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Chapter 1 : Wait, I’ll Confess to You After Half a Year

It has been a while since my high school life began.

In the classroom during lunch break, it happened suddenly without any warning.

「There she is, Makita!」

Surprised by the sudden voice, Tokidou Yukino pretended return to her seat with her portable console in hand.

The handsome girl from the same class.
Kataniwa Renga snapped, and threw away her precious thin book1.


「I can’t bear it any longer!」

Renge was an athletic girl, who was forced by her father to learn Karate during Elementary school.
Because it was no good, she tried joining the Handicrafts club during Middle school, but in the end due to her father forcing her, she joined the Track and Field Club.
Leaving behind a splendid record, the talks went up to her getting a referral to a high school, persisting in her own intent, she joined this too ordinary a high school.

On the other hand, was Yukino, who had no experience in anything similar to exercise.
Moreover, along with a Bob Cut without any special characteristic, she was a boring glasses girl.
The exact opposite of Renge, she was a late blooming plain girl, but with the excuse of games, that were their hobby, they had a fast friendship.

「What happened so suddenly?」
「This world, is rotten. You feel so, Right! 」
「Even if you say Right… 」
「Why can’t I forever, enjoy my life in such a a two-dimensional world! 」
「That’s too bad」

Renge had not shown such rage and resentment till now. If not for the moodiness she occasionally shows and her boyish nature, Renge had enviable looks and her style too, was extraordinary.
Her glamorous shoulder length black hair and almond shaped eyes too suit her well, and her well toned body without any flab, she was an ideal healthy beauty.

If it were not for her personality.

「Think carefully, Yukino. Kirasaki-kun from this 『Rainbow Muscle for You』 is also the same, right? 」that manga name…….LOL

He is the Protagonist of Renge’s precious thin book, no matter what page you are on, he’s an Ikemen who’ll definitely take off the clothes on his upper body.

「Nobody tries coming into contact with me. Is it that? Is it because I am not a girly Half-Japanese stylish blogger type, and I don’t have extremely wavy hair and pouty lips!」

「I don’t understand what you mean, calm down」

「Don’t they feel even a bit, that they should become acquaintances! Is that so, Aah? 」

「It’s futile to make two dimensions your companion」

As expected, it became noisy in the class.
More than usual, Renge today was flagrant.

「I’m fed up of a world that I cannot touch! Two dimensional is complete bullshit! 」

「Renge. To say such……」

Renge’s sharp gaze fell on her.

「Is it no good?」

That she was grinding her teeth, even someone from a third person’s position could see and understand.

「I didn’t say that, did I? 」

「This isn’t a joke」

Suddenly Renge started to clear up her textbooks and her Bentou2.

「Where are you going?」

「Just a minute, I’ll go and confess to Kuma-senpai」

「Eeh! Why did it suddenly turn into this!? 」

Amongst the second years, there is an Ikemen senpai with the odd name of Nanbu Kuma.
Because of his height, he received persistent invitations from the Basketball club and the Volleyball club, but for some reason, he’s a part of the laid back and comfortable Cooking club.
The combination of the rumoured tailor-made uniform and silky hair, he is famous to be beautiful enough to overwhelm the Hosts3around the area.

「If you restrict it to the best thing you can get in your hands, you’re talking about Kirasaki-kun right? 」

「You’re confusing it with Two Dimension! In the first place, did Renge like Kuma-senpai!? 」

「I’m not talking about half-hearted things like like, affection and love!4. 」

「Then, why are you confessing! 」

「Because I want him! 」

「Isn’t it somewhat different!? It isn’t good to say such a thing! 」

Turning a deaf ear, Renge turned her back and went out of the classroom.

「See ya, Yukino. I’ll be off now」

「Wai-, seriously? From now!? 」

「It’s after half a year」


The retreating figure of Renge, who was leaving was refreshing, yet unapproachable.

Half a year since then.
Renge really didn’t show herself in school.

1. Aka a doujinshi.

2. A Japanese Lunch Box (I think everyone knows it tho…)

3. Hosts as in the hosts in Ouran.

4.She uses 好, 恋 and 愛 all three of which are broadly translated to love, but of different amount so, 好<恋<愛.

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