This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 073 – Fish is Delicious

When I answered him, already turning myself in, the old man laughed at my panic. 

“All the trees here are growing wild and they don’t belong to anyone, so you don’t need to make a face like that. It’s just that all the fruits only grow at the top. I also wanted some of them but I couldn’t reach them. If you like, want to trade a few of them for my fish?”

“With pleasure!!”

I patted my chest in relief and, at the same time, I jumped at his unexpected offer.

I happily took out the fruit I had picked, one after another. There were 3 different kinds, so it was better to include all those different types. I wondered what kind of fish he would exchange them for. 

When I presented him with a mountain of fruit in my arms, the old man had a bitter smile saying, “You’re gonna give me this much?” and he opened his bag.

“Put them in here. Then, how many fish should I give you? Maybe my whole catch? I don’t think 4 is enough.”

“Don’t trouble yourself over it! Are you going to give me this much?! I came here because someone at Quattro’s seafood restaurant told me that I could catch fish here!”

“I’ve been wholesaling all my catches there. Aren’t all those fresh fish delicious!?”

“It was so delicious…! Thank you very much! I really like fish.”

“All right, all right, I understand. Giving me such a sparkly look. Okay, I’ll give you 8. Eat your fill and come to the restaurant again. The owner there opened the restaurant in such a secluded place. He’s also a bit shy and not good with words. The dishes are so good, but it’s not thriving as much as it should. If he had more profit, he could open his restaurant at a much better place, and yet…”

“I see…”

They were also having a hard time. It was true that it was in a secluded place and I couldn’t even see the signboard from out front. 

As I was still thinking, Yuuta quickly came in front of me. He was also a fish lover, so I would definitely tell him the location of the restaurant now that I thought of it. 

“Excuse me, but is there really a restaurant where you can eat fish? I’d love to know about the place. If the owner agrees, I’ll be sure to advertise it.”

“Ah, Takahashi. I know the place. Vidello-san took me there yesterday.”

When I told him, Yuuta glared back at me. 

“Why didn’t you tell me… this kind of info, shouldn’t you have immediately shared it…?”


When I hurriedly apologized to Yuuta, who was trying to corner me with an even more serious look, he soon forgave me, but he still had that expression on his face. 

“Oh! Please do so. I’m worried about them. You need to turn the corner at the general store on the main street, walk down the narrow street, then turn left at the first corner, and the restaurant is just there. There’s a prix fixe menu, but I can guarantee the taste. Just tell them that you heard it from Kartley, and they might give you a little discount. I’ll also tell the guy that there’s someone who will promote the restaurant. Then, I’ll leave it to you.”

“I understand, Kartley-san.”

I saw him glance at the corner of the game screen, and I noticed the fisherman’s name in his friend list. 

I also noticed a new notification in my friend list, too. Did this mean I could also call him by his name? 

Then, Kartley-san gave me 8 fresh-caught horse mackerel-like fish. 

“Kartley-san, thank you very much! Let’s filet them right here!”

When I joyfully took my cooking utensils out of my bag, Yuuta suddenly stopped me. 

“The rock here is flat, so it might be easier to do it here.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“I’ll chop the heads,” Yuuta offered.

“Don’t nick the guts, okay,” I warned.

“I’ll make sure to handle them properly.” 

The three of them were looking at us with amazement, watching the two of us working together in harmonious coordination. But the fish tasted better when it was fresh!

Today was the day I would raise my cooking skills!!

In the hands of the two enthusiastic fellas, the fish was soon transformed into a delicious-looking meal.

Yui had already laid out the picnic mat, so we carried the finished meal to it. 

Of course, I also made a special sauce using the fruits. I couldn’t recreate that particular flavor, but I sure made it quite delicious. 

When cooked with Korza oil, a fragrant and tasty-looking meunière was completed without needing to add herbs or spices. All I had to do was add the fruit sauce on top of it to complete the dish.

Two more fish were added halfway through the cooking process, so I prepared them the same way. 

One sashimi dish and one meunière with fruit sauce dish were ready for everyone. 

All 5 of us surrounded the dishes. 

Kartley-san also joined us at our meal. But he was more than welcome! Preferential treatment to our fish provider was guaranteed from the start! 

“This really is delicious! You’re truly a skilled cook,” Kartley praised.

“Thank you very much! I’m Mac.”

“So you’re Mac. The guy beside you is skilled in handling knives.”

“I’m Takahashi. The tiny one here is my girlfriend, Yui.” 

He was smart enough to even introduce Yui and seemed very happy to become an acquaintance of Kartley-san’s. 

It was obviously because he might get his hands on some freshly caught fish. 

“This is also delicious. Where did you get this sauce and oil?”

“I don’t know whether the fruits and oil from Sette’s farm are sold in the market. The oil was extracted by squeezing it from the Korza flower which grows on a Sette farm.”

“Oh, so it’s from Sette. I heard that there was a big problem on a farm and it had to close down because of that, but did it reopen again?”


It looked like Kartley-san was thinking about something. 

The fish in front of him, not a single bone of it was left on the plate. He was saying things like ‘this was also good’ and grilled them over the fire and munched them all down. 

Needless to say, I imitated him, eating them all. Need to take all that nutritious calcium! Vidello-san, even showing his bitter smile, shared his fish bones with me. You’re so kind. I like you❣️

Yuuta had a blissful smile on his face, truly satisfied with the meal. 

Kartley-san said he was going to carry the fish he caught, and he then went to the wagon that was between the trees to load the boxes of fish onto it. Inside the boxes, the fish were tightly packed in ice. He said he wanted to deliver the fish fresh, so he desperately studied ice magic. Wow, full respect. 

But, there was only a wagon? Where was the horse? As I looked at him, he took out a whistle from his pocket and blew it. 

Instantly, a chestnut horse appeared out of nowhere. It was not like the horses we rode here as it had a stout body. We also noticed that we couldn’t hear the sound of his whistle. 

“Bye, then. Thanks, the fish was delicious. Have a safe trip home.”

After saying that, he attached the horse to the wagon, sat on the driver’s seat, and left the lake waving his hand while saying goodbye. 

“He can get past all those monsters, alone…”

As we saw him off in a daze, Vidello-san who was next to me gave us an explanation. 

“He’s strong, you know. Strong enough that he can pull the net full of fish alone. He’s a fisherman, so I think he can use a harpoon, and he might be quite skilled at that.”

“Wow, amazing. Like he can lift me up with one hand.”

“I think you’ll weigh nothing to him. Even I can lift you up easily.”

“Eh, really?! You can carry me?!”

“That’s a breeze.”

Amazing muscles! Praise muscles! Amazing Vidello-san even when you’re naked! I like you❣️

“I think even Takahashi can lift her girlfriend with one arm.”

“Eh, you think so? Or maybe, I can. Yui is tiny and also slender.”

Is it possible for me to lift someone up…? Hmm, I don’t think I can even lift Crash. I mean, it’s definitely impossible without using both hands. 

As I kept pondering over the possibilities, Vidello-san’s hand reached my butt.

“Huh, uwa!”

He suddenly pulled me up and held me closer, and it was with just one hand!

I screamed out in surprise and clung onto him, but he winked at me saying, “See?”

Uwu… why are you so cool?! He was so smooth with one hand, so a princess carry would be like a piece of cake for him! I should also do some push-ups, too. 

“We’ve had a delicious fish meal, and now I think it’s time to go back.”

“I agree. The horses might also be bored.”

When we looked at the horses, they all looked comfortable, eating grass. Cute. 

I also got what I wanted.1

When I turned around to tell the plan to Yuuta and Yui, they were holding hands watching the lake scenery. 

“I think we’d better not disturb them…”

I turned my gaze back and whispered to Vidello-san. 

He also had a bitter smile, saying, “Well, let’s wait a little bit longer.”

Then, he started walking somewhere, still holding me in his arms. 

After moving to a wooded area where we could be hidden and making sure we couldn’t be seen by the pair, Vidello-san put me down.

“They’re having a great time over there too,” he said.

“Yeah, we can’t disturb them, so let’s be together also.”


When our eyes met, our lips came close as if this was natural. 

We started out with light kisses, but then things kept escalating and now, we were totally immersing ourselves in deep kisses. 

No, we couldn’t. I was still in my adult body, so blood kept rushing into that part and I thought it was about to wake up. 

If it became a tent, then I might give some unnecessary info to Yuuta. 

B-but still I couldn’t stop.

“Ha… mm…”

I put my arms around him and enjoyed the sensation of his lips. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do all those dirty things with him for a while, so I was more excited than I should have been…

“Ah… mm…”

I knew I couldn’t stop this arousal any longer and my body was practically glued to him. 

Then, suddenly, I felt something bump against me. 

I was startled and our lips separated in an instant. 


What the? When I looked back, the horse had been watching us the whole time.2 

It snorted and bumped at my back again. 

“Eh, what, is it time to go back?”

It kept clip-clopping and bumping at me, so when I asked, it neighed as if to say that I was correct. 

I was so into our kissing session that I didn’t even notice that they finished eating. Sorry, sorry. 

So I pulled the reins and went back to where the pair was. The moment my eyes met with Yui, she blushed hard and literally fanned herself in front of me. 

“I-I didn’t see anything, okay? I mean I saw nothing…!” 

Huh, by that face, I could tell she totally saw us! Yuuta was also happily laughing, seeing Yui’s reaction. Well, alright, I wished you both happiness forever. 

Even on the way back, Yui never made eye contact with me. She just glanced at me for a second and quickly averted her eyes. Vidello-san was also restraining his laughter looking at Yui’s reaction.

Of course, there was only one place to go when we were back to Quattro. 

“Now, now lead the way,” Yuuta demanded.

“You don’t need to remind me.”

“Hey, come on. Hurry up, quickly!”

“Shut up!”

It was becoming more and more annoying because he kept pushing me to guide him to the seafood restaurant. So I kicked him in revenge, his knee buckled by my unexpected attack and he lost his composure. I enjoyed a few seconds of getting my revenge and quickly went to Vidello-san and held his hand. 

For some reason, Vidello-san seemed to enjoy watching the friendly interaction between me and Yuuta. He almost laughed from time to time. He was so cool! This person really was my perfect lover.

“Vidello-san, can we hold hands?”


He held my hand without the slightest hint of hesitation in his actions. I was so happy that I couldn’t hold back the stupidly happy smile on my face. Just like that, I guided Yuuta all the way to the seafood restaurant while feeling bliss because of Vidello-san’s obvious show of love towards me.

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»I think even Takahashi can lift her girlfriend with one arm.« his girlfriend

Vidello-san was smiling bitterly again, just like last chapter. What’s there to be bitter about? lol
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