The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 009 – Demon Army Officer and Maou’s Cooking 

—The day after the duel.


There was an unusual sight at the corner of Maou Castle.

“He, hey… isn’t that…” 


“Shhh! Fool, don’t look at it! You’ll get yourself killed…!”


The demons who stumbled upon that sight quickly left the scene, or observed the situation from afar.

Because, not far off, there were two majins who were facing off against each other.






Majin Camilla and Majin Leonhart— both of the Four Elite Majins were there.

The two silently looked at each other. What was happening there?

One curious demon captain began to imagine the worst thing that could happen.


“Don’t tell me Leonhart-sama… Intended to cut Camilla-sama…?”


“Eeh?! No, there’s no way…”


“But we can’t say for certain, right…? According to what we saw yesterday, Leonhart-sama seems like the type of person who loves to cut down strong opponents…”


“…However, I expect it won’t be done toward Camilla-sama, right? Rather, if that’s really the case, there’s nothing we could do. Should we report this to Maou-sama?”


“No, it should still be okay… We have to immediately escape and report once they begin to fight, though.”


The demon captains discussed this while hiding from the pair.

Meanwhile, as for the majin in question— Leonhart was-




—Why did she keep staring at me…?


-unable to understand how he ended up in such a situation.



  It happened a few minutes earlier.

After I recovered from my fatigue and got up, I was led to my own room by Ssulal.

It was quite a luxurious room that seemed to be too much for me, but it seemed to be a dedicated room for the Four Elite Majin.


Then I was ordered to stand by in my own room, and come to her room two hours later.

So I was killing time by checking things in the room and doing light exercise.

15 minutes before the promised time, when I came out of my room to go to her room.

The room beside me also opened its door at the same time. As I looked who was there—


The fellow the Four Elite Majin — Camilla came out from the room.






Stiffening up, both of our movements stopped. She looked at me with an expression full of questions. I must have had a similar expression back then.

…But when I calmed down, it was obvious that this could happen. Ssulal had mentioned that these rooms were exclusive to the Four Elite Majin.

So, of course, there could only be Camilla in the next room.

It seems she also drew the same conclusion, as she closed her door as she went out.


But for some reason, Camilla kept staring at me without moving. I should have said something like— ‘Ah, hello! I’m Leonhart who moved next door. Please take care of me as a fellow Four Elite Majin. Well then, see you later!’ — and leave. Naturally there should be no problem. Did she have some business with me? It seems it was my fault for just waiting for the other party to speak first.


We stayed still like this for several minutes. I noticed that demon captains and demon generals were looking at us from afar.

I wanted to quickly leave. I wonder why it ended up becoming a staring contest? I didn’t think there was any — ah, wait.

Now that I think about it, the majin I killed yesterday was a Dragon like Camilla.


…Was that the reason?

So Camilla was like, you dare to lay the hand of my compatriot? That slight will cost you? Did she mean to intimidate me?

Was this the meaning of her gaze? It was natural for her to be angered by the death of a fellow compatriot. Camilla-nee-san sure was scary.


How could I overcome this situation?


…Should I apologize?


I didn’t know if she would forgive me even if I did apologize, but since this intimidation continued, I think she was asking for my sincere response.

With that in mind, her silence was now convincing. It was hard to say if the perpetrator’s side was actually reflecting if the apology was forced by the victim’s side. It was totally my fault.

Also, I’d like to have a relationship with her where we could talk normally, if not friendly, as fellow majins.

There was only one thing to do. It sure took a lot of time. So, I slowly bowed down my head.


“…Fuhn… this debt—“


“—I’m sorry.”


“I… what…?” 1


It seems she was about to say something but it got covered by my own voice. I’m sorry about that. So I raised my head and kept talking


“I’m sorry for killing your compatriot. Even if it was a duel, I went too far. — I’m really sorry.”




Then I lowered my head once again.

But Camilla didn’t react, despite my apology, and seemingly froze for some reason. Was she mad—




Suddenly, I heard a voice above my head. Did she just laugh?


“…Kuh…fuh…you may… raise your head.”


“…! Aah…”


After she let out a calm breath, Camilla asked me to raise my head. What was the earlier laugh about?

Then Camilla, who was expressionless as if wearing a Noh mask, looked at me and said.


“…Consider this a debt.”


“A debt…?”


“That’s right… you do feel bad about it, right…? Then there should be no problem of me asking you something…?”


“! A, Aah…! Of course.”


I nodded as I answered Camilla’s question.


“Then it’s fine… I’ll ask you if I need something…”


“Aah, just do that.”


“Then I’m going…”


“Aah. I’m really sorry about that.”


“If you are really sorry about it, don’t go against me later… if you really feel sorry, that is… Kukukuh…”


As she said that, Camilla disappeared at the end of the corridor while smirking.


“…What was that again…?”


“Cacaca, Camilla-san just laughed…” 2




When I became aware of my surroundings, I noticed there was a furball nearby.

How long has he been there? Was it because of Camilla’s overwhelming sense of presence, or was this thing’s presence just too thin that I didn’t notice him until Camilla went away?


“Hih?! I- I- I- I’m sorry!”


“…No, it was nothing. And you are?”


Did this kind of weak-looking demon work within the Demon Army? It sure made me feel pitiful.

And while I was thinking, the furball started to introduce himself.


“My name is Kayblis… I came to give my greetings to Leonhart-sama who was appointed as a new member of The Four Elite Majin and demon army officer, yes.”


“I see, so you’re Kayblis— Kayblis?”3


Did he just say he was Kayblis?

…If he says Kayblis, then does he mean “that” Kayblis?

I looked at the furball-like creature which had eyes, mouth and limbs attached to it.


“Aaah, err, did I do something wrong…?”


As it felt my gaze, the furball that named itself as Kayblis seemed frightened.

Then I remembered. No, his image from my past life was way too strong, such that I had a hard time linking the two as the same existence. However, I do remember that name. This fur ball majin  had an especially strong impression amongst majin.


—The strongest majin, Kayblis.

He was supposed to have a big figure even compared to most majins— or that was how it was supposed to be.

…Now that I remembered it, Kayblis was stated to be weak in the past, if I’m not mistaken?

…It made me contemplate. Should I kill him right now?

Because of Kayblis, humanity suffered greatly. Wouldn’t tons of problems be solved without his existence?


No, I’m not supposed to worry about things in the far future. Regardless of what future awaits, it’s my life. It is one thing if I make use of knowledge I know about, if I really did it, the world would change greatly, which would lead to troublesome things.

He was a major character that was enough to make me at a loss for how to treat him.


—And, as I thought to that point, I noticed something.


“..No, there’s nothing. So you’re Kayblis right? Please take care of me as a fellow majin.”


“Ye, yes! Please take care of me as well!”


He might do cruel things in the future, but there’s no guarantee things would definitely end up like that.

It’s not like he did anything to me anyway, so let’s just get along with him.


“You didn’t need to be that afraid, you know? While I was indeed a Four Elite Majin, I was also a newcomer.”


“No, no! Actually, I became your fan as I witnessed yesterday’s duel! Please tell me if you need anything! I will do my best to help!”


“A, aah. Is that so?”


“Do you have anything you need? Ah, I could kidnap a human woman for you, if you wished so! Hehehe…!”


“…No, there’s no need to.”


…No, this guy… its way of kissing ass was too painful to watch…

I didn’t even go that far when I was the king of the settlement back then.


“Ah-… anyway I was called by Ssulal… by Maou-sama, so could we continue later?”


“Ah… so, so that was the case. Ehehe… I’m, I’m sorry about that.”


“Ou… See you later.”


“Yes! Please ask this fan of Leonhart-sama if you need anything!”


…Until I arrived at Ssulal’s room, much of my spirit was consumed.

It is often said there were many obstacles on one’s path, I thought as I went to Ssulal’s room once again.

Kayblis bounced his small body around as he watched me leave.




“—You’re late!”


“I’m sorry…”


As I arrived at Ssulal’s room, Ssulal stood angrily with both of her hands on her hips.

I was scolded for being late.


“Isn’t it normal to arrive on time?! Rather, you can’t even keep what you promised two hours ago?!”




That word hit cleanly to my heart.

It’s not like I was late because I wanted to…

Or so I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to make a poor excuse of being late due to meetings and talking with other majins.

All I needed to do was to just leave earlier.


“I, I’m sorry… I’m indeed at fault here.”




As I lowered my head to apologize to Ssulal, she looked a little awkward.


“…Really. Since you apologized honestly, it’s hard for me to stay mad at you.”


“…Well, that might indeed be the case, but it was really my fault after all.”


“Ah- enough! I forbid you to look so dark! This was supposed to be a welcome party!”


“…A welcome party?”


As I tilted my head like there was a question mark above my head, Ssulal turned around a bit and explained.


“That’s right. There are matters about your appointment as the Four Elite Majin and Demon Army Officer… which also served as your welcome party.”




I honestly didn’t expect that. I thought it was done after that duel.

Rather, I couldn’t imagine a maou holding a welcome party for a majin. If you read the earlier sentence literally, one might imagine a cup made of a skull would be used there.


“Ah, there is also a matter of explanation regarding your work… but that was just on the side.”


“Ah? Explanation regarding my work? Was it about that?”


“Yes— Regarding the work of a demon army officer.”


—It happened after the end of the duel. 


Maou Ssulal gathered and notified the Demon Army’s executives, which included demon generals and demon captains.


—Demon army officer refers to the post of the majin who oversees and strategizes over the entire Demon Army.


That was the demon army officer’s duty according to the Maou.

Currently, the Maou ruled on the top of the Demon Army. Below the Maou were majins and their apostles. Below them were demon generals, demon captains, and finally demon soldiers.

But in reality, this was merely order of rank, which made it hard to say the army functioned properly.

Majins were basically a powerful  individual force. On the contrary, their ability to command over the Army was inferior to that of demon generals. 

And the biggest problem of all was that majin tended to sway the demon generals around. Most majins had huge egos. Even if the army command was really left to the demon generals, majins often did not bother to listen to their opinions.

Demon generals were also unable to rebuke said majins, so they had no choice but execute their commands, regardless of how ridiculous the command might be.


So the conclusion Ssulal reached — was to let the strong majin, chosen by the maou directly, oversee the army.

While it’s natural for them to be unable to go against the maou, it would make the higher ranked majins — the Supreme Majin and the Four Elite Majin —  superior to other majins. 

That would make them listen to commands, regardless of how reluctant they were, and they would at least do a better job than if demon generals took the helm.

That’s the reason for the post of demon army officer to be left to the Four Elite Majin and the Supreme Majin — or those who possess similar levels of power.

If the supreme majin was the representative and organizer of fellow majins, while the Four Elite Majin were executives chosen by their strength, then the demon army officer was the post which organized the whole Demon Army.

Its duty was to make the Demon Army move more smoothly than ever.


“—That sounds like an insanely troublesome job.”


“Don’t complain there. The actual number of jobs didn’t change much after all. All you did was to give a lot of orders.”


That might really be the case, now that she mentioned it. It might sound difficult, but it is basically just a title that gives me the right to command fellow majin and the Demon Army.

However, wouldn’t that become messed up if I was incompetent?

It meant my mistake would lead to overall failure. It was a post with serious responsibility.


“… It still didn’t seem that easy even after I thought about it.”


“Uh, I don’t think that was the case, though…”


Oi, look me in the eyes when you talk. Don’t just whistle there and pretend you didn’t hear me. 

I sighed as I thought again when I looked at Ssulal who looked away while trying to deceive me.

Well, while the scale did get bigger, my duty didn’t change much compared to when I was a human.

I then looked at things behind Ssulal, and pointed at them.


“…Let’s put that aside. By the way, did you prepare the thing behind you?”


“! So you noticed that? Alright, let’s leave the talk about work for later—“


Ssulal stepped back a little, spread her hand open as if showing off and introduced the things lined up on tables.


“How was it? I cooked some homemade food!”


“No well, you keep peeking at it since I entered the room though…”


“—! Just pretend you didn’t notice that…!”


It seems she got embarrassed about forcefully raising the mood, and Ssulal’s white cheeks turned red. If you were embarrassed about it, you didn’t need to do it in the first place.


“Well, it did looks nice”


“! Doesn’t it?”


“Ah, it’s been a while since I last had homemade cooking.”


All of the dishes that lay on the table smelled delicious.


“There was omelet rice and salisbury steak… oh, there was Henderopa, and there was also my home settlement’s specialty, the Yakiniku Soumen mixed in too.” 4


“Hmph, I researched it so hard to make it, after all…”


I see, I understand why she was angry when I was late, since she went through all the trouble to make all of this. The deliciousness would be halved if it went cold, after all. Honestly, I was really happy about this. After all, the last time I ate homemade cooking was when I was still a kid.

Maou and homemade cooking do sound mismatched but— no, let’s leave it at that. It was rude to think such a thing.

I then turned to face Ssulal.


“…Ah-, well… thank you for that, I guess?”


“Hm… it wasn’t a big deal, though?”


“No, I thank you despite that. Every one of the dishes looks delicious… May I eat it?”


I picked up nearby Henderopa along with the tableware. I love Cockatrice meat, after all. It was still delicious even if it was made into Karaage.


“Hm… just make sure to say ‘Itadakimasu’ properly”


“Ah, well then— Itadakimasu.”


As I said that, I put the Henderopa into my mouth.

…Huh? Somehow the tas—TTTEEEEE?!


—At that moment


I felt an impact from inside my body, as if something was knocked about.

It was hot, Hot, HOOOOTTT!!!

I felt the pain from when my body was remade through my sense of taste. Rather, I think I felt this somewhere–?!

The next moment, I remembered.

This sensation was similar to that. Yes, to that time when I was turned into Majin—


—and I once again experienced the sensation when I was turned into a majin.


“—How was it? Is it delicious?”




“It’s not ‘Ah?’ there! Was it delicious?”




I came back to myself as I heard Ssulal’s words.

I carried the Henderopa while I asked Ssulal with fear.


“…I doubt that was the case, but you didn’t mix your own blood into your cooking, right?”


“?! That’s rude! There’s no way I would mix that into food?!”


“You’re right…”


Did I mistakenly taste that…? So I tried to smell it. It had the delicious aroma of Henderopa.

I returned the Henderopa back to the table, and now picked up the Yakiniku Soumen instead.

Its aromatic smells whet my appetite. It was one of my favorite foods which came from my home settlement.

Then I slowly brought that to my mouth.




This time, the sensation was more direct.

Aah— my body felt hurt and in pain.


—I felt as if I was turned into majin for a third time.


“What? What happened?”


Ssulal tilted her head as she saw me acting strange.

I put the Yakiniku Soumen back on the table then shouted at Ssulal.






Ssulal involuntary made a stupid expression

I continued on without minding that.


“What was your cooking again?! I felt like I was turned into majin again despite already being a majin myself! Are you sure there’s nothing weird mixed in it?!”


“Wha?! There’s no way that was the case?! It shouldn’t be that bad…!”

“…Then try and eat it. If you could actually say that it was good, I will rub my head on the floor and lick whatever you ask me to… It felt like it was something more terrifying than just bad taste, though.”




It seemed Ssulal felt how serious I was, so she picked up the food while breaking into a cold sweat.

Ssulal slowly carried the Henderopa into her mouth in fear—




And her expression went stiff. I told you so.

I flapped my hand in front of Ssulal’s face.


“Oi, are you okay?”




It seems she finally regained consciousness.


“Huh…? I’m the maou, yet I turned into a maou…”


Ssulal said incomprehensible things. It seemed she understood my pain now. 


“Anyway, this cooking was not good. Okay?”


“Ye, yea…”


Ssulal seems still confused about the situation, and glanced at her cooking while trying to reach out with her hand. I won’t say anything bad, just stop it.


“…Perhaps, something got mixed in while cooking. Let’s consider this as an accident.”


“Maybe you’re right… yes, right. I know, I will make it properly next time.”




“Your voice is too tiny?! Please expect more out of it!”


Honestly, all that was left was fear.

Rather, even if we could settle this time as an accident, if next time was also as bad—

…Let’s stop thinking about it. That would be wise.


“Just ask the cook to make it.”


“I guess there’s no choice about it…”


“Ah, let’s continue our talk earlier about work.”


“…Fuh, you’re right”


Ssulal ordered the demon captains on standby outside her room to bring the food, and she regained her temper as she sat on her bed.


“I mentioned earlier regarding the duty of a demon army officer but… the job I will mention this time won’t be much different than that of common Majin.”


“As a majin… was it to invade humans?”


“I do ask you to lead the army but… your opponent this time, was a certain human.”


“— A human?”


I frowned in suspicion. Was there a human out there who was troublesome enough to be attacked by Majin?


“That human and the settlement he lived in, managed to repel the Demon Army several times until now.”




That sounded totally familiar to me. Was there somewhere else with a similar situation?

I mostly never heard about the situation of other settlements. That was the jobs of the Elders after all. But that did sound interesting.


“Was the plan to send majin to trample said human? There’s no need for it to be me, though?”


“…No good. I’d like it to be a higher ranked majin, if possible.”


“Let’s leave aside the fact I was not a higher ranked majin to begin with, why was that? I thought there was some decently powerful majin, right? Why don’t you send—“


“—They were defeated.”




“I did send some majin along with the Demon Army before, but even they have failed to defeat said human.”


“! That’s…”


What was that ridiculous story…

Ssulal then spoke of his name, the man who would fight against me.


“The man’s name— was Galtia.”


—It was the man who was known as the King of Beasts.

Tsukii Note:

Ssulal’s “amazing cooking” is canon, according to majin who ate them in the past. Reaction of the eating is not, though

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