The Marquess’ Daughter Acts as A Pawn

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Chapter 30: Beginning of the Ceremony

We return to the original timeline.

It’s a few weeks after the events of chapter 20.

“So Monica, what are the physicians up to in the church of the royal capital?”

Three days after becoming accomplices with Monica, we ended up conducting an exchange of information on a day where we had overlapping night shifts. Monica’s lover was working as a physician in the church of the royal capital. Moreover, he was a physician who, albeit just for a short while, had managed to incapacitate me, who had built up a special resistance to poison thanks to Howard — his ability was the real deal.


“Jean — my personal servant from my time as a baron’s daughter, that is… According to him, they had been conducting research on wonder drugs such as an elixir of immortality or panaceas that could cure all illnesses. As a remnant of those days, it seems that the number of physicians at the present time is on the high side. What’s more, they have the support of patrons among the nobility thanks to their production of quality drugs. Does Lady Julianna know of the ceremony being held at the church of the royal capital?”

“The Sabbath, eh? Of course I do.”

“Apparently, the suspicious drug research was what developed into the ceremony. This is about all I know…”

“It’s more than enough. That was extremely valuable information… So that’s how everything is connected.”

The drug research said to have been conducted in the past… chances were that Mother Elizabeth was involved.

Had the order been executed out of Father’s wish for the woman he loved to live?

Then Duke Macmillan, who had gone astray, attending the Sabbath probably marked the beginning of everything?

Besides, the church of the royal capital wielding even more clout through using medical practice as their shield was hardly something to be happy about.

“Monica, thank you. Also, I have something to ask of you one week from now.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll be attending the award ceremony and evening party, so I’ll be away for a day. At that time, I’d like to ask you to conceal the fact that I’m not in the dormitory.”

“How about applying for a leave permit?”

“I can’t be seen going out so often. I’d prefer to avoid any conspicuous actions… above all, there’s a dog with the backing of the higher-ups within the dorms.”

“That’s… Who is it?!” Monica asked me, surprised.

“Dormitory head Martha. Before, there was a particular topic going around regarding the date between my lover and I, right? Dormitory head Martha was aware of the contents of my letter then. Even though I hadn’t told anyone about going to Ceanna Park. In order to flush out the spies, I had laid several traps with the thought that there were dogs somewhere or other within the church of the royal capital… that they were this close at hand was a surprise. As the dorms are regularly searched, you should also be careful.”

“The dormitory head… You really can’t judge a book by its cover, huh?”

It was probably hard to imagine bright, easy-going and helpful Martha being the church’s dog.

But that was the undeniable truth.

Humans were creatures that could and would fake their own personalities and don masks for the sake of something or other.

“It’s not something we’re in the position to say, is it?”

Huhuhu-hu, it’s as you say.”

As I laughed along with Monica, today’s meeting began.

Author’s Note:

There wasn’t a good cut-off point, so it’s a short chapter this time.

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