This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 060 – Back to Tre

“I’m happy just getting this amulet fixed.”

When I told the handsome butler to not trouble himself further, he had an even sadder expression on his face. 

“No, my pride as the owner of this shop won’t allow me to simply accept this as ‘Yes, I see.’ That’s why I will properly pay back all the excess amount you gave me.”

Even if he told me that, he had already fixed the amulet, so I was satisfied with this payment. 

“I don’t think I have anything on me to satisfy this debt right now, but the one that you’ve been wishing for, I’ll have it ready by the time you visit my shop next time.”

“Ah, yes. Then, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

When I bowed to him as a form of gratitude, his expression finally returned back to normal. 

A reminder to log out today appeared on the game screen. Even knowing that I had set the timer for tomorrow’s school day previously, I still changed it as I wanted to go back to Tre before the end of the day. 

“Thank you very much for today.”

“Regalo-san, thank you for calling me today.”

“You’re welcome. I’m so relieved that you came here today, Vidello-kun.” 

When I stood up, Vidello-san and the butler were smiling at each other in a friendly manner. The two handsome men’s smiles were very picturesque.

Then, a thought suddenly came to my mind and I ended up asking it. I really didn’t want to bother them, but… 

“[ Destiny ], what would have happened if Vidello-san didn’t come here today? I know he had a job today.”

“Let’s see. As he has come here today, destiny is already moving in a favorable direction. If he didn’t come here today, both of your paths would be separated in the future.”

“In a favorable direction…?”

“Yes. May you both be blessed and have a great future ahead.”

I left the shop, still confused. 

But did it mean if Vidello-san didn’t come here today, we would have to break up in the future? 

I looked up at Vidello-san who was standing beside me. 

I don’t want to break up with him, but I know that I can never meet him in real life. 

The more I thought of the butler’s words, the more I got confused. No matter how far I go or how hard I try, I know I can never be with him and our future will always be separated. 

As if to shake off this loneliness that had slowly eaten me up inside, I gently grasped Vidello-san’s arm. 

“What’s wrong, Mac? Let’s go back to Tre.”


The quick horse came out of the darkness as soon as he heard my voice. 

Beside that child, there was a normal horse. But looking at the two standing next to each other, they looked like an enlarged version of a parent and a child and it was so cute. 

“Vidello-san, so you came on a horse.”

“Yes, there was no longer a carriage running at that time and I thought it’ll be fast with this guy here. The matter was important enough just by receiving contact through a communication tool, so they gladly lent me the horse from the guard station.” 

“So that’s what happened. You’re cute. Oh, and do you want some meile fruit?” 

Horse eyes are always so kind, aren’t they? I soon forgot about the loneliness I had felt just before, started searching my inventory, and I overheard Vidello-san chuckle. 

“Have you already forgotten what Regalo-san said before? They are special fruits, so is it really okay for you to give them away so easily?”

“But I don’t have anything else I can feed them and the stuffed bread might not be good for the horse’s body.”

He must feel hungry and thirsty after running all the way here from Tre. 

When I took out two meile fruits and offered them to both horses, Vidello-san’s horse started to eat it happily.

But the quick horse pushed my hand with his nose to bring the fruit in front of the other horse. 

Are you going to give this to this child? You’re such a good boy. 

As soon as my hands were free, I couldn’t help but pat the quick horse’s chest. It was because he was such a good boy. 

But how do we get back?

If I go back with the quick horse, I’m sure Vidello-san’s horse will be left behind.

But more importantly, I can’t even get onto the quick horse’s back myself and that’s the main problem. Maybe I’ll go back to the shop and borrow a stepladder from the handsome butler?

Just as I was lost in my own thoughts, Vidello-san stroked the quick horse’s nose and asked for permission, “Will you let me ride you too?”

The quick horse took a quick look at Vidello-san, then he looked back at me and pulled Vidello-san towards him. Did that mean it’s fine? Aren’t you such a good boy?

Vidello-san put his hand on the foot of the saddle and smoothly climbed onto his back. 

A-amazing! Vidello-san, so cool! I like you❣️

Then, on top of him, Vidello-san held out his hand to me. I reached out toward his hand, which barely met mine, and the moment he grabbed me, I was easily pulled up. Before I knew it, I was on top of the saddle. Uwaaaaa! So coool! I like you❣️❣️ 

He took hold of the other horse’s reins from where it was standing next to the quick horse and whispered into my ear, “I’ll entrust this child to the gatekeepers here.”

His voice is so close. 

And we’re so close to each other that somehow, it’s making me feel very nice…1

The quick horse walked slowly through the city, but the moment we left the city gate after entrusting Vidello-san’s horse to the gatekeeper of Quattro, he gradually started to speed up. 

From then on, the night scenery streamed behind us like a ride with the bullet train. 

This speed was definitely much faster than the time I rode him alone, and I knew it instinctively because Vidello-san’s arms were supporting my body so well, holding me tightly. I kind of knew it myself that I’m afraid of this insanely fast speed. Ahahahahaha…

But in fact, I felt much safer with him wrapping around me. This feeling of security and these strong arms that were supporting me. Every time I took a peek behind, a beautiful face with a gentle smile always welcomed me. I like you❣️

“Are you tired, Mac?”

“No, not at all. I’m alright. I feel very comfortable because you’ve been supporting me.”

“I see. At this rate, we’ll be in Tre soon. We should have enjoyed more of our late-night horse riding date.”


A late-night horse riding date with Vidello-san. 

I wanted to have more fun with you and I knew we were feeling the same way, but I almost forgot the fact that I was still on a mission to return this child to the Tre adventurer’s guild. 

But I can still have fun with him until I get there, right? I was in my own world when Vidello-san whispered in my ears,

“But for me, I’m happy to just have you in my arms.”

Then, he lightly kissed my ears. Wha- Vidello-san! Don’t seduce me while we’re still on the quick horse! 

My heart is beating loudly and my body is feeling excited so it’s too dangerous! And I-I’m at that age!2

By the time we got to Tre’s adventurer’s guild and got off the quick horse, I was mentally exhausted by Vidello-san’s seduction methods throughout the trip, always whispering in my ear. And I was thinking this kind of position might be good to try later, but it’s such a pity that I wouldn’t be able to see his face.3

I think he just enjoys seeing me all flustered. I-I’m glad I arrived safely. 

“Thanks for bringing me here so far.”

I stroked the quick horse’s nose, saying thanks, and we parted ways with him. 

The quick horse in front of the guild looked very dignified and he looked so cool, emitting the prideful aura of the one who fulfilled his mission.

When I entered the guild and informed the staff member of the quick horse’s arrival, the staff said, “Please wait a moment,” and she stood up and went up the stairs in the back.

The staff soon returned and behind her was a very beautiful woman who looked exactly like Crash. 

“You must be Mac.”

“Yes, I am. Umm, you might be Crash’s sister? Eh, but wasn’t Crash an only child?”

I felt like he did tell me that he was alone with his father when his mother went on a journey. Hmmm?

While I was still thinking of every possibility, Vidello-san quietly gave me an answer. 

“She’s the guild master and Crash’s mother.”


B-but she still looked like she was in her early twenties. 

A m-mom…?

Maybe the way I panicked looked amusing because the beautiful woman in front of me started laughing while covering her mouth with her hand.

“Oh my. Crash’s sister. Fufu, such a good child. You’re such a good friend to Crash. Now, I’m quite fond of you, Mac.”

“Th-thank you very much…?”

It looks like a beautiful person like her has become fond of me.

But why? Why did such a great person like her suddenly come out here? 

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1 year ago

About the fruit, he could’ve just taken them back no? Also she’s the guild master why wouldn’t she be at the guild lol..

1 year ago

Now I’m thinking of the loli moms from animes… lolol I had the same reaction, “Oh, it’s the little sister.” and then it was the mother xDD

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)