This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 059 – I Missed You So Much

Vidello-san closed the door and slowly approached me.

As soon as he was in front of me, his arms circled around me. The me who was still dumbfounded by his sudden arrival. 

Feeling his touch, so many different emotions welled up inside my heart and I could no longer help but instinctively cling as hard as I could to my dearest person in front of me. 

“Vidello-san, you’re here, you’re really in front of me. A-am I dreaming about you right now because I wanted to meet you so badly?”

“Mac, what’s the matter? You’re not coming back to me and why are you sleeping here?”

“I don’t know anymore…”

I was so overjoyed that my head was still not functioning properly. 

I was feeling his chest, burying my face into it, and then, I suddenly heard a giggle.

My head was still buried, so I loosened my strength and looked up at him. Then, I saw my beloved Vidello-san’s smile that I had been yearning for. 

Yes, as always he’s so handsome and so cool. I like you❣️

Then, my senses came back a little after and I suddenly thought. 

“How did you know that I was here?”

“I guess it’s the power of love.”1


For real?! As I was still surprised, I heard laughter beside me. 

“…I beg your pardon. I’ve never heard him make a joke like this, so I couldn’t hold back my laughter…”

The handsome butler was desperately holding back from laughing out loud. 

“The truth is I contacted him, ‘Your precious one is here, if you believe in the flow of destiny, come here immediately.’” 


When I looked at him with a questioning look, the butler, who stopped laughing, offered us a seat.

“Why don’t you both sit down first?” 

Oh and now that I look at myself, I’m still standing, sticking close to Vidello-san, and clinging to him as I was caught by surprise in his warm embrace.

We sat down as he suggested, but we never let go of each other’s hands.

It’s because it has been a while since I felt his presence2 and it was such a waste to be apart from him. 

The butler picked up the chessboard from the table and entered the back to prepare drinks for us. 

When we were finally alone, Vidello-san was intently looking at me. 

His hand caressed my cheek, tucked my bangs behind my ear, and lightly played with my earlobe. 

Feeling ticklish, I tried to put my hands on him to stop him but instead, his lips fell on my forehead. 

Warmth slowly spread throughout my body after feeling his gentle kiss. 


“I missed you.”

“Me too.”



“I’m sorry…”


Only a few words came out and I could only hang my head in grief.

It’s because even if it could get fixed, it’s still a fact that I broke the amulet.

“The feather amulet you gave me…”


His hands cupped my face and lifted my head. 

Now, we’re looking at each other. 

“As long as you’re safe, it’s all good.”


Just as I was about to say sorry again, his lips stole mine. 

Then, the thumb which was on my chin touched my lips. 

“I heard it all from Crash. That you’ve been reckless again. He even requested that I buy you a new undershirt to replace the one that was all tattered. When I heard that you’d been stabbed in the stomach by a sword, do you know how I felt at that time?”


“Hearing that you faced the large monster in the Polofondo Forest, fought against the swordsman who was clearly above you, and protected Crash, I felt like…”

He lightly bumped my forehead. As we were very close to each other, I could see his beautiful eyes looking straight at me. 

It must be because of me that he’s having that slightly painful look. 

“I’m sorry, but if I hadn’t done that, Crash would…”

“I know. I know it, but… I’m just angry at myself for not being able to do anything for you when you’re having a hard time yourself. Mac, I’m sorry for taking it out on you.”

A smile formed on my face while looking at Vidello-san who was honestly expressing his frustration for not being able to help me when I was in danger. 

As if he was caught up in the atmosphere, he also showed me a warm smile. 

He’s the reason I’m able to honestly express myself. 

“The amulet you gave me, I had a slight conflict with someone and accidentally broke it. That’s why I’m here—to fix it. I’ve told you I’ll treasure it but I ended up breaking it, so I’m really sorry.”

“That’s why I’m telling you, as long as you’re safe, it’s all good. Objects and things—they all break, you know.”

“Vidello-san… I like you.”3

I like his open-mindedness, but I also definitely like how he gets mad for my sake.4 But I really want to see him smile always. It’s contradicting, but I just like all versions of Vidello-san. 

“The blessing gauge had accumulated so much and yet…”

“Blessing gauge?”

Ah, that’s right. Vidello-san didn’t know of this. 

“That feather amulet, Crash told me that it would change into something different when its love gauge is full.” 

“Love, huh? Then, it’s fine. It’ll be filled up again right away.”

“…That’s true.”

That means he’ll love me enough to fill this gauge immediately. I’m happy.

I won’t lose to him in this. 

“Excuse me for interrupting.”

When a voice suddenly came from behind us, my body jumped up a little in surprise. I was startled. We were completely in our own world. 

“The blessing gauge won’t decrease. What’s broken was the chain and not the red jewel here, so it’ll be fine. The truth is I really wanted to give it to you right away, but…” 

“Eh, so, what was the reason I had to wait?”

“What you’ve been truly longing for wasn’t fixing this, so I took a bit of your time.”


What I’ve been longing for?

I glanced at Vidello-san and saw him smiling at me. 

I felt warmth growing in my heart. 

What I’ve been longing for, what I was truly wishing for this whole time is his smile in front of me right now. 

“Yes, it’s the time taken for him to come here.”

“But you said it would take some time to add luck and dexterity.”

“The end justifies the means. But the moment you’re together with him, luck will increase exponentially, so it really wasn’t a lie either.”

The butler had an innocent smile and he held out the feather amulet, which was beautifully mended, in front of Vidello-san and me. 

“Please accept it.”

“Thank you very much.”

I was so happy that I was about to wear it immediately, but Vidello-san picked it up first. 

And then, he…

“I’m grateful for the good fortune to be able to give this to Mac once again…”

As if he was praying, he kissed the feather, then he attached it to my robe. 

Somehow, I could feel that the place around the feather was very warm. 

It was as if I was in his warm embrace. 

I was so happy that I forgot that the butler was there for a moment and tightly hugged Vidello-san. 

I like you❣️

After I had fully recharged myself with Vidello-san, I looked up at him slightly embarrassed and I remembered that I still hadn’t given the fruit yet. 

“Oh and I still need to pay.”

I took out all sorts of fruit from my inventory and handed them all to the butler. 

When Vidello-san saw this, he said with a bitter smile, “Now I know why you were so late coming back…” I’m sorry, but I couldn’t leave Sette’s plantation owner alone either. 

“This… could this be?”

The butler looked at the fruit intently and was pondering it like he was admiring something. 

“Excuse me, but are you the person who helped restore the fruit farm?”

“Yes, well, I more or less helped him.”

“This is… I’m afraid I’ve overcharged you.”

“Em, what do you mean?”

Saying that, he had a really troubled look on his face. 

I have no idea what’s going on here.

Now that I’m also starting to feel bad, the butler handed me the fruit he was holding. 

“If you can appraise this, I recommend you do so.”

I was told to appraise it, so I decided to appraise it. Now that I think of it, I’ve only appraised the trees. 

[ Pure Aranne Fruit: the finest fruit dropped by the aranne tree. You will only be able to acquire it if specific conditions are met. ] 

“Wow, so this isn’t an ordinary fruit… Tream-san really gave me all this precious fruit…” 

It’s a win just getting the fruit!

Furthermore, they’re quite valuable. 

Tream-san knew it and he still gave them all to me, and he said this was just a small token of gratitude. 

“Then, what should we do about the excess payment…”

It’s so valuable that a fixed price couldn’t be attached to it… And I received a total of 67 of them! I really am…

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