The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 054 – Dragon [B]

—Around that time.

“—It’s somewhat noisy.” 

The former chief of the kalar walked through the lower layer of the Rising Dragon Mountain. 

Kesselring, who came to help Pale Kalar, the current chief who had been kidnapped by a majin, looked up at the sky and muttered worriedly to herself.

She could hear a roar reverbing through the sky. Kesselring had a vague idea as to its identity.

…Did a dragon begin to rampage?

It was a well-known fact among kalar that many dragons lived on Rising Dragon Mountain. After all, that’s why it was named as such. Therefore, she could instantly guess that the roar belonged to a dragon.

However, the problem was the one who was probably fighting against that dragon.

Those dragons all possessed overwhelming strength which no humans or average non-human fighters could go against. Only a majin or a maou would be able to not only stand their ground but even seek out a dragon to fight. 

And considering the situation, the one who probably was fighting the dragon was likely the one she was chasing for.


As Kesselring contemplated that existence, anxiety swirled in her chest. 

Majin were a mighty existence who directly served under a maou. She heard their strength was so fearsome that even a dragon wouldn’t be strong enough to be their match. Although she wasn’t aware of the motivations of that majin, a majin who was so eager to fight a dragon probably was someone bloodthirsty and couldn’t be trusted. 

And Kesselring had to rescue Pale from such a majin. However,

“…Can I really do it…?” 

She leaked out such weak-willed words, which was rare for Kesselring. 

However, it was a fact that her chances of success were low. It might be easier if the dragon managed to defeat the majin, but she couldn’t expect that to happen. A common dragon wouldn’t be able to defeat a majin. If those dragons were one of the Eight Great Spirit Dragons or Four Great Saint Dragons from the old stories, perhaps they could stand their ground against a majin, but she couldn’t rely on a rumor-like existence that nobody had ever confirmed before. Besides, if the majin was defeated before Kesselring reached them, then Pale, who had been brought along by said majin, would also be in danger. Pale definitely wouldn’t stand a chance against a dragon that even a majin couldn’t stand up against. 

With that in mind, Kesselring put more power into her legs.

“…I have to hurry.” 

She had to reach the majin before the battle had an outcome, and she would need to hold off the victor with her own power long enough to escape with Pale if that happened. 

There was also something worrying regarding those dragons.

It was one of the many rumors that had recently spread through the Kalar’s Settlement.

Rising Dragon Mountain was home to many dragon species. Nobody had reached its summit yet, so it was completely unknown what the mountain truly looked like, and the route was poorly mapped as well.

However, at the summit of the mountain—whether it was a lie or truth—it was said that the strongest dragon still reigned supreme there.

Therefore, that dragon was absolutely an existence that shouldn’t be provoked. After all, that so-called strongest dragon was,

—An existence that successfully defeated a maou, the strongest being in the world.1 

 —That place, where such an existence ruled, was the highest place in the world.

The name of this kingdom which rose the closest to the sky was known as Rising Dragon Mountain. 

It was the highest and also the last remaining unexplored land in the world. Clouds spread all over the upper region, and standing in such an area, one could glimpse the edge of the world.2

There was nothing to stand in the way of the sunlight, and the sky was perfectly clear. In fact, it was so high up that it almost felt like the sun was brighter, just because it was so close to the top of the world. 

There was something that was just sitting and looking at the scenery. It was—


A cat. However, it wasn’t just a normal cat. 

This creature wearing a human-sized, red tuxedo couldn’t be mistaken as a cat wearing clothes. Something about its presence indicated that it was more likely to be mistaken as a demon instead.

It usually roamed all around the world, appearing in various places like dungeons, and served as a mysterious and cheerful existence who asked difficult questions to adventurers in a humorous tone.

However, its present self showed none of this mischievous energy. 


It kept staring at the faraway void without so much as twitching a whisker. 

However, the same couldn’t be said for its surroundings. Suddenly, a huge shadow appeared from the sky.

The creature that broke through the sky was a dragon with a white glow.

This dragon’s body was about ten times larger than a normal dragon. It didn’t descend onto the summit, but rather skillfully hovered in the air as he talked to the cat.

“—I came here since I detected an unusual presence… and a really rare person showed himself.” 


The giant dragon spoke slowly, but his words carried a certain gravity fitting for his size.  

On the other hand, the cat remained silent and didn’t change its expression or respond. 

However, the giant dragon didn’t particularly find that unpleasant. He never expected any reply from the cat to begin with. Therefore, he continued to speak alone.

“…Is it not even worth it to open your mouth in response? Perhaps that may be the case.” 


“After all, we, the dragon race… are the losers driven away by the world. Perhaps you have no interest in listening to a miserable loser’s words anymore.” 

The tone of his voice only showed slight sadness despite the tragic words it spoke. Rather, there was even a slight sense of carefreeness as he spoke out. Was it because that much time already passed? Or was it because another emotion was moving him? He didn’t know. 

However, the giant dragon stopped his words there. Then he began to report one-sidedly.

“…Well, let’s put that aside. Rather than that, there is a threat approaching our dwelling… What should we do? It seems that the threat is quite strong, and our brethren are being beaten down, one after another, even now.” 


“So you’re not interested. Even though there are only a few of our numbers remaining, you still won’t even give a reaction. You sure are a ruthless one, really…” 

However, the giant dragon also let out a dry laugh. It felt as if he was ridiculing himself as well. 

“…Well, I guess I’m also the same for staying here, even now.” 


Even as the giant dragon spoke such self-ridiculing remarks, the cat still didn’t respond. In fact, it looked like it wasn’t listening at all. The giant dragon felt a little lonely, but would never admit to such a thing. It would only make him feel more pathetic. 

As he turned his body down slightly,

“…However, I’ll be going.” 

He declared so. As the giant dragon turned to face the sky, 

“Even when the confidence and pride in my strength were lost, along with many of our brethren— I still have the determination to fight for our brethren, you see.” 

The words he spoke were meant to be sarcastic towards the cat and also self-demeaning to himself. 

Then the giant dragon faced the cat once again.

“—Do you think I am pitiful?” 


The dragon asked the cat. 

It didn’t respond. But the dragon kept speaking, undeterred.

“Perhaps I am indeed pitiful, and my actions may also be meaningless.” 

His words continued. 

“However, that is how we dragons are. Even if we die in battle, if it shows our bravery, then we should be proud of it.” 

He spoke about the way of life of dragon species. This dignity, this pride in battle that the dragons held, was something that had never changed for thousands of years, despite the defeats the race had suffered. 

“…Perhaps it does not sound convincing since we live in hiding like this. Hahah, with this complacent attitude of mine, perhaps I would get along with Avel now.” 

“…I don’t think so.” 

Oh, thought the giant dragon. He looked toward his old friend who finally replied, albeit with a short response. 

“Fuh, sorry. Is the topic about that guy taboo after all?” 


The cat once again sealed its mouth tightly and refused to reply, which made the giant dragon exhale in disappointment. 

“But well, although I do feel bad for you… I do feel glad to have managed to hear your voice. It might be the last time I speak with you again, so I’m very pleased. So much so that I feel like thanking Avel for the first time.” 

He gently beat his wings downwards at an angle as he said that, and turned his body in another direction. 

As he moved his giant body downward,

“Well then, I’m going.” 

The giant dragon’s tone turned into a serious one as he spoke. 

“Since I decided to fight, I have no intention of losing. I’ll give it my full strength, and fight until my last breath. Although it is a bit arrogant to say so myself, I am quite capable among dragons… I wasn’t one of Four Great Saint Dragons for nothing, after all… but, even if I come out victorious, this will be the last time we meet.”  

Therefore, the giant dragon said his last words to the cat. He spoke these words in honor and respect towards his old friend, the greatest among his brethren, and also his king: 

“—Goodbye. Do your halfhearted activity in moderation.” 


After he confirmed for the last time that the cat didn’t respond, the giant dragon dived down below in one smooth motion without looking back. 

The massive, gleaming white body accelerated through the cloud layer and quickly disappeared from sight.

There was only the cat left, still sitting alone and staring at the edge of the void, at the summit of the Rising Dragon Mountain.


The cat’s name was—KD. 

It was once the great king of the dragon species, and it no longer wielded its power, as it had abandoned all worldly motivations.3

Whatever it might have been thinking in its mind, its mouth remained closed and didn’t utter a single sound.

Author Note:

Ssulal: “You dare to have such a love comedy situation despite being a mob character…?”

“Pale: “Kya, kyaa-?! Why did a maou appear in this place?!”

Ssulal: “Fuh, what a fool… it’s not that I came to you. It is you who are summoned to this place!”

Pale: “Le, Leonhart-sa-n! Kesselring-sama-! Please help me!”

Ssulal: Leonhart is not here! Now, repent for your delusion here!”

Galtia: “…(I think Ssulal’s delusion is worse, but… I don’t want to be reduced into demonic blood soul, so I guess I’ll just stay silent.)”

Tsukii Note:

After a long time, Illustration time! Along with some explanation each!

Continent Map:

Just ignore the location name; if anything, just know that current Maou Castle is located in an area written as Leazas Kingdom in the map (The Maou Castle used as is as the Kingdom’s Castle. The demons in the game era dwelled in the monster realm (Or in my version, demon realm; the reason I translate it as demon instead of monster is because there often “monster!” exclamation thus it would avoid confusion)

On a side note, JAPAN(ALL CAPS) island still did not exist by the SS era and still mixed with the continent’s landmass. Also, the 2 figures of animals (Actually 4, but only two visible in the picture) are the holy beasts that support the continent. As you can see, there hardly any body of water beside the area between Free Cities and Zeth Kingdom in the map, as it was sole coast that accessible outside the high tide(period of where the holy beasts lowered its body, thus the continent met with body of water around continent instead of just fell into void. This period lasted for a random period of time, but usually around two weeks. Any ships failed to return to continent by then will be lost in the void as the beast rose up again to support the continent)

Up down view of continent:

As you can probably see, the beasts only carried a limited amount of landmass, any beyond that (like water) fell into void. 

Holy Beast:

Colossal beings that carry the continent on their back, consisted of four main beasts and a beast without responsibility. The illustration above is to depict the two that weren’t visible in map illustration. They are:

Lizard: Its appearance resembled a komodo dragon, supporting the southeastern part of the continent.

Elephant: Its appearance resembled an elephant, supporting the southwestern part of the continent.

Monk: Its appearance resembled a male humanoid in a meditative pose, supported northeastern part of continent

Fly: Its appearance resembled a horsefly, supported northwestern part of continent

Orochi: a lazy holy beast with no responsibility that wandered around, later decided to rampage on eastern part of continent, causing part of land to split and later become JAPAN


With the full name of King Dragon (the hint of possible identity of it), it is basically the being described in chapter above. Although the official side never confirmed that KD = Magiihoa, the sheer evidence over the course of the story made everyone agree they are basically the same being. This cat form is actually a self-imposed form, allowing him to conserve his great power as well as conceal it from others. While severely weakened in this form, it is notable that in his sole playable version in Rance X, his stats was among the top, surpassed only with a slim margin by Supreme Majin of that generation and the Hero chosen by the system. Considering this is the world a world where you likely suffer LV down if not on active duty of combat (and he no longer fight outside that one occasion in Rance X, which made that over course of several millennia since dragon’s downfall) and in severely weakened form to boot, it sure made you imagine how strong he is in his heyday.


The king of dragon species, a ruby dragon, and sole known possessor of LV 3 Dragon in history, which granted him the power that transcended the rest of his species. A charismatic king who managed to usher a true peaceful era which required god intervention to end, and he still survived the hunt by angels, which showed how tough and outstanding ruler he is. Some of you might wonder why such a person ended up abandoning the world, but think from his perspective: he learned the hard way that the gods want nothing of peace, and his effort to create utopia which lasted only until god intervention indirectly caused the end of his kind. All his effort ended up for nothing but entertainment for the gods, and they proceeded to be disposed of once they were judged as “boring.” He is one of few, through one way or another, understand how messed up world work and gods who were its administrator. The knowledge he has definitely exceeded his fellow compatriots, which is the reason why other dragons still strive to keep going, while he just gave up altogether.

Magiihoa’s full body sketch:

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