This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 037 – Is it possible to change jobs?

Vidello-san was looking at the caterpillar fungus I took out with a strange face. By the time I met with him, he had already gone to Kyle-san and got his permission. 

When I took it out, he said, “This…” and fell silent. 

“Is this really dangerous?”

“It’s not about getting caught or something like that, it’s quite the opposite. Especially, this one.”

And he pointed to the caterpillar fungus with fiddlehead fern-like fungus growing on it. 

“This, you know, is so rare that if you sell only one of these you can live extravagantly for five years with no worries, and even then, you will still have money left. These two here have different values, but they’re still rare products. You can only get a handful of them. But there are so many of them…. If the people from above learn of this, Kyle’s farm will be used solely for the purpose of producing these fungi. He will definitely never again be able to make what he wants freely, like he does now. It’s a good decision that he didn’t reveal them publicly. And Mac—?”

Vidello-san looked at me with a serious face. Vidello-san was still cool even while holding that bug. 

“If you took this out in the open, I think your life would have been in danger. I’m just saying that this is how valuable this thing is. You must never show this outside without great caution.”

As if to warn me, Vidello-san said with a serious tone, so I obediently nodded. 

I could never take this out as I was already afraid of these bugs. I also wouldn’t like it if a friendly, smiling person suddenly tried to attack me.1

And this was the most important point—if Kyle-san’s plantation, which had always been a feast to the eyes with various types of herbs and vegetables, became a single field full of those bugs… I would never be able to set foot on his plantation then.

Such scary things all lined up in those vast fields… It was a picture from hell…. I would never take these out in front of people; I would absolutely never do it. 

Vidello-san relaxed his expression as if to soothe my paled face. 

“If you’re in danger, I will protect you to the best of my ability. It might be better if I quit my gatekeeper job altogether and become an adventurer instead. Then I can always work together with you… That sounds like a great idea.”


Vidello-san brought up something strange. 

If you had a fixed job, was it even possible to change?! But giving up a gatekeeper job to become an adventurer was like giving up a civil service job to become a part-timer, right?! How could he bring up such a frightening thing?! 

“Is it really that easy to quit as a gatekeeper?”

“No, I don’t think it’s that easy. I’ve never quit this job, so I can’t tell you in detail, but the quickest way would be damaging my body. If I lost even a part of my arm or leg, I’m sure I’d be given compensation money and smoothly dismissed. A second way is to be selected by a superior knight from the royal palace or get a promotion; that way is also smooth. But city gatekeeper is a simple job, so there’s almost no way that I’d get selected, and if I were to go to the royal palace, I would have less time to spend with you than I have right now. The other easy way is to wait until I reach old age, or something like that. But to quit normally, I would need to deal with all those bothersome matters like procedures and reasoning.”

“Hmm. So it’s like that.”

I was listening to Vidello-san’s talk about the gatekeeper’s situations with a stupid face.

“When selecting the gatekeeper who stands at the gate, it is quite difficult if the person doesn’t have a strong, proper background. Selection is stricter than what is needed to become a knight. That’s why there are few people who can actually become gatekeepers. It’s because if we hire those without clean backgrounds, there’s a chance that that gatekeeper will let bad guys into the city through the back door. On the other hand, it truly depends on one’s own ability to join the knighthood, so anyone can do it. But if you are aiming for a higher position as a knight in the royal palace, you will definitely need backing.”

“I see…. So, you have a good background… That means, are you a noble or something? …What about your family?”

I had never heard about it, but I saw that even Vidello-san had a family or this world’s equivalent. I had never tried to understand it, but Vidello-san might have loved ones in this world too. 

“No, I’m a special case. I can’t tell you who it is, but I was recommended by someone and became a gatekeeper. I’m more or less a guard for now and getting a fixed salary. I have no living relatives, but I’m perfectly capable of at least supporting you, so it’s all fine.”

Ahh, he was proposing to me with a sweet smile. But he didn’t have a family…

“Vidello-san, I’m sorry, did I ask you something I shouldn’t have?”

“No, not at all. Ah, but I’ll always welcome you if you feel sorry for me and say, ‘I’ll become your family!’ But it’s true that when I say, ‘If you’re in need of money, I’ll do something about it so I’m begging you. I don’t want you to sell those bugs.’”

Vidello-san, who spoke with blunt honesty, was too manly.2 But was it really okay to become family out of sympathy?

I thought people would definitely be happier if family was formed through a proper, loving relationship. 

“No, I won’t sell any of them. I’m planning to use them for alchemy in the future.” 

Because their names were probably in the alchemy recipes, I should keep them. I was sure I would definitely need all of them someday. But I had never thought that such things would be lying around all over the place, and I truly didn’t want them to be. I seriously meant it. 

Vidello-san seemed relieved by my answer, curling his lips up into a smile and looking fondly at me. 

And he gently reached out to my head over the desk…

No, no, there was something horrifying on the desk between us; I didn’t like this position!

In a panic, I threw the horrifying fiddlehead fern into my storage inventory, and I went around the desk, standing beside Vidello-san. Maybe it was because of the long feet of the chair, but he looked the same whether he was sitting or not. 

He turned his whole body towards me and placed me firmly between his legs. It was quite refreshing to look down at Vidello-san. 

Thoughtlessly, I ran my fingers through his beautiful blond hair, yanked his head to me, and planted a kiss on the locks at his crown.3 I could hear Vidello-san’s laughter as he continued looking down. 

I knew what people would say. That I was small, right?

I now knew the exact amount of potion to take, so I would properly become a young adult just like the first time! 

“Vidello-san, do you have time to make love with me?”

Tomorrow was a regular day for both of us, so a sleepover was a no-go. Also, my alarm would go off at 11. It was okay for me to log out here, but Vidello-san had to go back to his guard station. 

“Of course, no matter how short the time is I’m confident that I can satisfy you.”

You have th-that much confidence. You are so cool, Vidello-san! No matter how short the time was… Vidello-san, you are quite amazingly skilled… But the problem was that I would be the only one who would be satisfied in that short time, right?

“But I want you to be satisfied too.”

“I’ll be fully satisfied as long as I can see your cute, silly, sexy bedroom face. 4 That alone is enough for me. I’m happy just to stay with you like this.”

After saying that, he hugged me tight around my waist. 

Even I felt happy with words like that from a handsome man. But cute, silly, sexy faces were a little too much of a hurdle for me. I mean, that was impossible for me. 

I took out [Growth Activator : Small] from my storage inventory. Maybe it was because this was my third time, I wasn’t that hesitant to put it in my mouth. I was also used to its taste. 

I opened the stopper, licked a little of its contents, and returned the rest of it to my storage inventory. If I was in my room, I could use my storage inventory anywhere, so it was really convenient. 

I was afraid that I still had some of it left in my mouth, so I took out the stamina potion and chugged it down to wash out my mouth. I guessed it would be fine now. Vidello-san’s arms didn’t look like he would let go of me easily, so I couldn’t go rinsing out my mouth. In addition, I needed to build up my stamina; if not, I wouldn’t be able to endure his impassioned erotic attacks.5

After confirming that my trousers had been peeled off by the movement of his hands, I too wrapped my arms around him. 


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1 year ago

Hmm, I wonder if Mac could provide the guards with better potions or if the people above would notice that too and make trouble?

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶