The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 23 – Leonhart’s Apostle [C]

—Therefore, she would never give up. 

If she gave up, if she didn’t attain his recognition—she wouldn’t get what she sought.

She only had but a single wish.

For the person who was important to her to recognize her.

To achieve that, she kept improving herself to reach greater heights. She kept believing in those idealistic words even to this day.

Therefore, she stood up. For the sake of his approval of her in its truest meaning. 

“I… wanted you to recognize me… not merely from pity, but from true acknowledgement…!” 


Leonhart saw her standing up with her will and felt something indescribable. 

She had a strong desire to grasp her goal. He could feel a heart that was stronger than his own.

“True acknowledgment… huh.” 

Leonhart thought back. About his time as a human, until this moment. 

—Did I ever seriously try to get something? 

He was a person who was fortunate. He still thought that even now. If the process had differed by even just a little bit, he wouldn’t be here. He may have desperately fought for survival, but that was merely a fight to protect what he already had. 

Because of that, she seemed dazzling to him.

…How long has it been since I last got serious. 

He has become quite strong and already had most of the things he wanted, so it was doubtful that there was any need for him to be serious. 

However, if it was with her— 

Leonhart thought about it and spoke out to her. 

“…Will you swear your loyalty to me?” 

“…I will.” 

It was something she’s already answered. Therefore, it seemed a foolish question to ask her. 

“If I were to die and turn into a demonic blood soul, what would you do?” 

“I will do my best to revive Leonhart-sama…!” 

For her, all those questions were foolish questions. 

“If I decided to betray the Demon Army and go to the human side, what would you do?” 

“I will follow alongside Leonhart-sama…!” 

She had already resolved herself to follow him. 

Her path was already decided. Her steadfast gaze seemed to said so.

Leonhart certainly received her resolve.

“—In that case, make me recognize you.” 


Leonhart drew out the demonic sword Orpheil and held it horizontally. 

“For the next exchange, for only a moment, I will seriously come at you. I will try to not instantly kill you, but—“ 

And there, Leonhart decided to draw his full power for the first time in decades. 

The absolute aura and presence of majin, and his sword aura clearly and visibly emerged. It had been some time since he properly took a stance.

The other party wasn’t strong. However, he approved of her enough to show her his seriousness.

“—Don’t you die by accident.” 

“That’s what I wanted…!” 

She was already wounded all over and exhausted. Her opponent was a strong one among majins, one of the Four Elite Majin. Her chance of victory was practically zero. However, she wouldn’t run from the duel. 

It was because she wished to be recognized by the person in front of her.

Leonhart responded to her resolve.

He gave her the final trial.


She tried to attack before Leonhart could. Her speed was too slow; it seemed like she was not even moving when compared to a majin. 

However, he wouldn’t let his guard down. Since he declared he would go seriously, he concentrated on not missing any of her movements. 

And Leonhart’s vision saw what she did.

On the center of the baton she swung down on her right hand—something flew out.

—It’s a hidden needle! 

A thin needle flew toward Leonhart. There wouldn’t be any damage even if he received it. However, considering her victory condition was to land him a hit, that was a valid move. 

Leonhart saw that coming and twisted his upper body to avoid it.

And as she swung her baton down—she entered Leonhart’s attack range. 



He mercilessly swung his sword. 

He aimed for her belly and tried to make a shallow wound so she wouldn’t die instantly.

At the same time, blood burst out.

—I guess this is all she could do. 

Leonhart looked at her. 

What was the feeling that his gaze held? Was it disappointment or pride?

But unlike Leonhart’s eyes, her eyes—weren’t dead yet. 

She activated the last resort she had on her sleeve.

That thing fell from her skirt. Leonhart managed to see what this object was. It was,

…Puchi hanny, huh. 

It was a dangerous substance filled with explosives. 

The moment it received an impact, it would expand and explode.


At that moment, both of them received a strong explosion. 

Smoke could be seen drifting up from the hills, illuminated by the setting sun. 

As the smoke gradually cleared, there was,

“—Cough… Ah~ it’s full of smoke.” 

It was Leonhart, who was holding her. He was coughing due to his direct exposure to the smoke. 

Looking at him, the commander said,

“—It is, my, victory.” 

“…Ah, you’re right.” 

She was proud of her victory, even as she was held in his arms. 

Leonhart’s clothes were certainly dirtied due to the smoke and the explosion, which was proof that the attack landed on him.

Within such an explosion, Leonhart immediately embraced her and jumped away from the spot to save her.

However, he failed to completely avoid the blast and received the attack.

Leonhart could only be astonished by such an absurd method.

“Rather, isn’t it dangerous to carry such things all the time?” 

“Don’t worry… it’s only used for emergencies.” 

With that said, she revealed a fearless smile. 

“For me, today was the greatest emergency after all…” 

“…Hah, I see—then let’s do it right away.” 

Leonhart also laughed in the same way. However, she was in a state where her belly was cut, and she might pass out at any moment, so he immediately told her. 

“I won’t mince words—are you ready?” 

“Yes, since a long time ago.” 

Leonhart asked her with a serious expression and she answered him. 

And then, Leonhart brought his mouth to her neck.

—Blood contract. 

Leonhart granted his blood to her. 

At the same time, her body shone then began to rebuild itself.

As the light subsided, the one who stood there was—

“—This is… the new me…” 

Her clothes changed from a black-based color to a half blue-based color. 

Her hair turned blonde, in a similar shade as Leonhart’s, and a pair of black hair ornaments decorated the hair on both sides of her head—the so-called pigtail.

She looked slightly older and her expression was cheerful.

“Ah~ it sure changed a lot.” 

Leonhart watched her change into his apostle with interest. Perhaps she’s become blonde because of me, or so he thought. 

“Well then… should we decide on your name?” 

“! Yes! Please do so! Leonhart-sama! Please give me a name!” 

“Calm down. Rather, hasn’t your tone changed a little?” 

“It’s fine! Mayhaps my tone has just returned to the one I had in the past! Please hurry!”1 

“Your speech tone isn’t stable at all… but, a name, huh.” 

Looking at her, who was excited with shining eyes, Leonhart pondered. 

After about a minute, Leonhart finally decided the name under a passionate, expectant gaze of her.

Your name is— 


I have written about Leonhart’s profile during the time he was human in the activity report

Please check it if you’re interested

Addendum: My initial planned name happened to coincide with another character in-universe, so I had to think of a new one


As mentioned above, Author added Leonhart’s profile during his time as a human. So I’ll just copy paste the related thing within the activity report

This was Leonhart’s status, or rather, profile when he was human.

Leaving aside his status as majin, since he was no longer human, I think it would be safe to reveal it now

Then I would show it following the format of a certain WIKI. Here you go.

Name    : Leonhart

Age    : 26 years old, Born on SS 76

Height    : 182 cm   

Weight    : 73 kg

Hometown    : certain settlements in the eastern region of the continent.

Class    : Human, King of Swords

Level    : 68

Talent Limit    : 100

Skill LV    : Sword Combat LV2, Strategist LV 0, Leadership LV 1, governance LV 1, Baseball LV 22

Specialty    : Sword art.

Hobby    : Hunting, womanizing 

Goal    : To survive

That’s about it. Well, it was about what most of you have imagined. He was considered the strongest among mankind, especially his Talent Limit.3

As for how his abilities grow once he turned into a majin, it would be portrayed as the plot advances.

Just have fun guessing until the moment comes!

Next up, term explanation and related images

Well, this time it’s only puchi hanny though.

Puchi Hanny: a subspecies of Hanny, notorious for their ability to detonate themselves at will. Because of such characteristics, they are often used as tools and weapons, just like how modern people use explosives. They are all orange in color and only 30cm tall at most, making them the smallest Hanny species in the world.


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