The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editors: Ifwewerevillains / Millinia

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Chapter 007 – Demonic Sword

In the courtyard of the Maou Castle, Majin Leonhart was glared at by his dueling opponent, Gillium.

To watch the battle between the two, demon army executives surrounded them from a distance, waiting for the duel to begin.






They were both concentrated, not exchanging a single word. Both majins entered their battle ready state, steadily increasing the pressure around them.


“…This is quite something.”


“Yeah… it’s rare for fellow majin to fight each other. We have to pay close attention.”


The demon captains and the demon generals felt the tense atmosphere, which made them swallow their saliva.


“But, I wonder who will come out victorious? What is your opinion, General?”


One of the demon captains asked his superior, a demon general, for his opinion. Everyone on site must’ve also been wondering about the same thing.

The demon general answered after thinking it over.


“…I think it would be Gillium-sama, I guess. Even if both of them are majins, their raw power as a human and a dragon are just that different.”


“…I guess so.”


The demon captain also held the same opinion and agreed with the demon general’s view. The demon general continued to speak,


“There is also the matter of the difference in experience. The experience between Gillium-sama, who has been a majin for a long time, compared to the newcomer majin— Leonhart-sama, it’s just that much different.”


During his time as a dragon, Gillium had fought against the Maou Kkluf Kkluf all the way until the Last War (though he dropped out in the middle), and had finally reached the current era. He had experienced many battles over the course of his life.

Meanwhile, Leonhart was only in his twenties. While he did possess the capability to become known as the King of the Swords, he only fought for at most two decades. Differences in experience was not something one could easily overcome, and Leonhart also had no experience of fighting against a dragon, let alone another majin. 1


“Then that would mean, Gillium-sama would have an overwhelming victory.”


“No, that’s not necessarily the case.”


“Eh? What do you mean?”


The demon general had denied the demon captain’s opinion. There was a reason for him to do so.


“Leonhart-sama was someone who was recommended for the Four Elite Majin spot that was left vacant for many years. Given the situation, he should possess an appropriate ability. Also—“ 


The Demon General turned his gaze towards Leonhart. The demon captain beside him also did the same.

What laid beyond their sight was Leonhart, and the object he carried on his back.

They saw a shining blue sword with a length that exceeded Leonhart’s height. 

“That sword… it was not there during the audience earlier. It must be something that was granted by Maou-Sama.”

“Indeed. The sword feels somewhat dignified, to the point where you seem to get drawn into it.”


“Yes. Leonhart-sama was a sword expert known as the King of the Swords. You can also see that he has the support of Maou-sama in the form of that sword. I guess even Gillium-sama will have a hard fight, that’s what I expect.”


The demon captain nodded as he agreed with the demon general’s judgement.


“I see, so it seems it’ll be an amazing fight. Wouldn’t it start quickly?”


“Hm… there’s also the matter I have to ask Maou-sama about, regardless of the outcome of the battle.”


“Something to ask, is it?”


“About what she said earlier, that Leonhart-sama would be granted the post of a demon army officer.”


“Ahh, that matter.”


Demon army officer.

One could imagine it was a position that was related to the work of the demon general.


“We’re not irrelevant either. It’s probably a new position in the Demon Army. While I know nothing about the details, he might end up as our direct superior, and that’s what’s most important.”


“…If that’s the case, then it’s lucky for us to be able to witness this fight now.”


“Yes. While I feel complicated about it, Maou-sama has already decided. We should be able to determine what kind of person he is by watching his battle.”


After their conversation, they returned their focus back to the two who were about to fight.

Others had various opinions, but they mostly talked about their expected outcome.



—Meanwhile, Leonhart was rained on by those gazes.


…In the end, I have no choice but to do this…


While he felt the gazes land on the sword on his back, he felt himself slightly mourn inside.


—It had happened when Leonhart was on his way to move towards the courtyard of the Maou Castle.

After Maou Ssulal approved the duel, both of us left the audience room and then returned to Ssulal’s private room.

Inside the room, both of us hurled our anger towards each other, despite our supposed master-servant relationship.


“Why have you approved the duel?! No, why have you also given me a strange status like being a member of the Four Elite Majin and a demon army officer post?! In that case, it’s better if I just become the supreme majin!” 2


“What! I only approved because you asked for it! Because you said you didn’t want to be called supreme majin so I gave you something that sounded like a lower position instead! Why are you dissatisfied about that?!”


“The hell—“


We kept repeating the same things in various ways over and over since entering this room.

Neither I, nor Ssulal were willing to compromise, which only made our argument get drawn out.


“Hey! All you need to do is to win! Everything will be solved if you do! Right?!”


“Because it’ll be hard to do that, I’m having a headache right now!”


Yes, that was basically the problem. If I was very strong — to the point of being stronger than other majins present there — then there was no problem.

If that was the case, it wouldn’t have become a big matter like this, and even if it did, I could easily resolve it. Nobody would mind such an attitude if I was strong enough for it.


Regarding the post of the Four Elite Majin or demon army officer, I would try to convince Ssulal to take it back, and I didn’t mind even if I failed to do so. I still pledged my loyalty toward her despite my attitude. It might have sounded weird coming from me since I keep whining all this time, but I would do anything for her— whether it was a menial task like fetching water or something more grave like performing human genocide.


Yet despite thinking of that, I was still whining. Was this because it would affect my career or life?

…No, it wasn’t that. I just dragged myself into it because I got swept up by Ssulal’s relationship with me and her atmosphere.

Our relationship has been short, but I could tell from everything she did, that it was for my own good. She didn’t even use her absolute command authority over me. Ssulal was trying to create an atmosphere that was unlike the typical relationship between that of a maou and majin.


It was true there was a considerable gap in my expectations for our relationship compared to reality. I thought I would be ordered all around without a right of refusal. Yet, such delusions were turned on its head.


In other words, I was spoiled by Ssulal. Since she was kinder than I expected, I got dragged into it and rebelled.

As I reflected on it, I found that my anger diminished.

Even if she did wish for a relationship where she could talk openly like this, I had to relent in the end. I had to do what was ordered regardless, even if I was reluctant or rebellious. Otherwise, there was no meaning of the pledge I vowed to her.


I sighed once, calmed myself down, and then spoke,


“…Leaving matters of the Four Elite Majin aside, it will be tough to win the duel. I’m a swordsman. Yet, I have no sword in my hand.”


Yes. I have no sword right now. My silver-decorated straight sword was blown away somewhere back during my fight against Meglass.

…I liked that sword very much though; it was made by craftsmen of the settlement, which were few in number, and the sharpness itself was quite good.


“Oh, then there’s no problem.”




“Wait a moment. I’ll give you something good.”


Ssulal said that and took something out of the drawer in the corner of the room and showed it to me.


“How is it? Amazing right?”


“This is…”


The thing that Ssulal brought here — was a sword.

It was a beautiful glittering blue blade.

But that was not the reason I was impressed.


—It was its length.


This blue sword was taller than the petite Ssulal, and even exceeded my height, which was 180 tall.


“Demonic sword Orpheil. I found it in an old dungeon. Here, try it.” 


“Demonic sword, huh…”


I held on to the demonic sword Orpheil that was given by Ssulal. It was light compared to what you expect from its length. 

And as I thought, it was hard to use due its excessive length, but it seemed to fit my hand perfectly.

The blade bent slightly and reminded me of past life’s Oodachi…


I tried swinging it about for a bit with the sword in my hand.


“Ah, be careful. That blade—“




I accidently hit the tip of my sword to the table’s leg.

But as I thought it was about to hit, I couldn’t help but to look at it.



“Ah, it got cut.”


The table’s leg got cut without resistance as it passed through it.

Ssulal paused for a moment, then shouted,


“’Ah, it got cut?’ That’s not what you’re supposed to say, fool!”


“Ah, no, sorry.”


“That sword’s blade is way too sharp, to the point it could cut just by putting it above things, so be careful using it!”


The angry Ssulal pointed at an unstable table that lost one of its legs.

I looked at the demonic sword Orpheil, which was way too sharp, with fear.


“What a dangerous sword… I might end up cutting myself if I’m not careful. It’s a totally dangerous weapon.”


“…You are a sword expert, right? You’re also known as the King of Swords, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?”


“Hm, no well, I indeed have a sword that fits my hand very well though…”


Rather, what’s this feeling? I was indeed holding a sword, but it felt different from what I held until now.

Was it because it was a demonic sword? … When did a sword fit one’s hand so well?

But this mysterious feeling never disappeared. I didn’t think I had felt anything like this before though.


  “Anyway, the problem regarding the sword is solved. You should be able to win, right?”


“—! Yes, maybe you’re right.”


I collected myself as I heard Ssulal’s voice of expectation.

I might be able to do something with this sword. Even if the enemy was hard, this sword might still be able to cut it.


“I’m glad to hear that, let’s go. Put the sword on your back. It’s supposed to attach to your back by magic.” 




I put my new sword, Orpheil, to my back as Ssulal told me to. Then as I released my grip — it didn’t fall. It indeed stuck to my back by magic or something.

…Well, since she expected much of me to the point he gifted me something like this, I would have to work hard.

And so, I walked along with Ssulal to the duel location.



But whether I could win or not, was an entirely different issue.

Leonhart felt discouraged as he faced Gillium in the courtyard.


…No, I could feel the difference of power since I was a majin now, but isn’t he strong? Our levels in strength were just way too different…


This world has LV. It was something that could indicate one’s strength.

Not to brag, but my level was quite high. I was about LV 68. Even objectively speaking, this number was quite high.4


But even with the same LV, one’s strength was not necessarily the same.

Because there were species and individual characteristics involved.

There were clear differences between people with great strength and those with great speed, even at the same level. In that sense, I would definitely be stronger now, compared to when I was human; I became a majin, after all.


Since I was uplifted as a species, even if my LV didn’t change compared to when I was human, my strength, endurance, and agility had increased.

Just being a majin would make you stronger than other species.

Even if the opponent was human with the same LV, I would still win due to the difference in specs. The problem was, this fight was between majins.


There were also differences of species before being a majin.

Regarding my duel opponent, Gillium, who had raised his fighting spirit a little away from me.

I asked Ssulal about him on my way here, and came to learn that he was a dragon majin.

Dragon. It was a species that was much stronger compared to a human.

The difference of physical ability and other comparisons were clear— even if I was at the same LV as him I would still be no match against him.

And there was no way we were at the same LV. He had fought over hundreds of years which made his experience way greater than mine.


…Well then, what should I do? I did intend to win, but objectively speaking, it was hopeless.

There was also the concept of Skill LV, but that was merely quantification of talents for individuals that lived in this world.

However, it was basically impossible to find out what Skill LV that people had. It has been said you need a special magic to do so, but…


However, since I had some knowledge, I could roughly guess it. Perhaps, I have something like Sword Combat LV 2. That alone was enough to say I was blessed with talent.

But, I doubt that alone was enough to close the gap between me and him.

The only things I could clearly say were to my advantage were my sword skill and the demonic sword I got from Ssulal— in other words, just my equipment.


As I tried to strategize how to win, my surroundings began to get noisy.

What happened, or so I’d like to say since I saw Ssulal walk to the center with a demon captain who followed her from behind.


“—It’s about time to begin. Demon captain.”




A demon captain came to the front as Ssulal called him out.


“This lowly one shall declare the start of the duel!”


She said “declare,” but wasn’t there a referee or witness?

As I felt a little suspicious, I soon found out the reason.


“There shall be no rules to be set for duels between majins. Both sides are to fight until they can be convinced by the result!”




I couldn’t help but let my voice slip out.

No, wait. Didn’t this mean that? It’s totally a deathmatch, right?




I thought there would be a rule to stop once the other party was knocked unconscious but— well, he wasn’t kind enough to follow that rule, but wasn’t a deathmatch just too sudden?

What was Ssulal thinking about? Rather, didn’t that mean I have to kill the other party if I did win? Was that really okay?

I gazed at Ssulal for an answer, but she just kept her silence.


“…Then, both sides. Are you both ready?”




“…! Ahh!”

No, wait. I just replied in reflex since it was sudden.

The demon captain nodded and raised his hand. Eh, we begin now?

“—Well then… Begin!!!!”



As soon as the match was declared to begin, I kicked the ground with all my might, and rushed toward Gillium. 

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