This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 048 – All-Out Attack

The secret dungeon was an insect paradise. 

For me, who often went to collect materials by myself, insects were just the perfect target for me. 

But for Yuuta’s girlfriend, this dungeon was the same as hell.

The moment the insects came out, Yui shouted and made a fuss, “Kyaaaaaa! Noooooo! Don’t come near meeeee!” and blasted them with fireballs without discretion. 

Looking at the magnitude of those powerful attacks, Yuuta had a vacant look in his eyes, as though he had resigned to his fate.  

“I’ll, I’ll never make Yui angry again.”

“Did you make her angry?”

“Um, well, she looked really cute when I teased her, so I couldn’t help but keep teasing her. But, uh, I could only see a future where I would end up like that….”

Yuuta, even the love of the century could lose its flame… just kidding. 

Still, the concern in Yuuta’s eyes while taking in Yui’s tears was that of a proper boyfriend.

Yui was rampaging, attacking everything in sight, so there was no opportunity for us to attack.  

The others were also walking with bitter smiles on their faces. Just look at Sage-san. He was walking with his arms stretched behind his head as he whistled, occasionally muttering how nice this was. I agree, Sage-san, I agree. 

And Yui, please stop holding out your hands and appealing to me with those puppy-like eyes the moment your MP runs out. Yuuta was looking at me reproachfully. I would give you a high-grade MP potion, honest, so please stop. 

I brought along all the potions I could fit into my bag, so there was still plenty left. When I think about cruising along like this, I can’t help but hand these high-grade MP potions over to her, one after another.

“I’ll charge Takahashi later for the high-grade MP potions fee.”

“Seriously… It’s twice the regular price… Just how many bottles did she drink?”

“That’s the 13th bottle so far. As long as those insects keep coming out, she’ll keep drinking it. Nice doing business with you~”

“Damn. I just bought myself a new set of armor too, so I’m broke right now.”

I see, so normal players had to spend money for things like new equipment. As for me, I didn’t even buy a new weapon at all. I was able to get a good breastplate and robe, but compared to a  full body set of armor, the price difference was in a whole different league. 

“It can’t be helped. I’ll give you a friend discount. It’s now 1.8 times the price.”

“Ku… it still hurts.” 

Buying your girlfriend a drink, aren’t you a good boyfriend? Full respect.

“I’m joking, really. I can’t charge you for the potions fee when you all came just to rescue me, and all these potions were consumed during battle. If we can safely return without harm, I’ll give you as many as you need. Crash is also fine because of you.”

“Ken, Mac…”

Hey, don’t call me by my real name. I almost retorted whilst following Yui’s trails of destruction. What secret dungeon?! It’s a piece of cake!

The enemy insect monsters here were supposed to be strong. The monsters that I had been hunting alone in Tre forest were nothing compared to the monsters found here in terms of strength and toughness. The fact is, I would never be able to defeat them if I fought them alone. But Yui was somehow able to manage these monsters by herself. As expected of the ones who had constantly been fighting and raising their levels, her fighting style was completely different. Ah! Now I want to see the happy couple in front of me fight. I will say with confidence that Yuuta would get completely beaten to a pulp. 

We finally arrived at a place where insects were no longer appearing. It seemed like the next room was the final boss room. I was able to have an easy ride, but I was tired because I had been awake for so long. The reason why the ‘sleep deprivation’ status didn’t appear might be because I logged out once.

We decided to take a break, and I handed over a set of potions to everyone again. 

Crash was somehow in low spirits. He had been through a lot, so he might be tired.

“Crash, we can go back soon, so cheer up. Do you want to drink something?”


Crash looked up and his lips curved into a small smile. Then, he looked at me as if he was exhausted. 

“You know, potions aren’t a drink that can quench thirst. But if you’re gonna give it to me, I’ll take it.”

“So, you’re gonna take it! I can give you as many as you want.”

When I put 3 High Potions in his hands, saying this came at a special discount price, he looked down at them and let out a small sigh that was unnoticeable to anyone but me. 

“Thanks. I’ll pay for my drinks later.”

“No thanks and anyway, I’ll pay you a portion of your profit that I’ve ripped off from Takahashi later.”

“I’ll have to refuse. But… Sage-san, when I think of how he has been coming to this kind of place all the time…”

I see. So you were more worried about Sage-san than being tired yourself. 

Furthermore, this time Sage-san went alone into that forest to save Crash. 

But I guessed Sage-san didn’t want Crash to see this kind of scene unless an unexpected incident like this actually happened. 

Sage-san, who was a frequent visitor to Crash’s shop, had a playful air about him. Now, I’ve begun to realize that he had been trying not to let Crash notice. 

Such a strange relationship between the two. Just how were they connected? Was Sage-san actually Crash’s father…? But Crash said his father died saving him. Uhh…

“Ha! Maybe his stepfather?”

“Mac, what are you talking about?” 

All my speculation ended with his dismissive remark. 

Well, I couldn’t pry into his private life anyway. If it was a delicate matter, I might hurt his feelings. 

When I laughed at Crash, trying to play it off, Kairi suddenly extended her hand out from behind me. When I turned my head, there was a plump bosom, which was every man’s dream, just in front of me…

But Yuuta had said that ‘she’ was actually a ‘he’… At least, in regards to the part downstairs.

Crash and I received Candies from Kairi, but I still felt a bit conflicted about it. Then I took a glance at Yuuta and Brave, who were excitedly talking nonsense. No matter how much I looked at them, they looked like guys who were having a good time. And in reality, he was… Ok, I will stop thinking about it. 

In order to change my mood, I stood up, wiped the dirt off my trousers, and headed towards Yuuta.

Just as expected, the dungeon boss was an intimidating and strong-looking bird. 

But when I confronted this monster, I didn’t feel that it was that much of a threat. Even when the bird let out a war cry to intimidate me, I didn’t feel any stiffness at all, especially whenever I thought about how the previous monster was far more terrifying. Or should I say, I became resistant to it? It seemed like this was the same for Yuuta and his friends; they were calm and composed. It was as if they weren’t affected by it at all. 

Maybe it was because this was a boss fight, Yuuta began to grin, holding his sword, looking fierce. But the boss was flying. How was he going to fight with a sword? Just as I was thinking that,

“Mac, do you still have high-grade MP potions?” 

“I still have a lot.”

“Then, I’ll have a lot of them.”

Yui grinned and flew up into the sky. 

I could very clearly see that she was activating magic. Was this the flight magic they got before? It was so nice to be able to fly in the sky. But Yuuta, who was a vanguard, once told me that he could only float for a few seconds because of his low magic stat. Maybe I might be in the same state as him. I wondered just how much magic it consumed. 

For this aerial battle, Yui was leading, smashing the monster with large-scale magic as if to relieve all her accumulated anger and resentment from dealing with those insects until now. And it seemed quite effective. The monster’s HP gauge above its head was visibly decreasing. It was so amazing and scary at the same time. 

As if to stop its movement, a shower of rocks was fired from Sage-san’s magic circle. 

When the bird fell, Yuuta and Kairi ganged up on the monster, stacking up the damage.

I would also like to join them for a bit, so I grabbed a blinding potion.

When the bird was about to recover, I ran and threw the blinding potion at it, and as usual, the monster roared in pain and began to struggle. 

The blinding potion was effective against even the secret dungeon boss. That monster in the forest was just out of the norm. Let’s not enter that forest again until I can properly grasp its location. Ok, I would do that. I would never get close to that big guy ever again. 

As I watched Brave being attacked and blown away into the air by the monster’s rampaging tail, I returned to my senses, satisfied that I was able to contribute a little in the boss fight. Sage-san looked at me in amazement. 

“What did you throw just now? There aren’t that many things that work against such big monsters.”

“I’m surprised too. That is an alchemy item that can rob the vision.”

“No, it’s obvious that there is something besides blinding the target?!”

To be honest, I thought that this wouldn’t work on the secret dungeon boss because it wasn’t effective against that large monster, so its effectiveness came as a surprise. 

As if to evade his clever remark, I grinned, holding the High Potion in my hands, and ran towards Brave. If a girl was injured, I had to heal her! 

This blinding potion, even if someone asked me, “What is this?” all I could say was this was an item that I happened to make by chance. I was so filled with happiness when I got the cauldron that I just threw in random things that could pass as ingredients and accidentally made this. Sometimes weird things come out, so it’s not like I could stop doing alchemy. 

The explanation was [ Blinding Potion (Temporary): If one ingredient is different, its original effect won’t activate. There’s a 70% chance that this will inflict the enemy with each and every abnormal status. ] But right now, the monster was 100% suffering from some kind of abnormal status. Even until now, I still wasn’t sure what percentage was really effective enough. And I still didn’t know what kind of abnormal status it was afflicted with, but that ‘each and every’ part… I felt a little bothered by it. But it was called a blinding potion, so I would still like to think that this was something that robbed the vision. 

One thing led to another and the bird that had once fallen disappeared into the light, no longer able to flap its wings. Yuuta’s group’s all-out attack was incredible. It was such a one-sided massacre that even I felt sorry for the bird. 

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1 year ago

Haha, I can relate to Yui. I would go on a rampage too with so many insects surrounding one >__<

Thx for the ch :3