This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 067 – A Gift for Vidello-san Too!

We made love until past noon and then I remembered the plan I made for the day.

I jerked up looking at the bright sunlight and felt disappointed in myself. 


“Shoot! I’ve totally forgotten about it. I was supposed to ask Vidello-san to go on a date with me to Quattro today…”

When I glued myself onto his bare muscular chest and sighed, feeling disappointed, he caressed my head, comforting me. 

“Want to go now? Or how about we spend the day feeling each other’s bare skin and go tomorrow?”

“Hmm… what should I do?”

Honestly speaking, spending the whole day feeling each other’s skin wasn’t a bad one, but he was only off duty for two days and I was also the same with my school.

In conclusion, I wasted my time. Only thoughts like these now filled my head. 

“It’s great to be naked with you the whole day, but a date! I’m just about to be able to pay for the alchemy recipe!”

I also thought of giving him one as a gift. 

I got up, put on my clothes, and took out one of the [ Colorful Herbal Soup ] from my bag, which I had tossed somewhere in the room as soon as I arrived at my workshop.

I stood in front of Vidello-san, who was showing off his splendid muscles in only his underwear, and held it out to him. 

He looked at me in surprise. 

“This is for you, Vidello-san. Drink it in case you’re in danger.”

“Mac, this is.”

“I’m finally able to make it, so I want to give one to you and another one to the owner.”

He took the bottle and stared at the colorful layers of liquid in the bottle that didn’t mix even when tilted. 

He was about to say something, but then he stopped and looked at me with his gentle eyes. 

He gently touched my cheek with his other hand and gave me a light kiss on my lips. 

I unconsciously put my hand over his.

“Such an important item.”

“It’s a little insurance. The soup has abnormal status nullification and prevents stamina reduction, so in case a dangerous enemy appears, you can run away at top speed within the time limit. You can also enjoy it just by the look of it and its taste.”

He was taken aback by the explanation. 

All the failures that I made last time looked terrible in every way. But this time, its appearance was really great and its efficacy was so superb that it had taken his breath away. 

When I was so happy with my achievement, Vidello-san breathed out and closed the distance between us with our foreheads touching each other. His handsome face up close was a feast for my eyes. Thanks for the meal!

“I don’t think I can drink this in public. I mean it, Mac; don’t carelessly show this kind of thing to others. You might catch the attention of some strange guys or get kidnapped and it wouldn’t be strange if you might end up imprisoned somewhere and forced to make these potions every day. You don’t want to end up like that, right? I wouldn’t like it either. Ah, I’d rather find a room somewhere outside and be the one to lock you up instead…”

When I heard his mumbling, a tiny thought came to my mind. If it was him, I would be fine being locked up forever. Did my mind finally get sick? I wondered if I was suffering from some incurable disease. 

“Well, I’m kidding, but please be aware that you are worth that much.”


I was so happy that he was concerned about me. In the moment of bliss when I hugged the magnificent pecs in front of me, he hugged me with his strong and sturdy arms. 

“Then, let’s go to Quattro today. I think we’ll be able to come back by nightfall. Or maybe we can spend the night in Quattro.”

A sleepover date! Yes, yes, bring it on!

Excited by the idea, we prepared in a hurry, and soon enough, the time for departure to Quattro had arrived. 

Although there was an option of renting a horse from a stable, after confirming that I could have a sleepover date with Vidello-san, we decided to take a stagecoach to Quattro, which was cheaper at less than half the price of renting a horse. 

The reason being I wouldn’t be treated like a kid today! I’m all grown up now. Also, our height difference was less than 10 cm. 

I was having a great time on my leisurely carriage date with him, defeating the monsters that came our way together with Vidello-san. 

I was so flattered when one of the passengers told me we were strong. I never thought I would be this happy not being called a kid! I could see Vidello-san was holding back his laughter looking at me. 

A big guy like you won’t ever understand my hardship! Damn. But then again, it was good to see the sight of him holding back, too. 

With little difficulty, we arrived at Quattro by evening. 

After a quick stop at a restaurant that served a local specialty, we headed into the back alleys. 

After a while, we were greeted by an old building. 


And as usual, the handsome butler welcomed us. 

“I was finally able to make the item that you tagged as the price of the book, so I brought it here.”

I quickly took out the bottle and handed it over to the butler. The butler gasped while admiring the item. 

“Ho~ This… How wonderful. As expected from you, it’s splendid. Then, I’ll also…”

The butler immediately went to put away the colorful herbal soup and came back with something in his hand. 

He lightly placed it in front of me. 

It was a beautiful lace-knitted cloth in the pattern of a square.

“Please appraise it.”

“Ah, yes.”

Was this the one I wanted? As I was still puzzled, the butler encouraged me to continue my action.

Then, I quickly appraised the cloth. 

[ MP Saving Doily:
A doily made from a thread of a silkworm that has an attribute of storing magic. A magic item. Using this will decrease your MP consumption by half. ] 

“Ah, this is the one I want.”

It’s amazing. My worries about my low max MP would be solved considerably with this. 

Just how did he realize that this was the one I wanted? The other time also, he called Vidello-san for me. 

When I looked at him with a surprised expression, he smiled at me. 

“I’m pleased that you appreciate this item.” 

“Yes! Thank you very much! Anyway, this looks really beautiful.”

“Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to know that my effort was worthwhile.”

Huh, so the butler made this. He’s so good with his hands and the thread looked expensive. 

I now looked like I was receiving more than I should. 

When I stole a glance at the butler, he noticed and said,

“It’s no problem at all. There’s only the cost of the thread.” 

I felt like he could read what I was thinking. 

When we were about to leave the shop, the butler showed a bright smile and bowed his head saying, 

“I’ll be looking forward to seeing you both again. I’m glad to see that the amulet is growing well.”

Come to think of it, I’d totally forgotten about what percentage it had accumulated. I’m all content with the amulet on my robe. 

I looked at the feather with Vidello-san. 


I was grinning, thinking that we had accumulated so much in such a short time. Vidello-san whispered to me. 

“We need to love more or else it won’t accumulate much…”

No, no, no, no, wasn’t this growing rapidly already?! I’m all in with loving you more though!!

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10 months ago

I like the butler xD

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

10 months ago

i got to say,i realy apreciate how honest he can be with himself and his desires