This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 062 – With a Height Difference of 20cm, My Gaze is on His Collarbone

The foreigner, with one arm supporting me, looked over the catastrophic tray and lowered his eyebrows.

“Are you ok? It was my bad. It seems like you got caught on my leg.”

“I-it’s fine.”

I was surprised to see the troubled look on his face. There was no way Vidello-san would be in a place like this. If I looked closely, I could see that his hair color was different. The parts of his face were also slightly different. I quickly regained my balance, and our arms finally separated. For some reason, I was relieved that we were separated.

“Oh, you can’t eat this anymore. Come on, I’ll buy you another of the same as an apology,” he said.

“No, I was careless with my feet, don’t worry about it.”

When I refused, the foreigner’s eyes widened slightly. Then they narrowed.

“That won’t do. This looks like breakfast. If you skip a meal at the start of the day, you’ll be useless all morning.”


“I don’t want a protest. It’s my responsibility, so please let me treat you. I’m sorry, my legs are just too long.”

While the foreigner said that in jest, he shrugged his shoulders and stood up. My gaze immediately raised with his face. No, maybe what he said earlier wasn’t a joke at all. Those legs! What kind of situation was it, that his legs were up to my waist? Wasn’t there at least one head difference in height…? But, since I was a little taller in ADO, maybe I was like this when the height was reduced…? He was definitely taller than Yuuta. Yuuta said he was 178cm the other day.

“I’m going to ask you something unrelated… How tall are you in centimeters?”

What was I asking someone I just met? Just as I regretted it, the foreigner burst out laughing.

“It’s fine. I don’t remember when I last measured, but I think it was over six feet.”

“Six feet…?”

When I was puzzled by the units that I didn’t usually use, the foreigner grinned and told me.

“184 cm.”

I shouldn’t have asked. I was 20 centimeters shorter. Ok, I should forget about it. Just as I was about to fall into depression, the tray was snatched from me and my hand was grabbed.


The foreigner took me to the counter; he was being a little pushy but clever.

“Excuse me, I carelessly made his breakfast like this, so I’d like to order the same thing.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

Before I could say no, he’d ordered the food. I tried to search my bag to at least pay the bill myself, but since he was holding my hand, I couldn’t pull out my wallet and just watched as he quickly pulled a credit card from his pocket. I was surprised at how smart and skillful the series of actions was. I wanted to grow up to be like that, too. On the inside, not the outside. 

I took the tray that came out right away, the foreigner tugged at my hand, and he put the tray at the table where he had been sitting.

“Um, I’ll pay you.”

“I can’t accept that. Now sit down. Let’s eat. I’m in the middle of my own meal.”


I couldn’t say that there were plenty of other seats available, so I had no choice but to sit across from the foreigner.

“Thank you very much.”

When I thanked him, the foreigner smiled, said, “You’re welcome,” and bit into the hamburger in his hand. What could I say, he was a real beauty. And, just as I thought, his smile resembled Vidello-san’s.

I forced my gaze away from the face that was pulling me in and reached for the food that he had bought for me.

“Nevertheless, did you oversleep in your uniform at this hour?”

“Yep. I was up until midnight. When I woke up in the morning, school had already started, so I decided to give up and eat something before going to school.”

“Hahaha, same as me. I was up all night doing good things and I woke up in the morning at a surprising time.”

“Good things…”

Because he was handsome, he must have been popular, right? Like a rea-juu.1 The fact that a face that looked like Vidello-san was a rea-juu made my heart sting a little. But it wasn’t him. To cover up my reaction, I sucked on the straw in my cup.

“I say good things, but it’s like an extension of my work. Don’t look at me like you’re looking at something filthy,” he said.

“Huuuh? I wasn’t looking at you like that.”

“You were. I’m not that kind of player. I’m sincere.”


“You showed your opinion by laughing at what I said.”

Even though it was the first time I’d met him, he was a friendly person. The conversation was lively. Even after the stuff on the tray was gone, I was talking with the foreigner for a while, so I didn’t come to my senses until the clock at the fast food restaurant chimed 10 o’clock.

“Oh, right. I have to go to school.”

“Right, I have to go to work as well. I lost track of time with the unexpected fun.”

“Me too. Thank you very much for today. Um, and about the money—”

“I refuse to accept it. It’s my treat. You lost your breakfast because of my long legs.”

“Sure, they’re long. But um…”

I didn’t have anything I could give him in return. I had my favorite candy that I always carried around, so I rummaged in my bag and took it out.

“Please take this.”

I offered my favorite cherry blossom-flavored throat lozenges to the foreigner. I loved this candy because it was slightly salty, yet gently sweet. The foreigner accepted it and smiled softly. Yep, handsome.

“Thank you. If you don’t mind, could you tell me your name? My name is Vilfred Lauro. Please call me Vil.”

“Kengo Gouno.”

“Ohh, that’s a nice, strong name.”

Vil-san smiled when he heard my name. Only the sound of it seemed strong. It was a good situation to therefore not live up to my name’s meaning ‘To be vigorous!’ I wanted to grow up healthier and taller. But I wondered if the day would come when I would call Vil-san by name. Today was just a coincidence. If I hadn’t overslept, I wouldn’t have come here, and if Vil-san hadn’t overslept, he might not have been here either. That kind of coincidence.

We both got up from our seats together and waved goodbye in front of the restaurant. Vil-san was going in the opposite direction from me, holding the cherry blossom candy in his hand and humming a song as he went down the street. I watched his back for a bit, then turned around and headed to school.

When I entered the classroom, Yuuta said I was “…acting like an executive who makes their own hours.” 

I immediately dismissed him, saying, “There’s no twist2.”

After I fell asleep in class and the teacher took a bit of my time after school, I was desperate to get home and grab my gear. I had logged out, leaving Vidello-san behind, so I was curious to see what had happened after that. He stayed over, didn’t he? He hadn’t gone home. But I guessed he had nothing to do at my place, so he might have left. In that case, I would go to the gate.

With that decision, I logged in, and immediately in front of me was… a handsome close-up. I considered closing my eyes again. I-it was bad for the heart. After all, I was still resting on his arm.

Could it be, because he couldn’t move for a long time, he fell asleep in his time off? Vidello-san’s sleeping face was very cool. He had long eyelashes. I couldn’t help but admire those beautiful golden lashes, which were the same color as his hair. The weight of his arms around my waist was comfortable. I decided to enjoy Vidello-san’s sleeping face for a while. As I thought that, his eyes opened. Too bad. His beautiful dark green eyes found me through his eyelashes as they fluttered open and focused on me.


The slightly gravelly voice hit me directly in the lower abdomen. The effect of the activator had already worn off, so even if he seduced me now, I couldn’t take off my pants. I felt like I was being tempted by that one word calling to me.

“Sorry Vidello-san, weren’t you busy…?”

When I apologized to Vidello-san, who had been unable to move for a long time, his eyes narrowed.

“It’s been a long time since I last slept this leisurely…”

“Huh. Were you perhaps sleeping this entire time too?”

“Yeah… I’m a little frustrated because I was supposed to be enjoying Mac’s sleeping face.”

Saying that, Vidello-san kissed me on the lips with a gentle expression. The atmosphere instantly became sweeter. Last night, I enjoyed Vidello-san until it got bright outside. I picked up the [ Small Growth Activator ] that I had placed by my bedside and showed it to Vidello-san.

“Use it?”

When I asked him directly, he gave a wry smile. I got up and took a mouthful from the bottle. Then I put the lid on tight and looked to the side. I saw the astonished look on Vidello-san’s face.


I was surprised at my own voice. It was strangely higher than usual.


“Mac, that medicine… are there any side effects…?”

Vidello-san, who got up despite being naked, looked in better shape than usual. Ah, Vidello-san went to sleep without wearing any pants. Uh, huh? Isn’t Vidello-san big? Was my gaze lower than normal?

“Mac… is getting smaller.”

At Vidello-san’s muttering, I got up in a hurry and went to the mirror. The moment I saw myself, I collapsed.

Yep. An absolute elementary school student. My age was going backward this time.


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6 months ago

No wonder butler dude said it was destiny. If they didn’t reunite at Quattro, they wouldn’t have went to bed together and overslept. Then they wouldn’t meet in real life and stuff would have happened that leads to them getting separated.

7 months ago

Okaaaay lmao they were gonba take it to papapa but instead the situation turned um..kinda illegal lol.

10 months ago

Now I’m curious if that Vil-san is Vidello or if author-sama just wants to confuse us xD

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

10 months ago


10 months ago

Up late doing good things hmmm~

Vil is totally vidello, idk the physics of how that works but I know in my heart this is true