This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 052 – Unfriending 


After looking at Seven’s hand, I looked at my chest. 

A part of the chain was hanging from the clasp of my robe. 


Seven also looked at his hand and was making a face that showed he realized that he made a mistake. 

“I-I’m, I’m sorry that I did that in a fit of rage… I didn’t mean to break it…”

“Just give it back.”

That amulet was the precious present Vidello-san gave me. 

“Hey! What the hell are you doing!? What’s wrong with you?!” 

“I didn’t do it on purpose! I’m sorry Mac!”

Seven, in a panic, hurriedly apologized, cowering from Takahashi’s angry voice, but…

The feather amulet that was returned to me was… 

A part that was attached to the chain was broken. 

My precious gift…

“Wha-what, Mac! Is it to the point that you’ll cry?! I’ve already said that I’m sorry!”

“Stop your bullshit! You! Stop lashing back at Mac!”

“…It’s fine, Takahashi.”

I patted Takahashi’s shoulder, who became angry at him in my stead and stopped him. 

When I opened the equipment column, the feather amulet in the accessory column was now written as [ A Broken Piece of Amulet ]. 

Crash told me that this amulet could transform when it accumulated enough affection. I’m sorry that I broke it before it could change. 

Would Vidello-san forgive me if I apologize to him? I’d told him that I would take good care of it and yet…

Then, I checked the screen in front of me and opened the friend column. 

And, I unfriended Seven. It was impossible for me to be friends with the person who broke this. 

That’s why you don’t have to apologize. 

Because a small apology wouldn’t fix this feather amulet. 

Even if you apologized, I couldn’t say, “It’s alright” now. 

I tightly grasped the broken feather amulet and stood up from my seat. 

“Then, Takahashi, Kairi, I’ll be going now. I want to go back to Tre soon.”


Yuuta also stood up and looked down at me.1 Then, he pinched my cheek saying, “At least do something about that face,” to my frowning face. 

“Oh dear! You look terrible. Wait a minute.” 

An elderly woman who was serving us saw us and hurriedly went into the back of the dining hall. Then, she immediately came out and offered me a slightly crumpled towel. 

“Thank you very much.”

“Even boys, there are times they want to cry. But cool them off later okay? It’ll make your eyes look even more manly.”


I sniffled and wiped the tears off my cheek. When I saw the towel become damp, I realized that I had cried a lot. 

“Cheer up young man. If you like, stop by the plantation, take some fruit that can cheer you up, and go back after it’s okay… Ah, right, I forgot that the plantation is closed right now. Honey! Honey!”2

The elderly woman, without letting me utter a single word, energetically called her husband, took the fruit that looked like an orange from him, and forcibly handed it to me. 

“This is a fruit that’ll cheer you up. Try to eat it. Even if you’re feeling down, it’ll cheer you up right away.”

“Eh, but this, isn’t this for sale?”

“It’s fine. That feather is something you got from an important person, right? Cheer up, young man. Besides that amulet, it might be possible to get fixed by the person who made it. I also broke the amulet my husband gifted me by mistake. So at that time, I brought it to the shop where he bought it and it was fixed immediately.”

“Eh, really…??”


The woman who was cheerfully talking with me was like a goddess or something like a godly being to me.

This can be fixed. Then, I’ll stop by Quattro and go to that shop again. 

I wiped my face clean with the towel and took a bite of the fruit she gave me. 

“It’s sweet.”

I expected it to be sour and took a bite, but it was really, really sweet instead. And, the stamina gauge was also recovering. It was really delicious and along with its recovery effect, this fruit really was amazing. It was a fruit that could physically give you energy. 

“Thank you very much, and about the price of this fruit…”

“I don’t need it. I’ll be happy if you’re feeling better again. Do your best, young man!”3

I was patted on my back and a smile formed on my face unconsciously. 

But I didn’t feel right just taking it for free, so I took out 2 stamina potions from my inventory. 

“These are the ones I made, so please take these as thanks. I don’t think these taste bad.”

“Ara~ ara~ thank you. Lately, we aren’t able to buy these things, so I’m happy. If you ever come back to this city again, be sure to stay at our inn. We’ll give you a discount.”

“My pleasure.” 

I waved at the woman who walked into the back door with a smile. When I turned around, I saw Seven’s face. 

His face looking at me in surprise was like he couldn’t comprehend what the hell had happened at all. 

Don’t you get it that the people in this world are this kind? It seemed like he realized it just now. Such a shame. 

Nevertheless, what that elderly woman said earlier caught my interest. 

In the first place, before there was a shortage of potions, didn’t Crash say that the plantation here was in some kind of trouble?

I have a feeling that I have to stop by the plantation. Of course, as a ‘Flower Pharmacist’. 

And also this fruit, I wondered if this could be used in some recipe? If the plantation recovered, wouldn’t that mean I could buy this again? Alright!

“Takahashi, I think I have more things to do, so I’ll go now. Also, Kairi, if we meet again, let’s go collect materials together.”

“That’s our usual Mac who won’t ever utter a word about subjugating monsters. You’re going to the plantation, right? Aren’t you a ‘Flower Pharmacist’?”

“Flower pharmacist! Yeah, well, because it’s closed, it might be because of something serious. Aren’t there any pharmacist players who have advanced to this level like me?” 

“Ah, well, there are, but…”

Harpon-san cut in between the conversation. As one of the top players in this game, he must have a keen eye for such information. 

“They aren’t working in a small party like us, and most of them are employed in a large clan with many members. They’re also doing power-leveling, so their personal level is on the higher end. But they never make potions outside the clan, so it doesn’t matter to us whether they’re there or not.”

“It can’t be… they ignored the quest from the plantation?”

“I think they’re not gonna do something that won’t benefit them.”

That’s why the plantation here was closed. Even though there was a sharp difference in potion quality between using herbs from the plantation and from the other places. Perhaps, there were plenty of free herbs growing in the field, so they didn’t have a solid reason to purposely use the herbs from the plantation. Well, the plantation was also growing most of the herbs that you could get in the field. But, all the rare things that came out of the plantation were things that could not be found anywhere else. Like that bug, that bug… Ah, it’s giving me goosebumps. 

“I see, then I have more reasons to stop by at the plantation. Thank you very much, Harpon-san.”

“So, Mac. You’re a pharmacist, so are you selling something like high potions?”

“I’m selling them, but they’re 1.8 times the normal price.”

“Eh, Mac, but you said double the price with me.”

“It’s a friendship price.”

“Isn’t friendship price normally discounted?! So you ripped me off that time!”

“That’s right. I’ve already planned to equally split the profit with Crash. Thanks, as always.”

Watching our conversation, Harpon-san had a bitter face and held his hands in front of his face saying, “Can I have 10 of those potions? I’m fine with the 1.8 times the price.”

When I said thanks as always and handed him 10 potions, he took them and his eyes widened in surprise after carefully looking at the potions.

Then, he excitedly put them in his bag and looked at me again. I felt like his eyes were somehow glowing. 

“Sorry, but I’m okay with the double price, so can you sell me as much as you can?”

“Eh? What?”

“If possible, the other guys too.”

“No, that, uhm.”

“Please!” Harpson-san shouted and begged.

Everyone was paying attention to him with surprised eyes as he bowed his head almost enough to hit his forehead on the table.

Just what happened!?

“Maybe it was because the plantation here was closed, almost all the potions available around here are all rank D. That’s why this amount of recovery for a potion is really appreciated.”

He could see the amount of recovery of the potion. Then, did this mean Harpon-san also has some sort of skill like ‘Appraisal’?

Now I see, despite knowing their situation, I thought it would be risky to sell all sorts of things here, so I gave up on showing other types of potions. It was because, both magic potions and cure potions, all these potions have recovery effects that weren’t available even at the guild. The same goes for the stamina potion. 

“Please wait a minute. Any more than this, I need to get permission from the general store at Tre. I’m pretty much an exclusive of that store.”

I didn’t know what to do anymore, so for the time being, I used Crash’s name, who wasn’t here to dodge their question. It’s not like I could distribute all the potions on my own. There was also a matter of their own market distribution here. 

And above anything else, I didn’t think Crash would be happy to hear about it. 

“Then, when we go to Tre later, we’ll talk with the general store. Then, sell it to us.”

“I’m wholesaling at that store, so if you buy them from the store, you’ll get high potions with the same effect as these ones, so please buy them at that store.”

While I’m at it, I’ll also advertise the store, so forgive me Crash. 

After apologizing to Harpon-san, who was somehow convinced, and saying goodbye to Yuuta and the others, I was finally able to leave the inn. It’s almost dark outside and I’m pretty late today. I guess I’ll have to ride the stagecoach tomorrow. 

But still, I looked down at the feather amulet that was still in my hand. 

{ A Broken Piece of Amulet: Blue Tail’s Feather (11%) Damaged }

I hope it can be fixed. Even though the affection gauge had increased this much. 

I sighed and put the damaged chain and the feather into my bag.

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1 year ago

See what you did, you blockhead? Dx Hopefully it can be fixed.
I wonder if he will get in trouble some day with his potions, they seem way too over the normal one you can buy everywhere.

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶