This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 079 Seriously, I’ve Got a Great Backing

“Sorry, I still don’t know when he’s coming back.”

“I see…”

I swallowed a sigh that was about to spill and said thanks to the gatekeeper.

He looked like he truly felt sorry for me and placed his hand on my head. 

“Well, cheer up Mac. We’ll also feel sad if you make a face like that.” 

“Huh? Em, I-I’m fine really! So don’t worry about me!”


The usual straight-faced gatekeeper looked like he was definitely not in good spirits. 

I raised my hand and assured them that I was fine and left the gate. 

I headed to the farm with heavy steps. 

When I saw Kyle-san working on the farm as usual, I felt like my mood improved a bit. 

“Hey~! Kyle-san~!”

When I called out to him, he stopped his work and turned to look at me. He waved back with a bright smile on his face. 

“Well, hasn’t it been quite some time since I saw you? I totally thought you eloped with Vidello.”

“We didn’t.”

“Hahaha, it’s a joke.”

Why elope? We didn’t do anything wrong that we needed to run away from.

I walked towards Kyle-san, laughing. As soon as I arrived, he put his hand on my head. 

Somehow, I felt like there was a high chance of my head being patted. There was no way, right? Like my height was convenient enough to put his hand on my head. It couldn’t be…

As I desperately denied my thoughts, he looked at me with gentle eyes. Ah, such a kind expression. 

“Even so Mac, thanks for the matter at Sette. That guy, Tream was really grateful.”


I had never thought he would thank me out of the blue.  

Did Kyle-san and Tream-san know each other?

The question was written all over my face, so Kyle-san explained to me the connection between the farms. 

“About twice a year, all of us have a gathering at the desert city. That’s why all the farmers on this continent are more or less friends. If we discover some groundbreaking farming and cultivation methods, we share information with the group. That’s why talking between farms is important. Just the other day, I went to the gathering and I thought Tream couldn’t make it but, surprisingly, he was there and he said something along the lines of the pharmacist from Tre saving him or so. And I knew it was definitely Mac. All of us farmers are very grateful towards you.”

“I see. Tream-san became quite lively again. I’m so glad.”

“He was a little bit sulky because you went back without showing your face. That’s why at least show your face there when you visit next time.”

“I’ll do that, and also I want to buy his fruits.”

As I nodded, Kyle-san quickly leaned in next to my ear and whispered something important. 

“We all decided to hide the fact that you’re able to make that dangerous drug related to agriculture from the top. You can sell not only here but also everywhere else. Just tell them your name and they’ll turn a blind eye as much as they can. So just show yourself when you visit another city’s farm. Also, if you’re in need of money and as long as it’s related to the farm, you can sell those horrendous bugs to us. If it’s not at our farms, I’m afraid that you might get into something quite dangerous. That’s why you must sell it to us if the time comes, understood?” 

His words left me surprised and I could do nothing but keep listening. 

Didn’t this mean I had gotten the backing of all the farms on this continent? My god.

Even if I sold that disgusting thing, no one would keep tabs on me. This was truly amazing. But I wasn’t selling it, though.

“And thus, if you find that the farms in the other cities are in trouble and you happen to visit there, please help them out if you have time. I can’t force you to do something, but just think of this as my request.”

“Even if you don’t tell me, I’ll do it. But why to this extent?”

“Well, Tream was the culprit who mentioned you in that gathering. I’ve been hiding your existence because I don’t want the other guys to steal you away from me. But now that you’re well-known, it’s better for me to change my tactic to give you full support instead. So no matter what happens, as long as your actions don’t harm the farms, we will protect you, so live your life the way you want. “


Tream-san, too. People in this world were really kind.

I felt like my feeling of loneliness of not seeing Vidello-san had disappeared a little. Thank you, everyone. 

“And, you know. The owner of the Sei’s farm, the guy named Monto, said he wanted to meet you when you happen to visit Sei.”

“From Sei? Is there any trouble there?”

“He said there was a strange herb growing on his farm. It just sprouted, but it never got big enough to grow anything out of it. What’s strange about it was it didn’t wither either. He thought it might need some kind of specialized fertilizer, but he didn’t know what it was either. As it can be left as it is, he said there’s no need to rush over. If you ever happen to go there, could you go check it out?” Kyle-san requested.

As soon as the conversation ended, there was a new notification alarm in the quest column. 

I was totally fine with it. Well, Sei, huh? That’s where Vidello-san was. I wanted to go there right away.

I just wanted to see his face. Should I go? The monsters on the way were well within my level for me to handle alone and I could go with the carriage also.

“Should I go there? Maybe today or tomorrow.”

“I’ll leave it in your care. Anyway, what are you buying today? I’ll give you a discount.”

After buying vegetables for cooking and a bunch of herbs for making all kinds of potions to my heart’s content, I left the farm. 

If I thought about it carefully, being able to have a strong backing from all the farms on this continent was such a large concept that my brain couldn’t keep up with all the information. 

All I could think of was if I would get some kind of special discount or something like that. 

I walked back to my workshop with a frown on my face, thinking and digesting hard on all the information. When I arrived, a new notification appeared in the chat column.

“It’s Yuuta. I’m sure he’ll definitely send me a single word like ‘TART’.”

I opened the chat and, just as I predicted, there was only a single word.

[ TART ]

I sighed. 

Just as I expected. I knew him so well. After checking the ingredients, I replied with a single word.


Okay, let’s start making it before they arrive. 

While mixing the ingredients, I recalled the last time I made the tart here. 

I had been a little pissed because if I didn’t get on top of the chair, I couldn’t reach the table and work at all. Well, I was a kid at that time, I meant physically…

And when I held the knife or when I was about to start the fire, Vidello-san panicked… He said he hadn’t cooked before, but he still helped me with his inexperienced hands, feeling quite nervous. It was fun. Vidello-san, I like you. I really really like you.

This time, with skilled hands that wouldn’t make Vidello-san worry, I cut some Piera fruit and put it into the pan.

I mixed it with oil all according to the recipe. Ah, he also helped me with this too. My pace quickened as I recalled our time together making the tart.

Just as it was ready to be baked, Yuuta’s group arrived. 

“Morning! Come to think of it, what happened with [ Mad Ride ]? Didn’t they come all the way here to eat tarts with us?”

When I asked about [ Mad Ride ] whose faces I hadn’t seen at all recently, Yuuta told me,

“He ain’t here anymore.”

He said he couldn’t forget about the elf village, so he headed there again. But, wait a minute, was he fine with going there alone? Hadn’t they just barely arrived at the village even with Yuuta’s party? 

“Really, Harpon-san’s group is amazing.”

“Well, I hope they can make it to the village. How about we bet how many times it will take him to get there? I bet he’ll give up on the third time and come back crying to us on the fourth run.”

Hey, hey. Weren’t you on friendly terms with them? 

I laughed hearing his words.

“So, the monsters there are really strong. I’m sure it will be a long way for me to go there… But I want to go there.”

Emily-san could read the ancient language, so it might have been that the elf village was some kind of treasury of ancient language. 

Ah, I had never been to the library here before. Let’s try searching for an ancient language book there later. 

After reading the ancient language book I borrowed from Crash, I was kind of into the ancient language right now. It was so interesting. I was sure I wasn’t a fan of history, but getting to learn something new was so much fun. I didn’t know if it was true or not, but… In the case of practicing writing, well, I’ll try to put a bit more effort into it.  

“Then, how about we request [ Mad Ride ] party together with all of us, and then we’ll escort you to the elf village? How’s that sound? All problems solved, right?” 

As if a good idea came to her, Yui gave out a prompt proposal with a smile and a clap!

“But you know, I would definitely hold you guys back… And you’re all gonna have harder battles if you have to protect me. I feel like we would end up not being able to even get a single foot into the village.” 

When I said that, she became dejected saying, “I see.” 

And Yuuta was grinning, looking at her. 

This guy was already a lost cause. No matter what kind of face she made, he was all happy. 

“Oh well, if there’s a chance, one day we’ll head there. I definitely would like to visit the village at least once.”

It was because the whole village was like a treasury. 

I added this plan to my list. 

While I was rearranging my thoughts, I put the freshly baked tart in front of everyone. 

[ Piera Tart

A tart carefully made from using fresh Piera fruit.

Eating this will increase your stamina. (Increase Maximum HP +5)

Dexterity +15 ]

As I appraised it to see if I had done it right, for some reason, there was no additional luck stat boost attached to it, but instead, there was an increase in dexterity value. What was this? How was this different? Even though all the ingredients and the process were the same.

“…I see. It was because I made this alone.”

I couldn’t remember properly but I thought I heard from someone that if I was together with Vidello, my luck would increase. I was somewhat convinced. 

I miss you, Vidello-san.

Holding back a sigh, I cut the tart. 

You could tell it was delicious just from the look, so I believed the taste would be okay. 

All the girls let out a cheerful voices looking at the tart. Yes, all the girls, including the girl using a male avatar and the boy using a female avatar. I mean, really, Kairi’s acting as a girl was so good that I nearly forgot that she was Masuda inside. He acted like a normal high school boy at school and he never acted in such a feminine manner at all. The transition was amazing. 

Yuuta helped with cleaning the empty plates. Easy-peasy~

Everyone was ecstatic to have their HP raised by 5. Of course, my HP was too. If there was something like this that could raise my MP, I would make it again and again, and eat it to my heart’s content. I bet a recipe like that would need incredibly hard-to-find ingredients. The game was well made. There were no shortcuts to getting stronger… 

“Where are you going next, Takahashi?”

I asked while having tea.

“We’ll go back to Sette and raise our levels,” he answered.

I turned my head in surprise and as soon as our eyes met, I requested,

“Can I come along with you guys? I want to go to Sei.”

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1 year ago

It’s interesting how they all don’t want the higher ups to know about Mac. First (I think) it was Crash bc of the high quality potions and now we have all the farmers who are also protecting Mac this way.
Feels like there’s still a big story out there for us.

And why do I feel kinda strange with how he always mentions Masuda and how it is a “he” acting as a “she”? :’D Why not just let him be? I also know guys who are always using the female avatar and vice versa, and it’s pretty normal and nothing you use a second thought on.

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

1 year ago

awww so adorable that making tarts together with Vidello influenced luck boosts too <3
and how amazing it is to have the support of all the farmers on the continent OwO
Thanks for the chapter! Onwards with more adventuring!