Chapter 016 – Camilla’s Order

“…It’s me, I’m coming in.”

I knocked on the door twice, called from outside the room, and touched the door’s handle. 

The first thing that I noticed as I walked in, was that the room looked a little more luxurious than my own. The furniture and interior were decorated with jewels, and it was very clean without any dust in sight.

It was so well-organized one couldn’t feel the fact it was lived in. Perhaps it was just cleaned regularly, but the person who was responsible for cleaning the room must be very meticulous.

In the center of the room, there was a considerably large chair where a person sat, which naturally, was the owner of the room.

“…You’re late.” 

“…I have a lot of things to do. Sorry about that.” 

She was a fellow Four Elite Majin member who was turned from a platinum dragon, Camilla. 

She had a beautiful appearance and a pair of golden eyes, from which I could sense a hint of sarcasm within. However, she didn’t seem to be particularly angry.

“…May I sit down?” 

“…Just do so if you want.”

I sat facing her in the chair placed in front of the round table, where she had moved after she gave her permission to sit. I was surprised at how comfortable it felt. It made me wonder why our rooms were so different despite the fact that we were the same rank in the Four Elite Majin. 

I decided I would worry about that later. I exhaled lightly and opened my mouth to Camilla.

“…Well then, what business do you — no, I guess that’s wrong. Can I know what orders you have for me?” 

I asked her with a little softer tone than usual. 

As expected, I felt nervous talking with her… 

I felt like I was getting used to demon society since some time had passed since I was first turned into a majin. I was already used to ordering my subordinates around, and regarding the other majins — well, while I couldn’t say we got along well, I could at least speak normally to them. 

However, Camilla was the sole exception.

If we ask Kayblis, he would say that both of us were the same rank in the Four Elite Majin and worthy of respect, but I found that notion ridiculous.
Even as a fellow Four Elite Majin, I was still a newcomer. My age was still around human lifespan.

However, Camilla had already lived for over a millennium. I could feel something overwhelming about her as a higher-ranked majin.

Besides, I had killed her compatriot majin, Gillium, through a duel. The reason I listened to Camilla’s orders like this was because it was a condition given by Camila as an apology for that matter.

To treat such a distinguished person the same as I would treat others, was something that my current self was still unable to do. There was also the fact I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.



Therefore, I felt very troubled when she stayed silent with her eyelids closed like this. 

It wasn’t right to urge her to say something since she might be thinking. However, it still felt uncomfortable to wait like this.


Long. This is taking too long. Don’t tell me she actually didn’t think of what she wanted to order me to do? Or she was just sleeping? It’s getting harder for me to just stay silent. 

I should just think about something to kill time…? If I see her keeping her eyes closed like this, one might get the impression that she was waiting for a kiss. What would happen if I suddenly kissed her? Would she show some kind of naïve reaction like her cheeks flushing? Or maybe she would suddenly become angry and send me flying? …Most likely, it would be the latter.

Sometimes, people get intrusive thoughts such as, “I wonder how the other party would react if I suddenly punched them without reason?” It was something like that.

Camilla pondered for so long that I had to think about things like that to kill time.

“…I thought about many things…” 


Camilla opened her eyes and began to speak slowly. 

Finally the conversation began, allowing relief to wash over me.

However, the next words that Camilla spoke astonished me.

“…I’ve decided to make an apostle.” 


“Help me with that.” 


I couldn’t help but involuntary blurt out a stupid sound as I heard Camilla’s words — what does she mean?

How was her decision to make an apostle related to the fact she was commanding me? She definitely didn’t mean for me to become her apostle when she asked me to help with that. I was a majin to begin with, so that was impossible. Camilla should also be aware of that.

“…Ah, I see.” 

I told Camilla the answer that came to my mind. 

“Those who might become your apostle — you ask for my help to search for a candidate to become your apostle?” 

“…That’s right.” 

As expected. I understood what she meant. 

However, since I had a question I couldn’t just shrug off, I decided to use this opportunity to ask her. I didn’t know whether she would answer, though.

“Can I ask why you decided to take on an apostle? It will be much easier to search for candidates if I know what they will be used for.” 

“About that…” 

After asking for her reason, it seemed that she would answer me. She was more straightforward than I expected. 

Camilla turned away her gaze, but she soon looked into my eyes and opened her mouth.

“…It’s your fault.” 

“Ah…? Was it my fault?” 

  “… Because… you gave me a job.”

“? Is it bad to give you a job?” 

I tilted my head at Camilla’s answer. I did give work to Camilla — although I only asked her to do the same things that other majins did; to become a commander in chief when invading humans. 

The actual details of the invasions would be handled by the demon generals, and all the majin had to do was to fight as they liked. They had the right to command, but they didn’t have to. It was a very easy job to do, so much so that I wish someone would take on my duties as the demon army officer and let me do as I pleased instead.

“…Why must I… work around…?” 

“Aah…? No, couldn’t you just leave it to the demon generals?” 

“The demon generals are weak… and useless…” 

Oi, is that a thing you should say? 

Their strength depended on each individual, but they shouldn’t be weak. Well, they might look weak when compared to a majin, but that was like comparing apples to oranges to begin with.

Perhaps she didn’t understand how to be subtle when she said that — or so I’d like to believe. Otherwise, it meant the demon general who desperately worked for Camilla wouldn’t ever be valued by her. What a poor soul.

She might not have given the slightest thought about that, because Camilla continued to say,

“I… don’t want to work…”


I couldn’t help but involuntarily retort. 

I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded at her blatant declaration of being a NEET.

“Therefore… I want to have an apostle… do you understand…?” 


What should I do? I really wanted to hit this depraved majin. 

  She was way too lazy, both her reason and her attitude.

She might have been raised in an environment where that was acceptable, but I couldn’t help but raise the question, “Was it okay for a proud princess of dragon race to be this lazy?”

I really didn’t want to do it… However, I had to do it. I needed to do it to show my remorse for killing her compatriot by repaying the debt I had to her.

It couldn’t be helped. I would search for them for Camilla’s sake, or so I’d like to say when I saw Camilla suddenly stand up. 

“Well then… let’s go…”

“Huh? You’re going as well?” 

I thought she would leave it all to me. 

“It would be troublesome, if you brought me something… weird. For those who would become my apostle … I will judge them… by my own eyes…” 

“I…see… Well then, let’s go right now.” 

She said so with clear intentions. So, I replied in kind and followed along with her. 

…She might have sounded like she was saying a good thing, but she was only working now so she could be lazy later… 

Despite being lazy, Camilla only took initiative to act during times like these, which left me feeling conflicted. We then left Maou Castle. 





—Western region of the Ludo-Rathowm continent. 

This place was where many demons resided, it was known as the Demon Realm.

This location where the demons roamed in harsh environments was more dangerous than other regions; it was a place ruled by law of the jungle, where the weak couldn’t survive.

This region, which was located far from the Maou Castle, was not even completely controlled by the demons themselves. It was practically uncharted territory.

Leonhart and Camilla walked through the Demon Realm. 

“I don’t recognize the area around here… do you know the place, Camilla?” 


Camilla silently shook her head at Leonhart’s question as he walked ahead and looked around. 

…At least she replied. 

 Leonhart continued to search while saying so to Camilla, who was still as silent and expressionless as ever.

They were surrounded by an eerie fog and purplish flora and fauna which couldn’t be found in the human region. It was the kind of spectacle one would expect from a region referred to as the Demon Realm.

However, the demons who lived here didn’t pay us any attention. As a matter of fact, they didn’t even show signs that they had noticed us.

The strong demons which lived in this Demon Realm had no choice but to avoid us and let the majins, the rulers who possessed tremendous power, pass through wherever they liked. It was only natural for them to do so for their survival.

However, this situation was inconvenient for us. 

After all, we came here to look for creatures to become an apostle, so this trip would never end if we met no creatures.

Even if we met one, there was no guarantee that Camilla would be interested in them. I would like for them to start attacking so we could find enough candidates to choose from.

By the way, I did suggest she just choose from demons affiliated to the Demon Army, but she didn’t even respond to that. Perhaps she had no interest in those who were already tamed?

Then, I asked what kind of apostle she wanted.

“Hey, what kind of appearance did you want your apostle to have?”

“…For their appearance… I don’t want something that looks ugly…” 

“I see. Then how about their personality?” 

“…I wanted the one… someone who will be loyal to me… from the bottom of their heart… also…” 


“…I don’t want one… being too blatant with ulterior motives… I hate those…” 

“…I see.” 

“And… a male…” 


Camilla was satisfied as she spoke of the requirements of her apostle. We could sum her requirements into this. 

They had to be male, handsome without any ulterior motives, and would unconditionally swear their loyalty to Camilla.

………Was there such a guy?

That was way too idealistic. We need to search for such an impossible thing in this Demon Realm? Considering that demons generally had a strong ego, it would be a difficult condition to fulfill. No, I guess humans were also the same. 

“Can I even go home…?”1

I felt a sense of dread wash over me thinking that I might end up walking through the Demon Realm forever, trying to find such a person. 


“…? What are you doing…? Let’s go.”

“…I know— Eh? Oi!” 

I let out a surprised voice as I saw Camilla floating in the air and proceeded quickly. As expected of a dragon, she could fly as if it was the most obvious thing to do. 

However, I’d like to be spared from such flashy movements.

This was uncharted land which wasn’t even known by the Demon Army. I couldn’t even imagine what might exist here. I doubt there would be danger with Camilla here, but it would be prudent to stay alert.

“Aa, Aaah… she already went ahead. It can’t be helped then.” 

As I leapt toward a ridiculously big tree branch unique to the Demon Realm, I kept jumping from one branch to another, chasing after Camilla. 

I could do this with my majin physical ability. Rather, it could easily be done. Also, it seemed that this area was a mountainous region, as the ground in front of me rose higher into a slope.

As I managed to spot Camilla, who was ahead of me as I climbed, she landed on top of a rocky mountain. Apparently, she was looking at the scenery in front of her.

After a while, I caught up to Camilla and ran up next to her.


“Hah, I finally caught up with you.” 

Apparently, I reached the top of the mountain. The view was probably good. 

I also tried to look at the scenery beyond.

“What are you look—“ 

As I saw what laid ahead, it took my breath away. 

“This is…” 

There was a foothill of an open mountain. 

And what laid ahead, was something that appeared to be a giant star.

I was familiar with that thing, which had a round shape like a dome and had a height that reached the heavens.

It was something familiar in the Demon Realm.

“The tree city, huh…” 

 It was the unique thing in the Demon Realm — a gigantic tree laid ahead.

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