The Marquess’ Daughter Acts as A Pawn

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Chapter 20: House Lewis has No Incompetents

Author’s Note: This is continuing from chapter 18.

‘What the hell is going on…?’

Anne—Monica Anthrone looked at her colleague, who had suddenly transformed completely. Even though, just a few moments ago, she should have been the one with the upper hand. No, she instantly understood that the azure pair of eyes she was looking up at were not Erin’s, whom she loathed, but someone else’s.

Monica couldn’t stop shaking.

The special potion that her childhood friend had concocted had never failed before, even on those unimportant people.

Monica realized that she had been overconfident. That she had made a mistake, but it was too late. The person she had been trying to dispose of held her life in the palm of her hand.

The mere thought terrified Monica.

Her once composed thoughts were now twisted by the intense pain she felt from the woman’s weight on her roughed-up abdomen.

‘I can’t die yet… but what should I do!’

Monica felt a prickle of pain rush from her neck. A warm liquid trickled down.

The woman carefully scooped it up and gently touched her lips with her slender fingers as if she were applying rouge.

Monica’s face was filled with terror as she realized from the crimson liquid’s smell, that it was her own blood. Moreover, the woman’s words made Monica realize the pointlessness of her resistance.

“Fufu, I knew. I knew that you hated Erin… but I loved you very much. Did you know that, the fallen baron’s daughter, Monica Anthrone?”

What she heard was not Erin’s lovely voice, which had resembled the chirping of little birds, but rather a voice like the sound of tinkling bells.

This woman knew who she was. Monica concluded that the woman was a church spy.

‘I guess it’s as they say… The biter bit, huh? It’s so frustrating. I’ve accomplished nothing, nothing at all!’

Monica’s tears welled up from fear and frustration, but she did not shed them, for she at least had a sense of pride. Instead, she glared at the woman in defiance.

The woman’s smile broadened at the sight of Monica, and then she began to talk joyfully.

“The first thing that struck me as odd was your behavior at the breakfast service. Anne—oh, but I can call you Monica now, right? Monica, you never showed your respect. Secondly, whenever Miria, Erin, and Anne were together, we would chat for a long time. But when you and Erin were alone, you always did nothing more than give a brief greeting. It was the same when we met at the library. There was nothing for Anne to dislike based on Erin’s personality, so why? If there was another factor other than personality, then it was Erin’s religious beliefs. So, I had my aide look into you.”

“…I didn’t realize I was so fascinating.”

Monica masked her trepidation and taunted the woman.

“Yes, truly. When Erin and Father Michael first appeared together on your first night shift, you were desperately trying to control yourself and pretend to be Anne. But if you are going to act, don’t clench your hands so tightly that they bleed… Well, I can’t speak for myself either. You may think I’m a member of the church, but I’m not. I hope you believe that at least. By the way, Monica, do you want revenge against the church in the royal capital?”

She said she was not the church’s dog, so Monica might be able to negotiate a little.

With this thought in mind, Monica decided to tell the truth… Even if she were to lie, this woman would know immediately. The woman’s extraordinary observational and acting skills led Monica to determine that.

“House Anthrone was a noble family that rose from merchant origins. However, my father and older brother were loyal to His Majesty, the King. My younger brother and I were proud to be part of House Anthrone, but six years ago, my family was falsely accused of treason. A messenger from the royal capital was supposed to come, so my father and brother stayed at the estate, saying that His Majesty would understand. But then, a priest from that church came. That priest was… First Father Michael. He asked for donations and didn’t seem aware that our family was being accused of a crime. When my father said that it was not a good time at the moment and asked the priest to leave, the guard next to the priest stabbed my father with his sword and killed him. Before I knew it, the people surrounding our estate were killing our fleeing servants and my family. I was saved by exiting through a hidden passageway with a servant ‘s child with whom I was close. I survived by taking the place of my nanny’s daughter, who had similar hair and eye colors as me.”

“So, you wanted revenge on Father Michael?”

“Yes, that’s part of it, but… The assailants at our mansion were dressed in unidentifiable clothing, but their weapons bore House Macmillan’s insignia. I… I hate the church in the royal capital and House Macmillan for killing my family! And I hate this incompetent country that allowed Duke Macmillan to pin false charges on us and hurt my family’s pride! I loathe them!!!”

“Is that all you wish to say?”

The woman’s expression, which was supposedly smiling, had at some point changed to icy apathy. Yet, within her expressionless face, her eyes were filled with fury.


The woman grabbed Monica by the neck and gouged out the shallow wound with her fingernails. The pain caused Monica to readily shed the tears she had been trying not to let fall.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t take revenge… It’s up to you. However, it is outrageous to blame the country for the misdeeds of one’s own family. Let me tell you one thing, Monica Anthrone. Your family was guilty of negligence. You were not under the patronage of a House that could compete with House Macmillan. You didn’t join any faction, and that is why the carpet was pulled from under your feet.”


Monica managed to let out while enduring the pain.

“Was it because you were a newly risen noble family? That’s not true. Only doing business is not enough; you are nobility, after all. Small noble families, though they may be of nobility, have so little power that they can easily be wiped out. Therefore, they’re desperate to improve themselves, increase their value, and gain the backing of large, trustworthy Houses. From an outsider’s point of view, they may look like lowly people who pander to others. But it is to protect their own families. No one wants to flatter others if they had the choice, right? Nevertheless, when you have a trustworthy backer, one’s House will prosper. Thus, the kingdom will also flourish. Monica, have you interacted with the sons and daughters of other noble families? According to my investigation, you rarely attended tea parties. Being born into nobility, one must serve their family, even the children… Especially if you love your family and take pride in it.”


Monica was too busy taking in the woman’s words.

The woman removed her hand from Monica’s neck but instead placed her index finger on her lips and addressed Monica with a bewitching smile.

“And one more thing. House Macmillan is my family’s, House Lewis’, prey. It would be very troubling to have you take your vengeance as you please.”


Monica could not hide her shock at the woman’s words.

House Lewis was one of Three Pillars of the Royal Family, and their actual power was greater than that of House Macmillan.

“I beg your pardon. I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I?”

The woman yanked firmly on her own dark brown hair.

With that, loose, wavy, light blonde hair emerged.

“Pardon the color of my eyes. I changed them with special eye drops. I am Julianna, eldest daughter of House Lewis. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Julianna, the woman who had separated from Monica, picked up a simple cotton nightgown and assumed a perfect ladylike bearing.

“W-Why is the daughter of House Lewis…”

“That’s a fair question. To put it simply, I’m on a mission. I am acting as a pawn in that person’s game.” 

“Who in the world would dare to use House Lewis’ young lady as a pawn?”

“My employer is a nasty, black-hearted bastard. Well, he seems to be a smart guy for naught; he has some inkling of what I—or rather, House Lewis—have in mind. That’s why I want to get things done before he messes with or disturbs me. Monica, I have a proposition for you… Would you like to form a partnership with me?”

“‘Partnership,’ you say… I don’t believe you need the cooperation of a foolish woman like me who is hell-bent on vengeance…”

“I didn’t say that taking revenge is wrong. Isn’t it wonderful to be loved so much that people want to avenge you? I don’t know whether one is conscious after death, but I would be happy if my relatives avenged me after I have been killed.”

“Don’t they usually say that one should not take revenge? That we mustn’t put those we leave behind in danger?” 

“I don’t know what the norm is, but no one in House Lewis is incompetent. Therefore, even if I’m killed halfway to my goal, they will surely take revenge on my enemies. I have faith in them.”

“If there are people you trust so much, you don’t need my help…”

“That’s a ridiculous thing to say. By working with me, you will be able to take revenge way easier than now.… Well, I won’t hand over House Macmillan, though. I would never offer my services to someone incompetent in the first place.”


“First of all, the liquid you had me swallow was, in truth, quite dangerous. Given my lineage, I was targeted by assassins from a very young age, so I had to develop a resistance to poisons and drugs… a special kind of resistance. That’s why I readily accepted your attack… But that liquid was potent, and it certainly had an effect, if only for a short while.”

“But I’m not the one who made it.”

“Just the fact that you are in a position to obtain it is of great value. Besides, your real worth is how you dared to enter the church in the royal capital for revenge and your strong attitude of never giving in under any circumstances. That’s something hard to come by… I told you earlier that I love you.”

Julianna smiled calmly, a complete contrast to her previous smile.

The beauty of Julianna’s ever-changing expressions captivated Monica.

“I’m a fool… I’m willing to cooperate with you, but for the sake of my own revenge, I may just use you to my benefit, perhaps even to your detriment. Will you still agree to have me work with you?”

“I don’t mind. If I were to ever get cornered because of you, it would be due to my own negligence. But I am confident in my judgment. Therefore, you should use me to your heart’s content.”

“Since you insist, I will assist you in my own small way.”

With a handshake, Monica and Julianna became collaborators. 

Monica was looking for revenge, while Julianna was looking for—

“I won’t apologize, as we both did a number on each other, but let me take care of your wounds. Ah, no, I mean, ‘Oh, Anne, are you all right? Let’s get you patched up right away!'”

“No apology needed, as you could have been killed in the first place. ‘Yes, Erin… well, I can only trust you with patching me up. Thank you!'”

Fufu,” the two laughed.

The next day, Miria, who had been working the night shift, sulked a little when she saw that Erin and Anne had grown closer through their secret girls’ night.

Author’s Note: Next time, we will going through some flashback, albeit with an extra chapter in between.

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