This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 049 – C-Clear…! Thank God!

“Sage! An orb came out! It was a green orb again.”

“Looks like it. But this time, I didn’t come here for the orb, so it can’t be helped.”

“Ah, that’s right! I almost forgot the fact that I ran away from that huge monster. I have to raise my level and take revenge on that guy.”

While giving a sidelong glance at Yuuta, who was overjoyed, I was quietly immersing myself in joy. With these members, we could safely bring Crash to Sette city. Besides that, we had plenty of time, and above all, it was great to see Crash smiling next to me.  

“After this, all we have to do is to go to the city of Sette, deliver the goods, and we can finally have peace of mind. I hope we’re not that far away from the city.” 

I said this as I had no clue as to where we were headed. Crash smiled and reassured me that it was okay. 

“Sage-san can draw a transfer magic circle, so we can return in no time at all.”

“A transfer… magic circle…?”

“He used a transfer magic circle when we came here too.”

“I didn’t know about that… It’s like the gods are telling me to learn the ancient magic language… just kidding.”

When I made a joke about how useful the transfer magic circle was, Crash’s eyes lit up. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you the ancient magic language. If I have spare time, we can conduct lessons in the backrooms of the shop.”

No, no, I didn’t have any spare time to do that. Because of the quest, I missed the chance to have a sweet time with Vidello-san both yesterday and today, so I hoped to make up the time with him. But I couldn’t say this to Crash, who was in such a cheery mood, right? If it was just a matter of looking at some books, it was probably fine, so I averted my eyes from him and nodded, making a vague sound of agreement. 

“Here, Mac.”

Suddenly, a large, glowing, green, crystal ball was handed to me. 

Surprised, I looked up and nearly collided face-first with an ample bosom. I felt like I was about to reach enlightenment in that moment. This cleavage was undoubtedly that of a woman, but she – Kairi – was actually a man on the inside. Taking into account the appearance of Kairi in-game, I was very curious to know what kind of person was behind this appearance. 

“Oh, I can try this out too?”

I asked Kairi while holding the crystal ball.

“Don’t worry, it still has two uses left for two more people.” 

She answered with a smile and left. Two more people, you mean both Crash and I would get a chance? 

When I chose the option ‘use’, a skill [ Storm Press ]1 that I had never heard of before appeared in my magic skill column. So this was the power of the ‘orb’. It looked like wind-type magic. Magic! I can’t wait to use it next time!

After I checked that the crystal ball had reached 5/6 uses, I handed it to Crash. 

“What? Me too?”

Wha-? His reaction was the same as mine. I walked away from Crash, bursting into laughter, and I saw Yuuta immediately trying out the magic, so I quickly went to his side to watch. 

A fluffy, transparent cloud of magic puffed out from Yuuta’s hands, floated over to a tree, and crashed into it so softly it barely fluttered the tree leaves. 


Looking at that adorable magic ball, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and burst out laughing with all my might. 

As expected of Yuuta! You always live up to my expectations! 

As I was convulsing with laughter, Yuuta, his face red with embarrassment, cast [ Storm Press ] magic at me, but it was nothing more than a little breeze that ruffled my hair. Thanks for the magic-fuelled fan! But it still lost to the heat of the jungle, though. 

With Sage-san’s transfer magic, we were teleported to the back room inside Sette’s adventurer’s guild, my stomach still aching from laughing at Yuuta’s attempt at magic. 

A tough and burly-looking guy, who was acknowledged as the guild master, almost burst into tears upon seeing Crash’s safe return. He flung his arms around Crash but was kicked away by Sage-san (to separate him from Crash).2

So, the situation was really that serious, for the guild master to cry like that. It was no wonder that the search quest was announced at such an unusually fast pace. 

The guild master took out something that looked like a phone and quickly contacted someone. 

“Is it okay to deliver the goods at the counter downstairs?”

As I was checking the delivered potions, Crash called out to me. 

“It looks like my mother was worried about me, so I’m going to ask Sage-san to take me to her, but what are you gonna do, Mac?”

For a second, I frowned as I took his words into consideration.

I would love to go back immediately, but I hadn’t finished delivering the goods. With Crash appearing in front of the guild master safe and sound, I had fulfilled one of the quest requirements, but I couldn’t be at ease until the goods were delivered properly. 

“I have to deliver the potions that I’ve been keeping safe for you downstairs, so I’ll just return later with another way. You should go back quickly to reassure your mother that you’re safe.”


Crash smiled softly, and nodded. 

“I’ll make sure to tell Vidello that you won’t be coming back yet, but he can rest assured because you’re together with Takahashi.” 

“Hey, wait, Crash…? If you say that to him, I feel like he’ll misunderstand!”

“I’m just kidding! It’s a joke, okay? I’ll just tell him not to worry. But I’ll wait for your early return. I still want to teach you the ancient language, you know.”

“Ah, okay, thanks…”

Even though I was exhausted from his bad joke, I waved goodbye to Crash, who was grinning from ear to ear, as he disappeared together with Sage-san. 

It also seemed like Yuuta’s group was planning to notify the guild about the quest clear at the counter downstairs, so I joined them.  

“At any rate, it’s a miracle that you’re safe and sound, even though you were in such a dangerous situation, Mac.”

While walking down the stairs, Yuuta muttered these words softly to me. 

It really was a miracle. I could barely believe it myself.


“If I failed this quest, Crash wouldn’t be here.”

“But, weren’t they just bandits aiming for the goods? That’s what the quest said.”

“No, it’s wrong. They were after Crash. They didn’t care about the goods at all. I felt like they planned to kidnap him, or maybe kill him. That’s why we had to run off into the forest.”


Yuuta crossed his arms as he pondered my words. 

“And, does this still count as a quest clear? The fact that there are so many discrepancies between the quest and the quest content could mean that…” 

“Who knows? In the case of my quest, it’s to deliver the goods and bring Crash safely here, so I think it’ll probably be fine.”

“I think it’s better if we ask more about this…”

I threw a few words of encouragement to Yuuta, who had a serious look on his face, and went to a different counter. 

Because of the quantity of the goods, I didn’t take them out one by one like I did at Crash’s place, but exchanged the entire group between inventories. 

“Yes, I’ve certainly received them. Thank you for the delivery.”

Along with the words of the smiling receptionist lady, a notification appeared in the quest column. 

After receiving the reward and thanking her, I walked past Yuuta’s group and sat down on an empty chair in the pub inside the guild building. 

I immediately opened the quest column.

[ Escort Crash! 

Together with Crash, deliver sets of potions to Sette City!

Right now, in the cities of Seis and Sette, there’s a serious shortage of potions. 

Together with Crash, deliver sets of potions to Sette City’s adventurer’s guild!

Crash’s High Potion – 500

Crash’s High-grade MP Potion – 500

High Potion (Other) – 99

High-grade MP Potion (Other) – 99

Deliver the goods to Sette’s adventurer guild.

Let’s bring Crash to the adventurer’s guild safely!

Time Limit: 3 days

(Permission to use the adventurer’s guild’s quick horse carriage/wagon: granted)

Clear Reward: 100,000G, Adventurer Rank – 1 Up.

Quest Failure: Failure to deliver the goods and closure of Tre’s general store. 

【 Quest Clear! 】

Safely brought Crash to the adventurer’s guild!

Successfully delivered sets of potions!

Clear Rank: C

Quest Reward: 100,000G, Adventurer Rank – 1 Up. ]

I couldn’t care less about the clear rank or whatever. I was just glad that the general store in Tre didn’t close. I was also relieved to see the words ‘safely brought Crash’ in the quest column. 

Anyway, I planned to stay at an inn somewhere for the rest of the day, then log out and go to bed. 

After finally being freed from the burden of this heavy responsibility, I struggled to fight the overwhelming sleepiness and forced myself to stand up from the seat. 

“Takahashi, I’m going to the inn. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Got it. It’ll take a bit longer for me here, so I’ll come later. Don’t fall asleep in the middle of the road, okay?”

“I’ll try.”

Perhaps, he might still be making inquiries about the quest content discrepancies. I left him alone, waved goodbye to the other party members, and left the adventurer’s guild.

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