This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 27: Item’s Effect

I ended up spending more time at Crash’s shop than expected, so I rushed towards the gate. 

Even if that wasn’t the case, this was going to be my first date in almost a week and I didn’t want to be later than I already was. 

When I called out to the gatekeeper-san who was standing in front of the gate, he rang the call bell as if he already knew. He was a different person from last time and yet he was already aware of me. The person I knew from that time was standing on the opposite side. It seemed he was no longer wearing a bandage so his arm might have healed completely. I was glad.

Even so…

“Perhaps, has it already become a well-known fact to call Vidello-san whenever I come and he’s still inside the gate…?”

As I shuddered at the realization that our relationship was totally seen through, Vidello-san came out from inside the gate.

“You’re late today. I’ve waited for you long enough.”

“Um, I’m sorry.”

As I was surprised by his words and apologized, he laughed saying, “It’s a joke,” and shook his head. 

“Waiting for Mac is fun, too.”

Vidello-san, who was laughing, just how experienced are you with relationships? Now I felt that my heart had instantly broken…

As the gatekeeper near me kept laughing while looking at me, my whole face became flushed and my mouth kept gaping open because of embarrassment. I also overheard him murmuring about me being cute or something. Was he joking around?

What’s more, Vidello-san said with a smile, “Why are you telling me about such an obvious thing?”

I hoped you wouldn’t give them such a serious reply. He also told them that I was already his, so he would never give me to anyone. When he said that, I felt like running away from there instantly. Vidello-san, you are the only one with strange tastes who would love me this much.

“Vidello-san, let’s hurry up and go to my workshop…!”

I couldn’t endure this situation any longer because of my embarrassment so I pulled Vidello-san by the sleeve and told him that, but the gatekeeper-san made fun of me saying, “You’re so bold!”

Stop teasing me already! But what they were saying was half right, so it was painful enough that I couldn’t retort back to them shouting, “You’re wrong!”

Together with Vidello-san, I entered my workshop and closed the door. 

In this game, you could buy a house with the land and the building itself. Most people could afford one, that was of course if you paid money, but only if there were buildings left. I came early to this city along with the flow of players, met and talked with Crash and also with Kyle-san. I was wavering whether I should advance to the next city or stay here, but finding a [Real Estate] in the back alley was a turning point in my destiny.

It looked interesting, so I dashed into the store, and there was a workshop-like house in the vacant property and the price was reasonable, so I immediately signed the contract. 

It wasn’t the same as the real world, where you had to pay a housing loan for nearly a decade, but it was an affordable price I could even pay with about 10 installments spread across half a year, starting from the date of the contract. However, I still had a duty to pay tax to the feudal lord here, but it was a negligible amount, so I was paying the tax obediently.

I also became very friendly with Crash, so I decided to make Tre my base. Since then, once in a while, I would visit Yuuta’s group in the next city but basically, I had become a resident of the City of Tre. 

Basically, my workshop couldn’t be accessed by anyone but friends I registered. In addition, if I didn’t specify which friends from my friend list, they wouldn’t be able to set foot in my workshop. If this wasn’t done, there would be burglary everywhere and it would damage the public order of the city. The real estate agent complained to me that they had to shoulder this responsibility, so the cost of the damage was not a laughing matter to them. But he said this couldn’t be helped because this was done to protect customers from criminals. Such a good person. 

Therefore, at the present time, only me and Vidello-san could enter my workshop. 

I tried to add Kyle-san and Crash but they didn’t move that much from their places, so I was told that it was meaningless. Too bad.

I thought about adding Yuuta, but I would definitely be teased by him in many ways so I didn’t bother. By that time, he had already crossed over the desert city and even went ahead to the next city, so Yuuta wouldn’t come back to Tre anyway. 

I also had an alchemy cauldron in my workshop, so I didn’t want to let anyone in unless I was sure I could trust them.

I made Vidello-san comfortable at my workshop and then I made tea in my well-equipped kitchen. 

It was already time for dinner so maybe we would have dinner together.

As I was thinking, I went back to Vidello with a cup of tea in my hand. 

Vidello-san was watching me the entire time without even checking my room. 

“Somehow, I’m happy to be treated like this.”


As he accepted the cup, his eyes narrowed with genuine happiness. 

My heartbeat became faster when I saw his face. The destructive power of this smiling, handsome man was several times more powerful than my defenses. 

“To be able to have this cup of tea that you make, it’s like we’re a married couple.”

I was overwhelmed by this. 

I couldn’t believe a cup of tea I made could make him this happy.

I could make this anytime for you, Vidello-san until your belly is full!

“Should I make dinner? I have a lot of ingredients here. I can also make a special meal using alchemy? It’s a unique meal you can’t get anywhere else, you know?”

“Ah, I think I’ll pass on the alchemy food. But I would like to have Mac’s homemade dinner.”

Don’t be shy there! I can make as many as you like! I really, really like you! 

I got too excited and treated Vidello-san with my homemade dinner using all of my cooking skills. I should raise my cooking skills more. 

And then, I took out that thing.1 There was still plenty of time and tomorrow was the weekend so there was no school. I didn’t have to log out tonight.

“I tried to make them in various ways and small, medium, large ranked items came out. Their effect duration is also different.”

“Is that so?”

Yep, various strengths of [Growth Activator] were lined up in front of Vidello-san. When I tried to change the ingredient ratio, I was able to make three kinds of the same item. The medium one lasted 36 hours, so I guessed small would have a shorter duration, and large would last longer. I didn’t know the exact effect duration because I hadn’t tested it out yet. 

Yes, I was so ready for this! Even when I was at school, I felt so restless that I dashed home. Yuuta was suspicious of me, though. 

Because today was my date with Vidello-san?! It was our precious time together. 

“But Mac, is it fine to use this?”

Vidello-san asked me with some concern looking at the liquid in the bottle.  

“Is there any burden or effect on the body?”

“If there’re side effects, I don’t think we’ll be able to use them on delicate plants. Originally, this is an agricultural item that makes the plants grow much faster while still remaining healthy. Its taste is, well, strange but…. Is it a NO? You don’t want to do it with me?”2 

I wanted to have sex with you, Vidello-san. As I looked up at him, he stretched out his arm, saying, “Of course I do.” 

I was hugged and kissed. 

Our tongues were entwined to our hearts’ content and as I was still melting from the kiss, Vidello-san parted my lips, leaving behind a lingering aftertaste. 

Vidello-san stretched out his hand towards the small rank [Growth Activator] and stared at it. The color was a little lighter compared to medium, so it was a perfect shade of cherry blossom. It was beautiful. It was more sakura pink than normal pink. By the way, large was bright pink, so bright that it hurt my eyes. 

“Just loving Mac, who’s still a minor, will burden your body, and yet, it’s painful to know that only Mac has the ability to offer this option…” 

I heard Vidello-san’s murmuring and this made my heart beat faster than before. Why was he this cool even on the inside? I really like you. 

I hoped you wouldn’t make me fall in love with you any deeper than I already was. My heart was beating really hard, so it was kind of painful. 

Before he could object, I grabbed the bottle of the small [Growth Activator] and drank half of its contents. 

The taste was the same as before, somewhat sweet, slightly bitter, a taste that was difficult to describe. 

“Wait a bit, I’ll go rinse my mouth.”

I thought it would be terrible if some of the liquid that was still left in my mouth would affect Vidello-san, so I stood up from the seat but then, I felt like something was wrong with my line of sight. 


As I looked around, the dried herbs that used to hang near my head were now right in front of my eyes. I wasn’t supposed to see this without looking up?

Was this [Growth Activator]’s effect? Wasn’t I becoming much taller than before?

“Mac…are you really sure there’s no burden on your body?”

I felt like Vidello-san’s face, who was looking up at me from a seat, was much lower than usual.

“Nothing in particular, but my field of vision seems higher…”

It was as if I was always standing one step on the flight of stairs. Amazing!

As Vidello-san quickly stood up from the seat, his face was almost right next to mine. 

“Maybe, aren’t you becoming taller than before? In my point of view, Mac looks older than me.”


I ran to the body-length mirror in a panic and looked at myself. 

Reflected back was a man in his 30s, wearing my robe. 

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You shouldn’t play around with stuff of which you don’t really know how they work x’D

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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The way he sincerely says “I really like you” really bluntly throughout the chapter is so cute ahahaha

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LOLOL HE LOOKS OLDER THAN VIDELLO XDDD ripp good luck. Maybe you should wait until ya an adult them bottles of growth formula are too unpredictable.

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