This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 26: A New Friend?

A player appeared before me and started pulling out the thorns before I could say anything. After pulling them all out and seeing the wounds start bleeding, he made a fuss by himself saying,

“Uwaaa! Sorry! Looks painful! I’ll heal them soon so just be patient!”

Then, he took a High-Potion from his bag and poured it over my wounds. After confirming that the wounds were closed, he breathed out a big sigh of relief. 

“Good for you, then later!”

When that player was about to leave, I, who was still dumbfounded by this fast series of events, called out to the player in a rush. 

“Th-thank you! Player-san?” 

When he heard my voice, he looked back with a friendly smile on his face. 

“Ah. I’ve been playing for half a year! What about you? Have you been playing longer? Aren’t you a production worker? Isn’t it quite reckless for a production worker to be out here alone?”

I was reckless? Well, I had been seen staggering while my body was pierced by thorns, so it couldn’t be helped that I was seen as reckless. 

I thought that my personal level was quite high for a production worker and this area was like my home ground anyway. 

“I’m also a production worker. I’m working as a blacksmith. This whole area is a forest so I couldn’t get the minerals I need here and I wasn’t able to raise my level at all. I want to go further ahead to a place where minerals can be found in abundance but it’s quite difficult to go there. But I’m quite confident in my skills and I reached level 30 not long ago.”

He started talking about various things before I could answer any of his questions. I guess he liked to talk a lot. I was moving my healed arm as I was listening to him, and then he raised up his head and introduced himself.

“I’m Seven. Can we register as friends? I’ve been working as a blacksmith all the time and don’t go out often so I don’t have many friends.”1

“Ah, ok. It seems like we’re the same.”

I had become friends with a lot of NPCs though. So I guessed Seven’s situation was probably like mine. We were both production workers so after thinking for only a moment, I introduced myself and registered him into my friend list. 

Then, we walked back to the city. During the whole time we were walking, Seven was the only one talking so I could only just nod back at him.  

Before long, we arrived at the city gate. 

Vidello-san, who was standing at the gate, lightly waved at me and then, looking at Seven who was walking beside me, he spoke out the usual words,

“Welcome to the City of Tre. I hope you enjoy your stay here.”

But Seven, just like the other players, ignored the gatekeepers like they didn’t exist and went through the gate. Eh? 

As production workers, there were many situations where we would definitely have to get involved with NPCs. And yet, why ignore them like this?

I called out to Seven while tilting my head. 

“Thank you for accompanying me to the city. I still have some business left to take care of so let’s call it a day here.”

“Some business? What kind of business do you have at the gate? Ah, right, right. I’m now working at a simple workshop here so if you want to collect some materials, give me a call. I’ll tag along with you.” 

“Ah, ok. Please take care of me then.”

A simple workshop was the place where, as long as the players paid money, they could borrow the place to work.

Did that mean Seven was a blacksmith who didn’t have his own workshop? Was he like all the other players who just ignored the NPCs?2 And it seemed he wasn’t studying under anyone either. Maybe that was why he ignored the gatekeepers as if they didn’t exist? 

Even so, in Seven’s mind, it seemed like I was already regarded as weak. I was just careless today. I didn’t usually get injured like this, but it was too troublesome to explain it to him, so I didn’t bother to correct this poor impression he had of me. But anyway, I guessed he wouldn’t invite me to a hunt or material collection any time soon. I didn’t want to listen to someone talking to me all the time during battles anyway and I also had a lot of alchemy items that I needed to keep a secret. 

After seeing Seven off, I looked back at Vidello-san and approached him, while he watched me the entire time. 

“Thank you for your hard work today, Vidello-san.”

“And you too, Mac. Did anything happen today? Who’s that guy from earlier?”

I could see through his helmet that his brows were slightly furrowed and I knew that he was in a slightly bad mood. Was he maybe jealous? If he was really jealous because of his love towards me, then I was kind of happy. 

Even I got a bit jealous when I saw Vidello-san had to greet everyone passing through here as a gatekeeper. 

“He helped me when I got injured by a Porcupine monster a while ago. He’s a friend I guess?”

I did register him in my friend list so let’s say he was a friend. 

“Did you get hurt again…? Are you alright?”

“Yep, I’m fine. I got a High-Potion from that person.”

“You didn’t use your own medicine?”

“Yes, well… Ah, right! Tomorrow is Vidello-san’s day off right?”

As he kept asking about my condition, I diverted his attention by talking about tomorrow’s plans. He narrowed his eyes and nodded.

“I’ll be free from tomorrow morning. Mac, want to meet me…?”

Without warning, I was attacked by his low, sexy voice so I felt butterflies in my stomach! But-but I ended up lowering my head dejectedly.

I had school tomorrow so I could only log-in in the evening….!

Waaaa, I shouldn’t have brought this up in the first place!

“Um-um…. if it’s at night… I think I can…”

I stammered my words because I felt apologetic, and another gatekeeper-san who was near me whistled. 

“Mac, you’re one aggressive fella. Aren’t you still a minor? And yet, you seduce Vidello. Mac is such a bad boy~”

“Eh, ah, th-that! I didn’t mean it like that…!”

That was because I could only log in at that time! I hesitated to say it out loud as soon as I thought about this, so in the end, I was made fun of by the gatekeepers, but still, I promised to meet with Vidello-san tomorrow. 

My cheeks became rosy when he looked at me. Instead of stopping them, Vidello-san had a proud look on his face. Vidello-san wasn’t planning to hide our relationship at all. I was a bit embarrassed, but I was kind of happy. I like you❣️

The next evening, I went to Crash’s store to stock up on more bottles.

“Ah, it’s been a while. You’re back to normal. It’s a pity.”

“Don’t tell me that.”

“Then, are you going to wholesale something for me? We sold a lot of potions recently so we’re nearly out of stock.”

Crash cheerfully said he would leave this to me while sweeping dust off the goods with brushes. 

Come to think of it, I also heard this gossip from Kyle-san. Even at Crash’s place, potions were low in stock. Was there a large influx of new players?

“I haven’t been making potions lately. My hands were tied with matters involving Kyle-san’s farm.”

“Then, isn’t it about time you make a new potion for my store? It was tough seeing you having so much fun with Vidello that you didn’t even have time to buy a single pair of underwear.”

“Nononono, it’s just I didn’t know where the shop was! And Kyle-san already told me its location! I can at least buy my own underwear!”

I yelled at him, but after I saw his smirking face, I finally realized that he was teasing me. 

“Do you still have bottles?”

“I still have enough bottles for the store wholesale.”

“There are still other uses for them.”

Then, after promising Crash, who was grumbling a bit about something, to fill half of these bottles with High-Potions, the store door opened. 

“Welcome! What can I do for you today?”

“Hey, Mac.”


Seven, who helped me yesterday, entered the store. As Crash was welcoming him with a business smile, Seven only looked at me and started talking to me.

Crash was just talking to him and yet… 

“So, Mac also had business here. I thought of selling the weapon I made here.”

“I see.”

As he was saying this, he went to the counter and opened his inventory. 

After sliding through his inventory list without uttering a word, he transferred his item, and Crash replied back with, “Thank you for your constant patronage. If you need anything else, please come again.”

There was no conversation between Seven and Crash. 

“I thought the price would be a little higher. Maybe the minerals here are a little lacking? Mac, are you going to collect materials today? I’ll accompany you if you’re going.”

“I don’t have a plan to go out of town today. I’m sorry but thanks for the offer.”

“I see, then, call me if you’re going!”

He waved his hand and left the store. 

I couldn’t tell exactly why, but my heart felt somewhat gloomy. 

“Seven completely ignored Crash.”

It was proof that he was seeing Crash as an NPC, but this was completely normal. 

Crash had a bitter smile as I was frowning.

“It’s always like that. There aren’t many oddballs like Mac who will greet me every time. Don’t worry too much about it.”


All the NPCs here were the same as us human beings who could think, laugh, and also….

I suddenly remembered doing that with Vidello-san and at that instant, all the blood rushed to my cheeks.

Then, Crash burst into laughter.

“Mac, what are you thinking about? Aren’t you in a festive mood because you have a date today?”

“Eh?! What’s so wrong about it…..”

What he said was so true that I couldn’t say anything back. Then, looking at my reaction, Crash laughed even harder.

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1 year ago

it’s so terrible that no one else seems to talk to the NPCs…. it must be so lonely for them 🙁

2 years ago

“I was a bit embarrassed, but I was kind of happy. I like you❣️”

The sincerity of the “I like you” in this sentence <333 Such a simple sentence but so cute

2 years ago

So the matter of their date even spread to Crash lolol
I find it so strange that the players ignore the NPCs so hard. I mean, they are talking to you, at least you could greet them and say a thank you? D:

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

2 years ago

GAH I caught up. Then again it’s 6AM for me now.
Thanks so much for the update. Mac and Vidello are so cute ❤️