The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 019 – The promise of two people [A]

— Year 100 of SS era, on a certain day of the 12th month

Ludo-Rathown continent, eastern region. 

In a room of the Maou Castle, the home ground of the Demon Army…

A meeting of the executives, who managed the Demon Army, had convened.

“Then, is it decided to forgo the staff increments for this region?” 

One of the demon generals who participated in the meeting questioned, all the while inwardly afraid he might say something he shouldn’t. 

It was addressed to the majin who sat on the upper seat.

“…Sure, why not? The humans there were already at their last breath, even if we hadn’t left them alone anyway. Instead, let the commander of that front put together a report regarding the post-war governance and send it.” 

“Hah, then we shall do it as you commanded.” 

The demon general dreadfully acknowledged the order given by the man. 

It was natural, since this man who appeared to be a human at first glance, was acknowledged as being even higher than a common majin: which is already considered a ruler class in demon society.

It was because he was one of Four Elite Majin and the Demon Army Officer — Majin Leonhart.

He moved his red eyes to another demon general, curtly proceeding to ask.

“What is the next agenda?” 

“No, this is the end of today’s agenda. Thank you for your hard work.” 

“…I see.” 

As the demon general who served as the chairperson of this meeting said that, Leonhart’s pressure weakened for a bit. Perhaps he separated work and private matters? His expression somehow softened for a bit. 

“I’m returning to my room. Just come visit me if anything happens.” 

“Hah, thank you for your hard work!” 

All the demon generals in the room conveyed their salutations to Leonhart. Leonhart raised one of his hands and waved it as his reply and left the room. 

Right after, the atmosphere of the room became more laxed.

The demon general who made the last report dropped his big yellow body to his chair as if the puppet strings presiding over his restrained actions were finally cut, and sighed.

“Fuh… as expected, I feel really nervous.” 

“What, is it your first time meeting Leonhart-sama?” 

Another demon general talked to the one who sunk in his chair. He was a demon general stationed at the Maou Castle, and had known Leonhart ever since the day he was brought here as a majin — he was amongst the select people who have had the most opportunities to interact with Leonhart within the Demon Army. 

“You better not underestimate him, just because he is a human majin. If you go too far and incur his wrath, it would be too hard to handle the repercussions.” 

“…I totally felt that just now. As expected, the majin who is entrusted with the seat of the Four Elite Majin and demon army officer sure feels different. He felt uncannily similar to Camilla-sama.” 

“If you interact normally with him, you’ll know that he is quite tolerant and listens to your opinion, and even gives out precise instructions. As a superior, it is easier to work with him compared to Camilla-sama, so it is mostly comfortable.” 

“Fumu, I see. By the way, I heard Camilla-sama made an apostle, what about that person?” 

“Aah, About Shichisei-sama, I also worked together with him a few times. He is mostly given command instead of Camilla-sama; he rarely talks, and he also does the office work. He is a capable person.” 

“Hou… then while we’re on the topic, Can I ask about Galtia-sama as well? 

“As for Galtia-sama… he is always eating something.” 

“…Is that all?” 

  “No, he is quite reliable when it comes to fighting, has a good personality and is quite tolerant, but… whenever we are stationed together, I can’t help but have to starve for a bit, so that’s the impression that stuck…” 

“Aah-… that sure sounds tough.” 

“Well, not just Galtia-sama, it is quite worthwhile to experience working together with other majins as well. By the way—“ 

In the meeting room, the demon generals who had finished their work began to exchange gossip and information. It was mostly light conversation regarding the state of the warzone or complaints regarding their superiors and subordinates. There were also exchanges of rumors and intel regarding newcomers who joined the Demon Army within this year. They might’ve been about Shichisei, Galtia and his apostles too. However, most of the topics would be regarding the person who they had endless titbits about and the one with whom they had the most opportunity to work together with, which was Leonhart. 





—Meanwhile, the Leonhart they were chatting about was walking down the corridor of the Maou Castle while seemingly reflecting on something. 


It had been a while since he became the demon army officer, and he’d begun to get used to his work. 

He was also getting familiar with life as a majin; there were few people who were actually on bad terms with him. It was quite smooth sailing for a majin life so far, yet there was one thing he didn’t quite get.

It was a thought that came across his mind as he commenced his work for the Demon Army, but he couldn’t find the answer regardless of how he thought about it.

“…I guess I’ll just go there.” 

As I muttered that, I turned my foot around and went the opposite direction to where my room was. 

And as I went that way, the number of demon soldiers gradually became fewer.

It was natural, since the place I was headed to was the private room of the ruler of Maou Castle.

Once I arrived in front of the room, I knocked on the door twice and called the owner of the room.

“Ssulal, can I enter?” 

Soon, I heard a sloppy reply of “Hmn-” from inside. I sighed lightly as I heard that, and swiftly opened the door.  

Inside was someone who sat at the desk and was writing something down — Maou Ssulal.

As she noticed that I’ve entered the room, she looked sideways and quietly said.

“Wait for a moment. I’m almost done.” 


Ssulal, who said that as she kept writing, returned her complete focus to what she was noting down. There were bundles of papers and books stacked on top of the table, and she checked their contents from time to time as she continued to work. 

I did as Ssulal said, waiting for her to finish while sitting on a nearby sofa.

Only the sound of a pen gliding across the paper echoed in the room. After a few minutes, Ssulal put down her pen, stood up, and met my eyes, then laid herself down on the sofa in front of me. 

“Haaafuaa…Oh goody~! It’s finally over…” 

Ssulal stretched herself on top of the sofa while she let herself go and sprawled across the area, all footloose and fancy-free. It wasn’t the kind of sound that should be coming from maou’s mouth. I was quite surprised that she could be this relaxed, and I was so perplexed that I directly voiced my own thoughts.1 

“This isn’t a state you could imagine a maou in… if a demon general saw that, they might collapse in shock.” 

“Hmn-… it’s only Leonhart who will see it, so it’s alright.” 


I was shocked by Ssulal’s casual rebuttal. However, Ssulal didn’t seem to have a care in the world, as she was now hugging a cushion while rolling above the sofa. 

…She sometimes naturally says some pretty outrageous things… 

I couldn’t help but think she might have implied something deeper. Rather, was that what she really meant to say? 

“Ah, so Galtia could also see it?” 


“Ouch, hey. Why are you suddenly throwing the cushion on me?” 

“…I suddenly felt like doing it.” 


Ssulal tilted her head, acting as if she didn’t understand what I meant. 

I take back my previous line of thought. There’s no way Ssulal meant something else. She was probably just saying that she trusted me that much.

After thinking of something stupid for a moment, I switched my mind back to the present and asked Ssulal.

“By the way, what did you write just now?” 

“Hm, err… that’s just a book.” 

She sat back on the sofa and laconically answered my question. A book, huh. I instantly recalled also having wondered about this for a long time. 

“Now that I look around, this room has a lot of books in it.” 

“There are some that I’ve collected… but most of them are written by me.” 

“You wrote them?” 

“Yes. It’s something I started doing so I wouldn’t forget any new piece of knowledge I collected, but it somehow turned into a habit for me…” 

Ssulal looked away as she said that, visibly embarrassed about the matter. Was writing things down something to be embarrassed about? 

However, I was convinced of something at the same time. Books here were regarded as something rare.

Across the world, it was doubtful there would be this amount of books anywhere. There are only a few people who can write books to begin with, and only a select number of them do so proactively. The books that have existed for a long time tend to be in the sole possession of the people in power, and most of them were merely academic books. Therefore, books were still an unfamiliar concept to the general public. 

At best, people merely wrote what they learnt, or make some sort of diary.

But those supposedly rare books were all lined up here. I see, so it was because most of these were written by Ssulal herself. In that case, I could understand why there were so many books in here.

“I see… You’re quite studious despite being a maou.” 

“…Well, there’s a bit more to it.” 

“? You don’t get angry when I mention it like that?” 

“Ra, rather than that! Didn’t you come here because you needed something from me?!” 

“Aah? No, well…” 

I was hurriedly assailed by Ssulal’s parry and felt at a loss. What was so embarrassing about writing books? 

“…Well, okay then. Let me read them next time. Even though I look like this, I quite liked reading books.”

“Uh, un. I don’t mind, but… is that all you need?” 

“Aah, I wanted to ask something else actually.” 

I tried to be as casual as I could whilst asking this question to Ssulal. 

“I was wondering, why you, the Maou-sama — didn’t try to dominate humans?” 

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