Life after a Broken Engagement

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What Ever Happened to the Gift for His Highness?

The clothing that arrived yesterday fitted my body better than I’d expected. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, but hurriedly took my eyes off it and took a sip from a small cup of pale yellow fruit wine. 

Kilt told me that it was a suitable wine for beginners, but for a first time drinker like myself, it still felt a bit too stimulating; I felt a little overwhelmed by how strong it was and choked a little.

I might drink…everything.

I continued to drink the fruit wine that Kilt prepared for me. It  Kilt helped distract me for a bit, though the back of my throat felt like it was getting burned.

There’s still a bit of time left before His Highness returns…

All the preparations were done; all that I needed to do was wait for His Highness. If it was the usual case, then I would have been waiting for him while reading a book, but I wasn’t in the mood for that tonight.

That was right, I should drink one more cup. If I didn’t do so, then I wouldn’t be able to relax.

“…Nn, cough, cough—”

Perhaps it was because I drank the second cup all in one go, but it felt like my chest had grown hotter than it was before.

…For some reason, I felt a bit tipsy. It started getting strangely fun and I sat on the sofa and tried swinging my legs around.

“Haha, it looks like a flying butterfly.”

The thin lace fabric clung to my legs, making it look like a fluttering black butterfly. It was somehow amusing to watch as it kept fluttering, and then fluttering some more as I moved both of my legs.

Knock knock.

Suddenly, I heard knocking on the door. I was certain that it meant His Highness had arrived.

I let out a child-like voice when I tried to answer him, I found it amusing that it made me start laughing out loud.

“Hmm. It seems like you are unexpectedly drunk.”

“Drunk? Who are you calling drunk?”

For a while after that exchange, His Highness kept saying, “This is bad,” or “What should I do?” 

I started to feel bored from it, so I plopped myself on His Highness’s lap since he was sitting on the sofa. See, if I did that, then I’d be the only thing he’d see, and I could also gaze at His Highness’s face from up close.

“Oh my~ Tonight’s Runa is very daring.”

“Do you hate this kind of thing?”

“That’s ridiculous. I love whichever version of Runa it is.”

“Ahaha, I love His Highness too.”

I felt happy being told by His Highness that he liked me so much. I was so happy that I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. “A drunk Runa is also quite adorable,” he said as he stroked my head.

Huh? Drunk? I wonder who’s drunk? 

“Well then, I assume that Runa is drunk because of the fruit wine over there, but I wonder what this outfit is for?”

“This? This is my gift for Your Highness.”

“A gift? For me?”


His Highness moved himself away from me a bit so he could look down at the clothes that I was wearing.

It was a lacy nightwear made with black lace; it looked somewhat like a thin strapped dress. The fabric was sheer, so if I wore it directly, my skin would show through some places but Kilt told me that this was a good thing.

Besides, the hem of the dress reached my ankles, though there was a high slit on both sides. Because of how I was sitting on His Highness’s lap, those slits exposed my thighs to him. As expected, I really did think that it was indecent. I tried pulling on the fabric with both of my hands to try to cover myself a little, but it didn’t seem to help.

Oh well.

“It seems like this is either Harris’s or Kilt’s idea.”

“Well, uhm, I asked Harris and Sarius first, and I then consulted with Kilt about it.”

“I see. It does seem like something Kilt would suggest. The stern Sarius would’ve been shocked.”

“Fufu, yes~ I was so surprised that he scolded Kilt.”

“Since it was Sarius , he probably got away with just getting scolded. But if it was Haden, he might’ve gotten his ass beaten with a sword.”

“Will he really beat his butt??”

“Yeah, he’ll probably get scolded at least that much.”

“Uhm, will they quarrel then?”

“No, no. Those brothers are super close, so they wouldn’t quarrel over something like that.”

That was right. Kilt and his brothers really did get along well. But, if that was the case, then I thought that His Highness and his brother also got along.

“I also think that Your Highness is close with your brother.”

“Huh? Do you mean me and Hart?”

“Yes, you two are really close.”

When I replied with that, His Highness chuckled  and softly poked at my cheeks with his fingers. Fufu, it felt so ticklish that I started giggling.

“You have a point. Considering we’re brothers from a royal family, we are closer than most.”

“If Your Highness were my older brother, I’m sure I would really like you too. I’m sure His Highness Hartward also loves and respects Your Highness.

“Hart has always followed me ever since he was little. Even his first words were ‘Bwotha’.”

“Ahaha, His Highness Hartward must’ve been so adorable.”

Imagining it made me unwittingly giggle some more, and His Highness’s fingers began to gently rub on my lower lip as I did so. Fufufu~ The sensation felt so ticklish that it made me laugh some more.

“Yes. When Hart was a child, he was so adorable. He would always listen to me. And as a little brother, he grew up the way I wanted him to.”

“Your Highness also seems like you like His Highness Hartward.”

“That’s right, I don’t dislike him. And… it is said that the stupider the kid, the cuter they are.”

His Highness’s fingers pressed on my lips with a little more strength, causing them to slip into my mouth. It felt ticklish when he stroked at my tongue with his fingertips, and it made me try to push them out with my tongue.

“Oh my~ It really seems like you’re being daring tonight. Perhaps it’s the alcohol’s fault.”

“Mmhh, nnh~”

The alcohol’s fault? I didn’t understand; my head has gotten dizzier and dizzier since I started playing around earlier. Everything seemed so fun at this moment, and I felt excited for some reason.

“You need to be careful around alcohol during parties.”

“Mnnh, chuu…unnhh.”

He suddenly stroked my palate, startling me. That was the place his tongue usually rubbed against every time we’d kiss , so just being touched there sent shivers down my spine.

Even at this moment, I was already getting excited just from his fingers rubbing me; I started to feel a tingling sensation from my lower abdomen. 

“How about we head to bed soon?”


“Well, then get off my lap. Can you stand on your own?”

“Yes, I can stand.”

I somehow managed to stand, but my legs were trembling a little.

“…I see. This is somehow…”

His Highness seemed to be muttering something. I wondered what it was. He looked me over from head to toe a bunch of times.

“From  the exquisite translucency, to the cuts on both sides, this truly is a wonderful gift.”

“Is it to your liking?”

“Yes , very.”

“…I’m so glad!”

Kilt had said “He will definitely be pleased!!” with such confidence, but I wasn’t so sure if that’d be the case. After all, I was worried that His Highness would be uncomfortable seeing me in this shameless looking nightwear.

But if he really was pleased, then I would feel very happy.


“I see. If there’s a slit in this place, then…my hand can easily touch you here like this,”


“Oh my… It looks like you aren’t wearing any undergarments.”

“Kilt said..that it is much better to not wear any.. at times like this…Kyah!!”

“He does have a point. I can enjoy the touch of your smooth skin immediately…Fufu, you’re adorable even here, and I can check it immediately with my finger.”

“Uhm, Your Highness—”

“It’s not Your Highness, remember? Come on~”

“Ahh, S-sir Will, ah!”

“Runa’s place here seems to be really craving it tonight…Fufu, and the inside is already quite wet.”

I heard a wet, squelching sound, but I wasn’t sure if it was caused by the tip of his finger as it entered.

“I thought … that it would be better to..make preparations for it until the end…tonight, nnh!”

“You’re right. It does seem likeI got so excited tonight that I ended up skipping some of the prepping.

“Ah, fuuh, nnh.”

“It is softer than usual…it usually wouldn’t turn out like this merely by  preparing it. Does that mean that you played with yourself?”

“Nh, nnhh, when..putting lubricant, u…nhh, I used the…small dildo, hyaa!”

“I see. Well if that’s the case, then I’ll allow it for now,. but don’t use it next time. I don’t want anything else to enter Runa’s insides that isn’t mine.”

“Yes, aa, aafuh,fuu~”

“If you want to loosen it, then it is better to use your own finger. Let’s see, I will teach you next time on how to soften this area on your own.”

“Hyaah, ahh, afwah!”

His finger pushed inside me and made sloppy, wet sounds, causing me to melt from the waist down. I hurriedly wrapped my arms around Sir Will’s neck to support myself, but my legs were trembling so much that I couldn’t stand.

Still, I didn’t want to fall, so I clung onto Sir Will’s body.

“Oh, you’re being really aggressive tonight. Hugging me so desperately”

“Fu, fuwah, ahh, AHH!”

“Here, I will support you. Try to lift your left leg a little. Yes, that’s it. Rest your leg on my shoulder… Yes, that’s perfect”

“No, I will fall down—uwahh!”

“It’s alright…See, because you lifted your leg a little, your area here is able to open up even more. That’s why… I’ll easily be able to enter you.”

I felt his finger enter once more after he’d pulled it out. It felt like more pressure than earlier; I guessed it was two…, no, three fingers.

He started thrusting them in and out, rubbing me in all the places that made my body tingle, that made my legs tremble more and more. I can’t—I can’t stand anymore than this…the moment I thought that, I heard an audible pop and the strange pressure disappeared. 

“Oh my, this area is also a mess…Ahh, the lace is clinging to you and it’s just so irresistible…”

While my left leg was still propped up on him, I felt Sir Will’s body heat pull away from me.

…No, please stay close to me.

I didn’t want him away from my body, so I moved closer to him. The moment I did, I felt a powerful sensation on my lower body, which caused my whole body to tremble.


“The inside of the lace is so messy. Look…it even makes a sound when you rub it…”

“Hhhi, hh, hyaa, aah, aahh!!”

“I see, so you feel good when wet lace is rubbed on you? Fufu, this is good to know. It seems like I have found yet another way to pleasure Runa.”

“Hyaa, nn, that’s, no, nno, noo, ahh!”

“This is amazing. It got so wet…Here, hold me tightly.”

“Hyaa, the tip, don’t, pl…ay!”

“It’s so adorably aroused. How beautiful it is…”

Sir Will nibbled on my ears while he kept rubbing the tip, making a wet, squishy sound. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, so I let it escape. My body quivered multiple times, my vision flickered,  and my legs couldn’t support me any longer.

But my left foot was still on His Highness’ shoulder. When I opened my eyes once more, I saw that the hand opposite to the one holding my leg was still stroking my obscene place; I quickly shut my eyes after.

It’s like I’m the one embracing him…

As I desperately clung to Sir Will’s neck, my right foot that was still touching the floor was standing on tiptoes.

I spread my legs widely, even as my left leg was still raised. I moved my hips to rub my obscene place against Sir Will’s hand… Usually, doing something like that would be too embarrassing for me, but I couldn’t think straight and I was feeling all fluffy inside. I started grinding against it even more.

“Sir Will—”

The voice that involuntarily came out from me sounded so childish that I couldn’t believe it came from me.

“A drunk Runa is dangerous.”


“Yes, it’s so bad that I feel like all my reasoning will fly away. That’s why you can only drink alcohol when I’m around, alright? Haa, if you are in this room then I don’t mind you drinking a little, but be sure to call me when you do. Got it?”

I was so dizzy that I wasn’t really able to understand, but I wondered if this meant I should just ask permission from Sir Will whenever I wanted to drink alcohol…


“Such a good boy. Well…I want to continue this in bed. How about you, Runa?”

“To continue?”

“Yes. Don’t you want to feel even better?”

“…I want…to”

I still couldn’t properly understand what Sir Will’s words meant, but I wanted to feel even better. I knew that, since I was with Sir Will, he would surely make me enjoy myself even more.

Being kissed, having my chest licked, being touched in lewd places, and having him enter me. It was painful to get my insides spread open, but it felt amazing when he pounded into me so deeply.

Besides, having Sir Will cum inside felt so nice—

“My insides…are throbbing~”


“It’s so hot…there I want Sir Will…to rub my insides…a lot.”

When I finally got both of my feet on the floor, I started feeling dizzy. Sir Will had to support me by holding on to my waist. The sensation and heat from his hand made heat build up in the pit of my stomach once more, and I started to rub on it with my hands. Then, I heard Sir Will sigh.

“Sir Will?”

“Haa, it would be better if you just refrain from drinking alcohol. A drunk Runa is like a drug. Even I couldn’t handle it.”


As I shook my head and pondered the meaning of his words, he kissed my cheek. Fufu, just receiving that made me feel so happy and fluffy inside. 

That was why, as a thank you, I also kissed Sir Will.


By the time I could open my eyes, I was in bed. His Highness was sleeping beside me, as usual, and I felt his arm wrapped around my bare waist. That could only mean that we did those kinds of things last night.

…I couldn’t remember.

No, I remembered His Highness entering the room. We talked after that…and then what?

After a while, His Highness opened his eyes “It was a very wonderful gift,” he said with a smile.

I couldn’t remember much about it myself, but I was happy that His Highness liked it. It seemed like His Highness brought the lacy black nightwear that Kilt had prepared back with him. He happily said that he would purchase nightwear of different colors and material based on that nightwear.

…Uhm, don’t tell me that…I’ll end up wearing that again.

Just wearing it made me feel really embarrassed.

But if His Highness says that he wants me to wear it, well…

If His Highness would be happy with it, then I didn’t mind.

Besides, if I could drink the fruit wine again next time, then I wouldn’t need to worry about being embarrassed because then I wouldn’t be able to remember it at all.

As I thought that, I tried looking for the fruit wine from last night, but I couldn’t see it anywhere.

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2 years ago

Drunk Runa is ridiculously irresistible! This story really has the best relationship and smut~!

Thanks for your hard work translating!