaps, mother…?”

[ I can’t say for sure, but there was a time when we beastmen were said to govern the world’s wisdom. Due to some disagreements, we had to move to a remote area. Ah, but we still have good relations with the elves, you know? Well, elves are also a race that left the lands of humans, so there’s that. ]

When he was done speaking, Jhal Gar-san opened another barrel with a blow of his fist.

He grabbed it firmly and took another gulp with relish. 

Then he poured some more of the alcohol over his head.

[ In short, the question is whether he knew the method. I knew it, so I told him. But just the knowledge. I couldn’t grant him the power. However, I did know somebody who could bestow powers that aren’t available to normal people, so I told him about them. He hasn’t come by since, so I don’t know anything else. My sight is limited to the confines of this altar. Sorry I can’t be of any real help. ]

Crash bowed his head to Jhal Gar-san, who furrowed his brow apologetically, and said, “No, thank you very much.” 

He had a puzzled look on his face because he still didn’t understand Sage-san’s current situation. But, even if he asked Sage-san directly, Sage-san would probably just say, “I’m fine,” and that would be the end of it.

I reached over and patted Crash on the head.

I expected him to complain about being petted, but my expectations were subverted when Crash embraced me and said, “Mac.”

Yes, Crash was definitely drunk. He was really weak against alcohol. I gently took the cup from Crash’s hand while patting him on the back.

Jhal Gar-san, who watched us with a smile, took the barrel and gulped down some more wine.

As the alcohol spilled from the corner of his mouth, the petrification at his feet began to dissolve. I wondered what the principle behind that was.

[ Ah, that’s delicious. ]

With a look of bliss, he wiped the liquor from his mouth. His arm, which had begun to dry out and become petrified again, returned to its original fluffy state.

“Is that stone body a curse or something?”

When I asked, curious about the change, Jhal Gar-san said, [ Hm? ] and looked down at his body.

[ It’s not quite the same as a curse, but it’s similar. While I’m petrified, I’m conscious and I can see around here, but I don’t age anymore, so I can continue to keep watch without growing old and decaying. ]

“Is touching the stone part different from being cursed?”

[ It’s like residual magic leakage stemming from the petrification. However, it becomes a curse because it only affects humans negatively. Elves or beastmen wouldn’t be cursed if they touched it. ]

He said it nonchalantly, but I could only imagine how badly the human race treated the beastmen in the past.

“So, if someone was cursed by touching Jhal Gar-san, could the curse be lifted by splashing them with alcohol?” 

[ Regular alcohol won’t do it, but if you put a bit of effort into sourcing the alcohol, the curse could be lifted. I mean, there are usually things that can lift curses, right? ]

“No, it seems you have to go to the church to lift the curse. I haven’t been cursed myself so I can’t say for sure. But I want to try making an item that can lift curses.”

[ When we still lived among humans, neighbors and such could lift curses normally. Are curses themselves rare now? Before, there used to be a lot of items out there that were dangerous just to touch… Ah, that’s it. The Greedy King must have taken them all. ]

Oh, another unfamiliar term came up. Greedy King, huh? 

…But, wait. 

I felt like I might have read about someone who was called that.

It was from a story I’d read in a book that Crash and I used to study the ancient magical language. 

It said that long ago, humans lived on the same continent as demons. So, Jhal Gar-san lived a normal life there too? I could only imagine a very friendly village, where the neighbors were like your family.

[ Well, that’s all in the past. It’s a curse, you know. Mine’s the same, and probably other curses are similar. Normally, a curse should be easy to lift. Alcohol, prayer water, and something to cure any abnormal conditions resulting from the curse, I think. We didn’t need such things, so I forgot. ]

Wow, I got a really great hint.

But using only three ingredients… Could it really be that simple to lift curses?

Oh, but if the church was already making that potion, I might be out of luck with the existing recipe.

What should I do?

I kind of wanted to get cursed and try going to the church.

I took out a Cure Potion and handed it to Crash.

I don’t know if it would cure drunkenness, but since drunkenness was a status abnormality, it might help sober him up. 

Crash said, “Is this also alcohol? Thank you,” took it, and drank it down. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t alcohol.

As I internally chuckled, Crash’s slackened face gradually returned to its usual expression after finishing the Cure Potion. Ah, so he had been drunk after all.

“Crash, are you sober now?”

“Huh? Was I drunk?”

“Most likely, you were definitely drunk.”

I nodded firmly in response to Crash’s question, and he looked around for a moment, then blushed slightly. The alcohol hadn’t changed his complexion at all.

“Y-yeah, I definitely wasn’t sober. Sorry for hugging you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway, Crash. Can I get cursed?”

It was really great to have Crash around. After all, I could trust him with what came next. Thinking that, I asked him with a serious face, and both Crash and Jhal Gar-san widened their eyes.


[ Huh?! ]

The two of them harmonized perfectly. Their intonation was even in sync, with a “What are you talking about?!” kind of nuance.

But you know, if the church was using an item that lifted curses so easily, I could start the prime minister’s quest in a different direction.

I want to try it once. The curse removal at the church.

“Because experiencing it firsthand is the best way to understand how the church lifts curses.” 

Crash sighed heavily at my words.

“Yeah, but…”

“I thought it would be quicker than finding someone who’s had a curse lifted. Since Crash happened to come with me today, maybe you could jump me to the church. If not, I’ll come back another day.”

“I’m sure it would be bad for both my and Vidello’s hearts if you came back alone on another day. Honestly, I just came along out of curiosity, but now I’m really glad I’m here. You should thank me, Mac.”

“Of course. I’ll owe you for life.”

When I told him for life, he frowned in response, making me laugh involuntarily. Friends are what you should cherish. I can trust that he won’t ask anything out of my ability.

[ Hey, aren’t you gonna stop him, young half-elf? ]

“If you want me to stop him, I will.”

[ My curse is random, you know? You don’t know what kind of curse you might get. Are you sure about this? ]

“I’ll jump him to the church the moment he’s cursed, so unless it’s something that instantly ends his life, I can handle it.”

Crash replied firmly. Wow, what a manly thing to say. Crash was so cool.

[ I don’t think it’ll be something that instantly takes your life… ]

Jhal Gar-san sighed deeply, drank the remaining alcohol in the barrel in one go, and placed the empty barrel heavily on the cobblestones. Then, with a very disgruntled expression, he picked up the accessories lying at his feet, grumbling as he put them back on once more.

[ I’m definitely going to erase this ‘Legendary Hero’ thing someday… ]

Crash and I couldn’t help but laugh at Jhal Gar-san’s genuinely displeased voice. 

Now that the alcohol was gone, Jhal Gar-san would soon be petrified again.

Let’s come back soon with more alcohol to hang out again. Next time with Vidello-san. It would be fun to come with all three of us. 

[ I hope it’s a relatively simple curse. I have no idea what kind of curse you might get. ]

“Thank you. Oh, your tail is starting to stiffen. Can I pet it one last time?”

[ Wha- the tail?! No, the tail is off-limits. It’s like, you know, uh, touching someone’s tail, that’s not allowed. It could make me go into heat!1 If I get petrified while I’m in heat, I’d become a perverted stone statue…! ]

“Oh, so that’s how it is. I’m sorry, I won’t say I want to touch your tail anymore.”

I bowed my head to Jhal Gar-san, who stuttered clumsily with a flushed face.

Certainly, becoming a stone statue with a rock-hard certain something would be nothing short of embarrassing. It would definitely become a topic of conversation. The rumors of a cursed statue might take on a whole new meaning.

“Then shake my hand again.”

I extended my hand to Jhal Gar-san, who was gradually petrifying from his feet up. His hand wasn’t petrified yet.

Jhal Gar-san’s mouth lifted slightly when he saw the hand I offered.

He wrapped his large, sharp-clawed, fur-covered hand around my palm. Jhal Gar-san’s hand, which had no paw pads and looked like a normal person’s hand just with fur on the back, touched my hand as if caressing it, grasped it, and then intertwined our fingers.

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