This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 086 – I Can’t Stop Craving the Future

When asked what I thought, I just answered honestly. With my head muddled with panic right now, I couldn’t think of the correct answer.

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter if Vidello-san is ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ as long as he’s happy. I’m more curious about the fact that he has blood that is half-foreigner.”

Looking straight back at me, Monto-san widened his eyes in surprise for a moment then burst out laughing loudly.

“Ahahaha… well then. No wonder the ‘lucky’ kid fell in love with you. Does it matter?”

“Because it seems so complicated. Vidello-san, is this why he was called here? Will something bad be revealed and erased because he uses [Good Luck]? Maybe that could happen even if Vidello-san didn’t come here, but it’s strange to associate everything with luck”. 

“Well, you could say that. But,” Monto-san’s laughing eyes sharpened for a moment, “do you have a skill or something? If there is something like [Appraisal], you probably have it.”

Skills? I wonder what that has to do with it. 

“It seems his foreigner parent had that skill called [Good Luck]. It was an incredible power and he might have inherited it.”

“Skill… [Good Luck]”

From what I’ve heard, it’s a good skill. Rather than that, it was more surprising that people in this world understood the concept of skills. No one actually uses those words. Not Sage-san, Emily-san, or even Crash.  

“Actually, I asked a friendly foreigner about it. It’s interesting, the connection between you and our world. You think it’s a game, don’t you? Hearing that made me understand why there are so many shitty foreigners. Because there are quite a few who will do criminal things without hesitation. At first, I thought that all foreigners were like that and didn’t think anything of killing people. If you think of this world as nothing more than a game, that might actually be the case. There are only a handful of them doing it but that doesn’t make it okay. We don’t want to be involved with that kind of thing either.”

I was amused when he told me that I must have come here by wearing something strange on my head. I had never met anyone else who was that aware of the fact that I came here to play games with my gear on. Maybe Emily-san and Regalo-san knew. I had never heard of it from them.

“Anyway, these skills you guys talk about must be very powerful. I don’t know how much power your lover has, but the [Good Luck] his parent had was terrifying. It could shake an entire city. Those liked by [Good Luck] will become wealthy, and those rejected by [Good Luck] will fall to ruin. The only saving grace was that the ‘lucky’ one had a decent nature. If he had been a villain, the organization that got the [Good Luck] would have gained tremendous power and might have even overturned the monarchy. But anyone who tries to ‘use’ his [Good Luck], whether [Good Luck] likes him or not, will fall into misfortune to the point of losing his life. If the king had tried to use [Good Luck], there wouldn’t have been a king anymore.”

“It was such a strong skill. Maybe the skill level was high. Because skills grow.”

“Don’t tell me scary things. If you grow more than that, the world will be turned upside down.”

Monto-san shrugged his shoulders. Even so, Monto-san’s story didn’t seem real.  

I wonder if Vidello-san has any skills. [Good Luck] maybe. 

But when I make something with Vidello-san’s help, I get a ‘luck’ buff, so I guess that’s what it is. 

“So, [Good Luck] appeared 25 years ago then disappeared 5 years ago. That’s the story I’ve heard. Maybe I know a little more than others.”

“So, Vidello-san has the blood of our world in his veins.”

“I’m not sure about the truth of that either. In our world, there are no convenient ‘skills’ that you use. You have to learn and study hard and act hard to acquire something. So if your lover really has a ‘skill’, then perhaps it’s true.”

In the end, I’m not sure of anything.


For a moment, I try desperately to quiet the feeling of hope.

Even after logging out, Vidello-san is still there.

No, don’t think about it.

How happy that would make me. 

No, don’t think about it. 

Because I want to be with you.

Actually, Vidello-san isn’t there on the other side of the gear. 

I like you. That’s why I want to be with you. 

But even here, I can’t be with you. 

Hope, despair, and longing swirled around in my head. Unable to bear it, I closed my eyes and looked down. I sat cross-legged and buried my face in my hands.

“Didn’t you want to hear this?”

Monto-san’s deep voice asked me such a question, but I kept my face buried and shook my head.

“I am desperately trying to discipline myself right now. Excessive expectations could kill me….”

“You’re not right. You’re still young.”

“That’s not it…… I’m still underage and inexperienced, so I don’t know what to do with this feeling.”


I really, really want to see your face right now.

When I opened my eyes with my face still tucked between my arms, I could see the feathers on my necklace up close. I think the jewelry is glowing slightly because I’ve been thinking about Vidello-san since a while ago. Slightly.

Hopefully, there will be a future where I can live with Vidello-san. I want to cling to Regalo-san’s word “destiny” because I don’t ever have enough Vidello-san. The Vidello gauge in me is about to run out of steam. There is no such thing, though.

I sat there and withdrew as much as I could, but I lifted my head when I smelled something good. 

When I looked, I saw a delicious stew, with bread and salad on the table in front of me.

“I’m hungry, so let’s eat. It’s no good eating alone.”

“Wow, it smells good.”

Attracted by the smell, I straightened my posture. I felt like my body was crumpled up, probably because I had been crouching in a strange way for so long.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“Go on and eat. Have lots so you can get bigger.”

Sorry for being small. I would like to be a bigger man. With that in mind, I picked up a spoon. Just as I was scooping up the stew, the bell at the gate made a light sound.

“Ah, the bell sounds louder here.”

“Shh, you go in the back room there for a minute.”

Suddenly, Monto-san’s face turned grim and he pointed to the door of the back room.

I didn’t understand why, but I moved while being pulled back by the stew. As I closed the door, the front door slammed open with a bang.

“What’s all that racket!?”

I could hear Monto-san’s angry voice all the way to this room.

“Let me check if the boy is hiding here.”

“Huh? With whose permission are you saying that? Are you kidding me?”

“With the permission of Raymond-sama! The boy is accused of insulting Raymond-sama! If you don’t hand him over to me, you’ll be sorry!”

My eyes widened at what I heard.

Oh no, that old man! He decided to use force?

What should I do? If I don’t come out, Monto-san….

“Let me tell you, you can’t get away with this. Raymond, you bastard. I understand. From now on I won’t sell anything to Raymond. Of course, I’ll notify all the other farms in town, the general store people, and anyone else I can get my hands on. It’s an insult to be accused of such unwarranted suspicion! Just try picking a fight with us. Don’t you understand that you won’t be able to get any medicinal herbs, daily necessities, or even food? And tell Raymond. The boy who insulted you is not here! I’ll make sure you all pay for this, so keep that in mind!”

Just when I thought I should leave because it was dangerous, I gawked at Monto-san’s rebuke. 

I thought Monto-san was good at dealing with aristocrats. I thought they had a good relationship, was it a good idea for him to be treating them this way?

But, oh well. If there are really only 10 farms in this world, it would be a bit scary if they got a total ban. After all, even potions are originally made from materials purchased from farms. Vegetables in general are supplemented by the farms in the city. Ah, maybe I have a really great backing. Power that even the aristocrats can’t poke and prod. It’s excessive backing. I’m grateful for it. 

Bam! I heard what I thought was the door being slammed, and then the door to the room I was in slowly opened. 

“Sorry for locking you in there so suddenly. I got rid of the bugs, so come on out and eat. Please continue the meal.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

“No, from the moment I heard about Raymond, I knew this would happen. He almost lost his job once before, so he’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to get back on his feet. Come on. Come on.”

I wonder if I might have helped a terrible person. This is what it means to return the favor.

Thinking this, I looked back on myself.

“Am I not causing trouble for the farm? If there is a confrontation with the aristocrats because of me, who you met for the first time today, it will affect Monto-san’s position.”

I didn’t know how to repay his kindness. 

I looked up at Monto-san and he put his hand on my head as he stood in front of me.  

“You think I’m going to let something like that shake my position? They underestimate me. You can run away in peace. One or two of these little boys, I can protect you.”

“Protect… but, thank you very much.”

“It’s already cold, those sons of bitches!” Monto-san arrived at the table swearing and we sat down to continue eating the stew. 

“It’s delicious, even when cold. It’s something that will soak into all five of your guts.”

“What’s that?”

I told him I was just kidding. The gentle taste permeated my stomach and chest.

Too much has happened today. I got to see Vidello-san. Now that I saw him, I’m craving more. Especially because I listened to Vidello-san’s story. 

This time though, I was laughing while talking about other things with Monto-san. I felt kind of lonely in my heart. 

We cleared the dishes together and while I was washing them as a thank you, the bell rang. 

“There’s a guest. I’ll be right back.”

“Ah, yes.”

As I continued to do the dishes, wondering if I would have to hide this time, Monto-san, who had gone out the front door, was back. 

Back, and with someone. 

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Those aristocrats really suck D:
And a really nice way to repay the help of someone else :3

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