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Chapter 2: I Want to Meet Him too!

As soon as the homeroom class was over, I got up from my seat in high spirits and ran up to Yuuta. 

“Now, let’s go home! Let’s quickly go home! Let’s immediately go home right now!”

As I was urging him, stamping my feet in impatience, he laughed at my state and got up from his seat.

Ever since we entered our senior high years, Yuuta, who had the same height as me when we were still in junior high, had grown up so quickly that he would almost bump against the top of the doorframe.

I, on the other hand, was sure my head wouldn’t even touch the top of the doorframe, even if I stood on tiptoe. I hated this difference!

Yuuta and I have known each other ever since we were in kindergarten. So, his house was like my second home and his mom was like my second mother. 

“I’m home~” 

As I went into his home, Yuuta’s mom, who was a housewife, welcomed us back. 

“Ara~ Ken-chan, welcome back.”

This was my everyday life. 

I entered Yuuta’s room and said, “So!” to urge him to continue the conversation that had been interrupted since lunch break. 

“The orb we got was a green orb and the ability inside it is [Flight].”

“For real?! I’m so envious! Then, what happened to that orb?”

“It only had 4 charges inside, so all members in my party decided to learn the skill. I also learned the [Fight] but my MP is too low so I can only float around for a few minutes.”

“Ahhhhhh! Flight! So cool! With that, it’ll be easier to collect the materials from high places! Rather, a swordsman who can fly, what’s with that?”

I sipped the drink that Yuuta’s mother had brought. 

“So, we cleared the secret dungeon and went back to Tre. Then the gatekeeper, who would always stand by the gate and say only ‘Welcome to the city of Tre’, suddenly became friendly and started a conversation with us. ‘This guy always lacks money so can you at least treat him to a meal?’ He quietly told us, so I was really surprised. Anyway, that dungeon searcher, his name was Sage, and I’m sure that there’s definitely someone controlling him. The way he walked wasn’t that of an ‘NPC’ at all.”

“Ah— The people in the city, the way they treated me changed as I became friendly with them.”

I nodded to Yuuta’s words, who had a serious face while telling the story.

Normally, NPCs would only say fixed phrases, but what was different in this game was that when we get to know the people, their treatment towards us completely changes accordingly. 

I had been making all sorts of potions1 and was selling them at the general store, so one way or another, I was able to get along with the people in the shop and now I could casually talk with them just like how I talked to people in reality. 

Usually, the NPC at the general store would say only ‘Welcome!’ but now, he would strike up a conversation with me when I occasionally went to sell bulk items at the store saying, “Ah, I’ve been waiting for you. Some items are nearly out of stock so can you make them?” I was quite surprised at that time. 

I mean, the name “Sage,” might be familiar to me, however. That person was a silver-haired beauty wearing a robe. It couldn’t be him… right?

“Hey, do you know the conditions needed to meet with the dungeon searcher?”

When I asked Yuuta, he shook his head but still replied back with his guess.

“Maybe it depends on your luck and personal level? I met him just after Yui reached above level 70.”

Luck, right… Was it really related to LUCK value? I remembered my status, in the case of Yuuta, he was a combat-type class and used a large sword, so I didn’t think it was related to a player’s LUCK value. But in my case, if my luck was lower, the success rate of items would drop. That’s why I had been raising my luck value with all kinds of equipment and items. 

Maybe it depended on personal level?

“I’m only at level 59 right now.”

When I sighed, Yuuta made a sceptical face.

“I think it’s better not to go there Kengo. How should I say it…? It was like a secret mission. We were thrown into an unavoidable battle and was forced to fight to the very limits. After everything was over, we were all ragged. It was really a close call!”

“Yuuta did? Ah—that’s… I’m sure that I probably can’t do it…”

I could fight anyhow, but I was still a production worker. 

Although, despite being a production worker, my level was still higher than others. It was because I had no choice but to raise my level otherwise I couldn’t even collect some of the materials. Even more, I play solo! But for some players who had been playing this game since the first day, they would have several connections, and as for material collection, it seemed that the top rankers provided them, so all they had to do was focus on production. I joined late so I didn’t have those connections.

“Ah— I at least want to see the orb, but I’m not good enough. Why didn’t I choose a combat profession?”

“Are you going to change jobs now?”

“No, I don’t want to do that either. Ah, I want to play ADO right now.”

After I’d heard most of what he had to say, I stood up immediately without idly chatting.

“Then, let’s meet again if we see each other in game!”

After that, I left Yuuta’s room. 

For now, it was time to login~ login~


I arrived home after walking for about 5 minutes, I quickly changed my clothes and grabbed my VR gear. 

When I was talking with Yuuta about this game, I couldn’t help but want to play soon. 

There were classmates who were also playing this game, but so far I had no idea who was using what avatar and I wasn’t planning to confirm it either, so I only talked about this with Yuuta. 

I put on my gear and turned on the switch, the low sound of the machine starting up entering my ears.  

I suppressed this impatient feeling and closed my eyes. 


When I opened my eyes, I found myself in my workshop.

I slowly rose from the bed I was lying on. Basically, you could log out from anywhere, but if you wanted to restore your HP and MP, you needed to log out on your bed. I wanted to move as soon as I logged in, so when I first got to my workshop, I put a bed in every room so that I could log out anywhere. Of course, one was in my workspace even though I usually used a sofa with a high backrest. 

“Okay. I was thinking of making this recipe, but today, I’m in the mood to hunt.”

I stretched out my hands, took out my sword from the inventory, and buckled it on my hip. 

After glancing sideways at the furnace that had been extinguished, I left my workshop. 

My workshop was in the city of Tre. It was two cities ahead of Uno, which was the city of beginnings, and is the third city where most people came to. 

The names of the city were based on Italian numbers, which I think was pretty straightforward, but it was easy to understand so it was all good. 

I walked through the city, sparsely populated with players and NPCs at a quick pace.

I wore a sword on my hip but all my main weapons were made through alchemy. My fighting style was to first throw bombs, a paralysis poison, and sleeping powder to weaken the enemies, and then finish them off with my sword. My job relied more on dexterity and luck than strength, so even if I improved my sword skill, I would still be a noob.

While walking through the familiar street, I was thinking about dropping by the general store to sell the excess potions that I made, and then going out into the field.

“Crash~ Good afternoon~ Buy my potions~”

As soon as I opened the door of the general store, I called out inside the shop. 

“Ah, Mac. Which potion do you have too much of today?”

A young man from the general store came out from the back of the shop. He had pointed ears so you could instantly realize that he wasn’t a human. 

It was hard to distinguish his gender from his appearance, and I secretly believed that this type of person was what you called a beauty, wasn’t it? When we became friendly with each other, I came to know that he was a half-elf and his mother had a high position within the guild. He also told me something like, “Please continue to favour my mother’s guild with your support.”

And ‘Mac’ was my in-game name. ‘Ken’ from ‘Kengo’ sounded like ‘Kentucky’ from ‘KFC’, and if there was KFC then, there was also ‘McDonald’. So my name ‘Mac’ was from McDonald. It was such a simple way to name my character but it was still a lot better than Yuuta’s in-game name ‘Takahashi’. Moreover, Yuuta’s party name was ‘Takahashi and His Merry Friends’. When I heard that name, I was relieved that I hadn’t asked him to include me in his party. Such nostalgic memories.

“High-Grade MP Potions. Kyle-san from the plantation had grown too much of the moonlight herb, so he persuaded me to keep buying. But I thought that it would be a waste if I don’t use it so I’ve been using it to make potions. Now, just as expected, I think I made a lot.”

As I was explaining, I kept taking out High-Grade MP Potions from my inventory, and then, Crash suddenly stopped me.

“Hey, wa-wait Mac!”

 I looked over and saw that the counter was piled up with a mountain of bottles. 

“Ah, sorry.”

It was because even though inventory can fit 99 amounts of a single item, if I brought out all those 99 bottles on the counter it would occupy about a large 10 square space so it would definitely be in the way. 

But yes, you might be right. It would be a hassle to put this mountain away from the counter. 

“Why are there so many people who pile up around me?…”

With a sigh, Crash began to put away the bottles. 

“Are there any other guys who would do things like this??”

“There was one just yesterday… ah, well they wouldn’t listen even if I told them this many times. Of course, that includes you, Mac.”

“I’m really sorry. I’ll be more careful next time.”

“It’s fine but I’ve already given up.”

Before, when I told him that I would sell the items in my inventory, he just bought them and that’s all. But now, because I became friendly with him, he would ask me to show him the goods and started giving extra fees to my items. What kind of system was this? Did my item’s quality improve because my pharmacist level had increased?

Anyway, I had sold around 300 items to Crash. I was satisfied that my bag had slightly become lighter and I left the store. Although, I still had mountains of High-Grade MP Potions.

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