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Chapter 065 – An Alchemist

Wh-what did she say? I never knew that Sei is the city the king lives in. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. I didn’t even know that there was a king in the first place. I’m quite ignorant on the matter, so am I at a level of extreme stupidity?

Emily-san became surprised looking at my bewildered reaction. 

“Did you not know that?! …Fu. Fufu. The king has become such an insignificant existence among us, hasn’t he?”

As if she couldn’t help but find this situation funny, she began laughing. But after a bit, her expression became serious. 

“But thank you. From what you’ve told me, there might be a spy among us.”1

“There may or may not be — a part of me is quite doubtful on this matter. In the case there is a spy in the guild, there was a chance that he might flee if I told you this in front of everyone.”

“You’re right. Thank you for telling me. Just knowing that, I know I have to be prepared. Now you can leave the rest to us and it’ll be alright.” 

If Emily-san says so, maybe this will be fine. 

Emily-san, who saw me nod in agreement, had a gentle expression on her face as she jumped to the next topic.

“Then, next is, regarding the reward for the quick horse quest, I can’t think of anything but giving you gill2 and raising your adventurer level.” 

Emily-san shrugged her shoulders with a troubled face. I did receive my reward during my time as Crash’s escort and, to be honest, even if my adventurer level is raised, it really doesn’t matter to me that much. I’m just the sole, exclusive pharmacist of Crash. LoL.3

“But before that, can I ask you something?”

Before the reward was decided, I cut in.

“Emily-san, do you know about the elf village hidden in the forest just outside Sette city?”

She looked at me in surprise at my question. 

“It’s not a matter about knowing, it’s the village where I was born. And how do you know of it, Mac?”

“A friend of mine is there right now. I heard from him that most of the materials in the village, even when appraised, read as [ Mysterious Material ].”

“Well, at first, I didn’t know the names of those herbs in my village, either. I also think most of the people in the village aren’t that knowledgeable about them. The only one who knew what they were was my close friend. One after another, she told me their names, effects, and the way to use them. But, how does it relate to you?”

Ah, bingo! There really is another alchemist.

I leaned forward to come close to Emily-san. I must have lost myself a bit in excitement right now.

“Emily-san, if possible, can you introduce your friend to me? There’re many things I want to ask her.”

The moment I made my request to her in full spirit, her face clouded over. 

“I’d love to, but it’s impossible to let you meet her. I’m sorry.”

“Eh, impossible?”

“Um, Mac, did you know? One of our comrades went on the Demon King subjugation fifteen years ago. A magician named Sara.”

“Well, I do know that the Hero’s party went on the Demon King subjugation and I heard from Crash that one of the party members was you, Emily-san.” 

She had a lonely smile hearing my story. 

“I see. Those who were in the Hero’s party were the hero Alford, me, Sara, and Luce, altogether four. But only Alford and I were able to return. Sara was…”


All my excitement disappeared in a flash, and I fell back to my seat. 

“I’m sorry, I was being insensitive.”

I apologized, bowing my head down, then, she placed her hand on my head. 

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about me that much. But if it’s about her, you can ask me all you want. She was such an interesting girl. She used to make all sorts of weird things using cauldrons.” 

“Was she an alchemist…?”

I heard her laugh and when I looked up at her, she was making a gentle face like she remembered a fun memory of the past. 

“Well, there was the time when we went to my village, the way she got all hyped up really was something to see. She was all excited, saying something like, ‘I found a treasure trove…!’ Then, she started appraising every single thing she saw. She did make a lot of strange things. She was already strong as a magician and adding the fact that she started using those potions and bombs she made from those mysterious materials, she was close to invincible. Even Al, who was always at the vanguard, was utterly dumbfounded. As everyone knows, normally, magicians are always at the rear, attacking from a safe distance, and yet she…”


Emily-san looked really happy talking about Sara-san. That Sara-san was both a magician and an alchemist. It’s a shame that she passed away. 

“I wish I could have met her once and if possible, ask her to teach me about alchemy.”

When I murmured, Emily-san whispered, “It’ll be alright,” and nodded.

What’s alright? 

When I looked at her in confusion, she clapped her hands as if she remembered something. 

“I still have a lot of her [ Mysterious Materials ] that she left behind. It’s originally from my hometown, but do you want to see them? She forbade us to take them out of the village, so you won’t be able to see them anywhere else right now except in the village, but she herself brought a handful of them with her when we returned.”

Without the slightest hint of hesitation, I answered, “Yes!” and she stood up saying, “I’ll go get them now.”

So Sara-san was the one who forbade taking things out of the village.

It’s true that alchemy can make all sorts of dangerous things, so knowing that, it’s better to prevent those materials from spreading all over the place. Compared to that, the potions of a pharmacist are harmless and peaceful. 

While waiting for her to come back, I desperately swallowed the bitter tea and after a while, she came back carrying a large bag. 

“This is it.”

As soon as she opened the bag, I instantly turned on my appraisal skill, all of my attention focused on reading the descriptions of these strange objects. Everything was new to me and I could see why Harpon-san was so excited.

“[ Crimson Flame ], [ Dried Feather ], [ Bundle of Japanese Iris ]4 …Wow, amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen them.”

If the elf village really has this many alchemy materials, I definitely need to go there bringing my cauldron along with me after I raise my level. I’m having so much fun just looking at these.

I was so excited appraising the material in my hand that I ended up saying the name of it. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I heard a faint voice calling, “Mac…” so I looked up. 

Emily-san was looking at me with a shocked face. 

“You know what these are…?”

“Ah, um…”

I was so excited that I completely forgot about Sage-san’s advice to keep this a secret. 

I don’t think I can get out of this situation by just saying I don’t know them right now.

And she’s Crash’s mom, so I think it’ll be fine.

After I reached my decision, I nodded.

“Are you maybe, do you by chance have that strange cauldron?”

“A strange cauldron… uhm, Crash sold me one and I’ve been using it. I’ve been told that it belonged to Sage-san.”

“Is, is it? Sage’s…”

Emily-san covered her face with both her hands and stopped moving. 

What? Is she crying? But I don’t exactly know what she’s thinking, as I can’t see her face. 

I assume it’s not smart to move right now, so I stay still. After a little while, she finally showed her face and her lips curved a little, showing a smile.

“I’ve decided. Is it alright to give you this set of Sara’s belongings as your reward? I couldn’t bear to part with them until now, but if Sage has already parted with the cauldron, then I should also do the same. Mac, please accept these.”

“Eh, but, aren’t these the belongings of your close friend?”

“That’s why. Materials that don’t get used are just a waste. They show their true worth when you put them to use.” 

As if this was her final decision, she handed the bag over to me. While giving it to me, she had a look of relief, as if she had gotten over something. 

“Even so, should I say it’s kind of fate that Crash’s friend is using Sara’s cauldron?”


Huh, was the alchemist job that important?! I’ve only thought of this as something like a super rare job that I got through luck! 

Holding the large bag in my hands, I was moved in a way that was different from gratitude and I ended up ignoring the new quest notification. Emily-san was looking at my reaction with a very sweet smile.

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1 year ago

The alchemist job is so mysterious. I wonder what would happen if the knowledge that Mac is an alchemist were wide-spread.

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶