This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 057 – This is Fun!

“Actually, this quick horse is owned by Tre’s adventurer’s guild, but he has been stubbornly refusing to move from here, as he hadn’t transported both of you back to Tre yet. He’s such a smart boy and he has been worried all this time that he had run away alone. But the moment he saw your face, he became really happy and I thought it might be and I decided to call out to you. I also have a request for you. Could you take this child back to Tre? He won’t budge an inch from here unless he fulfills his mission, so that’s the reason why I couldn’t bring him back to Tre. By all means, could you give a helping hand in fulfilling his mission?”

“Eh, that’s…”

I stopped stroking him and looked up at the quick horse. He’s looking at me with such gentle eyes.

It might be true that he’s smart.

And in addition, he’s been worried the whole time that he couldn’t bring us back to Tre… isn’t that amazing?

“…Did you really worry about us…?”

The quick horse snorted as if he said yes to my words.

Wow, this guy, he’s such a cutie. How can he be this cute? This isn’t at the level of being smart, he’s just much smarter. A horse that didn’t move because he couldn’t fulfill his mission, his IQ must be really high. Could he be… he’s able to understand my words? He really looked like he understood what I was saying. Just look at him, responding to my words. 

But how do I take him back to Tre?

As I was lost in thought while stroking him, the guild staff member brought a large saddle. 

My mouth dropped open in shock when I saw the staff using a stepladder to put the saddle on his back. 

Just what the hell is the staff doing?!

“Wait, wait, I can’t ride a horse! And moreover, riding at that speed, I can’t! It’s impossible!”

In a panic, I tried to stop the staff, but she just smiled and looked at me saying, ‘It’s okay,’ and finished putting the saddle on. 

“He won’t be moving as fast as the time he pulled the wagon so don’t worry. Besides, he knows the way, so as long as you’re on the saddle, you’ll arrive in the city in no time.”

“Eh, but…”


The moment I tried to say I wouldn’t ride him, he rubbed against my face. He was rubbing against me so strongly as if he was telling me to ride him. 

“Thank goodness. When we received a message that the guild master’s son had already returned back to Tre, we were at a loss as to what to do with this child. For the reward, all you have to do is ask the adventurer’s guild and it’ll be fine. I’ll let them know that you’ll be the one bringing this child back to Tre.”

It’s useless, this is a type of quest I can’t say no to at all. 

…Or should I be happy that I can return back to Tre sooner than I expected? But I can only imagine myself falling down from the horse!

While I was screaming inside my head, the quick horse pushed my back telling me to quickly ride him. 

“All right, all right. Please take care of me from now on. But sorry if I fall though.” 

I stroked his nose again and after savoring the sensation, I desperately climbed the stepladder to mount the quick horse. 

The moment I straddled him, everyone gave a loud cheer, “Oooooooo!” This degree of attention was incredible in another way. They were all looking at me. And it’s really high, everyone’s heads were completely below me. I was a bit embarrassed, so I thought of getting out of here as quickly as possible. 

“Let’s go.”

As if responding to my voice, he snorted and took a step forward. Then, the path opened before me like Moses parting the Red Sea. I’m sure no one wants to be run over by this quick horse with his leg strength that can easily kick away monsters. 

I stroked his thick neck and grabbed the handle-like thing attached to the saddle. The bit and the reins weren’t attached from the start even though they were definitely there when we rode as a wagon. 

Ah, right! Will he stop for me once at Quattro? I want to stop by that general store. 

The quick horse walked slowly through the city, and then picked up the pace as soon as he left the gate and entered the desert.

The saddle had a backrest attached to it, so I didn’t fall off like I thought I would and on the contrary, it was a comfortable ride. 

A stable and comfortable ride made my lips curl up into a smile. I felt like I was riding a motorcycle. 

“Wow, amazing! So fast! This is fun!”

I’m having so much fun that my heart is beating wildly in excitement, looking at the passing scenery while riding the quick horse. Players who were walking around looked at me with surprised faces like, “What the?!” but this scene also faded away in a flash. I laughed out loud and at the same time, the quick horse neighed happily along with me. 

The sky became dark and by the time we crossed the desert, it was already night. 

The content of the quest I checked while on the back of the quick horse was about bringing him back to Tre’s adventurer’s guild or something like that and there was also no time limit on it. Did that mean, he would wait for me or Crash forever unless one of us went to him? I’m glad I walked by the place.  

I also didn’t understand what the reward was. It just showed [ ??? ]. Just what is it? I’m a bit curious. But I’ll find out what it is later when I take him there anyway. Just hope it’s something interesting. 

Maybe it was because of the strong wind, I felt thirsty after riding at this high speed. 

So I decided to call out to the quick horse to stop once and take a rest. 

“Quick horse, let’s take a short break. I’m thirsty.”

As if he understood, he stopped. 

Ah, but this, was this a one-time thing like if I got off, I couldn’t get on again? 

“Are you sure you’ll be fine if you don’t drink water or something?”

When I asked him, he slowly walked deeper into the grass area. Wondering where he went, I moved away the tree branches and leaves to clear my vision ahead, then after a short while, the quick horse arrived at a small spring that was well hidden. 

He approached and started drinking from the spring, so I also relaxed and took out the water bag from my inventory. 

More importantly, I didn’t know such a place existed. Looking at the spring water, it might taste delicious. Next time I pass by here, I will definitely refill my water here. 

“Do you feel hungry?”


As if saying he was fine, he raised his head high and returned back to the original route. 

Then he picked up the pace again. 

What should I do if we happen to arrive at Tre before my log out time? I’m not sure if he understands me or not but I’ll try telling him just in case. 

“I’d like you to stop at Quattro. There’s a shop I want to stop by.”


Does this mean it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’? I wish I could understand what he’s saying.

Anyway, I said, ‘Please take care of me,’ as I gently stroked his hair, and then, I grasped the handle firmly again. 

As if he understood what I said, the quick horse slowed down his pace when we arrived at Quattro’s gate and entered the city at the speed of a normal horse. 

But anyway, as expected, he’s such a big guy. He attracted a lot of attention.2 Not caring about all the curious glances directed at him, he turned to look at me and nodded as if asking me which way I would like to go. 

“Emm, just head into this street.”

When I guided him while looking at the map, he proceeded as I said. 

This narrow street, I wondered if I could go in without Vidello-san. 

“You have to enter that narrow street, but… Can you go in?”

I mean physically.

When I asked him because I was worried, the quick horse snorted. I know. Just now you said, ‘Don’t make fun of me,’ didn’t you? 

The quick horse brazenly and skillfully entered the narrow street between the buildings. Looks like there isn’t a need for me to worry.

We proceeded in the same way as the time I came here together with Vidello-san, turning a few corners and finally.

“There it is! But what should I do now?”

There were no reins, so I couldn’t tie him to a place. He’s also quite big, so I think it might be difficult to even steal him. 

Just when I was at a loss for what to do, the door to the magic store opened. 

The handsome butler peeked his head out of the door and slowly looked up. After realizing that it was me who was on the quick horse, he laughed heartily, covering his mouth with his hand as if he was amused by the sight in front of him.  

“Ahm, I’m sorry to disturb you late at night.”

“No, you’re welcome. This time you come here riding a strange child. You’re such a very intriguing customer.”

“Well, I’m not able to pay the price for this book yet. But I came here today to ask for a favor. I’m sorry that I’m above you right now but I don’t have a single idea how to get down from here.”

It was because the quick horse was so huge that my feet were above the butler’s head. It’s too high to even get down from here. 

“Please place your hand here.”

The handsome butler extended his hands to me with a smile. 

The moment I grabbed his hands, I was pulled down and lightly landed on the ground. Eh, what did he do just now? 

I don’t feel an ounce of gravity. Wow, the butler is really amazing! And he’s an acquaintance of Crash if my memory is right.

“I think it’s fine to leave this child here. There are no burglars on this street.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Please come into the shop.”

I thanked the butler who was opening the door and patted the quick horse’s body. I couldn’t pat his head unless he lowered it. But no matter where I stroked him, it all felt nice. 

“Wait for me a bit. There’s something important I’ve got to do.”

Hearing my words, he lowered his head and nudged me towards the opened door with his nose. It was like he was telling me to hurry up and go in there. 

I know I know, don’t push me anymore or else I’ll fall. This guy is really smart. And he’s cute.

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7 months ago

So cuteee but wait he hasn’t even paid for the book yet has he? And now hes asking for the charm to get fixed…at least pay first my guy..

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