This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 7: There’s A Rating!

That’s right! This is a VR game! I’m only 17, so there’s definitely restrictions! Of course I want you to touch me…! But to think about it, the fact that I can’t even confirm if my thing is attached in the game made my shoulders drop further.

“…Is it possible that Mac isn’t an adult yet?” Vidello-san asked, patting his hand regretfully over my underwear which couldn’t be peeled off, as if it were stuck to me.

“Yeah, I’m only 17.”

As soon as I answered, Vidello-san tilted his head.

“If you’re 17, you should be an adult. Mac is a human right?”

“Uh, is the age of adulthood different for each race?”

That was news to me! With bright eyes, Vidello-san nodded yes. It was said that in this world, during adolescence, the reproductive system would remain dormant and in development until one reached the age of maturity and underwent the ceremony to adulthood and become able to use your reproductive function. It seemed to be a rule that even if you tried to take off the underwear sexually like this, it was impossible to do so, and it seemed that high-end sex crimes like shotas and lolis didn’t exist in this world. I think it gives me some peace of mind to hear that, but on the other hand, there were lower-end sex crimes where they made their victims serve them with their mouth or hands, so it wasn’t impossible that children would be abducted. There are lowlives everywhere. It’s disgusting.

“Ah, but where I come from, the age of adulthood is 18, so you have to be 18 to participate in adult activities.”


As we hugged, Vidello-san listened to my words and his eyes lit up.

“So you’re saying in another year, I can be lovers with you both physically and mentally?”

“What?! Lovers?!”

I involuntarily let out a hysteric voice at the sudden mention of lovers. Huh, were we lovers because we kissed? To my surprise, Vidello-san was as shocked as I was.

“After all, weren’t we trying to confirm our love just now?”


T-that’s right, it seemed so! I’d been completely swept away. Confirmation of love. Is that how you judge sexual activity, Vidello-san? I see.

“… Um sure, a confirmation of love…”

I didn’t feel bad about Vidello-san’s straightforward confession and feelings, and I opened my mouth to affirm them, but the words weren’t coming out. As soon as I realised it, my heart began to race.

I think I’m ready to accept love if it’s you, Vidello-san. I don’t think there’s anyone else more sincere.

There was no person like him in real life. And he said he’ll wait till I come of age.

“Mac, you’re bright red and cute. It’s a shame I can’t make you my own right now.”

You’re sincere but quick with your hands, aren’t you Vidello-san? If I hadn’t been protected by the age limit, I was pretty sure I would’ve been eaten already. I felt a strange mixture of disappointment and relief. Suddenly, something in the corner of my eye started blinking.

“Ah, crap. I’m gonna log out…”

I realised it had been quite a while since I had logged in. Since I had school tomorrow, I had set it so I could log out at 11.

“Vidello-san, sorry, but I have to return soon… If you’re still not feeling well, make sure you sleep well.”

I muttered and gently removed Vidello-san’s arm around my waist. The moment I felt reluctance at the idea of his arm separating from me, I knew I had become a completed adolescent. Crap. Despite his calm composure, I was still wondering if it was ok to be embraced by Vidello-san.

Vidello-san, looking somewhat disheartened, said “I’ll walk you out,” and put on his shirt. His defined pectoral and trapezius muscles became even sexier with just a shirt. I put my arms through a baggy shirt he had given me and donned equipment over it, which unexpectedly had turned out to be his shirt. As a backup, I managed to cover his shirt with a shabby robe. Right, I packed the rags that had fallen down into my bag and looked up to see Vidello-san waiting for me with his arms open, saying “Come here.”

Huh, was this a proposition that required me to jump into those pecs covered only by a shirt…? It’s somewhat hard to do now that I’ve calmed down a bit… I thought. I looked around to make sure there was no one else in the room, which was natural because it was Vidello-san’s private room. After confirming that no one was there, I gulped, prepared myself, and gently leaned over. I feel completely full. Vidello-san grinned at me as I timidly snuggled up to him and he kissed me erotically once more before leading me out of the guard station.

As I left, he smiled and gave me a wave. I returned it with a small wave of my own before hurrying back to my workshop. I took off my robe and tossed it in a corner, crawled into one of the many beds scattered around, and covered my head with the blanket.

Today had been a terrifying day with so much going on; the dragon, Vidello-san nearly dying because of me, the erotic, impossible events that followed. I mean, VR that felt good even in-game was scary. I wondered if I’d really be able to take off those stuck-on pants when I became an adult. I wanted to check it out, but if I did and they really came off, unless Vidello-san had changed his mind, I was sure I’d open my legs for him. I’d get swept away by his handsome face, his smooth-talking, and his good nature. I was a little scared. But if it’s Vidello-san, Vidello-san…

Aaaaaa! I remembered that lewd but gentle touch! I’m an idiot!

As I screamed internally, my awareness surfaced into the real world.

I opened my eyes and removed my headgear.


I got up from the bed I was lying on and let out a deep, deep sigh at the sight of my pants, which now sported a prominent tent.

It was truly an empty feeling to remember the touch of a person who didn’t exist in this world and pathetically deal with my full-hearted d*ck. It felt good, but an emptiness different from rubbing it to a p*rn mag spread in my chest. Moreover, I was definitely the one who presented my a-ss to that touch. It was so nice to have those big hands caressing my back and hips and kneading my a-ss, that I began to wonder if I had a disposition for that.

When I pulled my d*ck out, I grabbed a porn mag of a girl with big b**bs to use as material. It was a bit of a shock, then, to feel the difference in pleasure from doing it with someone and doing it alone.


I let out a deep breath while releasing into the tissue I was holding.

When I went to school the next day, the moment our eyes met in the classroom, Yuuta beckoned me over, so I made my way to his desk.

“Yuuta, thanks for saving me yesterday.”

When I thanked him for yesterday, Yuuta lifted his mouth in a grin and gave me a thumbs up, saying “Something like that was a piece of cake.” 

“Other than that, Kengo.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about the gatekeeper.”

The moment Yuuta said that, my heart jumped and blood rushed to my head.

“Wha-wha-what is it?” I stammered. Yuuta’s gaze seemed to pierce into me.

“Is it okay for gatekeepers to leave their posts? I’ve never seen them go anywhere other than the gate. And that appearance. Usually he’s wearing a helmet and only says “Welcome” with a blank expression or a business smile.”

“Oh, about that thing…”

Why were you kissing? I thought he was going to ask. Well, Yuuta was fighting the dragon at that time after all. I suppose he didn’t see it.

“I went to the station but they didn’t say anything. Is that okay in an emergency?”

With a sigh of relief, I told him my guess and Yuuta was convinced. Thank goodness.

“But I didn’t know Kengo and the gatekeeper were close enough to hug and kiss each other.”


At first I was relieved that he hadn’t noticed, but then, while resting his hand on his cheek as he looked up at me standing there, Yuuta grinned and spat out those words, causing me to choke. I coughed and covered my mouth as I glared at him. Yuuta was still smirking and pestering me.

“Is it possible that the reason why Kengo never had a girlfriend before was because he actually liked that kind of person? Well, it’s true, there’s no one around as macho as him.”


“So, how far have you gone? Is it possible to do that in-game? Tell me a little more.”

“Shut uuuuup!”

After I slapped both of Yuuta’s cheeks that wouldn’t stop grinning and forced him to shut up, I headed to my seat without a glance back at Yuuta, who was rubbing his cheeks.

Author’s Note:

I changed the age of adulthood. Thank you for always reading!\(^^)/

TL’s Note: How long do you think it’ll take them to figure out how to do the do? Place your bets now.

Lu: Sorry for the weird censoring, there was only 1 slightly NSFW scene, so I decided to censor instead of going the patreon route~

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1 year ago

Oooh~ thanks for picking this novel up :3

1 year ago

Clothes on but still spicy.
The MC is way more accepting it the relationship and his feelings than I thought he’d be.
I think he was already playing for about 6 months, so six more months to go?